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Nagisa has been lately into cleaning.

While growing up, he didn’t have to do the housework by himself. Over time though, he grew interested in having that satisfaction of making his side of the shared dorm room look neat. He enjoyed it, despite the tireless effort put into making a room more neater than it needs to be.

Hence why he asked permission from his two roommates to clean up their areas, noticing Yuta’s messy sheets and Kaoru’s leftover plastic energy cans left on the floor. At first, Kaoru was flattered, and so was Yuta. To be honest, they didn’t really trust Nagisa handling their things. Nagisa could visibly see their quite flustered looks, but they would eventually give in after seeing the dead-pan serious look on the grey haired face when asking if he could happen to clean their sides of the rooms.

Still, Kaoru can’t help but feel embarrassed that someone like Nagisa would be handling all his belongings. Oh well, it didn’t matter. Besides, they were all just ordinary things left on his side… at least Kaoru hoped so. Yuta seemed pleased that his roommate would be doing the cleaning, so why was Kaoru so worried?

“Ran-kuuun, just don’t look at my nightstand drawers, okaaay?” Kaoru reminds Nagisa in a really irritating voice, before heading out for practice. Yuuta followed along, only rolling his eyes out of annoyance.

Yuta then whispers to Nagisa’s ear in a brief moment, “You know he’s heading on a date, right?”

“Eh?” Nagisa could only mutter out before Yuta shuts the door quickly before any explanation would be given.

He doesn’t question it, happy that he is able to help out for today. So Nagisa starts to clean, having brought a high-powered vacuum and some cleaning supplies from Ibara (he only needs the vacuum, but Ibara insists that a room is not clean without using these ripoff cleaning brands).

An hour has passed and Nagisa decides to take a break from vacuuming. Fixing up Yuta and Kaoru’s bed sheets, he decides to clean up any belongings placed around their respective areas. Yuta was surprisingly a cleaner person, but he has a small record player that Nagisa hasn’t seen in years. There was also a framed photo of him and his brother, Hinata. He leaves Yuta's area for now, only fixing the framed photo and a few CDs he has been collecting recently.

Nagisa is rather surprised seeing Kaoru’s side of their shared dorm.

There was a feeling of somewhat warmth going on Kaoru’s side of the dorm. He was so defensive about what belongings Nagisa would end up finding, but it didn’t surprise Nagisa what he was cleaning up. Kaoru had a few sticky notes stuck onto a journal - although the journal itself was practically empty, Kaoru had written a few reminders that Nagisa wouldn’t expect from someone like him.

“visit marine life club room”

“buy takeout food for yuuta-kun and ran-kun on friday”

“help out anzu-chan on errands (buying gifts for moricchi!)”

“karaoke with senacchi + moricchi”

“moricchi hangout together at the city!!”

Chiaki Morisawa?

But it wasn’t even his birthday, Nagisa thought to himself. He’s a bit shocked that Anzu was willing to help out Kaoru on this, but he doesn’t judge Kaoru’s choices (most of the time). He neatly places the journal back on Kaoru’s nightstand, about to collapse onto his bed for the day. Suddenly, Nagisa felt a thump from his foot.

He trips and falls over, prompting him to groan in pain. Nagisa didn’t want to experience this before his next practice with Eden, especially as leader! Before he could comprehend what was in front of him, a strange book appeared in front of him. It wasn’t a strange book, but rather an even larger scrapbook that had no title or decoration put into it.

(How was Nagisa able to trip over a book like that? He doesn’t even know.)

Ah, so this is what Yuta was talking about the other day. When Nagisa came home from late night practice, Kaoru was on the couch with multiple photographs laid out.

(“Ooooh, who’s this for, Hakaze-senpai?” Yuuta asked, almost in a teasing manner. “Is it for your special girlfriend?”

Kaoru goes red, gesturing to Yuta to leave him alone. “Sh- shut up! It’s for- for nobody, okay?!”

Nagisa thought he was in a bad mood, maybe something pissed him off this time around in all serious nature?)

Part of Nagisa believes that he should just leave it alone, as he usually does when he’s cleaning up this space. However… this time around?

There was a brief moment of guilt, but Nagisa wants to see that side of Kaoru. He already has, but he wonders if there was more to him that Kaoru would only show to the so-called “girlfriend” Yuta kept mentioning to Kaoru about.

He opens the scrapbook, and it's more detailed than Nagisa expected. It was a work in progress, judging by the title being empty and no such decorations, with exceptions of captions written in gel glitter pens and stickers that Nagisa assumed was stolen from Anzu herself. There was no girlfriend though, only surprising Nagisa a bit more. In fact, all of these photos were taken with his friends.

Nagisa notices the quality as being reminiscent of vintage photographs, which made Nagisa curious about how filters work on cameras (he could ask Ibara the next time they meet in practice). Classroom photos, trips to different parts of the city and simply just hanging out with friends.

And there was Kaoru, always smiling at each photograph taken of him. Even the one where he was pushed onto the water by Kanata, he somehow kept his bright grin on that face of his.

A few pages flicked over when Nagisa starts to realise who this person was. This was where most of the lovey dovey captions are written, and the stickers that accompany those messages.

The first photograph was taken at an aquarium. Kaoru is standing in front of a large glass window with sea creatures ranging from shape to size. He looked happier, and more genuine. Nagisa admits that his smile in this photo looks rather romantic and pleasant. Next to him was Chiaki, looking at the camera with a softened look. They both pose together, forming a heart with their own hands.

This caption reads on the bottom: our first date together.

The second photograph is different from the others. It had been taken at a photo-booth, judging by the layout Nagisa could make out. A series of photos showed Kaoru giving kisses to Chiaki, as he covered his face in absolute embarrassment. The final photo though was Chiaki getting his payback - kissing Kaoru back in front of the camera. Its caption reads as follows: i didn’t know you were a good kisser ~

Nagisa wonders what Kaoru and Chiaki were doing at this very moment, considering Yuta implied that Kaoru was on a date. Does he do this everyday? Nagisa was worried for the couple’s safety, but he knows that they’ll find a way through it.

The final photograph was a bit more special in Nagisa’s eyes. Stickers indicated that this was a few months ago, which happened to be on Valentine’s Day. A photo in which Chiaki lays down on Kaoru’s shoulder, only smiling at what seems to be Kaoru taking the photograph of him. He’s also laughing, Nagisa assumes Kaoru is making a corny joke that happened to make Chiaki laugh so much. Underneath that same photo, reads a rather long message:

to my moricchi. i can’t believe we’ve been dating for almost a year! time flies, doesn’t it? well, i suppose you have to deal with me forever… god, i’m so lucky to have you. moricchi, you really do mean everything to me. even on my unpleasant days, you were always there to cheer me up. you will always be my sun, even when there is a time where we are apart. i love you so much, chiaki. let’s always be together, my love.

Nagisa tucks the scrapbook where it had originated from, and his heart is now a bit warmer than expected. It reads like a romance novel, but Nagisa is glad that type of romance went to the two lovebirds.

After all, he does want the best for his roommates - even if it’s through cleaning their own spaces.

“Nervous?” Nagisa walks up to Kaoru, with a cheeky smile on his face. “I’m sure you’ll do well, it’s your special day. And it’s normal to feel nervous about marrying your loved one.”

“Morisawa-senpai’s jaw is going to drop seeing you like this!” Yuta reassures Kaoru, but in a teasing manner like usual.

Kaoru’s face turns a little red at Yuta’s comment, as looks at himself in the mirror. And then at Nagisa and Yuta. He realised how much everyone around him has changed, for the better. Kaoru grew more accepting of himself though, and that’s what made Nagisa stick around more to the blonde.

He turned towards the two, and a smile appeared on his face.

“Ran-kun, you’re right. Everything will turn out well in the end.”

They both smile back, almost holding back their tears (Yuta was tearing up however, Hinata would’ve teased him about it if he could).

Nagisa chuckles, patting Kaoru on the shoulder. “Let’s go now, your soon-to-be husband is waiting for you."