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Only you, my girl

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Chapter 3


Tally made her way to her desk near the door to Ms. Alder's office, after her little meeting with the CEO, she felt less nervous despite her boss's teasing. She sat down on the chair and took the diary where Mrs. Alder's activities and appointments were written down and as you can imagine, she had a very busy schedule. She also noticed that in two weeks Mrs Alder had a trip to Paris and she was excited just thinking about the possibility of needing to go with her since the trip was for work. Tally loved Paris. I mean, Tally has never been there but she always dreamed of going and when she was a kid she would collect pictures of Paris on her bedroom wall of places she said she would one day visit and Paris was one of the reasons Tally decided to learn to speak French and was glad to know at that moment. After a few minutes Tally heard the footsteps of Miss Alder already unaccompanied by Miss Anacostia and she stopped once more to admire the beauty of the woman and my god, she had such an upright posture, a look that showed such confidence and yet Tally could feel a kindness in her, Tally didn't know how but when she looked at Mrs. Alder she felt there was something different inside her, something very few people could see that if anyone had ever seen it before and Tally didn't know how she saw it, but she did. Lost in her thoughts, Tally didn't notice when the woman stopped right in front of her desk and called out to her.

- Mrs Craven, can you hear me? - The taller woman said with one of her eyebrows raised. -Yes, ma'am, sorry. What do you want? - She said shaking her head to get the errant thoughts out of her head. - As soon as you get organized, I'll ask you to stop by my room to review the agenda and I'll inform you of a few more things, ok? - Right, ma'am. I'll be in your room in a few minutes. Alder then gave the girl a slight smile and left for his room. Tally spent a few minutes sorting through her stuff and going over the woman's schedule and headed to her office. - Excuse me, Mrs. Alder, may I come in? - Tally says with a shy smile on her face. - Sure, Craven. Sit down and give me the schedule. - Well, ma'am, this morning you don't have any meetings, but you will need to review some contracts that are accumulated and at 10:30 AM you have a call with one of the company's shareholders to resolve pending issues. In the afternoon, you have a meeting with the biochemical laboratory technicians to talk about the report of some manufactured products and then you will have another meeting outside the company with A.D., who here do not have any information on what the meeting is or what it is for . - the girl finished talking confused with the last part.

- Okay, Craven, I'll be studying some contracts this morning. I ask that at 12:00 AM I order my lunch at the delivery number on the agenda and there are the dishes I usually eat during the week and you can choose between them for me. In the afternoon, I ask you to confirm to the biochemists about the meeting and that they are prepared at the appropriate time, without delay. About the A.D, don't worry, this is a private matter and as Devon was my secretary and practically introduced to the family, she knew about it but you don't need to worry. - The CEO said looking seriously at the girl studying how attentive she was making small notes whenever necessary. - But one thing Miss Craven, next week I will have a very important meeting in Paris and I will need you to go with me if you can, of course and don't worry that these trips are for work and therefore paid for by the company. I believe your French is up to date, right? - the woman finished speaking giving a corner smile after the girl nods her head. - Okay, Miss Craven, you're dismissed. The girl gave the CEO a nod and left speaking quietly: - oh my god I'm going to Paris, if this isn't the best job in the world I don't know another one! ... Tally started her job organizing everything for Mrs Alder's trip and faster than she knew it was already lunch time so she ran to order Mrs Alder's food. As soon as she arrived she went to the CEO's room to take it to her. - Excuse me, Miss Alder. Your lunch has arrived, may I come in? - Of course, Craven, I was already quite hungry. - the CEO said without taking her eyes off the computer. - Tally noticed how the woman was focused on her work and how beautiful she looks like that and always raised an eyebrow probably when she didn't like something.

- Miss Craven, I believe your passport is up to date, isn't it? I need you to have everything organized for the trip. - The woman said finally lifting her face from the computer. - oh yes, Mrs Alder. Do not worry about it. I got my passport when I was going to take a trip to Nice. - Ah, so you already went to France? - Mrs Alder said with interest. - Oh, no ma'am, unfortunately. I was going with my boyfriend at the time but as we ended up not having the trip. - the girl said sad for the canceled part of the trip. - So that means you're single? - Tally swore it looked like the CEO was interested in this information. - Yes ma'am. It's been a few months now. - the girl blushed thinking that on the first day of work she was already releasing this personal information to her boss. - But I don't want to bother you with it, ma'am. Now I'll go to my lunch break if you don't need me anymore. - Not disturbed, Miss Craven. However, you are free to go to lunch. Nice lunch. - Good lunch too, ma'am. Tally gave her boss a shy smile.

On the way to the cafeteria, Tally felt like an idiot for saying something so personal to her boss on the first day. She hoped Alder didn't think she was a dull chatterbox. However, she can't help but wonder how excited her boss looked when she said she was single and wondered if Alder was dating someone. Idiot. Stop thinking about it, what does it matter if she's seeing someone? It's certainly none of my business, Tally thought. The girl went to the cafeteria and noticed how full it was and how she didn't know anyone, she sat at a table alone and started to eat and read a poetry book.

- Wow, Bukowski? you're definitely not the type who likes his poems. Tally startled when she noticed Abigail arriving and sitting in front of her desk. - I see you got the job, I'm glad, Tally! - Oh, my, you scared me! first, why wouldn't I like Bukowski? - the girl said frowning. - Second, I got it! thank you very much, I am extremely happy with it. -Well, Tally, you're all delicate and cute and kind…you don't look like the type to read the poems of a guy who writes about whores and sex and drinking. - Abigail said laughing. - That's the problem, Abigail. People only see that in Bukowski, he has some really good works that don't just talk about that, you know? and hey! I'm not that delicate, okay? Okay, I am, but that doesn't stop me from liking these poems. She winked at Abigail.

Abigail laughed at her and said: - Whatever, but I think you're going to surprise me a lot yet. So what do you think of the dreaded Mrs. Alder? Has the general ever managed to make you cry? - the woman says without malice taking a little Brazil nuts to her mouth. - No! wow, Ms. Alder looks amazing to me, she has so much confidence, she's so smart and my god, she's extremely beautiful, have you ever stopped to think how that jaw is well designed and her eyes are so deep and... - WOW! - Abigail interrupted. - You really surprised me, I didn't think you liked women! - Abigail said stopping to take another chestnut to her mouth. - Which? I don't... I mean, I'm attracted to women but I've never been with one, I've never had the courage to reach out to a woman... but that doesn't matter, I just thought Ms. Alder was pretty. That's not a big deal, are you going to tell me you don't think she's pretty? - Tally said quickly with wide eyes trying to explain. - Tally, Calm down! - Abigail laughs. - Yes, I think the general is a hottie but I don't talk about her like that, it must be because I don't have a crush on her. - the girl laughed. - But seriously, let her just kill your patience and not your heart. That woman is a heartbreaker, imagine what she wouldn't do to someone as sweet as you, Tally? - Abigail says in a joking tone but nevertheless really wants to warn Tally. - Abigail, I don't have a crush on her! she's my boss, so stop! Look at the time, I'm almost late, it's time to go back to work. - Tally says looking at her cell phone even though she knew she still had 15 minutes of lunch and was actually doing it just to get away from Abigail's questions. Tally doesn't really know why she was so upset but she was and she was nervous, she thought she'd better get back to work soon.

Arriving at her floor, Tally headed for her table with the rest of her lunch and as soon as she sat down she saw Mrs. Alder leaving her room with a frown on seeing the girl eating at her table and not in the cafeteria. - Miss Craven, I thought you went to the cafeteria to enjoy your lunch break, it would be nice to meet other people who work here, darling. - Alder says interested. Darling. she called me darling. oh my god i'm gonna die. CONTROL YOURSELF, TALLY CRAVEN, SHE JUST CALL YOU DARLING, THAT'S IT. FOR. - Oh, hi Ms. Alder. Well I went but I wasn't feeling well there and I decided to come back here. - the girl says with a flushed face. - What do you mean, Craven? Did someone treat you badly in any way? if someone did this, tell me who it was and I'll go there with that person and... - No, no, ma'am! Don't worry, nobody did anything I swear. I just thought it best to stay here today, I swear. - She says interrupting Mrs Alder finding it extremely cute the way she worried about her. worried about employee, of course. - Okay, Craven if you say so, I believe it.- Alder cleared his throat - Well, I was leaving because I had an unforeseen event and I'll have to leave early today and I was actually going to call you. I'll give you this pendrive and Anacostia will pick it up with you, I won't have time to stop by her office right now. Alder held out his hand with the pendrive to Tally, who took it, but not before running her fingertips gently across Mrs. Alder's palm. Tally shivered and with the simple touch her belly burned but not just her belly, her whole body and that wasn't normal, she thought. She swore Alder felt the same way from her widening eyes. Tally couldn't help herself, she tried but couldn't and gently she ran her fingers over the woman's palm and felt her let out a slight moan and it broke Tally. "By the goddess," Tally thought, squeezing her legs, she was aroused and had only touched the woman's hand. "I can't feel this with my boss and my first day on the job!" she thought and then pulled her hand from the woman's hand sharply looking at the flash drive so as not to make contact with the taller woman. - Ah, hm... you can leave it, ma'am, I'll give it to her. Hope you have a good rest of the day. - She says still looking at the flash drive. - Hmmm... right, hm... have a nice day too Miss Craven. Anything, call me. See you tomorrow. - And she came out, as full as she came in. While Tally swore that if I'd been on my feet when she touched Alder, then she'd be on the floor by now.



She needed to get out fast. Very, very fast. For a moment she swore she was going to lean across the table and hold that girl's never and kiss her like she'd never kissed any woman in her life. It took all the control in her body not to do that. The girl made a simple caress in the palm of her hand, impulsively, Alder could tell and she was already all melted by the girl wanting any and all contact I could have. But nothing, nothing scared her more than she realizes it's true, she didn't imagine it had happened, it really did, she got the same feeling touching Miss Cravende again, it's like the gods are trying to say "You idiot, stop of denying yourself, you felt it, it's her." But it can't be her, it can't be her, Alder thought. Miss Craven was my employee, probably straight and maybe not even a witch. I mean, I can't be sure about those last two things but she chose not to believe it could be true. She was tired of hoping.

Alder arrived at the AD building and went straight to his office where Izadora was already waiting for him. - What happened Izadora that couldn't be spoken over the phone? - Alder said seriously - Good morning, General. Sorry to call you so suddenly but we have news that another Tarim coven has been attacked and we only have two survivors, an 11 year old witch and her older brother. They are here under the care of our repairmen but the girl said she needed to speak to the general and that she had a message for the lady. I said I couldn't call you simply because a child wanted to talk to you but she was persistent and when she saw that she wasn't going to give in she said... - Izadora fell silent. Sarah, who until then had been listening silently, even fearful of Izadora's words, asked her to continue. - Come on, Iza, get it over with! - The woman said louder but knowing that Izadora noticed the fear in her voice. - "Sarah, she said she had a message from the goddess for you…" she said looking down and then plucked up the courage to finally look at the general. - Sarah, she said that the time has come, the revolution has begun, the goddess needed you and that you kept your promise. She said... she said that the one you've been waiting for has returned. - Izadora finished talking seriously. - No... take me to the girl now, Izadora. - Sarah said with tears in her eyes.