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Only you, my girl

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If traffic continued this slow, Tally would definitely be late for her job interview, and that wouldn't look good. She was grateful that Raelle was dating the richest fucking girl at Salem University and getting this job interview at Scylla's family company, the Ranshorm-Alders, however she needed to show that she deserved this job. Traffic took pity on Tally and decided to move, Tally thanked all the gods there could be for that and as soon as the bus arrived at her stop, she quickly descended the three steps of the bus and walked towards Alder's Company. It was the first time Tally had seen this building in person, she hadn't been around Salem much since she arrived, it's not like she has time working during the day and studying at night. Especially after resigning from the last company he had been working for a few weeks and spent all his free time looking for jobs that were hard to find in the city of Salem and only after a lot of searching, he overcame his pride and decided to accept the Raelle and his girlfriend Scylla help with a job interview at their family's company. The Alder family was one of the most powerful and feared in the city of Salem and we can say that even in Massachusetts, however, judging by the character of Scylla, Raelle's girlfriend, they were kind people and Raelle herself confided that they were just very reserved.
Upon arriving at the company, Tally was extremely nervous and constantly tucked her hair behind her ear to contain her nervousness. She made her way to the front desk of the building where a black-haired black woman was frantically typing on a computer.

- Good Morning! - Tally said nervously - I'm Tally Craven and I came to my job interview for Sarah Alder's secretary vacancy - she said tapping her fingers on the receptionist's desk after she didn't give him the slightest attention.

- Sit down and wait until you're called, Miss Craven. - the receptionist said without even taking her eyes off the computer as she dismissed Tally. Tally felt stressed at the way the woman treated her but thought that working with the public wasn't easy and maybe the woman was having a bad day. She gave the receptionist one last smile even though she knew she wouldn't even notice and walked over to the couch next to the receptionist's desk and sat down. She started stamping her right foot on the floor with a clear sign of impatience and went over in her head what she would say to Mrs. Alder in the interview and knew that she should show confidence and intelligence if she really wanted this vacancy. Tally was snapped out of her thoughts when the receptionist called out to her and told her to head to the fifteenth floor and enter the room that had Mrs. Alder's name written on it. Tally thanked her and entered the elevator extremely anxious and confident, she needed to surprise this woman. Entering the elevator, Tally found a tall, dark-haired girl with the most confident eyes she had ever seen, she was beautiful.

- Good Morning. - Tally said giving the girl a slight smile. She felt extremely underdressed around that woman, not that her clothes weren't good, but the girl's were expensive you could tell and her bearing in those clothes only made her look more chic.

- Good morning, I've never seen you around here, are you new? - the girl asked with a frown.

- I'm here for a job interview with Ms. Alder, running for the secretary position. The girl widened her eyes but then recovered and said:

- Wow, good luck to you, you'll need it. I'm sure a face-to-face interview with "The General" isn't going to be easy... but, I mean, I know you can do it. you just need to show confidence and that you deserve this vacancy. - She said then noticing the terror that left on Tally's face.

- By the way, my name is Abigail Bellweather, I work in finance. - The girl said proudly.

- Well, my name is Tally Craven, nice to meet Abigail, I hope we work together. - Tally said and smile at the girl.

- Okay, you need to show confidence, that you deserve this vacancy and these dimples for CEO and for sure you win the vacancy. - She said laughing which made Tally incredibly red with the comment. Abigail came out on the 13th floor and said goodbye to Tally. Upon reaching the 15th floor, Tally stopped to compose herself and went to the end of the hallway where Sarah Alder's office was and Tally could see her from the back sitting at her desk talking on the phone through a glass window that almost reached the floor. facing the secretary's desk. Tally took a deep breath and walked over to the secretary who, seeing her, smiled as if she knew Tally would need all the empathy in the world for what she was going to face.


- Miss Craven? Nice to meet you, I'm Devon, I've already warned Mrs. Alder of your arrival, come in and introduce yourself to her. - You spoke as if you knew Tally for a long time and knew who she was. Tally didn't think much of it and headed for the dreaded Mrs. Alder's office.




It was 8:00 am and Sarah was already stressed. Why was it so difficult for people to do the work they were paid to do? instead she was solving problems that she pays to be solved by other people.

- No, Krista, we're not going to close with them, I already told you. That company is a ticking time bomb and it's not long before they go bankrupt. Do they think I'm an idiot and that I'm going to invest my money in a job that will go bankrupt on its own and ruin my company's name along with it? No way… no more, Krista. Enough. Good Morning. - Sarah said hanging up the phone not to make her bad mood make the rain that was starting to fall outside turn into a storm. Sarah might be one of the most powerful witches the world has ever seen, however controlling her mood was always a problem for her and with that bad mood always came rains and storms. She hadn't slept well last night, Sarah just felt extremely uncomfortable sleeping with someone else in her bed and out of stupidity took a beautiful but inconvenient woman into her house who thought it would be cute to sleep in the same bed as Sarah. Sarah didn't know how to kick the woman out of her house and so she spent most of the night with her eyes open next to the woman until she decided to go to the couch.
Sarah Alder didn't sleep with women, she fucked them. She didn't like commitment and she couldn't be committed, not when so much depended on her. All her witch sisters depended on her, her sister Scylla depended on her. Sarah Alder's family was not only one of the most economically powerful in the United States, it was also responsible for a long time for the safety of the witches of the United States, each Alder woman had no choice but to learn to fight before she even spoke to defend herself. her sisters but Alder didn't feel bad about it, she prided herself on defending her people. They all defended their people from that sick group who thought witches were the scum of society, the Camarilla. Alder would not rest until the last Camarilla male fell and the world was safe for her and her sisters. Alder was taken out of her thoughts when she heard the sound of her door opening and a red-haired woman enters the door and holy mother, she couldn't help but notice the girl's beauty and in fact Alder thought it would be impossible not to notice. She excused herself and went inside, walked to Alder's table and Alder followed her walk without saying a word, just looking at the woman's feet that were wearing a red shoe, medium, her legs exposed to the knee when they were hidden by a black dress with stripes. white on the sides further defined the girl's waist and holy god, the breasts were extremely beautiful and robust in the perfect neckline, not too big and not too small. That woman was a sin.

- Ms. Alder, can you hear me? - The girl spoke for what seemed to be the second time and Alder quickly summoned the general and assumed his stance.

- Yes, you can talk. - Said Alder seriously.

- I'm Tally Craven, nice to meet you, I came for the interview for the secretary position. - She stretched her right hand across Alder's desk and looked him straight in the eye and smiled with... holy goddess, there were dimples. Okay, focus. Alder held the girl's hand tightly and asked her to sit down.

- 1 minute late, Mrs Craven. - Alder says seriously - My time is extremely precious as you can imagine.

- I'm terribly sorry about that, Ms. Alder, the traffic was horrible today. By the way, it's Miss Craven, thank you. - The girl apologized and changed her body expression to a posture that indicated that Alder didn't intimidate her, although she is terrified, but she knew that starting to intimidate was Alder's game. She wouldn't let this woman play with her so easily.

- Right Miss Craven. - Alder said, noticing how the girl got nervous but quickly changed her expression, it wouldn't be as easy to make her come home crying like the other candidates, Alder thought.

- Let's start then, I don't need to ask too many questions because I'm a very detailed woman and I've read and reread your entire curriculum and more, don't be surprised if I even know what you did in 8th grade or that maybe yours real father is not your father. These are just examples, of course, just so you know you wouldn't even walk into this room if I didn't know your criminal record or that you're intellectually capable of working at my company. However, Miss Craven, I would like to know why you want to work here. I saw that you have experience in the field and since you were a new trainee in companies in your hometown, you speak three languages in addition to your native one and always got good grades, so much so that you got a full scholarship at Salem University. But why do you want to work here at my company? I also saw that you have a master's degree in organic chemistry, which clearly has nothing to do with this work department here at the company. Surprise me Miss Craven. - Alder finished speaking with a raise of eyebrows, noticing how the girl's eyes widened with each sentence of Alder and was pleased to know that despite the posture, she scared the girl.


Tally needed to think fast. She had to try not to focus on the depth of the blue eyes the woman had or how similar she was to Scylla and yet her face was so beautifully drawn that Tally had to hold back to keep her fingers from running her fingers over her jaw.

- Well, Mrs. Alder, I could say so many things to try to surprise you but I'll tell you the truth. I am an academically greedy person and believe me, I only got where I am because of me, for supporting myself from an early age and learning these three languages on my own, not because I thought they were beautiful but because I knew that where I got into academics or work the more you know the better. This area of work is different from what I want for myself but Alder's company is a big company and the longer I work here I will learn what big companies want from people, what makes one person different from another to make them get a job because just being smart is not enough, there are a lot of smart people out there. Intelligence is different from smartness and being smart is also essential and I have both, Mrs Alder. If you have read so much about me, you know very well what I say about how I fought with my own claws to get where I am and then you must imagine if I did what I did to get here, I will fight much harder to keep my place in this company and help her to improve in what she needs as she will help me. - Tally finished talking, looking seriously at Mrs. Alder, having no idea how she managed to say everything she had said and suddenly started to get desperate with fear that she had given the wrong impression to the woman and had lost her only chance to pay next month's rent. However, when she least expected it, the woman smirked and minimally softened her expression and said:

- All right Miss Craven, stop by with Devon on the way out so she can explain how the company's hours work and everything you need to know to work with me. She will retire this week but tell her I want you to start tomorrow, no delays, I don't tolerate delays. You surprised me Miss Craven and understand, no one surprises me. - The woman smiled and stood up. Holy goddess, Tally was sure they could hear her heart beating on the first floor of the building when she saw the woman stand up, straighten her suit that fit Mrs. Alder's body perfectly, and reach out for Tally to take. This woman would kill Tally, she was sure of it. Tally grabbed the woman's hand, noting the softness of her hands now that she wasn't so nervous and thought she'd love to keep holding on to it but was startled when a slight shock passed between her thumb and Mrs. Alder's, who widened her eyes but pulled herself together. then they parted hands and Tally walked away from Alder's desk.

- So... hmmm, thank you ma'am, have... have a nice day and I'll be here without delay tomorrow. Until then. She walked out of the room as fast as she could with her heart racing towards the secretary's desk. What had happened there? Did she actually get the job? How would she work every day having to look at that beautiful woman? And more importantly, what the hell happened in there when they touched? Tally was pretty sure she'd been in for a big robbery. A rogue named Sarah Alder.