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Shouta sat calmly, watching the time tick by slowly as he waited. There was something eerie about hospital waiting rooms in the middle of the night. Either they were bursting with activity or, like his tonight, utterly void of life.

Every once in a while, someone would pass through with downturned eyes, trying their best to not be perceived. Much like Shouta was doing now.

He rechecked his phone, awaiting something, though he wasn't sure what. The turning of the hour or maybe breaking news. Refreshing social media was now nothing but the identical repeated posts, leaving him stewing in a mixture of boredom and anxiety.

He arrived soon after receiving a brief phone message from a nurse. They had no answers except that Hizashi had been hurt on parole and that Shouta was the designated Alpha on his medical release forms.

They had asked if he gave consent to follow through with Hizashi's wishes, meaning they had denied him medical coverage. The only relief Shouta had at this point was that it couldn't have been life-threatening since they waited for his go-ahead. Still, Hizashi was also not returning any of his messages.

And he had been denied access to the back.

Sure, society needed an Alpha to consent to procedures. However, since he wasn't a blood relation, he still was denied knowledge. Meaning they probably ignored Shouta's name and directly called Hizashi's father.

If Hizashi was awake, he would be pissed.

Currently, that was the only relief Shouta had for this evening. Hizashi wouldn't hesitate to raise his hackles and absolutely decimate some meatheaded Alpha doctor with outdated ideas on how Omegas should act.

"Mr. Aizawa?" A calm voice pulled him out of the quiet respite. Slowly, his gaze traveled up the form of the staff member that stood near him with blue scrubs and a soft demeanor, most likely a nurse. They fidgeted from foot to foot, looking down at the clipboard in their hands. "Mr. Yamada is doing well and-"

"Why did you call me?" He asked bluntly. "He obviously is not well since this is an emergency room in the middle of the night." There was a noticeable flinch as Shouta's words fell. Good, he reasoned. It meant Hizashi was lucid and pissed. Without waiting for an answer, he stood and shouldered the bag he had brought with him. "You are taking me to him." He ordered.

The young hospital attendant, possibly a nurse, did not hesitate. Instead, they dropped their gaze down and took a step back before turning and leading the young Alpha along.

It wasn't often that Shouta used his orientation as an Alpha to dictate how people responded to him. Often, he preferred when no one perceived him at all. Becoming an Alpha and a pro hero set a target on his back to any roughneck asshole that was looking to prove their shit, and Shouta did not look intimidating. Baggy dark clothes, worn in from the years to a comfortable threadbare quality, hid the lean muscles underneath.

No, he would never be as intimidating a presence as Endeavor or All Might. Still, he also wasn't a blow-hard trying to prove his alphaness to the world.

The nurse ahead of him slowly opened the door that led to another hospital ward with trepidation. Shouta buried his chin deeper into his scarf to hide the smile. Hizashi was definitely awake, and he was pissed.

Instinct took over, and Shouta followed the voice as it grew louder until he leaned against a doorframe and watched the lithe blonde hero. Hizashi was very awake. His blonde hair hung in a tangled curtain as he shouted at the doctor. He waved his arms in a menacing way that threatened he would not be accountable for his actions. Shouta knew better. He wasn't a danger to anyone, including himself.

At least he wasn't using his quirk. The man was naturally loud in every way. "Your vocal coach would be proud, Zashi," Shouta said coolly, looking down at his nails.

Angry vermillion eyes turned on him. "Good. You're here. Let's go." The staccato orders left Shouta smiling wider as Hizashi tumbled out of bed and on shaking legs.

"Not until you are given the all-clear," Shouta pushed off with his shoulder. He finally turned his gaze to the doctor in the room and bristled.

The young doctor that glared back at him was tall, elegantly built, and radiated with the scent of another Alpha. His eyes were trained on Hizashi as if to order the other back into bed without a verbal command.

A prick, Shouta determined without another thought. An Alpha with a god complex who thought that everyone was beneath him.

"Yamada," the Doctor finally spoke, his voice quivering with barely contained rage. "I have already told you-"

Hizashi's fury turned back, and he bared his teeth at the doctor. "You were the one that said I couldn't leave until my Alpha came. Well, here he is. Goodbye." Hizashi did not miss a beat, scooping the bag off Shouta's arm and tearing open the zipper.

It was not the first time either of them woke up with a need to change clothes. Hizashi kept a bag at Shouta's. He had never needed to deliver it to a hospital, but the routine was similar.

Hizashi dropped the hospital gown without any sense of modesty and set about shoving his long legs as violently into his pants as possible. Shouta could see the new stitches and dark purple bruises with a clear view. He tempered the questions back for now and instead kept his gaze on the Alpha doctor.

His scent was growing, and Shouta was nearly ready to bare his own teeth. Hizashi wasn't his mate, but it was clear the doctor was looking for a confrontation.

"You need to get back in that bed," The doctor ordered.

Hizashi paused a second before the fury returned, "Make me."

Well, that was indeed childish. Shouta rolled his neck and tried to remain composed. "Is that what you said?"

The doctor's eyes snapped to Shouta for a moment, as if registering his presence finally. "He could be discharged once the Alpha in his life is here to collect him. His Alpha must talk to a counselor about Omega safety as well.

"As I was called, it is obvious I am the Alpha he has put onto his records, so that obligation is filled. And I assume the injuries he sustained are as a result of his line of work, correct?" He directed the question at Hizashi, knowing the cost of ignoring the voice hero from a conversation about himself.

Hizashi gave one quick nod.

"Good, then a counselor will not be needed. Our hero licensing clearly states that any and all bruises and abrasions are deemed a side effect of the job. Furthermore, the hero counsel recognizes that this line of work demands the hero's body and autonomy. So, all necessary counseling must tie directly to the line of injury sustained and not, in fact, due to a person's orientation as an orientation Omega. If you like, I have an outstanding lawyer at the hero counsel who can inform you further on our right to refuse service."

It mainly was bullshit, but the doctor's jaw locked as Shouta continued to spew facts and regulation numbers at him until he put up his hands to stop. "Fine. As his Alpha, sign the waiver of release." He snarled.

Shouta smirked as he moved past them, bumping against his shoulder aggressively as he stepped out and not realizing that below the bulky black shirt was a wall of unmovable muscle. The door shut behind them, leaving the pair alone.

For the first time, Hizashi relaxed. He winced once as his knuckles moved over a bruise. "Thanks for coming."

"Don't ever say you have never rubbed off on me," Shouta smirked.

Hizashi gave a huff as he turned away with a flip of his hair, "How dare you, I have never in my life been boring." He stumbled a little as he moved, quickly hiding the action with another flip of his hair, trying to mask his discomfort.

Shouta made sure the door was shut before planting himself in a chair. "Care to tell me what happened?"

"No," Hizashi turned away as he pulled the t-shirt over his head. Luckily, his bag was filled with essential clothes instead of flamboyant attire. Still, he moved slowly, carefully avoiding the bruises left on his chest. His cheek was inflamed, turning a violent shade of red and purple.

"Anything broken?"

"My ego," Hizashi stated. "Their first call was to my parents."

Shouta winced. "And that call went well?"

Hizashi gave a non-commital shrug as he sat to pull on the sneakers. "Don't know. Dr. Jackass came in here to inform me that my Alpha was coming to retrieve me." The blonde sneered as he spoke, his gaze looking down instead of at Shouta. "My guess is you were the second call they made since you are my first emergency contact. And it's not like my parents could even do anything since they aren't even in the country."

Shouta nodded, not questioning it further. Instead, he changed the subject. "Care to tell me what happened?"

Hizashi let out a long, dramatic sigh as he tied his messy hair back and out of his face. "I was jumped."

"You were jumped," Shouta replied back to him, raising an eyebrow.

"More like sucker-punched," Hizashi stated firmly. "I was trying to de-escalate a problem, and I ended up between an Alpha and a Beta and-" He waved Shouta off as he pushed his bag into Shouta's arms and stepped out. "Get me home, I have only, like, three hours before my next job starts, and I need at least a coffee in me."

It was a clear end to this conversation, and Shouta decided not to push the tired Omega further. Still, the gears in his mind began to turn.



"You think I need what?" Hizashi spat out with bared teeth. Even from this distance, Shouta could smell the defiance flowing off him, a warning to keep their distance, more acidic than the natural soft earthy scent that accompanied the Omega. It was the same darkened scent that had lingered around him over the last week, only mildly fading along with the purple bruises along his cheek.

It left a dull ache inside Shouta's chest. He tempered back his instincts as best he could, wanting nothing more than to protect the Omega.

Shouta merely rolled his sounders back and crossed his arms over his broad chest, his gaze locked on the other with the same stoic expression he used on any villain that dared cross his path. "Self-defense training."

"I graduated from the same hero course as you," Hizashi snarled. "I received high marks and have my own hero license, just like you-"

"Humor me then," Shouta stated. "Because, like it or not, I am the Alpha on your records, and despite knowing that you are a capable hero, I still worry."

Shouta sat, fingers lightly playing at the frayed edges of his shirt as he waited. The rational portion of his brain told him that the nerves that bundled deep inside his belly were from the tardiness of his pupil and nothing more. The Alpha side of his brain would not stop, though, reminding him of the sweet sunshine scent that seemed to follow the Omega. A smell that had lingered in the back of his mind and haunted his dreams.

When he had offered to teach Hizashi some self-defense, Shouta's only thoughts had been about the ache and worry in his chest when he thought his friend was harmed. Now, the threat had passed, and he knew with certainty that Hizashi was safe. The only thing that remained were vivid memories from a time long ago, of a playful smile and the scent of eternal summer.

The slamming of a door pulled him out of his daydream. The blond in question hurried through the doors and ran over with a wave and a lengthy excuse. Shouta didn't hear a word of it, though, his attention focused on the high and tight ponytail and a tank top with arm holes so wide, Shouta could see the entire expanse of Hizashi's chest. That wasn't even to mention the tight, black yoga pants.

It took a moment to register that Hizashi had stopped speaking. He stood there with those wide (green or red??) eyes and head tilted to the side a fraction, waiting expectantly for Shouta to respond.

Shouta blinked away the haze that built up in his mind and instead turned away. "Let's just get started. I have the space booked for only an hour."

The smile faded from Hizashi's face, morphing into an angry pout. He shouldered his bag and followed. "You don't always have to be such an ass," He huffed as he stepped past Shouta, taking the lead. His pony bobbed,

Shouta resisted the urge to reach out and grab it, tugging the Omega back and…

And Shouta didn't know what. The threat lingered in his mind as Shouta's eyes traveled the expanse of Hizashi's lithe body, watching the way his hips slightly swayed with his strut. How had he not noticed how tight and compact the other's body had been before? How had it not registered in his mind that he carried more of those traditional Omega characteristics?

Maybe it was his loud personality and ostentatious dress. Perhaps Shouta was an Alpha that had never taken great interest in Omegas before.

But now, in the small auxiliary gym, he could not pull his eyes away as Hizashi dropped the gym bag and began to stretch. The blonde was talking again, but Shouta could not find it within himself to hear, only listen to the soothing tenor of his voice. Hizashi was loud most of the time. But there were moments when he allowed his guard to drop, and that boisterous persona faded away. All Shouta was left with was the overly confident boy who could make friends with the wall. The Omega, whose smile would light up the room and leave him quivering and unsure.

"You doing ok there, Champ?" Hizashi smirked as he caught Shouta's wistful gaze and placed a hand on his hip, smirking wildly. "You know, we can postpone this until you feel up to teaching."

Shouta took three menacing steps to Hizashi's side, dropping his gear before going to the closet to pull out the padded mats. "Didn't you shower before coming?" His words came out bluntly, once again leaving the Omega to frown.

Hizashi lifted an arm, a mock display of smelling himself. He shrugged. "And I put on deodorant just for you. Normally, I just let my natural stink fill up the place, but I know how aware you are of others' meticulous personal hygiene."

The mat flopped loudly onto the hardwood floor, and Shouta just frowned deeper. "Remember, I am doing this for you."

"If that's the case, I told you already. I don't need this." Hizashi shrugged and moved to grab a second mat. "I know you pretend to not remember much about high school, but only one of us was consistently at the top of our class ranking, and it wasn't you."

"Maybe that is because class rankings are a joke,' Shouta smirked.

"Right, I forgot," Hizashi nodded. "The big strong Alpha, Aizawa Shouta, got all his training on the streets, right? Hey, remind me again, which one of us was stabbed by a mugger our senior year and which one of us decided to do the bare minimum to graduate? Oh wait, that was you both times."

Shouta glowered at the blond Omega halfheartedly before turning to him on one of the mats. "All I ask is for an hour of your time. Humor me a little."

Once again, Hizashi seems to be playing with Shouta's emotions as he stretches out his arms and steps forward. "Just an hour?"

Shouta nods in agreement. "One hour."

A sly smirk spreads across his face as he stands toe to toe with Shouta. "And what happens if I pin you down to the mat?"

"Hizashi," Shouta smirked and leaned forward. "The last time you ever got the upper hand on me was in our first year during the sports festival. And I still beat your ass into the dirt."

"Humor me then," Hizashi stated, mirroring Shouta's own words. "You know me well by now. I am a good boy who likes rewards."

A shiver rolled down Shouta's spine at those words. There was something deeply sinister in Hizashi calling himself a 'good boy' as if the blond knew precisely how alluring those words would be to an Alpha.

Shouta breathed in deeply, picking up more of that sweet aroma that followed Hizashi everywhere. Unmated, unclaimed.


He swallowed back the Alpha instincts that bubbled up in his throat to respond with the exact way any Alpha would treat a good Omega. Instead, he stated the obvious solution. "If you can successfully pin me down without any dirty tactics, I will never again pester you."

It was, of course, the purpose of this venture. It stood to reason that the only way to complete and finish this was to concede. Once he could admit Hizashi was more than capable, there was no logical reason for Shouta to worry.

It seemed to satisfy the voice hero as he nodded in approval and squared off.

"No quirks," Shouta amended. "I want to make sure you are capable, and that means with combat and defense training."

Hizashi merely rolled his eyes as he settled into a stance. "Yes, Alpha. I understand."


Shouta started easy. He stated that a good warm-up was necessary before traversing more complex maneuvers. He would never admit it was a ploy to show off, but Hizashi failed to see it as well.

The Alpha made a few swipes, only to meet with the air as Hizashi darted away. He was nimble. Far more agile than Shotua remembered, dunking out of his reach at the last possible moment with that cocky grin on his face.

Then he started taunting. True to his word, he never used his quirk. In fact, he rarely spoke at all. Instead, he twirled away, only to reach back and touch.

At first, it was the featherlight brushing of fingers against his bicep. It would have been deemed an accident to any observer, proof that Hizashi was not as quick and clever as he assumed.

But Shouta knew better. The Alpha couldn't react fast enough, letting the Omega win.

Soon though, Shouta could feel the change. Hizashi was growing bored, replaying the same steps over and over like a dance. That was when his touches became more aggressive.

It started with a hand on Shotua's lower back. Palm pressed against the bare skin where his shirt had ridden up, sending hot electricity through his veins. Shouta turned, swiping at the arm, and met with nothing again as Hizashi sidestepped away. That smile was still plastered onto his face.

It was his silent way of stating he could do damage to Shouta. If he wanted.

The second touch came at his thigh, brief but firm. If willing, Hizashi would have been capable of making any Alpha attacker's night miserable.

Shouta's hip was next, this time a full hand on his body. Hizashi twisted into Shouta's attack, using the momentum to his own advantage while not allowing Shouta to get equal footing. His breath tickled against Shouta's neck as he let out a huff that could have been a laugh.

Except Shouta wasn't laughing. His vision had blurred around the edges with every manipulation. All he could focus on was the panting, sweaty blonde Omega, who seemed to be almost as fresh as when they started.

Shouta had expected five minutes of playful sparring before gaining the edge on Hizashi, gripping hard to one of his dainty ankles and flipping him onto his back.

At least fifteen minutes had passed. That playful part of Shouta's brain slowly melted into something more feral. Hizashi was the type of Omega to excel in humiliating any Alpha who assumed he was weak.

Shouta didn't think he was weak. Only out of practice.

Now though, he was seeing the error in his thinking. The alpha side of his brain screamed. It demanded that he end this now and stop antagonizing the Omega. Hizashi had height, but Shouta was bigger. He was more potent and faster, and he could break Hizashi's defenses. He could quickly grab him by that tiny waist and throw him to the mats.

Then, he could prove how much strength he really held.

"That's all you got, old man?" Hizashi still has that damn smirk on his face. He was disheveled. His high ponytail now sat slightly askew as sweat dripped down the side of his face. The worst was the scent. That pungent aroma filled the room and left Shouta staggering slightly. Thick and sweet. Shouta's mouth watered. His eyes focused on nothing but the embodiment of sunshine that stood before him.

"You are six months older than I am," Shotua sneered, the calm tone replaced with something more untamed. Shouta quivered as he closed his eyes and breathed in deeply. His heart thudded against his chest, loud enough that he could hear the blood in his ears.

"We need a break," He announced. Without waiting for a reply, he turned and stalked away, fists clenched tightly at his sides to the other side of the gym. He snatched up his water bottle and drank deeply. Shouta's eyes never left Hizashi, watching as the Omega stretched out his arms overhead.

Shouta needed calm. Fresh air. Serenity.

Something was breaking inside him; he knew that. Shouta was a reliable Alpha. He could handle himself in any situation. Hell, not a week ago, he found an Omega starting their heat while on patrol. He had kindly escorted them to a heat center without even a twitch of his nature. Shouta was known for being the Alpha to call when no one else was around. He was collected. He was an anomaly, able to control every aspect of his being, but now?

He itched his nose with the back of his hand, trying to rid himself of the scent that seemed to linger and cling to his skin. For all these years, he had dutifully ignored everything about the Omega. Hizashi was his friend. His partner. His companion. Never once had he allowed himself to feel those effects. Not like this.

Maybe Hizashi was going into a heat, his brain reasoned. One look at the man told Shouta the truth. Hizashi wasn't the problem. He stood there, smiling triumphantly as Shouta breathed heavy and fast.

His mesmerizing eyes glinted with mischief as he waited for Shouta to return. Because he didn't need a break. He could stand there all hour in those sinfully tight pants and wide, open shirt.

He didn't need to win. Hizashi only had to run out the clock.

"I need a moment," Shouta stated again, this time turning and stalking out of the gym and into the empty hall. He sucked in the fresh air, leaning against the wall as his overheated body trembled.

His hand traveled over his face as he breathed slowly and closed his eyes, trying to get his heart back to a normal pace. Had Hizashi triggered his rut? No. Never. Not even in his teenage years had he deviated from his standard patterns. But that is what this felt like. His head swam, and his emotions lay bare before him.

He had wanted to possess Hizashi. To throw him to the mats and put him in his place. Shouta needed to show Hizashi that his Alpha was the superior power here and that he could, and would, dominate.

It took several minutes before he felt himself return. He quelled back the heat and aggression that had been mounting until it dissolving back into quiet peace.

Still, Shouta wondered if Hizashi did it on purpose. He wondered if the Omega had purposely scented him with that syrupy-sweet aroma that begged for his attention. He only stated not to use his quirk. His hormones were a different facet altogether. Was it really that dishonest to use his natural body's ability to subdue Alphas into a sense of calm?

Shouta shook free of the final cobwebs that stuck to his mind and turned back.

No. This was bordering dangerous territory. Shouta needed to end this quickly. He would pin Hizashi to the mats and remind him that this is not for Shouta's benefit but his own safety.

All he needed to do was ignore Hizashi.

"Control," Shouta breathed out, only to himself. "You can do this."

Pin Hizashi. Tell him off. Leave.

Jerk off furiously in the showers.

It was too much. The scent of Hizashi's pheromones lingered in every corner of the room. Hot and sultry. Sweat mingled with the excitement of the morning. Instantaneously, Shouta felt his knees warble as that drunk sensation returned.

End it now.

Shouta watched as the Omega returned to the mats. His breathing was regulated and controlled. Now, Shotua could see the sheen of sweat on the man's forehead and the soft glazed look in those eyes. His hair lay across his shoulders, undone from the high pony. It now lay in a tangled, messy bun at the base of his neck, barely held together with an elastic band.

Shouta made that mess. Shouta could easily break that tie and watch the blond waves tumble down his shoulders. He could twist his fingers against Hizashi's scalp and pull.

Quickly, he shook his head of the thoughts.

Hizashi was tired. That was the critical part.

Hizashi's eyes are keen the moment he sees Shouta's return. "Ready for round two, Alpha?" He teased.

Shouta squared himself again, his eyes burning as he stared at his companion. "I won't hold back," He warmed, a veiled threat. A warning.

A promise.

That smile curled up Hizashi's lips again, but this time Shouta didn't wait. He wouldn't let that barb skewer him and leave him reeling from the venom of Hizashi's words.

Shouta ducked low, swiping out at Hizashi's legs. Grapple him just above the knees to pull the Omega off balance. From there, it would only take a shove. Hizashi would naturally try to dance away, using Shouta's momentum against him and lean into the attack. He would try to then flip over. But not if Shouta leaned into it. He could then flip Hizashi. Put him on his back.

Pin him down and ravish him.

Shouta could then call the match. He could cooly state that Hizashi obviously needed more training and would need to meet later. He could continue giving Hizashi support, and the other wouldn't feel as if his needs were not listened to.

It was a miscalculation. In an instant, all Shouta's clever planning was undone. He had expected Hizashi to move forward and up. Instead, the Omega had ducked down.

Shouta's hands landed just above Hizashi's thighs, gripping the tight, round, perky cheeks of his ass. The angle is awkward as Shouta ducked down, face buried in Hizashi's chest as the other grappled at his back. Hizashi's legs swung up as if to wrap around the back of Shouta's knees and flip him onto the mat. Instead, it locked around his hips.

They tumbled to the floor.

Hizashi's back hit first, punching the air out of his lungs as Shouta dropped heavily on top of him. Still, the Omega continued on. Long and lean, Hizashi's arms manage to wrap around Shouta's body as he thrust his hips upward in an attempt to buck Shouta off.

A hand tangled itself in Shotua's thick black hair.

And yanked.

Without thought, Shouta let out a desperate moan, his teeth bared.

Overwhelming. The air is thick and heavy, as it is filled with the sound of both men grunting and panting.

Shouta snarled as he tried to free his arms from under Hizashi, only to realize those hands weren't pushing him away. Hizashi pulled Shouta in.

The Alpha was powerless to stop it. He dropped down and pressed a brutal, breathless kiss against the line of Hizashi's throat. Hands grope out, needing to feel the other's hot, sweat-soaked skin. Hip ground against hip, realizing a moment too late that the hardness against his hip was Hizashi's erection.

Shouta devoured the other's lips, breathless and needy as the other pressed against him with a desperate whine. As if the other was an oasis they had dreamed of, only to see it was a mirage. This time was real.

Calloused hands rolled up Hizashi's arched back. He moaned and keened as his skin was suddenly lit up with every sensation. Hizashi could not help the sudden, urgent mewls of affection he uttered as every unsaid declaration of devotion poured from him as he quaked under Shouta's touch.

"Wait," Shouta said. Hizashi felt so good. He felt so warm and honeyed and alive, but the rational part of Shouta's brain reminded him this was not right. He was an Alpha, a good Alpha. A good man. He had pinned down an unwilling Omega. One who reeked of pheromones and sex.

He pressed his forehead to Hizashi's collarbone and inhaled the scent of him. Never had an Omega been in his arms like this, so open, honest, and sweet. And it was Hizashi. His heart sang to continue, claim this man as his, and keep him forever. To keep anyone from ever harming Hizashi again.

The Omega's frenzied hands stilled, cupping the back of Shouta's neck and at his lower back. Holding him. Shouta felt their twin heartbeats pounding through his chest as the scent that surrounded him made him want to throw it all away for this one moment of bliss.

Together, they lay in silence. Tangled in each other's arms as Shouta breathed slowly. Long fingers curled into his hair, and Shotua closed his eyes. He relished the sensation, knowing that it would soon end. He had to put a stop to this. He had to pull out of this warm embrace and walk out of the room. He had to end things before they did something they would both regret.

Only Hizashi was the first to speak. His voice, a low trill like a lullaby, grounds Shouta to the reality of everything. "It's ok," Soft lips pressed against Shouta's temple.

The words linger, alone in the room and echoing in his mind. Were they for forgiveness? An understanding that Shouta lost control of himself? Or…

Hizashi's lips continued to travel, pressing momentarily over his temple and to his closed eyes.

Shouta noses against his jaw, realizing how his hands are still gripping Hizashi's hips with white knuckles. Enough to bruise. To mark.


"Alpha," Hizashi whispers out, his voice a whimper as he is released. Shouta's hands move to the mat, framing his body, ready to push up, roll off, and away. "Shouta."

It is his own name that pulls Shouta back.

Hizashi nuzzled. Lips trailed down his chin as Shouta tilted his head, allowing the other easy access to him. To all of him. "We should...stop." He breathed.

Hizashi let out a hum of agreement, though his kisses trailed up his jaw. Sharp teeth nip at Shotua's skin until he lets out another soft moan of encouragement.

The hand at the base of his spine rolled Shouta's hips in closer. Compelled, Shouta complied as he leaned into tantalizing kisses that pressed just under his ear. Hizashi's tongue worked slowly over the expanse of skin, tasting the sweat on him." You're-" Shouta gasped, eyes rolling into his skull as he leaned down, dropping his weight back onto the other man. "You are my friend."

Hizashi hummed in response with a smile as he pressed more kisses below his ear and worked down his neck. "You are my friend too," His voice, that sultry, alluring voice teased. "A very good friend."

Fog rolled through Shouta's mind as he failed to find another reason why they couldn't do this, why it was inappropriate to mount and mate his best friend. Desperately, he needed Hizashi's honeyed scent in his nose and covering his body. He needed to feel drenched in the Omega pheromones.

That scent he knew was still hidden under the layers of clothes that separated them. "Tell me to stop," Shouta begged as he let out an uncharacteristic moan as teeth teased at the soft flesh of his neck.

"No," Hizashi responded. The hand in Shouta's hair tightened as he pulled Shotua's head back, locking eyes with him.

It was enough. Inside, something snapped as desire turned to desperation. Shouta grappled Hizashi, grabbing him once again and crushing their mouths together. He needed to taste him, to feel him on his lips and tongue.

Desperate hands clawed at each other's clothing, refusing to break contact as the layers were peeled away to leave only heated skin. Body pressed against body, the rest of the world drifted away, leaving Shouta here, in this island they created for themselves.

He had seen Hizashi. His whole life, Hizashi was there, lingering as an apparition that somehow he had never looked at. Now, his eyes saw nothing but the blond laid out before him. A feast.

Nothing else mattered but this moment. The rest of the world melted away as his intense gaze met Hizashi's soft face, blond hair laid out around his head like a halo of light. Shouta forgot how to breathe.

Long fingers tangled in Shouta's dark hair, twisting at the back of his head in the most delicious way. The corners of Hizashi's lips curled up into a smile as he shuttered. "Shouta-"

Every time he heard his name, it broke his last reserves. Shouta dropped down into another searing kiss as he pulled and pressed harder into the other man, into the sweet-smelling Omega. Hizashi: the only one who could undo him so faithfully.

Hizhasi's hands rolled down the back of his neck, tracing along the length of Shouta's spine, only pausing to feel the old scars as if his touch alone would sear them into his mind. Like he wanted to remember the pattern of his skin. Feel the ripples of hard, solid muscle that quaked in his touch. Only at his touch.

Hot kisses traced along Shouta's jaw, all tongue and lips and teeth, scraping against the day-old stubble as if it did not matter. And Shouta let him indulge. Every nerve in Shouta's body flared to life, his brain not knowing where to concentrate. So many sensations overtook him as this Omega-his Omega- molded him.

Hands and mouth. Legs wrapped around him, pulling him close, grinding against him. All Shouta could manage was to hold on. To breath and gasp and cling to the body under him.

He was an Alpha, and Alphas were supposed to be in control. Every story. Everyone and everything in his life demanded that he dominate and claim this as his own. That Hizashi should be the one mewling and begging under him, and yet…

Hizashi didn't seem to mind. Soft noises of approval, like a purr, emanated from him - as he continued to map out Shotua's body above him. "Shouta," The other breathed, kissing his way along the long column of his throat, nipping at his collarbone before sucking a bruise into his skin. He pressed a hand against the expanse of Shotua's broad chest and pushed.

Willingly, Shouta followed, folding over onto his back as the other straddled his naked hips. Hizashi sat up like a prince on his throne as he smiled down, a look of victory on his angular features. "Hi."

"Hello," Shouta returned the smile. His large, calloused hands rested on Hizashi's knees before trailing up his muscular thighs to rest on his hip, holding him in place. Finally, Shouta could see all of him. He could see the smooth lines of his chest and the freckles that dotted along his pale skin. He could see the curtain of blond hair, tangled and wild, cascading down his shoulder.

It took everything in Shouta to not stare at where their hips met. His own cock throbbed with neglect, even as he felt the softness of Hizashi pressed against him. Shouta was already stiff and aching. He could feel every heavy beat of his heart as it reverberated through his cock, which lay pressed against Hizashi's backside. The other man wiggled his hips tauntingly, nestling his hardness against those plump cheeks with a promise of what was to come.

Hizashi's cock looked velvety soft. So much more delicate than Shouta's. Long and elegant, like the man himself, it sat up proudly in the air, leaking precum and making the head glisten.

It didn't take much to have Shouta pull up on his hips. It was just a gentle nudge of fingers pressed against his back, and Hizashi folded forward as if understanding Shouta's intent.

He settled over Shouta's face, panting as he stared down, vermillion eyes wide and mouth dropped open in a silent surprise. This close, Shouta could smell everything. The sweet tang of arousal mixed with the slick leaking out of Hizashi's body. A scent that had settled into his bones and was now a part of him forever.

Without a word, Shotua opened his mouth and lapped at Hizashi's arousal, moaning at the taste of him, just as sweet as his scent.

Strong, soft thighs encompassed Shouta's head as Hizashi struggled to find purchase. His hands tangled in Shouta's dark hair as the other man swallowed him entirely. Hizashi moaned, his voice breaking as he struggled to control his volume as Shotua's clever tongue moved over his cockhead. Swirling and lapping at his length before taking him all the way down to the root.

Hizashi could only breathe. He wanted so badly to thrust into that warm mouth. From this angle, Shouta was at his command. He could so easily take him and have his way with him.

Calloused fingers trailed up the back of Hizashi's thighs, brushing against his skin softly as they trailed upwards. Everything Shotua did was tender as if he worried he would somehow break Hizashi. As if the Omega would crumble away if he as much as left a bruise.

"Please!" Hizashi mewled out. "It's not enough, Shou! Please!"

Hizashi tilted forward as Shouta moaned around his cock, lapping at him and bobbing his head. Those fingers against Hizashi's backside continued to move, spreading apart his cheeks and pressing into him.

Shouta didn't wait. He found no resistance when he pressed a finger into Hizashi's waiting body and slick rolled down his fingers. Down Shotua's chin. He was so wet, so needy already. So ready for this. Hizashi's hips moved, almost of their own accord. With every swipe of Shouta's finger inside him, pressing back to keep himself full, the Omega above him cried out, begging for more. Begging that it wasn't enough.

Two, then three fingers quickly spread the Omega open. Shouta pulled back, releasing Hizashi's cock before moving his tongue to meet those fingers. Licking at the dripping slick and pulling the breathing him in.

Shouta was a greedy man. He lapped at Hizashi's entrance, drinking in everything the Omega gave to him and relishing in the whines and whimpers. He adored the way those hands twisted in his hair, bordering on pain but never too much. He did this to Hizashi. This undoing was all because of him and him alone.

Hands tightened into fists in Shouta's hair as his high-pitched keen turned into a wail, begging for release. Begging to come. Shouta's other hand released his hip and wrapped itself around Hizashi's cock, pumping him and spreading the precome and saliva to create a delicious channel for the other to thrust into.

It didn't take long. Hizashi cried out, throwing his head back with reckless abandon as he clenched around the fingers inside him, wanting to be filled.

Shouta stroked him through his orgasm, settling Hizashi back onto his hips as he watched the other, chest red and eyes blown and glassy. He did that.

Shouta did that.

Finally, Hizashi came back to himself. He smiled, his gaze mirroring Shouta's. Finally, seeing each other. "You are a wicked man," Hizashi said, his voice breathy and low. Soft hands rolled up Shouta's abs and spread over his chest, playing with the dark hairs. Blissed.

"How so?" Shouta asked, his own hand trailing across Hizashi's stomach, feeling him flutter at the touch as he brought the other, cum soaked hand to his lips.

Hizashi groaned as he watched Shouta lick himself clean, his dark gaze never leaving Hizashi. S

Hizashi tilted his head to the side, humming as he continued to trace the pattern of Shotua's hair as his lower lip pouted. "You wear such bulky, dark clothes. How was I supposed to know how all this was below?"

"How was I supposed to know you were so lovely?" His hand moved up to cup Hizashi's cheek. "When you look and act like such a brat?"

Hizashi folded forward, smiling like the devil as he kissed Shotua's lips once again, softly and playfully. "Shut up and knot me."

Shouta obeyed. With a quick, practiced move, he twisted them once again, pressing Hizashi's back into the mats and kissed him hard and deep. He gripped tightly to that slim waist as long legs locked around him, pulling him in close.

He felt drunk. Drunk on that scent and heat. Drunk on the feeling of Hizashi's body, pressed smoothly against him and how perfectly easy they slotted together. "Why have we never done this before?" He breathed into the Omega's hair.

"Because you are a fool," Hizashi replied. He reached down and cupped Shouta's length in his hand, stroking him slowly, cock throbbing as he felt the Omega line him up with his hot, needy entrance.

With a quick roll of his hips, that aching heat enveloped him. Hands over his back and nails biting into his skin as Hizashi took charge, whispering loving commands to the other man. Words Shouta barely recognized. His whole world collapsed to this one point, body against body. Lips against his skin, tasting the salt of his sweat and the lingering scent that was his Omega.

Shouta's hands snaked around his backside, holding Hizashi to him as they moved as one. Erratic, needy thrusts that soon found that perfect rhythmic tempo. Rolling into each other's bodies as he tried to touch and taste every inch of Hizashi.

"Alpha," Hizashi moaned, arching his back as those vermillion eyes fluttered closed. He tilted his neck to the side, exposing that most sensitive side of himself, teasing Shouta to mark and claim him. His forever.

Shouta squeezed his own eyes shut, dropping his forehead to the other's collarbone, and moaned, low and deep. His mouth watered, wanting to give in to those base instincts that demanded he bite down hard and seal them together with a mark.

He wanted to taste Hizashi.

Shouta's hand moved up, clasping at his scent gland, rolling his fingers along the tender area, and invoking more of his Omegan scent. It would be enough, he reasoned, to breathe him in and hold him close. To swell inside Hizashi and lock them together.

Maybe this was only a moment. A lingering, desperate plea for control and connection. Perhaps they had circled around each other for so long, as Alpha and Omega, that it was only natural for them to come together one day.

Maybe tomorrow, they would pretend it never happened.

Shouta touched, thumb tracing the hard line of Hizashi's jaw, marveling at how easy it was to cup the back of his neck and draw him near. Slowly, he caressed Hizashi's bottom lip with his calloused pad. The Omega caught it between his teeth and purred out in pleasure, creating the most sensual mewling noises that shot down Shouta's spine and right to his cock.

It was too much.

Primal instincts that had lain dormant inside Shouta flared to life the moment the Omega made those needy, succulent noises. He ripped free of Hizashi's hold, reveling in the look of reckless need that crossed the Omegas face the moment he was no longer stuffed with his Alpha's cock. Not that Shouta would leave him needy and whining.

Strong hands framed his small waist and flipped him over, pressing down his shoulder blades before mounting him once again. Hizashi's body welcomed him with a low, satisfied growl as Shouta blanketed over him, Strong arms crossing over Hizashi's chest and binding him to that place.

There was no more holding back. Shouta growled, low and predatory, into the other's ear as he began to thrust hard and deep, filling the room with nothing but the sounds of their bodies colliding. Skin against skin. Carnal pleasure and arrant desire.

Over and over, with each deep thrust came another breathy whine from the Omega below, hair curtained out before him, exposing once again that beautiful, long neck.

Hizashi's nails scraped against the floor, digging into the mats below them as he thrust back, trying to meet every thrust and pull Shouta into his body deeper. "Shouta!" He babbled, voice coming out in punchy moans as he cried out his pleasure, demanding and needing more. "I-please! Shouta-more!"
Shouta growled in response. He was beyond words as he pulled at Hizashi's body, forcing him back onto his cock over and over again. Already, Shotua could feel his knot forming, sensitive and hot with every pull from Hizashi's soft, hot body. He could feel the tightening of his muscles and knew it wouldn't belong.

Locked. Shouta wanted to be locked inside. He wanted to spill himself deep inside Hizashi and mark him with his scent. Everyone would know then. This was his Omega. This belonged to Shouta Aizawa.

"Knot me!" Hizashi demanded, his voice high and needy. "I need to cum-please! Shouta! I can't! I need to cum!" The blonde sobbed out. He tossed his head to the side and fixed Shouta with a look of absolute desperation as if he were teetering on the precipice.

That was all it took. Shouta cried out, low and throaty, as he buried his forehead against the back of Hizashi's neck as he came, filling Hizashi with his spend as the base of his cock swelled. His cock caught on Hizashi's rim as he thrust in one final time, locking them together in place.

Hizashi's whole body trembled with the force, his hand wrapped around his own delicate cock and stroking it vigorously, cresting with Shouta with a gasp of "Finally!" Before dropping forward.

Shouta could not stop, though. His hips continued to roll as he emptied himself over and over inside the other as his orgasm seemed to roll, to crest from one into another, he laid over him, panting.

He hadn't even realized his lips were locked onto that soft flesh where his neck and shoulder met. It wasn't until he tasted the unmistakable tang of blood that he even realized what he had done.

Like fireworks in his brain, the world was white around him, his arms locked around Hizashi, pulling him closer as he moaned, tongue laving the bruised and torn skin.

Under him, Hizashi only let out a loud, pleasured purr. Slowly, he turned his head, catching Shouta's lips with his own. "Took you long enough," He huffed.

Shouta groaned, his headlight and airy as he wrapped his arms tighter around Hizashi to keep him from wiggling. "I am not apologizing for not finishing fast," He grunted.

"No," Hizashi pouted and nipped at his lower lip. "That part was just fine. I'm talking about how many years I have waited to get you to mount and breed me, you idiot."

Tired eyes framed with long, dark lashes looked at Hizashi with confusion.

"I had to wait until I was practically in a heat before you even noticed. You are seriously the densest man I have ever met." Hizashi ranted. "And until your dick was locked inside of me to say these things because now you can't run away."

"Oh," Shouta said unhelpfully. "I-"

"Literal years, Aizawa." Long fingers traced along the sculpted muscles of his arms. "I tried flirting. I dropped hints; I put myself in danger. You are my only emergency contact. How is it that you can be that smart and so dense?"

Slowly, his eyes began to flutter shut as he buried his nose in the back of Hizashi's neck. He reveled in how much sweeter now he smelled, only to realize it was because his scent was there too. Marked. Claimed. "To be fair, this was very effective."

Hizashi let out another short laugh. "Do you know how much work it was to make sure I got you all to myself here? If this didn't work, I was going to throw you off a building."

Shouta couldn't help the smile as he reached down and traced where their bodies were connected. "Do you want to go back to my place after this?" Purposely, he changed the subject as he nuzzled Hizashi's shoulder, sending a fluttering shiver across the Omega's body.

"Absolutely not. Your place is a hovel." Hizashi stated, trying to sound annoyed but failing. "You are coming to mine, where you will mate me properly in my nest for at least the next twelve hours."

Shouta let out another proud hum, "As you wish."