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The right season [ENG]

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Spring had finally returned, and Ryoken was well aware of this. It was only a little while away, very little indeed, and that season with its jaunty hairstyle and somewhat rebellious character
(first the sun and then the rain, then the sun again and then the rain again)
would make its lively entrance into the Hall of Seasons, inviting Mr. Winter to yield her the throne from which she would hastily remove the remnants of snow and ice before reclining on it with crossed legs.
Spring could be clumsy, as it brought with it a long veil woven of pollen and allergies, but fortunately Ryoken was exempt from this and could enjoy the flowery meadows without taking any risks.
Spring was coming back, Ryoken could feel it. And he was also certain of it because Yusaku's eyes had begun to shine a little brighter again.


Yusaku's eyes were light green, a shade Ryoken had always associated with a beautiful spring meadow.
Yusaku, to him, was springtime
(his beautiful spring),
it was the Wisteria returning to grace the gazebo in his backyard, it was the desire to start a thousand new projects and complete them all.
Yusaku was the light green of hope that had entered Ryoken's life with impetus and at the same time sweetness; a very rare fragrant flower with distinctive colors; Ryoken's enchanting hymn to love and life...
(only Yusaku had never realized it).


Yusaku worked at the Cyberse cafeteria and was the only reason Ryoken kept going there and always ordering a macchiato despite the fact that the cafeteria was located in a part of town somewhat distant from the university he attended. He had fallen in love with Yusaku simply by losing himself in the light green of his eyes, and for him, he swore, he would be willing to bridge any kind of distance.
There was only a small
detail that rippled Ryoken's romantic thoughts with the black clouds of hesitation and uncertainty: Yusaku's distrust
(an immense quagmire from which Ryoken had not yet managed to get out).


Yusaku Fujiki was a rather shy guy, which was an abnormal paradox given that he worked in a coffee shop and was always in close contact with customers between orders, drinks to be prepared, and tables to be served. The fact was – Ryoken had noticed this all too well – Yusaku was so graceful that people did not even notice the veneer of boredom and distrust that coated him from head to toe, and apparently he had taken advantage of this to create an increasingly thick wall between his person and the outside world.
(It was as if Yusaku was afraid to trust others, as if an atavistic terror was eating him up from the inside at the mere thought of forging new bonds with anyone).
Ryoken had realized this by now, and that was also the reason why, for months on end, he had not made a move on Yusaku, even though he was well aware and sure of his feelings for the young waiter: he was not at all willing to ruin the whole thing because of a foolish miscalculation; if he had positioned himself toward Yusaku in the wrong way, he would have gambled away the only chance he had with him.
For he had also noticed this: Yusaku was not in the habit of giving anyone a second chance, and it was extremely difficult to win his trust.
(He was the most beautiful, rare and precious flower Ryoken had ever seen. But in order to approach him, he first had to overcome an endless series of intricate trials and be as patient as possible.)
Ryoken sensed that the best way to establish a good relationship with Yusaku was not to burden him with the work he was doing: no bizarre or unrealizable requests, no complaints, no signs that anything was wrong because everything always went well, because Yusaku always did an excellent job even when he was sleepy or slow in his movements or when he checked the order more than once because deconcentration wiped it out of his memory causing only remnants of thoughts to remain standing as black as pitch and as painful as the bite of a poisonous snake.
Yusaku had never confided in him or told him anything about his
(murky and lonely)
life, but it had been enough for Ryoken to lose himself in his gaze during the aseptic and demeaning winter days to realize that those light green eyes were completely subjugated by the cold, the too-short days and a sun so waxy that it did not warm his limbs even praying to it in unknown and ancient languages.
Yusaku was a victim of frost, of black clouds laden with rain, of negative feelings he never wanted to experience and only wished to be free of
(like a lady and that too-tight corset that cut off her breath in the same, identical dance of life from which no one can escape).
(And gosh, Ryoken would have loved to dance with him without Yusaku feeling any kind of oppression or forcing).
(He only wished that boy could enjoy all four seasons).


That day, as usual, Ryoken ordered a very ordinary macchiato. With the inexorable passage of weeks, he had noticed how Yusaku was not exactly indifferent to his presence, which had sincerely heartened him and at the same time led Ryoken to value the only chance he would have with him.
Yusaku tended to lose control for a microscopic split second when Ryoken smiled at him and thanked him for the coffee. His cheeks were puckering with a very sweet
(how lascivious)
blush and a glow of elusive excitement illuminated those wonderful light green eyes, giving them a magnetic and somewhat intriguing aura.
Just and only for a moment, Yusaku was highlighting a part of his own essence that he had most likely never revealed to anyone: the exceptional human being in his immeasurable genuineness, a precious gift reserved for a chosen few.
(Ryoken yearned to be one of those).
(And maybe, a little too selfishly, he yearned to be the only one).


It had not escaped Ryoken's notice at all how with the onset of spring
(a very simple hint of the beautiful season, a confirmation that was still overdue).
Yusaku had regained a zest for life and enjoyment of existence that during the frigid winter hunkered down under a thick blanket of white snow
(beautiful but, at the same time, aseptic and unforgiving).
He had not at all missed all those details
(the irritability, the sleepiness, the exhaustion, the constant forgetfulness, the head perpetually in the clouds, the visceral desire for yet another workday to end as soon as possible)
which had led him to the realization of how much Yusaku's emotionality was put to the test during the period when the daylight hours lasted too short and darkness, algid and ravenous, ruled unchallenged anyone's daily routine.
Ryoken had decided to wait for him because from the first moment he lost himself in those light green eyes he had known that it would be worth it, the wait, everything.
And it had come, finally: their moment, unique and personal, to embed themselves in a specific spot in the vastness of the universe that belonged to them and them alone.
Ryoken saw it and, more than anything else, felt it: he sensed those wonderful green eyes focused on him, felt the excitement tingling every cell in his body and the adrenaline coursing through his veins at the speed of a pulsar.
The moment Yusaku approached the small table where Ryoken used to sit almost every day since he had started frequenting the Cyberse cafeteria, the spring
(the right season)
blossomed for both of them.


«Here's your macchiato».
«Thank you, Yusaku».
The light green lawn that Yusaku had for eyes lit up, and Ryoken was completely overwhelmed by all that enchantment. Then that same glare also shone with genuine surprise, making him even more beautiful and precious.
«How do you know...?» Yusaku stopped his own question in the bud, snorting in amusement and barely blushing.
(In all likelihood, he had not yet gotten used to the name tag on which he had written his own name in subtle, almost hurried handwriting attached to the elegant waiter's uniform he wore every day).
(That was how Ryoken had discovered his name, but in all those weeks he had never spoken it).
(Not during the winter, when everything was still shrouded in the aseptic white cloak of uncertainty).
«Right, this» he said as he pointed to the name tag with the index finger of his right hand. He carried his gaze wandering from one side of the cafeteria to the other, then noting that he could allow himself a few small moments of quiet before returning to work.
«Coffee... it's on the house» he whispered, then biting his lower lip for a split second. This time it was Ryoken's turn to be caught off guard, in fact he could not prevent his cheeks from veiling a faint pink and his epidermis from barely tingling.
He quickly regained all his lost demeanor and, clearing his throat, asked: «Thank you. To what do I owe?»
Yusaku shrugged, curving his lips into a sweet and genuine smile
(no strains of boredom or irritation rippled his delicate features).
«Let's just say that it's always good to know that there are such loyal customers...» he cooed, and it didn't escape Ryoken's notice that the longer the conversation went on, the more Yusaku was getting familiar
(and gosh, he was beautiful).
«Good to know, I'm honored». And as he spoke those words, he sensed the aroma of the macchiato teasing his nostrils – or maybe it was Yusaku's scent that delighted his senses.
Yusaku sat across from him, occupying the vacant seat that had been too empty for weeks on end. He rested his elbows on the coffee table and intertwined his hands, then rested his chin on them. He looked at Ryoken in a way that hinted at all the best intentions in the world to make a connection
(something beautiful and lasting, a thick yet delicate red thread).
(A mutual attraction that finally had a way of exploding like a supernova and releasing its glowing wake into the universe).
It was at that very moment, as their gazes collided, creating an interesting
(and somewhat rare)
interlocking of heaven and earth, that they fell madly in love with each other: Ryoken of Yusaku and his beautiful light green eyes that so much evoked a spring meadow waiting to be adorned with thousands of fragrant flowers; Yusaku of a boy whose name he still did not know but whose every blink and the brilliant hues of those eyes he already knew by heart, which for him, so succumbed to the malignant weather concealed behind the cloak of winter that gripped his soul for months on end, were without a shadow of a doubt that clear, pristine sky he had sought for a long, long time.
The fruitlessness of his desperate efforts had led him to close in even more on himself, preventing the light of life from penetrating the armor that protected him from all the evil in the world
(and from the bastard winter),
confining him more and more to a malign and ruthless solitude.
But now he felt that finally someone would stand by his side despite everything, even after a long wander in the darkness of winter.
So Yusaku found for the first time the courage not only to penetrate into the woods, but also to move forward, biting down to the point where he was unlikely to turn back – and he no longer cared about that now because he was also willing to risk getting lost if necessary.
His smile grew even brighter. «Unfortunately, unlike you, I didn't get a chance to read your name on any name tags...» he said, never breaking eye contact – the same eye contact he always tried to shy away from in the course of the frigid winter.
Ryoken played along, happy to finally see that he was on the same wavelength as Yusaku and shared his own, intimate desire. He drank a sip of coffee and immediately went back to admiring that wonderful boy sitting across from him.
«I have a university badge, if you're interested».
(Yusaku's eyes twinkled).
(Nothing more needed to be added).


«Ryoken Kogami». Yusaku was intent on watching the badge very carefully when Ryoken was only a sip away from finishing his macchiato
(and he certainly did not miss that “what a beautiful name” poised between a whisper and a half-voice).
«Wait...» Yusaku frowned, and that much frown that reshaped his face for a few moments was really funny. «It says “Faculty of Computer Engineering” here» he then continued, pointing to a specific spot on the light blue badge. «It's far from here – or rather, it's certainly not around the corner, that is...»
At such awkward and uncertain words, Ryoken could not help but smile.
«True, but you are here».
(And Cyberse's coffee I don't mind either, but that doesn't matter).
And then Yusaku understood, and it was at that very moment that his eyes filled with life. Because he had finally realized that he was important to someone. Because winter was gone, chased away by the exuberance of spring. Because the light green meadow of his eyes had met the blue sky of Ryoken's irises.
(«I finish my shift in twenty minutes»).
(«I'll be waiting for you»).
Because the right season had finally arrived.
For both of them.