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A New Addition to the Family

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"Hey, momma, have you seen my chainsaw? I let Bel borrow it but he hasn't returned it," Sharkie asked, skipping up to Lily.

"Yeah, it's under the desk. Bel dropped it off on his way past," Lily said, flipping a page in her book.

"Ok, thank you," they said, sliding in to the seat next to Lily.

"Hi, welcome to He-," Sharkie cut them self off upon seeing a little girl, about 8 years old looking up at them with scared eyes.

"Hey sweetie, are you lost? You shouldn't be down here," Lily said, placing her book down on the desk.

"My dad locked me outside the house and told me to come find my sissy Penny in Hell," the little girl stated, tiny fists clamping down on the hood of her pink hoodie.

"Okay. Come around here, honey and we'll help find your sister. Can you tell us your name?" Lily gestured for the girl to come around the desk.

"I'm Ally. I'm scared," Ally said, leaning into the arm Lily wrapped around her.

"It's going to be okay, Ally. I'm Lily and Sharkie over there is going to make some calls and find your sister for you," Lily tightened her arm around Ally's frail shoulders. Ally just nods, resting her head on Lily's shoulder.


Penny set down her book and answered her phone as Sharkie's ringtone began blasting next to her.

"Hey Sharkie, what's up?" she queried, fingers drumming anxiously on her book cover. "Oh shit. I'm running out the door now." Penny hung up and bolted towards the elevator. The minute it took for her to get from her paradise to the Hellp Desk where her precious sister was went on for eternity.
As the elevator came to a halt, she didn't wait for the doors to fully open before she was diving through and bolting to her sister.

"Ally! It's okay baby. It's okay, sissy's here," she soothed her frightened sister as she ran into her arms. She then looked up at Lily and Sharkie.

"Why is she here? She shouldn't be here, she's a child," she implored, a single tear running down her cheek. Lily shook her head.

"I don't know, Penny. She came up to the desk saying her dad locked her outside and told her to come find you in Hell. Judy and Ruggy are in their way with her notes from the Front Deathk," she said, placing a soothing hand on Penny's shoulder. Penny's usually sweet face turned stony and she tightened her grip on her sister. Lily took a deep breath before looking Penny in the eyes.

"Sweetie, we know about your mom but is there anything we should know about your dad?" she asked gently. Penny looked down at her sister before looking back up at Lily.

"He was verbally abusive behind closed doors. He would get drunk sometimes and he and mom would just sit there and lecture us for hours about keeping up with appearances and that our feelings didn't matter. Mom would sometimes go away for for work. When that happened, dad would neglect us and leave us to fend for ourselves. We were locked outside for days at a time," she whispered, staring blankly ahead. Lily and Sharkie shared a look with Judy and Ruggy who had just arrived.

"Okay. Judy, call Greg and take them home. He'll meet you guys there. Ruggy, go with Sharkie to see Penny and Ally's mother and see if she knows anything. I'll call Bel and Angel and we'll all meet at Penny's paradise. She'll need us," Lily said, dialling Bel's number and walking to the elevator.

Penny and Ally would be okay. They'll make sure of it.