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Coming Home

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It was a song. He was certain of that. Someone was singing foreign words in a foreign melody. But there shouldn’t be anyone singing at this hour in the room. Porsche forced his eyes open. They darted around the room before realizing that he was in Kinn’s office. He groaned as he pushed himself up; he must have fallen asleep reading and slumped in an awkward position. He collected the papers scattered around him and on the floor, Kinn’s schedule and new applicants’ data, and tried to recall why he woke up in the first place.

The song is distant yet familiar. Shit, Porsche stumbled through the narrow space between the couch and the coffee table, dumping his paperwork on Kinn’s table before drawing the gun out of his holster. Kinn’s lucky gun that he gave to Porsche.

It gave him comfort, holding a familiar weight, feeling the cool metal in his hands and tracing the ridges whenever Kinn was gone for long. They should have gone together but then Prince had fallen ill, common cold, from playing in the rain with Tankhun. Porsche decided to stay back to take care of the kid while Kinn reluctantly left their side for business. Prince has never fallen sick before this time, so it is understandable that both the new fathers are a little scared and worried, even though the doctors assured them that was only a mild cold and he should be better in a few days with rest. But the sight of Prince’s tiny body hunched over as he coughs is heart-breaking. Porsche hasn’t slept well for the past few days; there’s always something to do what with handling Kinn’s security detail from home, accompanying Kim to Kinn’s obligations here, tending to miserable kid and brother-in-law and interviews for new bodyguards. He half hopes he’s dreaming.

The door to Prince’s room right opposite the office was ajar. Porsche was sure he had shut it, afraid the light from Kinn’s office would disturb him. He stepped into the corridor, looking it up and down. The guards stationed at the entrance on one end were missing- dismissed, distracted or eliminated- he wondered. Porsche had stationed two guards to be with Prince at all times since Big who was in charge of Prince had to accompany Kinn in his place. He swallowed nervously as he crossed the short distance to Prince’s room. The signs weren’t looking promising but he hoped it was just a false alarm. He nudged the door open, pointing his gun at head level.

The door swung smoothly to reveal a vacant room. Porsche peeked in, his brows furrowing and eyes adjusting to the light. Prince was not in bed, his race car bed empty and rumpled, and the blanket Porsche had tucked him under was half on the floor. Porsche could hear the sirens go off in his head, his chest tightening as fear cinches his insides. He could have probably just risen to get water or gone to his uncle’s room which would explain the missing guards but what if. Kinn and he had talked about it a million times but he was still not prepared to deal with it, especially alone. He tried to clear his head and focus, there were no signs of forced entry seeing the window locked and glass intact. He stepped back into the deserted corridor.

His mind raced through his options and possibilities such as calling Kinn but he wasn’t sure of the time in Germany, besides what it the perpetrator was still around and is alerted by the sound but what if was Prince kidnapped or- his thoughts stops as he hears the clink of glass being placed on the counter. Years of working in a bar and living with Kinn have him attuned to the sound. He ventures down the corridor to the living room where their personal mini bar is tucked away in a corner, picking his pace up. He rounds the doorway and halts in his steps at the sight before him. All the tension in his body and mind dissipating when his eyes land on the strong back, Prince’s little head propped on a wide shoulder. The clock overhead blinks back 2:38.

Kinn turns to him when Porsche exhales a sigh of relief, dropping the hand holding the gun. His eyes briefly flutter to the gun before returning to his face. He offers a sheepish smile, “Sorry, did I wake you up?”

“You were supposed to come tomorrow” Porsche whines. Ken was now Kinn's head of security once Porsche was promoted to Chief. He had sent him Kinn’s schedule for the next day to discuss and Porsche had glowered at the flight timing that wasn’t until the evening. But here he was, in the flesh, holding their son. It was an image Porsche would never get tired of and would have tattooed for instant serotonin.

“Wrapped things up a little early to see you two.” Kinn shrugged as if it wasn’t a big deal. “surprise” He smiled and wiggled his eyebrows. He was dealing with the German mafia for fucks sake. His frown deepened when he noticed how aged Kinn looked in just a week, his eyes sunken and tired even as he smiled. Kinn took a sip of his whiskey before placing the glass down and beckoning Porsche with his usual impertinent curl of finger without the usual smugness. Normally, Porsche would roll his eyes maybe even stick him the finger, but right now he wants nothing more than to curl up in his arms, feel those stupidly beautifull fingers comb his hair and caress his skin so he dropped his gun and walked to Kinn wordlessly. Kinn leaned away from the bar top and adjusted his hold on Prince before catching Porsche when he practically threw himself into his arms.

Porsche nuzzled into the juncture between his head and shoulder, inhaling his scent and calming his nerves. He wrapped his arms around his husband’s waist, under Prince’s foot and tried not to jostle the kid. Kinn stroked his back with his free hand before pressing his lips to Porsche’s hair and inhaled.

“You smell nice.”

“I smell like shit. I haven’t showered in 24 hours and Prince threw up on me.”

Kinn snorted a laugh and buried his nose deeper. “Maybe it’s cause I missed you and love you, you smell nice to me.” Ugh, this cheese-ball. He rolls his eyes before raising his head, pressing his chin into Kinn’s chest and looking up at him. “Not going to save you Khun Kinn.” He leans up to nip at Kinn’s earrings. “Liar.” He bites after his whisper, effectively making Kinn shiver. “Ai Porsche!” Kinn hisses but it is too late, Prince makes a noise. His eyelashes flutter against Kinn’s neck before they open. Kinn and Porsche still in anticipation.

“Paa.” Prince mumbles, his voice much clearer since Kinn last heard him in person a week ago. “Yes baby?” Kinn nuzzles his cheek, and presses a kiss to the toddler’s forehead as Prince pulls away to look at him. “Paa home?” He blinks, trying to keep his eyes open. “Yes, I’m home.” Kinn smiles at him. When his eyes meet Porsche, he feels the butterflies in his stomach again. It’s been years but the tenderness and warmth in Kinn’s smile and eyes that makes his handsome face younger still manages to leave him breathless and dazed. “Phor.” He turns to Prince looking at him, his almond eyes brighten as he slowly become more awake. “Paa’s home!” Porsche grins and cheers along, “Paa is home!” literally. They have been each other’s home and together made a home for Prince. "Home sweet Home!" Some thing he learnt from the poster in his room that Chay had stuck. Prince’s voice cracks before the coughing returns, his face scrunching in discomfort. He whines in complaint as his throat hurts.

Porsche turns away and fumbles with a glass to fill with water from the bar while Kinn soothes him, running a hand up and down his back and tucking him back into his neck. He walks them over to the couch as Prince’s whines die down with Kinn’s whispers of “It’s okay” and gentle rubs to his back. Porsche returns with the cup, letting Kinn coax Prince to take a sip. He sits beside Kinn and watches Prince take a few sips before he pushes it away and buries his head in his father’s chest.

“It’s okay, you’re okay.” Porsche combs his threads, still baby soft but tangled from sleep. Kinn sighs as Prince’s breathing begins to even out indicating that the repeated hand motions calm him and rests his head back on the cushion. Porsche recognizes the guilt and sadness in the sigh. He takes Kinn’s free hand, slipping his fingers into his fist and loosening it. Kinn tilts his head to look at him. “Sing.” Porsche prompts him with an encouraging smile.

Kinn sings the song that had woken him. Kinn had learnt the lullaby that his mother used to sing to Kim. He heard it every night as she would carry Kim and walk around, sneaking smiles at him and Tankhun as they watched the tiny terror finally sleep, the only time he looked cute. Porsche had heard a rendition of this song by all three brothers: Tankhun’s is softer, only for Prince and him as he thinks his voice is not as nice as his brothers’; Kim’s is more melodic, light and in Italian and his brothers admit it is the closest to their mother’s while Kinn’s is clearer and deeper in tenor. Maybe he is biased but Prince’s like Kinn’s version best. Maybe Porsche’s as well.

He wakes up again as the couch dips. Porsche blinks but does not move his head from the cushion he was resting his head on as he takes in Kinn who seems to have discarded his blazer, now only in his shirt whose sleeves have been rolled up to his elbows as he sips his whiskey from earlier. Kinn takes his leg by the ankle into his lap, caressing the soft skin. Sometime into his song, Porsche had also fallen asleep to the familiar tenor and timbre, pulling is feet onto the couch. He catches Porsche’s eye before smiling.



Knowing he’s wake now, Kinn pulls him forward by his leg and Porsche lets him, giggling quietly as he is tugged into Kinn’s lap sideways.

“Missed you.”
“Missed you more.”

Kinn traces his face with his nose, inhaling his scent again.

“Wanna shower together?” Porsche whispers. Kinn nods and presses a kiss to his neck in response. Porsche smiles,content and warm in his arms, home sweet home indeed.