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That is when I want to be by your side

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He just wanted to mess with her. He liked seeing the pouty look on her face whenever he'd yoink something she was holding out her hands. She'd turn immediately saying, "Sy-on boy, give that back!" And maybe she'd try to step on his foot.

They're in the library, studying for upcoming exams, and Damian's mind is about to pop with all the information. Eden Academy High School was even harder than back in their elementary school days. He had to spend so much more time studying rigorously. His Father wanted him to get into the top college of the country. A lot was weighting on his shoulders.

So in order to help his insanity and stress, he'd tease Anya Forger. This wasn't anything new to him. They had been teasing each other back and forth since their younger years. 

She's just a table away from his own, deep in her own wall of books with her friend Becky at her side. 

"Are you staring at the Forger girl again, Damian?" His friend to his left remarks with a smirk on his face.

Damian's face immediately reddens. "S-Shut up!" He says, shifting his eyes away from the beautiful sight of Anya and back to the boring books. He couldn't focus on the work though as much as he tried to flip though pages. 

He glances slightly to his left and right at his friends getting back into their own work and he eyes Anya again. Her bubblegum pink hair has grown out and longer, she'd becoming just a bit taller (not taller than him though) but he just notices everything about her. She still wears those little black horns, still looks adorable as ever, if not more so-

He needs to mess with her. This homework they're working on is too boring anyway. He needs her attention like he needs air.

Damian gets up from his seat, ignoring the questions from his friends and approaches Anya's table.

She lifts her head at the sound of footsteps, looking at him as he comes up to her.

"Oh hey, Sy-on boy." She greets with a smile that makes his heart beat so fast it may leap out of his chest.

"A-Anya. Becky." He nods at her. Becky gives him a look.

"What do you want, Damian?"

"I need this book, hope you don't mind if I take it!" He yoinks the book that Anya was holding.

"Hey!" Anya pouts. "Give that back!"

"You have to catch me first!" Damian turns and takes off. He exists the library and heads down the hallway. He can hear Anya's footsteps following behind him.

"Damian!! Get back here!" She yells at him.

Damian lifts the book up, glancing over his shoulder. "What? This? Not a chance, Forger!"

Anya growls, picking up her pace. Damian's eyes widen. How'd she get so fast. He picks up his pace too. 

She's suddenly right behind him, taking him by surprise. Her hand reaches out and takes hold of his waist. He's twirled around, pushed up against the nearby wall. Anya's face is suddenly very very close to his own.

"Not so fast, Sy-on Boy." She says with a smirk.

Damian grumbles, his face pink from the closeness of their faces. He almost forgets what this was suppose to be all about.



"You're standing too close, dummy!" His heart may give out if their faces are like this much longer. He may just do the unthinkable and kiss her senseless right there in the hallway.

The idea doesn't sound half bad.

But instead he shoves her away. 

"Sy-on boy, cmon, I want that book back!" Anya whines. 

"You want it back so badly?" He moves away from the wall, holding the book above his head. "You gonna jump for it"

"No fair! You're getting so tall, Damian!" Anya pouts but she tries anyway, bending her knees and then taking a flying leap into him.

He doesn't realize what mistake this is as they both go tumbling to the floor.

Anya's warm body is now laying on top of him. 

No no no! He thinks in his mind, panicking. Because HE LIKES how she feels against him and all this thoughts are swirling in his head especially as Anya is pulling herself up looking down at him with those emerald eyes of hers blinking at him.

"You okay, Damian?" She's asking. At least that's what he thinks she's saying. He's only really paying attention to the movement of her lips.

"Get-Get off me!" 

"Okay okay!" Anya gets herself off of him. Damian pulls himself into a sitting position. 

"Where' the book go?" Anya asks.

They both glance behind them seeing that the book went flying and landed a few feet from them. Both make the move for it.

Their hands both wrap around the book, glaring at each other as a tug of war of sorts breaks out.

"Stop it Sy-on boy! I need this book!"

"Not a chance, Forger!" He tugs back.

He gets a secret thrill in seeing her so frustrated, her face slightly flushed. It's cute. 

She's cute.

Distracted once again by Anya's cuteness, seems to be happening to him a lot, Anya takes the book back with a triumph look on her face. "A-Aha! I got it!"

Damian can't help grinning, taking hold of Anya's wrist and pulling her into him.

Anya's eyes widen, looking at him puzzled.

"W-What are you doing?"

"Nothing." He whispers before kissing her, softly, briefly. Maybe he imagines it but he can feel her kissing him back. 

He pulls away, dizzy from how good that felt.

"Y-You just kissed me... Why?" Anya's face is red now, looking so perplexed and.. happy? 

"" Damian stutters from not knowing how to explain why he had just done that. HE HAD JUST KISSED HER THE HECK IS HE DOING???

"I HAVE TO GO!" He yells, face beat red, turning on his heel and getting the heck out of Anya Forger's presence. 

Anya looks so confused as she watches him flee, a tiny smile appearing on her lips, her fingers lifting to brush against them. A feeling of butterflies flutters in her stomach, unsure of what just happened.

But she thinks she liked it.