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Only you, my girl

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Chapter 2


I'm sure this is all in my head. Of course I didn't feel the shock of touching Miss Craven's hand. Okay, this is pretty funny actually, I must have been so blown away by her beauty and her sharp answers to my questions that I must have imagined what I felt. Does not matter. But the girl really surprised me, I really didn't expect the answers she gave me. She not only has a pretty face but she also has a sharp tongue, I liked that. I mean, of course I want to say that I liked it because it will be great to have a smart and smart young woman like her on my work team, nothing more. After Miss Craven left, I stared at the door waiting for my heart to settle, then sat back in my chair and called Devon into my office. Devon has always been one of the women who have helped me the most both within the company and in the fight against the Camarilla, she is an excellent and faithful witch, it's been a while I realize how Devon needs a break and so I decided it was time to retire that lady. Devon entered the room and closed the room. - So, Sarah, are you going to explain this to me? How did that little girl with the scariest eyes I've ever seen convince you to hire her in a 15 minute interview? - Devon spoke with grace in the tone of voice. Sarah hailed to the lady and said: - She might look scared, Devon, but believe me, the girl is brave and smart. The only one so far that managed to surprise me with her answers. - Sarah said with a smile at the corner of her mouth. - However... something strange happened, Devon. Surely it must be in my head, I must have imagined it but I swear I felt a shock when our hands touched for the second time. - Sarah said with wide eyes. - For the second time? - Devon spoke with even wider eyes. - You're not implying that... - Of course not, Devon! I must have guessed it, the girl isn't even a witch. - Sarah spoke seriously. - Anyway, I called you here because as Miss Craven must have communicated to you, I asked her to start tomorrow, my friend. I asked this because I think it's better for her to get used to the work here at the company soon and I want to see if this will really work, ok? And also There's a meeting with The Hague that I won't be able to attend because I have some issues with Anacostia to sort out and you know I only trust you to go in my place to represent me. So tomorrow you travel to find General Sharma, try not to kill the woman, please. I know she deserves it. - Sarah spoke the last sentence holding back a laugh. - Later at home I'll pass you the details. Arrange everything for Miss Craven for tomorrow. You can go back to work. I need to do some more research. The old woman left the room with a nod, leaving Alder alone, who then went to start his research. Alder sat down and turned on his computer and typed into the search tab "Tally Craven" where the girl's social media appeared. Alder told herself that this was a professional survey, just to find out who she was putting into her company and had nothing to do with wanting to see a picture of the girl again or find out more about her life. The girl had a simple profile on social networks, several friends and several photos with them. In one of these photos she could see Scylla and her girlfriend Raelle together with Tally at university, Tally had a beautiful smile and her dimples were extremely apparent. Alder had to admit, the girl was beautiful and enchanted her. But, did the girl charm Alder to a degree that she imagined the clash between her hands or was the girl a witch? besides, was the girl the witch she was looking for? Hell, she'd spent 15 minutes with the girl and she'd already turned his world upside down. She needs to find out who Tally Craven was and she would do anything to find out.



- Okay, it's not a dream, I actually got the job. - Craven said to herself with her biggest smile. - It's Mrs May Craven, looks like you won't see me back home as soon as you said. - Tally said proudly of herself. The girl had just showered and was getting ready for her lab class at Salem University where she would meet her friend Raelle, they shared an apartment but Raelle had left home early for work and Tally was anxious to share the news. Luckily for Tally, her apartment was right next to campus and she could easily walk. The girl put on a song by David Bowie, "Heroes", while getting dressed and dancing happily for having managed to impress one of the most powerful CEOs in the country, ok and also one of the hottest ones. Tally walked to the campus seeing the sea of people around her, it was a starry night and she was starting to love this city, even more now that she was making new friends and doing well in class. Arriving at the university Tally finds Glory who was doing a master's in genetic biology and they hit it off when the girl all clumsy came to ask her for information on the first day of class on campus. It was funny because they were actually two clumsy people who didn't know which block they were going to study in, but the two managed to help each other out. - Good night, Tal. How was the job interview? - Glory asked anxiously. - It was great, Glo! At first I was nervous but everything went well and tomorrow I start, can you believe it?! - She said smiling and showing her dimples. - That's great, Tal! Wow, I really hope that everything works out for you there, ok? we should go out to celebrate after school at the bar near the university, what do you think? - Okay, but we can't be late because I can't risk being late tomorrow. I'll see if Scyl and Rae want to go too and I'll meet you there. Now I have to go to the lab, I need to get the best glassware before everyone else. - She said, kissing Glory's cheek and heading to her study block.
When she arrived at the laboratory, Raelle was already there and she tried to tell the girl the news and invite her for a beer later. - So, what did you think of "A general"? - Raelle asked laughing. - Now I understand the nickname, the woman would put fear even in Valak from "The Conjuring 2". - Tally said, eyes widening. - Tal, do you always need to reference those scary movies? - Raelle said rolling her eyes but laughing afterwards. - Come on, Rae! it's my way of showing how scary she is. - Tally gave Raelle a slight push on the shoulder and continued: - I swore I wasn't going to make it when I entered the room and she was already talking about the 1 minute late I arrived but I played firm and I think that's what conquered her, but inside I was terrified! Raelle laughed at Tally's comment and said, - Tal, Alder can be really scary but she's an excellent professional, you only have to win in that company. Now we're going to start drying and grinding the plant extracts, we shouldn't linger here in the lab today if we want to go drink with Glory later. - The two then took their notes out of the backpack and started their work. ... At 11:00 pm they were at the bar near the University, the bar called "After class" and it was the true refuge for all tired college students who needed alcohol in their bodies. The three women were drinking and talking about college, work, and love affairs with Raelle making a point of talking about her amazing sex life with Scylla much to Glory and Tally's dismay.

- Ew, Rae! We already understand that Scylla sucks like her life depends on it, I can't hear any more about it without my ears falling off. - Tally said putting her hands over her ear and closing her eyes. Raelle started to laugh at Tally's comment and says: - Tal, you need a good fuck, you're in a bad mood! When was the last time you went out with someone? Don't you think it's time to try again? - Raelle says raising an eyebrow at Tally. - Rae, I already said that I don't have time for this and you know that I'm not one to have sex just for the sake of having sex, I need to feel something and I don't even have time to scratch myself, let alone keep exchanging messages with someone. By the way, it's time for us to go home otherwise I drink too much and don't wake up for work tomorrow. - She says looking at her wrist as if she had a watch on it. - Glory, thanks for the beer, see you tomorrow night. Come on, Rae, no ordering another beer. Kisses, Glo. - Tally says goodbye to her first friend at the university and leaves pulling Raelle before she orders another drink.

The next day, Tally was up early, looking forward to her first day at Alder's company. She wore a dark red dress with a high collar that reached a few inches above her knees, along with a pair of black earrings and black shoes that gave her a few inches more height. His hair was down but with two strands held back that gave him an air of innocence and seriousness at the same time. The girl took her bag and headed to the company believing that this would be her year.




Alder had had one hell of a night, again she hadn't been able to sleep but not because he had a woman in his bed but because of the damn nightmares, they were back. Again she saw the girl being burned at the stake, heard her screams begging for help while she couldn't do anything. Anything. It always destroyed Alder. Those dreams had stopped after a while after everything that had happened and after Alder found out who she was. However, last night they came back in full force and Alder didn't want to believe that this had anything to do with Miss Craven's arrival in his life but it was getting harder and harder to deny. Hell, Alder had long since stopped believing the prophecy would come true and she only had one goal now, to take care of all the witches and keep making the Alder name thriving, she didn't have time for anything else. Alder woke up at 5:00 in the morning as he did every day despite not being able to sleep well, showered and put on a sweatshirt and started his morning run listening to Pixies. The sun was just starting to come out when Alder was already halfway through the race and if there was one thing Alder loved, it was being able to admire the sun rising every day. Another thing Alder loved was running, she loved feeling the burning in her chest and the sweat pouring out knowing that every time she did it she was getting more physically prepared to face any obstacle. As a secret agent and leader of the largest organization protecting the witches, Alder had to stay in good shape, had to make time to fight, run, do academic and canon work almost every day. It was a tiring routine along with planning missions, meetings and solving the company's problems but what Alder didn't tell anyone is that she liked it all, it made her mind not have time to think about things she shouldn't . Or people she shouldn't.

As soon as Alder finished showering again, she got into her Gordon Murray T.50 and headed for the company. Traffic was extremely pleasant this morning and Alder found it lovely. She went straight to the elevator to go to her office at the company but as soon as she entered she was approached by an extremely stressed Anacostia Quartemaine. - Sarah Alder don't even try to run away from me! - She said entering in front of Alder. - Hell Ana, can't I even get a proper morning start without being greeted by barrages of trouble? - Sarah said moving forward knowing that Anacostia would accompany her.

- Sarah, you are the CEO of this company, your life is a problem! Don't even try to make me the villain here. Where were you yesterday all day? Do you know how many things we had to resolve at that meeting yesterday with the shareholders? YOU JUST GOT DOWN! - Anacostia says with wide eyes knowing that this is not the kind of thing her mother would do. Yes, Sarah was Anacostia's mother, not by blood but adoptive. Anacostia was one of the children rescued from Camarilla attacks by the team "The daughters of amiero" and despite several children being cared for by them, Anacostia was always the one that caught Sarah's attention the most. Mainly because she always faced her, never with disrespect but always showing that she wasn't afraid and using consistency and logic to reason with Sarah. Sarah soon thought that Anacostia was a brilliant child and had always looked after her closely and Ana knew she was special to Sarah. Anacostia then joined "The Daughters of Amiero" in the fight against the people who took their parents from them and has since held Alder as her mother in her heart.

- Ana, for the love of all the gods, not now. I had to solve bigger problems and then... - Alder stopped talking as soon as she felt a tingle in her shoulder blades that made her intuitively look back and then she found a hurried redhead walking through the doors of the company saying good morning to everyone with her best dimple smile. She was holding in her hands two cups of what looked like coffee from a Starbucks and she was faithfully concentrating on her way to keep from dropping the cups. Alder didn't know how he knew but he knew the girl was trying to focus on the path and she was charming like that.

- Sarah? Are you still there? Who is the woman in red huh? - Anacostia says with a smile seeing the way her mother looked at the girl.

- Oh, hmmm, it's Miss Craven. It's just my new secretary. - Sarah says, realizing that she should be acting a little strange and went to the elevator with Ana quickly so that there wouldn't be time for Craven to enter the elevator with them.

- You seemed pretty interested in your new secretary in Sarah. - Anacostia laughed.

- Do me a favor, Ana! Early with these pranks? It's just my secretary and nothing more. - As the elevator doors were closing, a hand reached between them and said:

- Wait! - And then a panting Tally Craven entered the elevator. - Oh, Mrs. Alder, Good morning!

- Good morning, Miss Craven, it seems to me that you made an effort not to be late today. - Saeah said seriously looking forward but wanting to play with the girl. Anacostia chuckled at her side knowing that Sarah loved tormenting the lives of new employees for the sheer fun of it.

- Oh, yes, I... well... that day was just a setback. - The girl said blushing.
- Oh, how rude of me, my pleasure, I'm Tally Craven and you are... - She said looking at Anacostia.

- Anacostia Quartemaine, Sarah Alder's right-hand man, so you'll see me in her office a lot, Miss Craven, I already know you're Mrs Alder's new secretary. News travels fast here, learn. - Anacostia said playfully to Craven.

- All right, my pleasure, Ms. Quartemaine. Hmm, Ms. Alder I don't know if I'd like it but I brought a latte for myself and if you wanted one, one for you too. - The girl looked extremely nervous and Sarah thought that was adorable. Sarah frowned at the girl and then Tally widened her eyes and said, - But if you don't want to, no problem, I can very well...

- Miss Craven, thank you, I would love the coffee. I love lattes, it was so nice of you to bring one for me. - Alder smiled at the girl who melted inside.

- You're welcome, ma'am. - Tally said when the elevator arrived at her floor and left in front of Alder and Anacostia. As soon as Alder left Anacostia said:

- Just the secretary, Sarah? You don't even like coffee with sugar, let alone milk! - She laughed at Sarah.

- Stop seeing things you don't have, Anacostia. - It was just a kindness from her that I accepted. She said and turned to go to her room. It wasn't even 8:00 am and Sarah already wanted to kill Anacostia. But she was right, she would thank and refuse anyone else's latte and clearly she would do that to Miss Craven but as soon as she looked into the girl's expectant face she couldn't refuse the coffee and worse still SHE DRINK THE COFFEE TO PROVE YOU LIKE IT. Hell, what the hell is happening to me?