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i do believe that we are practicing the same religion

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“Come on, Kara, why aren't you ready yet?”

They roll their eyes at their sister’s whining, knowing without looking, that Alex is now draped over the couch in an entirely too dramatic fashion. Kara keeps their attention to the mirror to finish the remaining loops of their french braid, ignoring Alex when she continues her complaining. 

“And I’m starving.”

Kara debates making their sister wait a little bit more but hunger has decided to make itself known by the quiet rumble of their own belly so they’d just be punishing herself by delaying any further. “I’m ready, I’m ready,” they announce as they walk out of the bedroom. “I needed to, you know, look presentable since I was still sleeping when you barged in,” they grumble, grabbing their jacket from off the couch, purposefully whipping it in their sister’s face. 

Alex is nonplussed by the full-on smack of blue leather and lets out an annoyed sigh. “Finally,” she mutters, getting up from the couch, a step behind Kara. 

They open the door before pointing their key at their sister, frustrated. “Hey, considering the fact that you barged in my apartment ten minutes ago—and I repeat, while I was still sleeping, thank you very much—be glad I agreed to go at all,” they snap, accidentally slamming their front door shut. 

Their sister closes her eyes and breathes out another sigh, holding her hands up in surrender. “Sorry, I’m sorry,” she offers, letting out another breath before offering Kara a sheepish grin. “I got caught up handling a new patient’s case last night, so the last time I ate was a late breakfast yesterday.”

Their annoyance dissipates, replaced quickly by understanding. Alex has never been particularly good about taking breaks from her work, which unfortunately often leads to people—usually them—having to deal with an incredibly grumpy Alex. 

“No wonder you're starving, dummy,” they scold lightly, pressing the button to call for the elevator before punching Alex lightly on her arm. Alex winces before she playfully bumps their shoulders together, their fight quickly forgiven and forgotten. A pleasant ding alerts them to the elevator’s arrival. Kara smiles immediately when the doors open and they see their new neighbor’s face. “Oh hey, good morning, Lena.”

“Good morning, Kara,” Lena replies, a tired smirk on her lips. 

Kara notices Lena’s business attire right away, making them frown slightly. “You're not going into work on a Sunday, are you?” they ask, getting a rueful grin in return.

“Unfortunately. No rest for the wicked, I’m afraid,” Lena sighs before her curious gaze goes from Kara to Alex, and back to Kara again. “Are you two off to brunch?” 

They start to nod before realizing that they hadn’t introduced them yet. “Oh yeah, this is my sister, Alex, who so very rudely woke me up and demanded that we share a meal together,” they joke, chuckling when their sister rolls her eyes before turning to Alex this time, “Lena just moved into the penthouse on the top floor a couple of weeks ago.” Kara takes a step back when they both reach out to shake each other’s hands. 

“How are you liking it up there?” Alex asks, slipping her hands back into her jacket pockets. “Kara’s place has a pretty nice view but I bet it can’t compare to yours.”

Lena chuckles. “It is a magnificent view, though work hasn’t exactly allowed me to enjoy it as much as I’d prefer. My neighbors have been very welcoming though,” Lena replies with a teasing smile in Kara’s direction. “Do you two live together?”

Alex barks out a laugh, fervently shaking her head. “Oh god, no. Never again. We tried that the first few months after Kara moved to the city and calling it a nightmare would be an understatement.”

They elbow their sister’s side making Alex grunt at the pain. “Hey, I was a great roommate.”

“You were the best roommate but we also had absolutely no privacy,” Alex reminds them, soothing at her side. 

Lena huffs out a soft laugh, arching an eyebrow. “I can only imagine the line of men following you both home.” 

“Women,” Alex immediately corrects her. “Well, just women for me,” she adds, seeming to relax once Lena offers an accepting nod with a gentle smile. 

“Basically, walking in on your sibling in the middle of getting busy is not fun for anybody involved.” Kara surmises, shivering as they think of those few times when they accidentally walked in on Alex and whomever she had brought home at the time. There had even been that other time when the girl Kara brought home with them suggested a threesome. Catching Alex’s glance, they know instantly that their sister is thinking of that same moment as well. 

Lena smirks, presumably at the twin grimacing look on both their faces. “I can only imagine,” she murmurs. “So Alex, what do you do? Are you enlightening young minds like your sibling is doing?”

Alex laughs, shaking her head. “Oh no, I don’t have the patience to teach. I’m a trauma surgeon over at National City General,” she answers, shrugging modestly at the impressed look on Lena’s face. 

“That’s quite the demanding career. It must keep you insanely busy.”

“Lena, you're literally going to work on a Sunday,” Kara bluntly points out. 

“Touché.” she laughs, adjusting the strap of her purse resting on her shoulder. They’ve finally reached the lobby and they wait for the faint dinging sound that comes before the door opens. She gives both Kara and Alex a small, friendly smile. “Enjoy your brunch.”

They both allow her to walk out of the elevator first before following her out of the apartment building. There’s a black town car with a chauffeur standing beside it. Kara watches them realize that Lena is walking towards them when they call out to her, “see you around, Lena.”

Lena turns to them and shoots a wink before getting into her car, and as they both watch the car smoothly join the incoming traffic, Alex finally breaks the silence, breathing out a low whistle. “That was one disgustingly hot lady. That's got to be illegal, right?”

Kara doesn't even try to deny it. Slumping their shoulders, they let out a tortured whine instead. “God, I know . You should've seen me when we first met.”

“Got your foot caught in your mouth?”

“That implies that I managed to say actual words,” Kara snorts. “There were sounds but things that resembled anything human? Debatable.” When Alex starts to cackle, they quickly defend themself, “oh, don’t even pretend like you didn't trip over yourself when I introduced you to Kelly.” 

Alex lets out a snort, nodding as she claps a hand on Kara’s shoulder. “Yeah yeah, you're right. We're both useless in front of beautiful people. You weren't too bad just then though.”

Kara shrugs. “We’ve bumped into each other often enough now that I’ve learned to delay all evidence of gay disaster until after she’s out of sight.”

“She reminding you how painfully single you are?”

“Shut up, and yes.” Their scowl turns quickly into an excited grin when they see a gorgeous German Shepherd across the street. “Puppy!” they yell, looking from side to side before crossing over. Alex doesn't miss a beat and smoothly follows the change in the direction they're walking, used to Kara derailing from whatever they’re doing whenever they see a dog out in public. She knows well enough by now to let Kara have their moment so that when she does eventually pull them away from the dog, she won't have to deal with a pouting Kara. 

Ten minutes later, they finally make their way to brunch.

Lena sighs, stretching her neck from side to side and groans in relief at the cracking sound that it makes. 

“Oh, that doesn’t sound good.”

She smiles at the familiar voice, shrugging. “I know that I shouldn’t be doing that but it just feels so very satisfying.”

“I’m sure that it does,” Kara chuckles as the doors close behind them. They turn to press the button for their floor before facing Lena again, a beaming smile on their face. “We meet again, Miss Luthor.”

“So we do.” Lena can't help but grin in response to Kara’s sparkling demeanor. She doesn't think she has ever seen Kara without a smile on their lips and it baffles her how she doesn't find it terribly annoying. Another glance at Kara’s charming grin and Lena thinks that maybe she shouldn't be that surprised. “How was brunch with your sister?”

“It was good. I had the best eggs benedict,” Kara replies, letting out a dreamy moan. Their blue eyes glaze over as they clearly reminisce their meal from this morning. “How was work?”

“Not as good as that eggs benedict apparently,” she dryly chuckles. 

Kara's smile disappears as an adorable crinkle forms between their eyebrows. “Oh no, I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay. I’m used to it.”

She almost misses it when the crinkle goes away but Kara is smiling once again and damn it, if it isn’t the most disarming thing ever. “Well, tell me you have plans to treat yourself with something good.”

Lena hums thoughtfully. “Does a hot bubble bath and a lovely bottle of wine count?”

“It sure does,” Kara answers, nodding. 

“What are your plans for the rest of the evening?”

Kara shrugs, tucking their hands into their pockets before leaning back against the elevator wall in a casual manner that Lena finds herself appreciating the sight of very much. “Probably catch up on some shows, or maybe I’ll do some reading. It’s definitely going to be an early night for me after the much too early start I had to my day.”

“I’m surprised you didn’t decide to take a vacation since school’s out and all.”

It had surprised her at first, to find out that Kara is a middle school teacher considering the price range for the apartments in their building. Kara thankfully had understood this and hadn't been offended when Lena had so visibly paused, unsure on how to ask without being rude. Not to mention that it's not really any of her business what her neighbors do, so long as they don't bother her and Kara has been the least bothersome of them all, and also the most welcoming. 

But still, Kara genially explained that it had been the combination of their inheritance and trust fund from their birth parents that they're able to afford their place, their one of two extravagant purchases. The other being a motorcycle that they keep parked in the underground parking garage. The gentle, sad smile on their face at the mention of their parents kept Lena from prying much further.

Kara shrugs. “I’m taking my big trip later this year on Christmas so it’s going to have to be a staycation for me this summer. I’ll maybe take some road trips but only short ones, I think.”

“Well, I’m definitely not going to complain about that since I get to see your lovely face.”

Kara pulls their hands out of their pockets, crossing her arms. Lena can't take her eyes off the flexing muscles. “Oh yeah?” they ask, quiet now with a slightly flustered smile on their face. 

“Mmhm, lights up my whole day,” Lena replies, grinning playfully. 

Blue eyes narrow as they stare unblinkingly back at her. The twinkling glint in them betrays Kara’s innermost thoughts though. “I’m beginning to see that you're quite the flirt, Miss Luthor,” Kara murmurs, teasing. 

Lena gasps in dramatic despair, placing a hand on her chest. “Oh no, I must be rusty if you didn't realize this as soon as we met.”

Kara chuckles, smiling indulgently at her theatrics. “I won't hold it against you.” 

She pauses, straightens up a little bit as she puts on a concerned look on her face. “Does it make you uncomfortable? I wouldn't be offended and I will stop if it does.”

Kara shakes their head and the immediacy of the action has Lena relaxing in relief. “No, you're fine, I promise. It’s very, um—oh,” Kara stops, startled when the doors slide open to their floor. They’re not the only surprised one. They give Lena a warm smile. 

“I’ll see you around, Lena.”

“Have a good night, Kara,” she replies, still very curious about what the end of that sentence could have been. 

It’s two weeks later when they see each other again by literally bumping into one another; Lena on her way inside the building and Kara on the way out. 

They catch Lena when they see her stumbling backwards, grabbing a firm hold of her waist. “Oh god, Lena, I’m so sorry,” they quickly apologize as Lena steadies herself, her hands clasped onto Kara’s shoulders. 

Lena is silent for a moment, seemingly in a daze before she shakes her head, releasing her tight hold on Kara though not before giving their shoulders a reassuring squeeze. “It's not a problem, Kara. You seem to be in a hurry. Are you running late for something?” she asks, moving out of the way when somebody very unsubtly clears their throat, wanting to also get out of the building. 

Kara shakes their head, chuckling in embarrassment, realizing that their hands are still on Lena's waist when Lena directs them back inside, away from the doors. They let go, tucking their hands in their pockets. “No, I’m heading somewhere and I just like getting to places early, y’know? Just to scope them out and stuff.”

Lena nods, an understanding smile on her face. Her green eyes then rake over Kara, from top to bottom and back again. “You're looking quite lovely tonight, Kara.”

They blush at the clear interest that sparks bright and wicked in Lena's eyes. It does however have the effect of boosting their confidence in their choice of outfit for the night. “Thank you. I’m actually meeting someone for a first date. That’s where I’m heading.”

“How exciting.” Lena flashes them a sincere grin. 

“It is but I'm also a little nervous because it's been awhile, almost two years now.” Kara winces, never having actually realized how long it's been. They knew that it had been awhile but they didn't think it was that long. 

Their shock is mirrored on Lena's face though Kara isn't sure what exactly it is that Lena finds shocking. “It must be somebody really amazing for you to break this dry spell.”

Kara shrugs, an uncertain smile stretching their lips. “Kelly, Alex's girlfriend, set up the date. Apparently, according to Alex, I've been single for long enough,” they mutter, rolling their eyes at their sister’s words before adding, “and apparently , Kelly has been wanting to do this for a while now.” 

Lena makes a thoughtful hum. “How long have she and Kelly been together?”

They scrunch their face, mentally calculating the timeline of their sister’s relationship with Kelly from the time they introduced them. “Just about… nearly three years now, I think. Why’d you ask?” they ask, to which Lena’s smile turns vindicated before she’s rolling her eyes. 

“People in relationships tend to want to do that, set their single friends or siblings up with somebody else. My best friend, Sam, used to do that a lot and I hated almost every single date,” Lena chuckles, shaking her head. Kara wonders about the kind of dates that a person would even do for Lena. They think that maybe Lena’s the type to spoil her date more than she likes to be spoiled. “You'd think being my best friend since we were children, she’d know my taste better,” 

“What if she genuinely thought that she was catering to your taste?” Kara asks, failing to hide their snort and raises their hands when Lena narrows her eyes at them in a heated glare. “Hey, that is something to think about though, right?” they ask, putting on their best charming smile until Lena's glare melts away. 

“Do you know anything about your date tonight?”

They shake her head. “Only that she’s Kelly’s boss and that she’s beautiful.” Very beautiful, was actually what Kelly had said verbatim, much to Alex’s hilarious displeasure and though they trust Kelly implicitly, Kara still wants to confirm that for themself. 

Lena’s eyebrow arches at this. “So, this is your sister’s girlfriend's boss?”

Kara laughs at Lena's incredulous tone. They felt exactly the same way when Kelly elaborated further on how she knows Andrea. Suffice to say that it doesn't help Kara’s nerves at all, anxious about how the outcome of this date might change Kelly’s relationship with Andrea, despite Kelly’s reassurances that it’ll be fine. “Yeah, I think they're friends outside of work too, and apparently Kelly thinks Andrea would like me, and that I would like her too. Kelly’s the best so I trust her not to steer me wrong.”

“I’m sure that she will like you, Kara,” Lena replies, with a certainty and confidence that Kara doesn't at all feel but very much appreciates. They barely know each other past the few times that they catch each other in the elevator or like this, about to pass each other coming or going. They barely know Lena but Kara finds themself really wanting to know more, so much more. 

They brush the falling strands of their hair back from their face, wearing a rueful smile. “I hope so. I don't want to have to hear Alex telling me off for being in my 30’s and still single.” 

“Please, I am so much older than you and so very, very single.” Despite her words, the playful look on Lena's face paints a different picture; one that tells Kara that she isn't at all embarrassed or insecure about her age or her relationship status. 

And why should she really? Public information about Lena talks very much about what an accomplished business woman she is, a brilliant engineer in her own right, and how much she has done for National City since she moved here a few years ago. 

As for her age, well, what does that matter? The very fact that she was able to leave Kara so inexplicably tongue-tied the first time they met, speaks volumes. Even now, after what Kara assumes was a long day at the office, even with Lena’s hair looking a little out of place and her clothes a little ruffled, she is still incredibly breathtaking. 

It's honestly almost annoying. 

“I actually just had a birthday last week,” Lena adds casually. 

Kara scoffs, quirking an eyebrow at her. “Okay, please. I know you're not that much older than me,” they retort before putting on a bright smile and continuing, “and happy belated birthday! Was it a happy one?” 

Lena makes some weird combination of nodding her head while shrugging her shoulders. “My company is doing well and I have a very good group of friends.” 

Their eyebrows knit together in confusion. “Is that all you need to make you happy? Good business and good friends? Nothing more than that? You didn't do anything special to celebrate?”

Lena shrugs. “I have simple needs,” she replies before a smirk starts to slowly grow on her lips. “Wait, are you asking me if I had birthday sex?” 

It breaks Kara out of their confusion and they snort, mirroring the smirk on Lena's lips. “Well, did you?” 

A beat of silence passes between them as Kara waits, their curiosity building by the second, for Lena to answer. When Lena finally does, it's with a purring kind of tone, so tangible in its husk that Kara feels it rake right down their back. “A lady never fucks and tells, Kara Danvers.”

Kara swallows thickly, letting out an awkward laugh as their cheeks flush at Lena’s words, Lena's voice . When Lena only chuckles discernibly at their reaction, Kara shakes their head, only to have Lena offering them an innocent smile; a smile that only spells and drips with trouble. 

So much trouble.

They’re taken out of her reverie when their phone buzzes in their pocket, a reminder that they had set earlier about their date with Andrea. “I should get going,” they tell Lena, feeling their nerves coming back that Lena notices. 

“Anything I can do to help you feel less nervous?”

They pause to stare into Lena’s eyes, gathering their thoughts together. “You know, you've actually already done it? I mean, I’m still nervous but not… as much as I was earlier.”

Lena is as surprised by their statement as they are, her green eyes widening a little. “Oh, well, I’m glad.” She gives Kara a crooked grin. “Here,” Lena mutters, reaching up to fix Kara's collar. “There you go. Gorgeous as I’ve ever seen you,” she utters quietly, patting and smoothing down Kara’s shirt over their shoulders. 

“Thank you, Lena,” they murmur softly. Kara closes their eyes, taking a deep breath before opening them to meet Lena's green ones. “See you around?”

“See you around, Kara. Good luck.”