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Kiss of Confessions

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Father Coolwalker led Sky to the shiny wooden confessional, resting his hands on the little boy's shoulders. Sky stepped into the booth and was gently pressed on to sit in the stool. He obliged and pressed his knees onto the cushion, sitting on his legs and widening his already fat ass even more. Father Cool already couldn't help but take a moment to gawk. The inside was small but spacious enough for two people to comfortably sit together… That's when Sky noticed something a little strange about the box. There was no internal wall to separate the two.

"Uhm… Father? I thought confession boxes had a window in them? For us to look though at each other."

The man smiled. "This confessional has a window option." He yanked a handle on the booth wall and creeped out a sliding door before promptly sliding it back into the wall. "But that's only used for anonymous confessions… which is not what this is." He paused for a second. "This is your first time confessing, if I'm not mistaken. Do you know how to confess, son?"

Sky turned to face the man with big eyes and shook his head, hands wringing. "No…"

Noticing the child's change in expression he crouched to his knees and shuffled behind the boy's seat. "It's easy. No need to get worked up." He put his large hands on the boy's soft sides. Sky was noticeably overweight for an 8 year old; his disposition being rounded and squishy. Cool gently pressed his fingertips into the doughy boy and drifted his hands to Sky's wrists, being sure to touch as much of the kid's shoulders and arms as he could during the journey.

He cupped the boy's hands in his own and pressed himself against the child's back as he reached forwards and positioned the small hands together in a praying fashion. Cool caught himself almost drooling just feeling this kid's heat against his chest, head spinning with evil desires.

"This is your first time, so don't worry about not knowing what to say. Just think about something simple… like, have you wronged anyone or lied? Those are good starts." He leaned into the boy and whispered against his ear. "Once you think of something, I want you to start with "Bless me, Father, for I have sinned…" and continue with what you thought of." The man's hands creeped their way back to the kid's sides and began to lightly knead at the pudge on his body. He couldn't control himself and his fingers were twitching. He needed to grope this boy as soon as possible and wasn't interested in waiting any longer.

Sky began to quiver. Father's caress felt weird and ticklish and wasn't really helping him think of sins. He bit his lip and looked down, taking a moment to think as his priest rubbed at him. Completely skipping the confession intro, he stammered out a spiel of guilt: "I… I never wronged anyone, I promise! I would never do that… I lied to my daddy about not having an extra bite of the bread, but I didn't mean it! I swear! I didn't know why I said "No," I just did — I thought he would yell at me and- and my brother got in trouble instead. I didn't mean to lie…," he sounded like he was on the verge of tears.

The pastor held him closer, cheek against cheek, and moved a hand to the child's chest, rubbing that too and only subtly squeezing. "Shh shh.. calm down," he hushed. "Confessions aren't supposed to be stressful. God already knows what you've done. You're just asking for His forgiveness. Don't be scared. You're doing great, Sky. Do you want to stop for now or do you have more to say?"

"Uhm… I said I didn't like god once…"

Cool was only physically taken aback by the admission. He let go of the boy and leaned away from him, his eyes wide. "I hope you understand that this is a heavy sin to carry. Thank you for confessing, but I don't know if God thinks a small confession is enough." The cleric glanced away from the child, taking a moment to himself before looking back and trying hard not to crack a smirk. "To show your devotion, He desires a close moment between priest and penitent."

The boy turned his body to Father and frowned. "Am I in trouble?"

"Yes… only a small peck will rid you of this sin." The man casually stretched out his arms as if they were about to snap shut on the child if he got any closer.

"Wh- a peck? What do you mean?"

"A kiss, son."

Sky's stomach dropped and he looked around, clearly uncomfortable. He looked back at the priest; he was beaming down at the poor boy, his expression almost looking bored, disappointed. It didn't make Sky feel too good. The child hesitantly stood from his seat anyways and stifled closer to the adult crammed in the box with him: giving him a quick kiss on the cheek.

Urges passing their boiling point and getting the best of him, the religious leader tightly wrapped his arms around the child. Slightly puckering his lips, he pushed his head close, tilting to give the kid a deep mouth kiss.

The boy's lips were so, so, soft. The man couldn't hold back and properly locked their mouths together — forcing his tongue into the child's mouth and exploring and playing with the boy's much smaller tongue. Expectantly, Sky immediately began to squirm and struggle against Cool's embrace; squealing and whining into the man's mouth. Sky's own mouth practically gurgled with a pooling mix of drool and, unable to spit out the excess, was forced to swallow. His small wriggling body incidentally grinded against Cool's fixed one. Managing to arouse the priest even more, forming a bulge in the center of his tight pants. If it weren't for such a cramped space and his reputation of being gentle and nonthreatening, he would have hovered over the boy and fucked him right then and there.

Father shuddered and held the child for a couple more seconds before pulling him away with a heavy sigh and twitching fingers. His body was hot and sweat was already beginning to bead over his skin. "Your confession is over and God has forgiven you for the sins you've revealed today." His smile was just as warm as ever, but Sky's face was decorated in tear trails and drool that escaped the engaged mouths.

"Don't cry… this is a good thing. God is proud of you and so am I." He pulled out a white cloth from his blazer pocket and wiped the boy's tear-ridden cheeks and mouth and led him back outside the confessional.

Sky refused to look at his priest. His trot outside of the booth was awkward and his arms were crossed in a self-soothing fashion; caressing and making himself look even more small and vulnerable. Cool hardly took notice.

"Sometimes devotion can be uncomfortable. Sometimes even painful... This is where God tests your faithfulness. You did a good job, son." He placed a hand back onto Sky's shoulder, giving it a small rub. "Why don't we have a quick and small communion in celebration of your first confession? It'll make you feel better."

Sky hesitantly looked back up. The man's face was peaceful and glowing with delight. It quickly rubbed off on the boy and he smiled weakly in response. "Okay."


Sky sat in the front most pew of the church waiting for the priest to come back, swinging his short legs off the edge and examining the walls of the building and the colorful stained glass windows. They didn't really depict anything, but they made the floor really pretty in the morning.

The clacking of shoes against the hard floor made Sky turn his head to see his cleric walking down the aisle holding a funnily shaped gold cup and two dark bottles. He sat next to the boy and placed the chalice on the pew between them. There were three cookies tied in a plastic bag sitting in it! They looked like homemade apple cinnamon cookies — like they were made specifically for Sky. Apple cinnamon was a favorite of his…

The thought of sharing didn't even cross his mind as he snatched the baggie and immediately shoved a cookie in his mouth. They were so soft and fluffy that the event he just endured melted away from his mind.

Next a pop echoed throughout the church as Coolwalker opened the sacramental wine and unceremoniously poured an excessive amount in the chalice. "Do you like grapes, Sky? I want you to have some of this juice. It'll help the cookies go down," his voice was a little demanding for something so casual as drinking juice.

Sky was already halfway through his last cookie when he noticed they did make his throat a little dry. But, he only ever had juice from small boxes with straws and this was a big cup… He reached over, grabbed its handle and tried to pick it up without spilling. Cool quickly helped him hold it — he didn't need Sky staining the pew fabric. This allowed the priest to forcibly press the gold against the boy's mouth and tilt it. Sky only took a few sips before trying to move the drink away.

Father only tilted the chalice more. "Have more." His eyes were fixed on the boy and his mouth contorted into a grim smile. He began to sweat once more.

Sky moaned in protest. He wanted to finish his cookie! He stayed loyal and took some more big gulps in accordance with Father's demand. The wine was very sweet and surprisingly tasty, but it was starting to make his throat tingle. The boy physically backed away to give himself a chance to breathe and finish off his treat.

Father Coolwalker brought the cup back to his own mouth, going out of his way to rotate it and share the same spot Sky drank from — finishing off the remaining booze. "How was it, son? I wasn't expecting you to get through half the chalice," he scoffed.

"It was really sweet! I liked it but it made my neck feel weird." He put his hands on his stomach, giving it a little rub. "My tummy kind of hurts… can I go home now…"

"In a bit." Cool shifted close to the boy and put a hand on his aching belly, giving him a massage. "We don't want you getting sick from moving around too much after eating." his hand crept under the child's vest and button-up to stroke at the soft bare skin beneath.

Sky flinched from contact and let out a murmur. "Father…" the rubbing continued and he began to feel a little more relaxed, like a switch inside him had suddenly flipped. He reclined against the pew wall and rested his arms to his sides. It felt kind of nice.

Coolwalker watched as the boy's gaze shifted off his own tummy and wandered towards the ceiling. He looked out of it. The priest bit his lip and fumbled with his belt, the clinking of metal drawing Sky's attention back on him. The man kept caressing at the boy as he pricked apart buttons and cloth — freeing his heated cock from its confinement.

The boy's tired eyes widened as much as they could from seeing the member. Sky sat up and his head immediately began spinning, prompting him to lay back down. "What is… Daddy said not-"

"Quiet. Your dad isn't here, Sky." The priest caught his tone increasing and took a deep breath. "We're just going to play a quick game before you go home, okay?" The man stopped rubbing the boy's pudge and grabbed at his pants, hastily unbuttoning them and hooking his thumbs under the twill.

"I'm tired. My head hurts… I don't want to play." Sky's voice was slurred and he rubbed at his eyes to try and see the pastor better as his sight began to warp.

"You don't have to do anything. Just relax." Father slipped the kid's bottoms off with ease, revealing fat thighs and a small dick. Sky didn't seem to even acknowledge his pants and underwear were off now. Large hands wrapped themselves around the boy's wide thighs, flinching and wobbling with every disturbance. The man ogled the child's round body, rubbing down his features and causing Sky to shiver.

"Father, I don't… like this." Sky's protest trembled just like his body.

He didn't reply. The man shifted his body over the boy, lifting his small legs and pressing his hard-on against the boy's flaccid penis — milling. Sky, again, flinched from the touch. Cool's shaft was uncomfortably warm against his and the rubbing on his no-no area made the poor boy squirm and shut his eyes tightly.

"You are so cute…," the priest huffed. The little boy's wiggling was starting to overheat Cool and he had to remove his blazer to compensate. He felt Sky's small cock gradually harden beneath his own. "Such a good boy… I- God is very pleased by this."

Father's praise only vaguely helped the boy get comfortable. Pop… snap! The sound of the man opening and closing something emanated though the church. Sky looked back to see his elder putting the smaller black bottle down. His fingers had a shiny clear substance on them. Before Sky could ask what it was, the man pressed his coated fingers against the boy's rear, slathering his back end and pushing the cold digits inside.

"F- feels bad! Feels-" he let out a squeal and gripped at the pew as the man pushed deeper into his behind twirling his fingers, being sure to coat the walls in the slick. What little stretch his fingers left is the best Sky's going to get. "Hurt… no more."

"Shut up."

The cleric's words rattled though Sky's head and more tears began to flood his already blurred vision. Why was he being so cold… he had just treated him to cookies and juice. Is this punishment for sinning? For saying he didn't like God? His head began to throb once more.

Sky shrieked again feeling something hot prod at his exit. His small body tensed up as it pressed more and more on his hole, slipping inside with little struggle. His priest let out a growl through his teeth as he slowly pushed his cock further inside the boy.

"S-stop! Hurting! Please," the child begged his religious leader for mercy on his body. "Ow, ow, ow…"

"So tight… such a beautiful and faithful little boy." He moved an arm to Sky's shoulder, placing a good amount of his weight on it. "Just hold on a little longer, son. You're going to love this." his member was deep inside the backend of the child, pressing up against his erogenous zone. He began to pull himself out after the boy's bottom was flush against his groin — only to shove it back inside with a loud slap of skin against skin.

With each thrust into his ass Sky felt an onslaught of mixed emotions ranging from fear and anxiety to arousal and assurance. Was it truly devotion? To God? Whatever it was, he didn't want to go to church anymore… he couldn't keep himself from whimpering.

Ten minutes felt like 30 to the child. A weird feeling began to boil between his legs. It felt… heavy? Hard. It was making his body tense up again, his back arching off the pew as the reaction amplified. He didn't know what it was — it was scary. Cries were forced out of his mouth, sounding like stifled squeals.

Father took notice of the child nearing orgasm. He was captivated. Seeing Sky squirming in place was one thing, but seeing him struggle to keep himself together and pushed to bear with something he didn't understand was stunning. The sight alone was pushing him over the edge and he began to let out moans and incoherent ramblings. The religious leader was straining his aging body, thrusting faster into the kid — slamming his lap against the boy's ass and squeezing at him.

Sky gripped at his surroundings again. It hurt. It hurt so much. His priest was putting him in so much pain. But he was moaning with him. Just like him. His small dick twitched freely, ejaculating over his soft belly, wonderfully relieving him of the funny-feeling tightness in his loins. He let out a shuddered yelp and slumped himself back against the pew, twitching. The boy looked exhausted, barely reacting to the man currently plowing him.

Seeing the way Sky reacted to his own climax pushed the man over the edge completely. He gave the child a final push, tightening his grip and releasing himself into him. Sky whined as heat spread through his posterior, sending a chill up his spine and causing him to shiver. Cool reeled back, taking a breather. He finally let go of the child and slowly pulled his shaft out.

The cleric then dabbed at his face with his cloth, wiping away the sweat that coated his skin then sharing it with Sky to wipe away the semen resting on his pudge and promptly pulling his shirt and vest down over his stomach.

He stood back up, fixing his pants and belt. "You did wonderful, son. The Lord is very proud of you." Sitting Sky up and kneeling down to his level, he assisted the boy with his own pants and underwear. Father Coolwalker cupped the child's hands in his own hands once more, bringing them to his face and leaving a soft kiss over them. "God loves you, Sky. I love you. Let's get you home now."