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Guiding Star

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Guiding Star

CHAPTER I : Prologue


There had been six times in Damian’s life when he had questioned everything he thought he knew. Every single time, Anya Forger had been a key element in whatever events occurred. As if she were the catalyst of his existence, the anchor to his fate. His guiding star.

The first time had been when, at barely six years-old, on their very first day of school at Eden Academy, she had the nerves to punch him without looking the slightest bit ashamed. Looking back on it, he may or may not have deserved it to some extent… but from that day onward, Anya Forger had become the disturbance of what he had assumed could have been a peaceful life.

The second time had been when, at barely eight years-old, his whole universe collapsed with the death of his father and the unforeseen consequences that Donovan Demond’s demise brought to the world. Anya Forger had been the only one to see him crack into pieces, and she had been the one to help put the pieces back together. Even if it had been a lie.

The third time had been when, at barely nine years-old, after months and months without seeing her, Anya Forger reappeared in his life, and yet again, she became his center of gravity – not with a punch, but with a powerful kick this time! At least, she had taste for variety.

The fourth time had been when, at barely ten years-old, upon starting middle-school, he had the groundbreaking revelation that perhaps, he might have been falling in love with Anya Forger since they were children (in retrospect, he might have also been in denial most of those years).

The fifth time had been when, at barely fifteen years-old, he held her hand for the second time, and they danced for the end of the middle-school party held at Eden Academy. No one but the two of them knew about this moment spent under the stars. It was their secret.

The sixth time was now. He was just a regular teenager. He was Damian Desmond, second heir to the Desmond family. He was desperately in love with Anya Forger. And all he could do was watch as his whole world collapsed once more and his guiding star disappeared in flames and ashes. How was he supposed to save her from a burning building?