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“So, what do you think?”

One of the fox’s ears twitched as he looked out over the crowded park. He heard her, obviously. His attention was focused almost entirely on the subject at hand, even if his eyes were not on the cute little grey furred bunny sitting on the blanket beside him. They were watching the throng of young bunnies run back and forth on the green grass of the field, shouting and laughing as they kicked, tossed, and chased after the black and white soccer ball. Among the disorganized, long eared tide of tiny fluffballs was a slightly taller, ruddy furred fox kit laughing and chasing the ball right along with the rest of them.

“You sure we can handle another one?” he asked finally, turning his eyes from the not-an-actual-game to her, one brow lifted as he pretended to seriously consider the question while holding her gaze. “I mean, Alex is already such a handful. Sometimes I wonder if we can just return him to the agency or trade him in for a cuter, less troublesome model.”

When the bunny released a light snort and nestled herself into his side, he grinned down at her. He knew that she had no doubts about how much he loved their son. Even he was aware that he was a dotting, sometimes overly protective parent who could be a terrible embarrassment to the kit with his fatherly instances of PDA.  They’d adopted him a little over a year ago, and it had taken one car ride home for Nick to decide that he couldn’t live without the then shy little troublemaker.

“I’m sure we can handle another one, Nick,” Judy replied, the statement less an argument and more a statement of fact as they turned their eyes back to the field. “For one thing, bunnies are sort of hard wired for large families.”

“But you’re not a typical bunny. Aside from the cute thing,” he said, and when this earned him a nudge in the ribs from the smirking bunny that only motivated him to continue, “and the twitching nose. And that hot little cottontail. And the endless sex drive.”

“Speaking of endless sex drives,” she inserted, then laughed with one small paw reaching up to shove his muzzle away when he dropped it to the side of her neck. “Not what I meant, Wilde!”

“I suppose we should strive not to traumatize the kits,” he said so seriously that she released a short giggle-snort that had his tail thumping on the blanket.

“Seriously, though,” she said, drawing back to look at him with bright eyes and a serious expression. “The doctor said that if we expect the treatment to work, we’re going to have to have to have a lot of it.”

“The treatment?” he said, his eyebrows knitting together as he considered that. “Wasn’t it expensive?”

“Not the treatment. Sex,” she corrected, causing his brows to unknit and a slow smile to spread over his muzzle.

“This idea is sounding better and better,” he said, completely incapable of keeping his eyes from wandering down the length of her body. His partner, wife, mother of his adopted kit and soon to be mother of his biological kit if all things went as planned, was dressed in what could only be described as the perfect summer outfit: a soft blue tank top that left her softly furred shoulders almost completely bare and shorts-shorts that were not too short but for the fox that knew every inch of her body? Well, they just cried out for him emerald green eyes to move down to the curve of her hips and imagine them pulled down juuust enough to expose her ass to him.

This was an idea that caused some very obvious reactions in his own khaki, knee-length shorts (what Finnick called ‘Dad shorts’). The fact that Judy looked at him with narrowed eyes and a twitching nose told him that she was not unaware of his reaction, either.

“You stay right where you are,” she chided, before she jumped up and literally hopped away from him and towards the other side of the field where the kits were gathered around the ‘couch’. There was no actual couch because there was no actual league - or defined teams for that matter - but he was one of Alex’s uncles and the kits liked to call him that anyway.

The Todd released a slow sigh as he leaned back on his arms, trying to will the excitement that had started to rise to go back where it had come from as he watched her move to said uncle. A few words were exchanged, and an affectionate ear rub was given to their son when he moved over curiously. Nick grinned when he didn’t even try to dodge the affection in front of the other children, proving that he was very much a momma’s boy even as Uncle Couch (Nick was pretty sure his name was Nathan, but Judy had so many brothers it was hard to keep track so Uncle Couch was easier) gave her a quick nod and raised a hand to wave at Nick. This wave was mirrored by Alex, who fairly bounced as he and the other kits were herded back onto the field by some encouraging words from the couch

Wondering what that was all about, Nick raised his hand to give a quick wave in return and gave a quick “Go Alex!” shout, as was his fatherly duty and privilege.

Then his phone beeped and he slipped it out of his shirts front pocket, glancing down at the message.

Back seat, now.

Startled, he glanced up to see those yellow shorts wrapped around a most excellent ass retreating from the field and towards the parking lot. With a quick glance at his now completely preoccupied kit and the Uncle that had no doubt been told they would be quitting the field for a few minutes, he was quick to jump to his feet and run to catch up to her. After all, the Doctor had said they needed to have a lot of sex.

Who was he to argue?



Once upon a time, Nick had believed that sex in the back of a car had to be incredibly uncomfortable and pointless for sex. There was limited space, the seats in most cars were not really meant to accommodate rapid hip movement, the roof was too low, and everything seems to poke you at the wrong time. Of course, he had never had sex in the backseat of a car with a bunny. Which somehow just worked.

Maybe because she was smaller?

Not that he was really focused on that right at the moment. His eyes were focused on the small, grey-furred love of his life in front of him with that beautiful rump of hers in the air and her cheek firmly planted on the seat. His nose was focused on the scent of arousal and need that filled the car, that sweet scent that caused his blood to heat and had the full length of his arousal throbbing inside her. And then there was that feeling. The vice-like heat of her sex wrapped around his cock, clenching greedily every time he drew his hips back a few inches and sending hot waves of lust through him that urged him to drive into her again. His grip on her hips moved to her waist, giving him more leverage as he hunched over her and picked up the pace as she cried out her encouragement.

There was nothing romantic about. There was nothing sweet or loving. The bunny under him made that clear as she gripped the door handle and used the leverage to push her ass back against each of his thrusts with a fervor he knew only a bunny could manage. Her only desire right then was to be taken and bred and unlike the other times she had given herself to him like this, they both knew it was different. The tension was higher, building in the air between them as what they both desired was now within reach. This was why his paws moved to wrap around her waist fully, gripping the underside of her belly as he yanked her back into every thrust while his stance rose until he was completely covering her. Fucking her like his ancestors would have, with quick, short stroked that followed a feral rhythm until the car was filled with the sounds of her urgent cries and his demanding growls.

It was no surprise then when the pleasure and passion and speed at which they took each other proved too much for them both. He was first to feel that hot tingle as the base of his cock thickened and pulsed, his belly tightening as he arched his back so his teeth could find one of her ears. He bit it, that simple pressure of his teeth slipping into silky fur making her cry out again. But it was the swelling at the base of his length that really set her off. Words that urged him to take her faster and harder were drowned out by a whimpering cry as the slick inner walls of her sex clenched around him, her hips dancing as she writhed under him. In a way, it almost felt like she was struggling to get away and his reaction was to grip her tighter, press her down harder, and ensure that she stayed exactly where she was as his knot thickened to lock them together.

She knew exactly what she was doing.

The climax was quick after that. A hot rush of pleasure shot through him as she moaned for him to cum inside her. Even with the lack of a choice at this point, it was just hotter knowing exactly why she wanted it so badly. And her fox was more than willing to give it to her. It only took a few more sharp bucks against the ass he loved so much, into that welcoming heat, before he felt the rise come to a peak that had his entire length throbbing. His knot, his shaft, and the tapered tip all thickened as his sac tightened and blissful release came over him and was pumped into her as hot spurts of cum flooded her.

He was shocked by how intense it was. The pleasure was bone-deep and left him shuddering against her even as his orgasm drove her over the edge along with him. Even after he collapsed on top of her, pinning her flat against the seat with his hips still rocking slowly as every twitch of his sac spilled more seed into her, he was still growling as he gnawed on her ear. Gently, of course.

“Oh damn,” she whimpered, her own hips rising to press into the continuous grinding of his hips, shuddering as she reached back with one paw to caress his muzzle, “Is it wrong that I hope it doesn’t take this time?”

“Would it make a difference if it did?” he panted once he released her ear, grinning as he angled his head to look down at her. Given her size, she was sort of… Under him, even with his back arched up as it was. “How often did the doc say we should do this?”

“As often as possible,” she replied, clearly pleasure drunk eyes looking up at him as a small, dazed smile played over her muzzle. “So, five or six times a day?”

“Oh, is that all?” he panted, chuckling as his hips finally came to rest up against hers even as his cock continued to throb pleasantly. “So, business as usual?”

“More then?”

“No harm in trying. Unless I throw out my back. But if I can survive Valentine’s Day, I can survive this.”



“No, no, no,” the bunny hissed as she followed the uniformed fox through the hallway of the ZPD, easily keeping pace with him even as she tried to reason with him. “You are not going to drag me into a supply closet for a quickie, no matter what the doctor said.”

“Come on, Carrots,” he replied, rolling his eyes slightly in that snarky yet pleased way he sometimes did when he knew her arguments weren’t all that serious. “I’m not ‘dragging’ you anywhere: you’re following me willingly. Plus, the more times I pump babies into your cute little belly, the better the chance that one actually comes out.”

She opened her mouth to speak with one finger raised to protest but realized that he was right about that before the words even left her muzzle. So, fully aware that she was following him because the idea of a quickie sounded like a great idea? She screwed on a slightly annoyed expression at his grin as she dropped her paws to her sides and marched right along behind him.

“Plus, I never said I was taking you to a supply closet,” he corrected as he did, in fact, pass said supply closet with a swaying tail. This caused her to pause for a moment, her ears perking slightly as she considered the closed, dark room before rushing to catch up to her still walking partner.

“What do you mean?” she asked, curious now even as her reluctance was replaced with a thrill of excitement that had her nose twitching by the time she caught up to him. “Where are we going?”

“Fangmeyer’s office,” he quipped as he looked down at her when she hopped up beside him, a grin spreading over his muzzle. “Wolfard said they were going out for a long lunch today, so we’re going to… Borrow her office. The perks of making Lieutenant. A brand-new office so far in the back that no one goes there.”

“Are you crazy?” she said, her jaw dropping open slightly as she realized that this was exactly where they were heading. She reached up to tug on his sleeve as she protested. “If she catches us or even catches a sniff of anything like that, she’ll have our hides!”

“You worry too much,” he said, reaching down to drag her against his side as they reached the out-of-the-way office, only for him to pause as both of their ears perked as a very distinctive sound reached them.

“Is that…?”

“Shhh,” he hushed her, his paw moving from her shoulder to cup over her muzzle to quiet her as they both strained to listen as another low, masculine, moaning growl came from the very same office they had been walking towards. He inched them closer to said door and no matter how much she wanted to protest, her own ears perked as she flushed when a deeply feminine sound came from the other side. She knew that sound, too: it was the same sort of pleased sound she made when she had her muzzle full of fox cock. Because of that – and the swift, intense heat that spread through her belly - she found that she couldn’t stop the insane fox when he reached up to the doorknob.

What they saw assured her that the sound a tiger made when sucking a cock was pretty damn close to the sound a bunny made when doing the same. Though there was smokey depth to the voice that hers lacked, the large tigress who was crouching on the floor in front of the grey furred wolf – who himself was leaning back against her desk with his paws gripping the edge as if his life depended on it - made it clear that she took nothing but delight in the taste of the throbbing red cock poking out of the dark blue ZPD trousers. If nothing else, Judy gave the feline credit for the passion she put into the act. Her own body heated under her fur as she watched every inch of that red cock vanish into the broad muzzle of the predator, appearing again with distinctive glisten and then vanishing as both large paws gripped her mate’s hips.

What might have made the whole scene hotter to her was the fact that Fangmeyer, as a Lieutenant now, was wearing a full pants suit. A neat white blouse above crisply pressed slacks that pulled tight over her rear in her crouched position, her tail swaying behind her as she drew back until just her mouth was suckling actively on the tip of the wolf’s cock. Which caused him to groan throatily as one of his hands left the desk and pressed between her ears.

“Keep going like that and I’ll have nothing left to try to make a baby with,” he said, a statement that had the bunny and fox glancing at each other in surprise and delight, and had the tigress smirking around the tapered tip of his cock.

“Somehow I doubt that,” she said after letting the tip slide from her lips fully, watching his cock prove her point as it throbbed in front of her eyes with such vigor that it didn’t flag long enough to even drop below her nose. “And it doesn’t all have to be about making babies. But if you insist, I can…”

Judy’s ears perked when the tigress went silent after the second paw of the wolf came to rest on top of her head, both paws moving to either one of the rounded ears of the feline before dragging her forward. From the grin on Fangmeyer’s muzzle and the low, very feline sound of pleasure that escaped her when she was guided down to willingly swallow the full length of throbbing, eager wolf again.

Judy barely managed not to jump out of her fur when Nick nudged her side, forcing her to glance away as the tigress in a pant-suit started to bob her head with more purpose, frowning when he made a motion for them to leave. Under normal circumstances, she probably would have run away well before this point. But now, having been watching for this long and feeling like her sex was on fire?

She shook her head and turned her attention back to the other couple, missing the grin from the fox as he settled in to watch, too.

Judy bit her lip as she watched and listened to the most excellent blowjob she had ever seen a tigress give. The only one she had ever seen a tigress give, for that matter. It might have been the fact that it was another interspecies couple who were trying to do the same thing that they were that made it impossible for her not to watch the finish of at least this much. Whatever the reason, she didn’t have long to wait as the fingers on the feline’s ears tightened, both Fangmeyer and Wolfard groaning. She could see the thick throbbing between the tigress’ lips as she drew back slightly, the just starting to form bulb at the bottom of his cock popped free of her mouth before her paw replaced her mouth to wrap around it as it swelled quickly.

“Oh, fuck,” the wolf hissed through his teeth, his ears dropping back as his hips jutted forward, Fangmeyer looking up at him without slowing the pace of her bobbing muzzle as she squeezed rhythmically around his knot. Judy liked that the tigress watched that moment that both females knew was coming, her eyes never leaving her face even as he groaned her name in a low growl before his body tensed up. The thick throbbing of the wolfen cock folding by the sudden, almost wet silencing of the feline’s own moans told her all she needed to know even before she watched the other female’s throat work, visibly swallowing as her mate panted above her.

As it was with canines, he wasn’t a ‘quick few spurts and done’ male, either. Judy squirmed in place as the tigress continued to suck him even as she swallowed every spurt released onto her eager tongue. Given that she tended to do that herself, she saw a strange sort of reflection of herself in the crouching tigress with the happily swaying tail. She might have been content to stay there for a while longer, given that it seemed Wolfard was coming down from his climax and their might be more to come, before Nick gripped her shoulder and drew her away from the door. So wrapped up was she that she almost opened her mouth to protest before stopping herself, glaring at him instead as he pulled her down the hallway.

“So,” came the faint voice from the office they’d just left behind much to her annoyance, “Are you going to bend me over this desk now or what?”

Which only made her groan under her breath before she relented, following Nick’s lead as he took them back down the hallway. She was mollified when she saw the thick bulge in the front of his pants, and the direction they were headed.

“Supply closet it is then,” she said, cheering up as she speed up to take the lead and his hand, dragging her along after her.



The supply closet was not exactly the best place for a quicky, but they made the best of it. His hands gripped her hips tightly while her legs did the same to his hips. The supply cabinet at her back wasn’t comfortable but she wouldn’t feel that until later with the thick fox cock being pumped deep into the slick heat of her sex distracting her from everything but that. Every time he reached full depth, the shocks of pleasure had her squeaking out as she came closer and closer to her peak. Luckily for them both, his mouth was locked on hers, so every moan and cry that escaped was muffled and only shared between the two of them.

The heat in her spiked when she felt Nick tense up against her, his own growl released into the kiss as he quickened the pace and shortened his thrusts. The tell-tale swelling at the base of his cock came quickly after that… And so did she. The pleasant, aching stretch of his knot swelling to fill her as he slammed into her hard enough to rock the cabinet was all she needed to be driven over the edge. Small paws gripped the back of his uniform, her eyes rolling back as her legs locked up and squeezed almost painfully around him.

It didn’t take long after that. His paws gripped her hips tight, so tight that she could feel his claws sliding past her fur to press into her skin. That just sent another shock of pleasure through her, though, one that was quickly followed by a steady, increasingly intense throbbing from the knotted length inside her. If they hadn’t been trying – and mostly failing – to keep things quiet, she could have broken the kiss to encourage him with more than just the snug depths of her sex clenching around him. But that seemed to be more than enough as his legs locked, and he thrust deep one last time before steady, needy throbs became desperate seconds before the felt the hot release deep inside.

It wasn’t as if she forgot why they were doing what they were doing, but she did. All she knew in those first few moments as another orgasm rocked her and had her toes pointing straight out was that she would always love the feeling that came when the entire length of his cock swelled and thickened. It left no room for her to question that she would always love this fox (and no room inside her for that matter) and that she wanted his kits.

So even as the orgasms started to fade, she kept her grip around him tight. The kiss was broken by a mutual need for unobstructed oxygen in overheated bodies, leaving her panting and staring off into space as he nuzzled into her neck lovingly.

“Is it wrong that I hope it didn’t take?” he asked in a ragged voice, one that had her blinking slightly before she suppressed a giggle in the back of her paw. Then used that very same paw to smack him.



A few days off work, a relaxing day on the couch, and a new season of Furrynatural with the fox who’d won her heart. The fingers currently working into the aching muscles of her feet because that fox was the best husband anyone could ask for was certainly a bonus. For someone who had never considered herself a fan of the domestic life, finding herself wrapped up in it and enjoying every second of it was still something of a surprise to her. The house with a fenced in back yard, the cushy furniture, the big TV, and…

“Mom! Mom! Dad!”

And the kit, who she could already hear running through the house like a herd of stampeding elephants at a Wolfmart super sale.

“We’re in the living room, kiddo,” Nick replied, though neither of them looked away from the show where the bobcat bothers were currently taking on Lucifurr and getting their tails handed to them.

The stomping of little feet came running down the hallway now, this time accompanied by the excited voice of the young fox speaking almost as fast as his legs were moving.

“Jack asked me, Tyler, and Blake over tonight and we’re gonna  have a weekend long Smash Bros. tournament and Jack’s mom said it’s okay and the winner gets a trophy we’re all going to make together with his dad can I go everyone else is going and I don’t want to be the only one left out please can I go, pleeeeze?”

The parents of the energetic kits were used to his extremely long, never-pausing-to-breathe strings of words that somehow managed to make sense. At least to them. And the way her son put his paws together and looked at them both with pleading eyes over the back of the couch was just the most adorable thing she had ever seen. Of course, every time she looked at him, he was the most adorable thing she had ever seen but she was getting used to that.

“I’m going to call Jack’s mom to make sure,” she said, rolling over onto her knees to kiss him on the cheek, “but I don’t see why not.”

“Yeah!” the kit exclaimed, beaming brightly before dropping off the back of the couch and dashing off to let his friend know the food news.

“But all your homework had better be finished!” she called on a thought, watching him run around the corner while her hand settled on Nick’s stomach, speaking in a softer tone that was just for her grinning fox. “And you might want to take a nap before he leaves.”



He did take a nap, sprawled out and snoring on the couch while she helped their kid pack.



“Bye kiddo!” the bunny said with a wave as Alex climbed into the SUV now loaded with kits and kittens and puppies and who knew what else. Personally, she was pretty sure Jack’s parents were lunatics for having that many children in one house for an entire weekend, but she wasn’t about to complain. Not with Nick sipping coffee beside her. “Have fun! I know I will…”



Clothes went flying the second the door was closed. Well, one piece of clothing went flying. Her shorts went flying because she managed to kick them off even as her cheek was pressed against the front door. Her panties didn’t join her shorts, since the fox behind her with his sweat pants around his ankles hadn’t given her the chance. They still clung to her thighs, only partly down her hips, as she felt the tapered tip of his cock line up against the wet mouth of her pussy…

…She cried out as he drove into her, her legs draped over his shoulders as he pushed her into the couch. Tiny paws gripped his back, blunt claws dragging through his fur as she was lost in another orgasm. He…

…Took her with just as much passion as the first time that day. Probably because she was on her hands and knees, which he had admitted a long time ago was one of his favorite positions. She was pretty sure it was his favorite position given his tendency to talk about how much he loved her butt. And the way he growled and gripped her hips tightly as he thrust…

…fast and hard. Her hips moved just the way he liked it when she knew he was about to cum. She’d lost track of how many times she’d orgasmed that morning, and they were only now starting their afternoon. She savored the pleasure on his face as green eyes watched her rise and fall, savored the feeling of how thick he was inside her and how quickly he throbbed, knowing he was about to…

…Cum flooded her mouth as the fox in front of her growled and moaned, his face a mask of pleasure as his paws gripped her ears. Maybe kneeling in front of him as he sat on the coffee table, fingers wrapped around his knot as she happily swallowed the musky spurts of fox cum wasn’t the best way to go about making a baby, but…

…he’d cum in her more times than she could remember in a single afternoon. The nap had obviously done him some good, though they both had their limits. Currently sprawled out on the floor, legs spread, his knot still throbbing inside her as he lay limp on top of her. They were a mess, and she loved it.

“Think it’ll take this time?” he asked, his voice weak and worn out.

She smiled, knowing it was only a temporary state of exhaustion. For someone who wasn’t a bunny, he sure knew how to make a bunny feel like she’d been bred by a gaggle of them. Her grin, lazy and content as it was, spread a bit as she raised one hand to weakly pat the back of his head.

“Is it okay if I say I hope it doesn’t take?



“No, mom, I don’t need anything,” Judy said with mild exasperation in her voice. Though really it was hard to be annoyed when, just beyond the view of the phone, she could see her son and her husband both leaning in with their ears pressed to her rounding belly. “Nick is taking good care of me. Really, I wish he would leave me alone for five minutes, but apparently that’s too much to ask.”

She rolled her eyes a little when the fox in question raised her eyes to her with a grin. A grin that was matched by their son, who looked at her with bright eyes. Then his eyes went wide with wonder for a moment, one she understood because she, of course, had felt the kick, too.

“She kicked!” the kit exclaimed, raising his head with a beaming smile as he made grabby hands for the phone. “Let me talk to grandma. Grandma, she kicked!”

Judy, only partly wondering if the well of emotion in her was hormone induced or simply a reaction to a big brother’s infectious happiness, relented without complaint, offering the kit the phone.

“Hi, grandma! She kicked! I felt it on my…”

And as he always did when he was on the phone with anyone, he jumped down from the bed to start wandering the house while talking a mile a minute.

“I think she likes him more than me,” the fox still laying with his cheek against her stomach said, green eyes all but shining with humor and love as he looked at her. “I guess her old dad will have to settle for having her mother wrapped around his pinky.”

“It wasn’t your pinky I was wrapped around when we made her,” she reminded him, which made his grin grow and his tail wag. Recognizing the heat in his eyes, she reached down to slide her fingers over his ear adoringly for a moment. “But that’s…”

“Mom! Dad! Grandma wants to know if I can visit her and grandpa for the weekend!” came the excited voice a second before a furry bullet crossed the room and jumped up onto the bed. “The fair is in town! Can I please? Can I?”

Judy could already feel Nick’s eyes on her, slanting him a look as a grin crossed her muzzle.

“If it’s okay with your father…”