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a prayer away

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Kuya is very aware that he is not a man of church.

Or of faith, for that matter.

He much prefers the quiet and ease of the forest and the chill that the tree’s shadows offer when the sun is particularly aggressive.

He’d even go as far to say that he prefers the chaos of Eiden’s mansion. There is endless amusement to be found there, especially when that little vampire and his succubus get into one of their endless arguments. 


Even more, always more, he prefers the comfort of Eiden’s bed, especially when the troublesome young master has his legs spread for him and is shaking around Kuya’s cock.


Still, despite all of this, Kuya is here. At church.

He sighs as he sits on one of the extremely stiff and uncomfortable church benches, and smoothens the fabric of his robes, where a crease has appeared. He’s surrounded by humans. Very faithful humans. 

Truly, this is not the place for a yokai like him. 

Then, at his side, a rough voice says, “Troublesome.”


It’s a testament to the young master’s persuasion abilities that he managed to convince not just Kuya, but even Quincy of all people, to come here.


“Olivine has to go back for a very important, formal mass,” Eiden had explained to them, hands pressed together. “Please, go with him.”

“The priest can handle himself,” Quincy had replied with a blank face. 

“Indeed.” Kuya smiled. “Why would our sweet priest ever need our help to go do his job?”

At this, Eiden had grabbed them both by the arm and pulled them close before whispering, “Listen, you haven’t seen his formal attire. It’s insanity. If I let him do that mass alone, we might never get him back. Just trust me on this.”

“Can’t young master go?” Kuya had asked.

“I’d love to. Like, believe me, I would love to.” With a sigh, Eiden straightened up. “Yakumo asked me if I could go with him to visit his grandparents weeks ago. Can’t back up now. Also, for some reason Blade wants to come with us. Curiosity, he says.”

Quincy grimaced.

“Then what about that pup of yours—”

Eiden had arched an eyebrow. “You want Garu to go to church?”

“Forget I asked.” 

At their reluctance, Eiden had smirked and in a low voice said, “If you do this for me I promise I will make it worth your while, mh?”


Little vixen.

Kuya is a simple yokai, with very simple needs and simple weaknesses. For some reason, that young master is one of them. 

What surprises him is that Quincy fell for Eiden’s trap too.

“Old friend,” Kuya says, in a quiet voice. “Fate truly is a weird thing.”

Quincy hums, staring ahead at the empty altar.

In truth, Kuya simply thinks Eiden was exaggerating. Yes, the priest is pleasing to the eyes, and alluring when he wants to be. Surprisingly lewd too when pushed in the right direction, if the blissed moans Kuya overheard days ago at the mansion are anything to go by.

Still, this is a church. And church people, as far as Kuya is concerned, are dull and repressed and utterly boring.

But then a hush falls over the church as Olivine steps on the altar and Kuya realizes, at that moment, that Eiden was not exaggerating. If anything, Eiden was underestimating the problem.

“Now, now—” Kuya whispers, his lips thinning into a smile. “That is simply obscene.”

Quincy does not reply but a glance at him tells Kuya that his old friend seems to agree with him.

Olivine’s formal robes cannot even be considered clothing at all, not with how very little they leave to the imagination. 

“Brethrens,” Olivine calls from the altar, smiling warmly. “Let us pray.”

Kuya stares, quite intensively, at all that skin on display. It’s not that he’s never appreciated the priest’s beauty, he simply never saw him so exposed.

It is quite the sight indeed.

The rest of the church seems to think the same, especially when Olivine turns around and, as he does, the flimsy robes sway and expose a lovely strip of his inner thigh. Or when he lifts up a golden cup as he chants and his chest is for everyone to see, nipples peeking from beneath the fabric, chains swaying lightly.

Kuya takes a deep breath, a wave of arousal washing through him. He finds himself wondering, just how prettily would the priest cry if taken apart? If spread over that altar and fucked open for everyone to see? If Kuya were to tug at those chains, what kind of lovely cry would the priest let out?

A sharp intake of breath breaks him out of his fantasies and Kuya turns to find Quincy staring at Olivine with a hunger in his eyes that Kuya only ever saw when directed at Eiden.

An idea pops into his head. 

“Say, old friend,” Kuya whispers in Quincy’s ears, fingers dancing lightly over Quincy’s thigh. “Should we break him?”

Quincy does not reply. But his hands close into fists, and the next breath he takes is hitched.

That’s all Kuya needs.

“Oh, you’re here!” 

Kuya closes the door to Olivine’s chamber behind him as Quincy stands by his side. “Young master begged us so nicely, after all.”

Olivine smiles wide and, oh, he really is so lovely. 

“Eiden worries too much,” Olivine is busy setting a tome of sacred scriptures on a shelf and as he does, he lifts his arms and the robe follows suit. His waist is so lithe despite his build. “You truly didn’t have to come all this way.”

Didn’t they? 

Kuya has a feeling that, hadn’t it been for Quincy’s intimidatory stance, half of that church would have followed Olivine in his chambers.

“I’ll get changed and we can go back to Aster’s mansion,” Olivine says and goes to stand in front of the desk by the window. “So—”

“Now, why would you get changed?” Kuya asks, smiling.

“I—” Olivine laughs lightly. “Well, I can’t exactly walk back there like this.”

“Like what?” Quincy asks.

Olivine blinks. “I don’t understand.”

“I think you do.” Kuya walks closer to Olivine, arms crossed over his chest. “But, if you truly need to change, then you may do so.”

Olivine’s eyes dart from Kuya to Quincy and it’s getting clearer with each second that the priest is slowly catching on to what is happening, if the faint flush on his cheeks is an indicator. “But—you’re here.”

“How is that a problem? Ah.” Kuya grins. “Unless, of course, you want us to take these off of you?” 

Olivine’s eyes widen. Quincy, in all his glorious silence, starts walking towards them as well.

“Kuya, Quincy, I don’t—” Olivine swallows and slowly backs against the desk. “Why would you want to-to undress me?”

Quincy breathes in, deeply, and comes to stand by Kuya’s side.

“Who wouldn’t want to?” Kuya leans in, closing the space between him and Olivine, who stares at him with huge eyes. Such a pretty shade of green too, Kuya can’t wait to see them glossy with tears. “Olivine, dear priest, surely you know?”
“Know? Know what?”

“That all those people in the church wanted you.”

Olivine’s breath hitches in a soft gasp. His hands curl around the edges of the desk as if, already, he needs support. “No, that’s—they wouldn’t.”

“Is that so?” Kuya leans closer still, his mouth hovering just before Olivine’s. “Dear priest, let’s be honest with each other. The truth is that you like the idea.”

Olivine does not reply. His breathing has gone shallow, and quicker, and the flush has spread down to his neck. Kuya is sure that, if he were to reach between the priest’s legs, he’d find him already getting hard. 

“You like wearing these robes too,” Kuya adds, greatly enjoying the shame that colors Olivine’s gaze. “You like that everyone gets to see you so exposed.”

“That’s—” Olivine shakes his head, eyes downcast. “These are formal robes, it’s improper to—”

“It is improper,” Quincy says all of a sudden. He, too, is standing close to Olivine now, the both of them caging him against the desk with their bodies. “You are, too.”

Again, Olivine shakes his head.

But it is so funny to see him resist like this when it’s obvious he is enjoying this. He could simply push them away, Kuya is well aware that the priest has enough power to send them sprawling.

Instead, he is allowing them to corner him, to tease him like this. 

Such a masochist… if Kuya wasn’t such a creature of patience he’d already have him bent over that desk and fucked raw.

Kuya noses at his jawline, smiling when Olivine flinches and then slowly tilts his head up, allowing him more of his neck. “Before we go back to the mansion, why don’t we play a little?” He asks in a whisper. “Let us play with you, Olivine.”

Olivine looks at him, face pink and lips parted around each quick breath. Then, as if he’s surrendering, Olivine closes his eyes and nods.

Kuya is quick to press his mouth at Olivine’s neck, sucking at the skin and teasing with his teeth. Olivine lets out a quiet moan at this, hand coming up to press at Kuya’s chest, not to push him away but just to touch. 

Quincy, a much more romantic man than Kuya will ever be, decides to kiss the priest instead. Olivine seems to enjoy that, all but melting under their attention, his mouth parting easily for Quincy’s tongue. 

“What a shameless priest,” Kuya murmurs, bringing his hand to Olivine’s chest. “Letting two men in his chambers and succumbing so easily.”

The sound Olivine makes is muffled by Quincy’s deep, slow kiss but it still has an effect on Kuya. He knew Olivine would sound delightful when touched, but this is much better than he had thought. Kuya’s cock throbs under his pants, but he’s not in a rush. He wants to take his time unraveling the priest, and he thinks Quincy shares his desires given he shows no sign of stopping kissing Olivine anytime soon. Quincy brings a hand behind Olivine’s neck, tilting his head back so that he can kiss him even deeper, teeth teasing at the priest’s bottom lip.

And Olivine has started shaking ever so slightly, hips twitching with each press of Quincy’s mouth, moaning quietly. 

Kuya hums when his fingers meet the cold, fine metal of the chain that adorns Olivine’s chest and stomach, connected to the stone on his belly. It only takes a light tug at the chain for Olivine to shudder and cry out, pulling away from Quincy as he does.

“Ah, Kuya—” the rest of his sentence is swallowed by Quincy’s mouth, who does not waste time kissing the priest again, his free hand now pressed around the curve of Olivine’s waist.

“How lewd, Olivine,” Kuya says, playing with the chain. “What kind of priest goes around with his nipples pierced so prettily, mh?”

Olivine shivers, hands now desperately grabbing at the fabric of Kuya’s and Quincy’s clothes as he is kissed breathless and played with. Kuya decides to pull at the chain more, until it goes taut, and Olivine whimpers as he does, knees faltering for a moment.

“Look at you,” Kuya whispers, feeling elated. “I bet it hurts when I pull it like that, but you enjoy it, don’t you?”

Olivine can only whine and shake as Kuya keeps on pulling at the chain and as Quincy sucks on his tongue and gropes him above his flimsy robes. 

Ah, it’s truly incredible to see the priest in such a state. He’s usually so calm and collected, kind-hearted to the point of it being annoying, but now? He might have not even realized it, but he’s been moving his hips for a while now, subconsciously chasing more.

When Kuya twists the chains in his hand, Olivine pulls away from Quincy again and cries out loud and sweet, thighs pressing together.

“Please,” Olivine gasps, staring at Kuya and then at Quincy with glassy eyes. “I can’t—can’t breathe, please—”

“Please what?” Quincy asks, chest heaving. His old friend is always so stoic and serious, but look at how taken he is now.

“I—” Olivine looks away, bashful. “I just—”

“Olivine.” Kuya leans in, lips pressing a kiss to Olivine’s temple. “Ah, you want more, don’t you?”

Wordlessly, Olivine nods.

“Of course you do. Your cock is so hard under this poor excuse of a robe.” Kuya cups Olivine’s erection above the fabric and then whispers by his ear. “Olivine, you’re such a slut.”

In his hand, Olivine’s cock twitches and the priest stifles a moan behind his fist, cheeks red. 

He likes being talked down to?

Kuya licks his lips. “You don’t have to pretend with us, you know? There is so much we can do to you, Olivine. Anything you wish for and more.”

Olivine takes in a sharp breath at this, eyes darting from Kuya to Quincy. “You would?”

“All you need to do is ask,” Quincy says, serious and earnest even in such a situation.

For a few moments, it’s quiet save for Olivine’s erratic breathing. The priest looks at them for a while, eyes clouded with arousal and doubt, hands still not letting go of them, as if they’d leave him if he were to.

Olivine swallows heavily. “I want—I want more.” And then, “I want everything.

Kuya grabs Olivine by the arm, twisting him around as Quincy swears under his breath. He holds the priest against his chest and presents him to Quincy as if he were a present to unwrap.

“Oh, we’ll give you everything,” Kuya hisses by Olivine’s ear, hands grabbing the supple flesh of his hips. “So much so you might just regret what you said.”

Olivine’s hands grab Kuya’s wrists but he makes no move to push them off of him. He stands there, pressed flush against the yokai, face tilted to the side as if he can’t bring himself to meet Quincy’s eyes.

But his old friend pays that no mind. What he does instead is wrenching the fabric of the robe aside so that he can press his tongue flat against one of Olivine’s nipples.

Ah!” Olivine shakes, his back arching. “Not—not there, I—”

“Oh, poor thing, are you sensitive there?” Kuya purrs. “How peculiar. If you’re that sensitive then how come you pierced them, mh?”

Olivine hiccups, then whimpers when Quincy bites around his nipple, soothing the sting with his tongue and mouth.

“I bet you did it exactly because your nipples are so sensitive.” Kuya brings his hands lower, closer to Olivine’s navel. “Because, like that, it hurts.”

Olivine whines and leans heavier against Kuya. How naive of him, truly, to trust them this much. Kuya will have to make sure he doesn’t regret it.

“And this.” Kuya wraps his hand around Olivine’s clothes cock, squeezing it. “This is just begging for attention, is it not?”

Olivine squirms, moaning something incoherent under his breath and then pushing his hips forward, trying to fuck into the tight circle of Kuya’s fist. His movements are clumsy though, especially with how greedily Quincy is sucking and biting his nipples and chest, the wet sounds of his tongue almost indecent.

“Oh, you’re already leaking? We barely touched you.” Kuya licks his lips, looking at the dampness staining the smooth fabric wrapped around Olivine’s cock. “You’re going to make such a mess of your formal robes.”

Olivine whimpers, head thrown back against Kuya’s shoulder, the column of his throat an inviting flushed line. “No, I don’t want to-to dirty them.”

“It’s a bit late for that, I fear.” Kuya licks at the side of Olivine’s neck as he starts stroking Olivine’s clothed cock. “It’s alright. You should make them even dirtier. As dirty as you, holy priest.”

Olivine moans, eyes rolling back and hips pushing forward. 

Ah. He likes being reminded of his position, it seems.

Kuya hums, tightening his fist and stroking him faster. Quincy cups Olivine’s chest and takes the fine chain between his teeth, tugging at it, pulling the red and swollen nipples. 

Ah, so good,” Olivine moans, tears caught in his lashes. “Feels so good.”

“Then you should thank Quincy for his hard work,” Kuya says. “Be a good boy, Olivine.”

Olivine opens his eyes, biting his bottom lip and looking at Quincy in the eyes. “T-thank you, Quin—oh!” Olivine’s body shudders when Quincy bites, hard, around his nipple. “Hurts, that hurts!”

“It does.” Kuya chuckles, fist stroking the throbbing cock faster. “You’re even harder now. Such a lewd body you’ve got, little priest.”

Olivine can only moan helplessly, trapped between the two bodies, falling deeper and deeper into his pleasure.

It’s a sight to behold.

Kuya wants to make him scream.

“Say, Olivine,” Kuya whispers in his ear. “What would your devoted believers say if they saw you like this?”

Olivine gasps, eyes going wide. His cock leaks more precum, the fabric now thoroughly damp. 

“If they knew how lewd and erotic their beloved priest was, what would they say? What would they do?”

“No,” Olivine whines, fully leaning against Kuya’s body, hands holding onto Quincy’s shoulders. “They—they can’t know.”

“But Olivine,” Kuya simpers. “Shouldn’t you be worrying about something else?”

Olivine twists his head to the side, to throw a confused, lost look at Kuya. 

The yokai grins and then says, “What if your precious God saw you like this?”

Olivine cums in Kuya’s fist with a broken cry.

Kuya lets him ride it, stroking him as he trembles in his and Quincy’s hold, cum fully staining his beautiful robe, his moans echoing in the room.

The moment Quincy pulls away, Olivine falls to his knees and Kuya barely has time to grab his arm to prevent him from hitting the floor. On the ground, Olivine’s thighs are trembling, his breaths short, overwhelmed gasps.

Oh, this is too good, Kuya thinks to himself.

Glancing at Quincy, he finds his same hunger reflected in his old friend’s gaze. This isn’t over yet.

“Olivine,” Kuya calls, thumb pressing at the pulse in Olivine’s wrist. “Tell us what you want.”

A part of Kuya expects to find resistance now. Eiden does it often, protesting that he just came and he couldn’t possibly go for more, even though he knows very well that he can, and he wants to and so he will.

But Olivine just raises his head, lips parted as he pants, eyes glazed over with pleasure and then he holds out his hands and presses them over his and Quincy’s crotches. “These,” he whispers. “I want these.”

Kuya’s chest goes tight, and hot with want. 

“Hold him up,” he tells Quincy.

“Don’t give me orders,” Quincy replies but, still, he does exactly what Kuya told him, carefully grabbing Olivine’s waist and pulling him up, holding him still against his chest.

Kuya goes back to the desk and drags it away from the window and closer to the center of the room. 

A glance is all Quincy needs to understand his plan. Quincy maneuvers Olivine’s body until the priest is, at last, bent over the desk.

“This position—!” Olivine gasps, shame a pretty shade of red on his face. “It’s too revealing.”

“Your robes took care of that a long time ago, my dear.” Kuya says as he goes to stand behind Olivine. He hums, dragging a hand over Olivine’s back, grinning at the shivers that wreck through the priest at the fleeting touch. “Pretty.”

He truly is. Bent over like this, ass in the air and legs trembling, Olivine is absolutely delightful to look at.

Quincy stands by Kuya’s side, silent but focused, clearly enjoying the sight as well.

“It’s indecent even under the robes,” Kuya comments as he pushes the fabric out of the way, letting it pool over the small of Olivine’s back. His undergarments barely cover anything, Olivine’s cock is straining against them, cum dripping along his length. “See, all I need to do is this—” Kuya moves the cotton to the side, exposing Olivine’s hole. “—and you’re all open for us.”

Olivine whimpers, holding onto the edge of the table, legs pressing together. With a click of his tongue, Quincy kneels down and pries them apart with his hands, humming when Olivine gasps but does not try to close his legs again.

“Look how obedient,” Kuya says. “Eiden should learn from you. Say, Olivine, you don’t happen to have oil here, mh?”

“I—no, it’s at the mansion.”

“What a shame.” Kuya snakes a hand under Olivine’s stomach, down to his abdomen. “Then I guess I will have to take care of that.”

Before Olivine can say anything, Kuya lets out a silent spell, his magic spreading across Olivine’s body, inside him. 

“Ah!” Olivine’s limbs go pliant, his voice higher. “Oh, that’s so-so good, what did you—”

“Just a little help,” Kuya replies and brings his hand back, between Olivine’s asscheeks. “Can you feel it?”

The moment Kuya’s fingers trace around Olivine’s rim, the priest moans, loud and sweet. 

Slick is slowly dripping out of Olivine’s hole, down his inner thighs. Kuya wets his lips and watches as Quincy licks at the slick that has reached the stockings that cover Olivine’s legs.

“You’ll feel nothing but pleasure,” Kuya says. “I feel kind today since you’re being so entertaining.” Then, he turns to Quincy. “Have fun, old friend.”

Quincy arches an eyebrow as he rises, standing between Olivine’s parted legs. “You really are feeling generous.”

“What can I say, I’m a sucker for helpless souls.” Kuya goes to stand on the other side of the table so that he can stroke Olivine’s cheek as the priest braces himself on his elbows. “Are you ready, little priest?”

Olivine has no time to reply; behind him, Quincy has already pushed a finger inside of him and the priest’s expression crumbles, lips parted around breathless noises.

“I can fit another already,” Quincy says. “Is this your doing, fox?”

“I thought you might not be too patient, so I simply aided the process.” Kuya rubs his thumb over Olivine’s heated cheek, holding his chin in his hand. “You can just fuck him like this and he’ll like it. Won’t you, Olivine?”

Olivine looks away. Despite that, Kuya can see him pushing his ass back, meeting Quincy’s hand: an invitation.

Quincy breathes in deeply, then starts undoing his pants, lining himself behind Olivine.

“Look at me, Olivine.” Kuya tightens his grip on Olivine’s chin until the priest finally looks at him. “With my spell, I made sure you’ll feel it all. Every inch, every thrust, everything.” Kuya grins at the wanton look on Olivine’s face, and then says, “Say thank you, little priest.”

Olivine licks his lips. “Thank you, Ku—ah!” 

Behind him, Quincy has pushed his cock inside Olivine, whose body jostles on top of the desk at the sudden intrusion. He scrambles to hold onto the table, eyes wide and sweat beading at his temples.

“Big,” he moans. “‘s too big.”

“You’re taking it just fine,” Quincy grunts as he pulls back only to thrust back inside, quickly setting a harsh rhythm.

As he does, Olivine can only lay there and take it. He does so beautifully, his back arched prettily, moans spilling out his mouth loud and unabashed. 

Kuya knew that the priest would break, but he truly had never expected he’d be so lewd doing it. 

“Look at me, Olivine.”

Olivine shakes his head, trying to hide his face between his arms. Kuya clicks his tongue and grabs a fistful of the priest’s hair, wrenching his head up and sneering at the indecent moan Olivine gifts him with. 

“I said look at me,” Kuya whispers. “You look at me when you get fucked, Olivine.”

Olivine, obediently, does as he’s told. It is a marvel to see him struggle like this, torn between his shame and his desire to please Kuya and Quincy. 

“How does he feel?” Kuya asks, looking at his friend.

Quincy fucks into Olivine with vigor, hips snapping hard and deep each time, his nails leaving red crescents where they squeeze at the priest’s hips. “Good.”

“I know this might be tough for you, but try to elaborate.” 

Quincy rolls his eyes, and slows down his thrusts. Olivine whines at this, trembling at the sudden change of pace.

“He feels perfect,” Quincy replies, then glares at Kuya. “If you’re so curious, fuck him yourself.”

“But you seem to be enjoying yourself so much, what kind of friend would I be if I deprived you of such fun?” Kuya looks down at Olivine, who has not looked away from him once. His lips are still swollen and red from Quincy’s kiss, drool catching at the corner of his mouth. “Although, this other hole here is quite inviting.”

Olivine whimpers, green eyes dark and lidded with pleasure. “Kuya—”

“What do you say?” Kuya asks, pressing two of his fingers over the swell of Olivine’s bottom lip. “Would you like both of your holes full?”

Olivine flushes a deep color. Then, without a sound, his tongue peeks out to lick at the tips of Kuya’s fingers.

“Oh,” Kuya breathes out. “Then what should you do, little priest?”

“I—” Olivine’s sentence breaks around a drawn out, high moan as Quincy starts fucking into him faster. “I d-don’t know.”

Kuya grins, tongue pressing against his fangs. “You should beg for it, Olivine.”

Olivine’s eyes flutter closed for a moment, his hips shaking and pushing back to meet Quincy’s thrusts. Then, in a quiet voice, he says, “Please, fuck-fuck my mouth.”

Kuya quickly undoes the fastens of his robes, freeing his cock and pressing the head against Olivine’s mouth and, oh, does he open so prettily, so easily.

Kuya holds him by the hair as he pushes his dick further in, hissing at the tight, wet heat of Olivine’s mouth. The priest makes a sound of distress that, immediately, turns lewd and pleased as Kuya’s cock fills his mouth. 

“Our young master sure had his fun with you,” Kuya bites out. “He needs to learn how to share.”

Kuya pulls back, pushes back inside, deeper at each thrust, timing his movements with Quincy’s so that their priest has no chance of reprieve and can only be overwhelmed with pleasure, can only be full of cock just as he asked. 

“It’s like you’re made to take cock, little priest,” Kuya purrs, enjoying each of Olivine’s muffled, choked cries. 

Quincy moves a hand to push down on Olivine’s back, pressing him flush against the desk. The change in angle has Olivine writhing for a moment, eyes wide and glossy with lust. 

Kuya moans, quickening his thrusts. The priest’s mouth is perfect, he bets he’d be able to take him even deeper if he wanted to, but for now Kuya has other plans.

“You know, Olivine, I’m sure that Eiden is good at what he does,” he starts saying, his voice rougher as he fucks Olivine’s mouth. “But you should spend some time with me as well. There’s a lot I could show you. For example—” Kuya drags a finger along Olivine’s spine, smothering him in magic.

Olivine positively wails around his cock, body spasming as the feeling of an orgasm washes over him, eyes rolling back while Kuya and Quincy fuck his holes through it.

“Fuck,” Quincy moans. “He’s so tight.”

“See?” Kuya tugs at Olivine’s hair. “I could make you feel like this over, and over again, and your cock would stay hard. Never ending pleasure, never ending bliss.” He snaps his hips forward, buries his cock deep inside Olivine’s mouth. “You’d go insane with it.”

Olivine shuts his eyes closed, sobbing as his body shudders through a second, real orgasm. His mouth is tight, and his moans vibrate all around Kuya’s cock as he cums. Quincy moans loud and deep, halting his movements as the priest shakes through his pleasure, fingers dragging over the polished, wooden desk.

Kuya, in an act of mercy, slides his cock out of his mouth, ignoring the pleased shiver at the rough gasp Olivine lets out. 

But it takes one look at the priest’s tear-streaken, fucked out expression for that mercy to waver.

“Help me,” Olivine whimpers. “What—what do I do? I feel so good, what do I do?”

Quincy groans a curse and grabs Olivine’s wrists, pulling his arms back as he starts fucking into him again, his pace brutal.

“I’ll cum again,” Olivine sobs, his entire body trembling. “Please, don’t stop, I want it again, I can’t—”

“You,” Kuya hisses, grabbing Olivine by the chin and raising his face as he starts stroking his own cock hard and fast at a few inches away from the priest’s face. “Are insatiable, little priest.”

Quincy cums inside the priest after a few more frantic thrusts, moaning Olivine’s name like he suddenly became a man of faith. 

Olivine starts mumbling, words a bit lost between his incoherent cries, but Kuya is pretty sure he hears so full, I’m so full. 

Olivine’s third orgasm comes the moment Quincy takes pity on him and strokes his leaking cock once. It wrecks through him hard and fast, and has the poor priest fully crying, eyes glazed over and drool dripping from his mouth.

That’s what does it for Kuya, who cums over Olivine’s face with a moan, admiring how sinful the priest looks with his face covered with his seed. 

The moment Kuya lets go of Olivine’s face and Quincy pulls out of him, Olivine’s body goes limp on the desk, the side of his face pressed against the wood as he tries regaining his breath, eyes closed.

Kuya fixes his clothing right and glances at Quincy. “Well.”

“We might have overdone it,” is what Quincy says, face hilariously serious.

“I don’t think he’ll complain about it.”


Kuya rolls his shoulder and takes a deep breath before leaning down. “Olivine? Are you still with us?”

After a few moments, Olivine gives him a weak nod.

“We have to clean him,” Quincy says. “Bathe him.”

“And we will, once we pry him off this table.” Kuya smiles. “How incredibly entertaining you have been, little priest. Maybe we should do this again?”

Quincy rolls his eyes and then starts going around the room, opening doors in search of a bathroom.

But Kuya is still by Olivine’s side when the man whispers quietly, “Yes, we should.”