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Loba hummed with the music as they cruised along the highway, watching the line of trees that accompanied their travel. Her hand was buried in the curls of Anita's hair, scratching lightly at her scalp as the woman drove.


Sometimes she still couldn’t believe what happened a few days ago.


The day they got back from their mission, they had to close Sheila’s Joint for a debrief. Loba officially met Makoa Gibraltar and Ramya Parekh then–the bar’s resident bartenders, and Anita’s so-called extraction team.


According to them, when they had arrived at Anita’s last location check-in, they saw the hole entrance completely closed up and caved in. They had to track Anita’s device to the exact point to know where she was under the ground. Loba learned there that Ramya was an explosives specialist, causing the blast that made the hole on their ceiling, while Makoa was in charge of containing the blast radius so they wouldn’t cause a whole collapse. Anita tried, but she wasn’t able to stop her from giving the three of them one of the duffle bags filled with money. Loba insisted, fought tooth and nail. She was having none of their humble bullshit. They deserved half of the money and that was that.


They parted ways then, with Loba leaving Anita a very heavy and heated gaze.


It took the other woman two days to finally find out where she was staying (with Jaime’s help) so she could barge in and claim her other prize. Loba could still feel the delicious ache in her body that was caused by their twenty-four hour romp.


And now that everyone else was paid–Jaime with his two million, and Kairi with her new helicopter ordered–Loba decided she wanted to take Anita on a short trip to meet a friend.


“Hey, you okay?”


Loba blinked when she felt a light squeeze on her thigh.


She turned to look at Anita from the top of her aviator sunglasses and winked, bringing herself closer to press a soft kiss on her jaw, right at the spot where a small scratch was still healing. She heard Anita’s soft hum before the other woman turned her head to catch her lips in a kiss.


“Eyes on the road, Sergeant.” Loba whispered against her lips, giving Anita another peck before turning her head playfully towards the front.




“You like it.”


Anita scoffed, making Loba laugh. She kept her hand on the back of the woman’s head and continued to play with her hair.


Right there sitting on the backseat was the gold skull resting safely inside a padded briefcase, right beside the wooden cube cipher that surprisingly came out unharmed after the whole ordeal. On a separate case beside it laid the three new wooden cubes, waiting to be deciphered.


Loba smiled. Blódhundr would be pleased.

The End.