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F.I.O. (Fuck It Out)

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1:32 a.m.

“Shit, Liv. Please tell me you are close,” she hears Elliot gasping hotly into her ear from his position behind her. She was lying on her stomach on his bed, his pillow under her hips, one of his arms was wrapped around her collarbone with his hand on her shoulder pulling her to him, and his other hand was curled around her front with his fingers on her clit. 


“Yes, harder,” she calls back. She was close. Close to her third orgasm that night. She feels him pushing even harder into her, his fingers rubbing haphazard circles between her body and his pillow. 


She can feel his sweat slicked stomach against her lower back, his coarse hands on her soft and smooth skin, his hard cock pounding between her thighs, and his balls slapping against her skin. His head was tucked into her shoulder and his hot, wet pants and grunts were hitting her neck.


“Fuck, ahhh, damnit Liv,” he calls back to her, his hips sputtering, thrusting out of tempo, grinding against her ass and he spills inside her for the second time. His fingers don’t stop and the combination of his sounds and feeling of him releasing is enough to tip her over the edge. 


They lay like that, his body pressing her into the mattress again, his cock softening inside her with easy, instinctive strokes of his hips, their hearts trying to return to a normal beat, and their breaths slowing, for a few minutes before Elliot finally rolls off of her and onto his back next to her. She flipped to her side and snuggled up next to him, her head on his shoulder and hand teasing the hairs on his chest.


Olivia doesn’t know how she ended up like this. 


Scratch that.


She knows exactly how she ended up like this. 


What she doesn’t know is where in the world she got the audacity to put on her favorite lingerie, get in her car, and text Elliot to tell him that she was coming over, so they could just fuck it out

10:47 p.m. 


Are you home?




Are you alone?



Eli and Ma are still with Kathleen


I’m on my way over

I can come to your place

My place is a wreck


How clean is your bedroom?


Clean, slept here last night


Good, I’ll be there in 15


Gonna tell me why?

Not that I’m complaining, I want to see you






Fuck it out


Elliot stared at the screen for several seconds, maybe even a full minute, not sure if he was reading it right. That had to be a typo? ‘To fuck it out.’ Maybe talk it out? No, she used an “F” in her abbreviation. Does she really want to…is she really on her way here to…?


He tapped on the image of her face in his phone and put it up to his ear.


“Liv, what did you mean?” he blurted out as soon as she answered.


“I meant exactly what I said,” she said with a boldness she’s not sure how she summoned.


“So, you are on your way over, so we can…” he trails off


“Yes,” she answers. 


The line went silent except for his labored breathing. 


“El, are you still there?”


“Uh…yea…I’m here…”


“Do you, um, not want me to? I can turn around, go back home.” Olivia offers, less sure of her plan and of herself now. She couldn’t read him as well over the phone. She’d thought that he’d want this, that he wanted her. And if she proposed sex, she was certain he wouldn’t turn her down.


“No!” Elliot exclaims, the last thing he wants is for her to go home. He wants her here, with him, no matter what she wants to do. “No,” he repeats softly, “come over, please, come over.”


“I’m on my way.”


“How far out are you?”


“Ten minutes.”


“Good. Uh, I need a shower. Just let yourself in when you get here. I’ll leave the door unlocked.”


“El, that’s not safe.”


“Meh, my hitwoman has already been arrested. Even so, a lock won’t keep another away.” He offers, chuckling.


“If you say so,” she concedes, not really wanting to argue about his safety at this moment. “See you soon.”


“Yea, soon,” he says before he hangs up.


Elliot looked over his apartment, it was still a wreck but there wasn’t anything he could do about it. Instead, he ran to his bedroom, picked up his dirty clothes from the floor, haphazardly made his bed, and double checked his nightstand to make sure he had lube. Looking back at his phone, he realized she’d be there in 5 minutes and he still needed to shower. 


In the bathroom he disrobed quickly and stepped under the spray before the water had completely warmed. He ran soap over his body and rinsed, thankful that he no longer required the extra minute to shampoo, and when he flicked the water off he heard his front door open.


“El,” Olivia called out.


“In the bathroom. Just go to my room. I’ll be there in a moment.”


He walked into his bedroom with his towel around his waist. She was sitting on his bed but looked nervous. A fact that she confirmed when she realized he was in the room.


“I lost my nerve somewhere in the last ten minutes.” She mutters, not lifting her head, but staring at her hands clasped in her lap.


He smiles at her, “That’s okay, I’ve been told I’ve got enough daring for several people.” 


She snorts at this comment, “That’s true, you do.”


“We don’t have to do anything, Liv. I’m just glad you are here,” Elliot says, walking to her, stopping directly in front of her. “We don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do.”


She ponders his offer for a moment as she watches water droplets running down his legs. She’s grateful for his calm and easy tone and willingness to forego her initial plan, 


She knows why she called him, and she did want him – want this . But as the reality of her actions started to dawn on her in the car, her panic bubbled to the surface. She had to take several deep breaths to even get out of her car and several more before she could open his front door. This was a monumental step for the two of them. And no matter how light and easy going she wanted to play it, she was a little fearful. 


There had been so much known, but unsaid, between them for years; their desire to be together topping the list. For years she wanted him, craved him. Dreamed of feeling lips against her, his body over hers, his cock inside her. And now, he was free to be hers and he’d consented to her plan, even showered to prepare for her tonight. No, she wasn’t going to back out now, no matter how freaked out she was. 


Finally, she lifts her head and meets his eye, “No,” she starts as she raises her hand, fighting through soft tremors, and presses a finger to a small bead of water between his pecs. “I want to do this, I want you,” she finishes, her voice becoming more certain with each word and as she traces the moisture down his body until her finger taps gently on the top of his towel.


“Thank god. I want you, too,” he mutters as he bends down to kiss her, touching a crooked finger under her chin and lifting her mouth to his. 


And it happened just like that. His short sweet kiss turned hot and needy in an instant. The fire that had been simmering for over twenty years exploded between them. Quickly he was pushing her back onto the bed and crawling over her. His hands roamed her body urgently, touching her everywhere, grasping and squeezing her flesh. She had one of her hands on the back of his head, holding his mouth to hers, trying to keep up with him, and the other on his low back, her fingers dipped into the loosening towel. 


“Off,” she mumbled against his lips as she tugged on the back of his towel.


“You too,” he replied as he pulled back and stood at the end of the bed. “Actually, you first. I’m at a disadvantage,” he jokes, waving his hands down his bare body and the towel that was low on his hips and slightly tented with his erection.


“Fine,” Olivia grumbles as she pulls her shirt over her head, dropping off the side of the bed, and undoing her pants. Her nerves had vanished with their kiss. Feeling him, tasting him, smelling him had grounded her and calmed her. It was Elliot. She felt safe, desired, loved even as the air burned between them.


The second that her pants are unbuttoned, Elliot pulls them off from her ankles and she wiggles out of them, putting herself at the head of his bed on his pillows. 


“There, we’re even,” Olivia says as she lays in front of him only in the black matching bra and panties she picked out just over an hour ago. 


“Close enough anyway,” Elliot agrees, giving a low whistle and flicking his towel off his hips. 


They take a moment just to look at each other, to let their eyes roam and take in their fill of each other’s bodies.


They’d never afforded themselves this luxury before, it would have been too tempting. Even in the cribs and locker room at the old precinct, they had an unspoken agreement to never really look at one another. Of course, Liv broke that agreement once or twice, catching a glimpse of him shirtless throughout the years. He never called her on it, always a bit prideful when he’d see her pupils dilate in those moments and let her look all she wanted. And of course, there was the one time she returned the favor, walking out of a bathroom to him in her bra - a black one similar to tonight, calling him “Daddy,” and pressing her chest against his in an effort to save both of their lives.


Her pupils were practically blown now, as were his. Desire and arousal coursed through their veins, amped not only by their heated kisses and groping and their relative states of undress, but by the knowledge of what they were doing, about to do. 


She took him in, from his strong chest and shoulders to his chiseled abdomen, to the tapering of his hips with that sexy ‘V’ that led straight to his cock that was standing tall at attention against his low stomach. He was big, bigger than she’d been with in a long time. She wasn’t surprised though. He’d always carried himself with a swagger, something she’d heard women now dub “BDE” on social media. She giggles to herself as the thought crosses her mind.


“Liv don’t laugh at me when I’m naked,” Elliot grumbled at her self-consciously and hyper aware of his naked state.


“I’m not laughing at you, El. It’s nothing,” she shakes her head and wiggles her finger at him, summoning him back to the bed.


“Tell me,” he whispers as he crawls over her.


“It’s nothing,” she repeats, inhaling sharply as Elliot bites not too gently at her neck, then soothes it with his tongue. 


“Then tell me,” he urges again, swapping sides and licking up to her ear as one of his hands finds her breast, and he presses his hips to her, grinding his cock against her panties.


“It’s a social media thing, BDE…,” she offers, hoping that he’d get the joke and they could move on.




She sighs, of course he wouldn’t know. “Big dick energy, El, it’s a joke about someone with a certain attitude.”


“Ahhh, so you’ve thought about my big… energy before,” he teases with an eyebrow wiggle before he covers her mouth with his own again, tangling his tongue with hers. 


Despite their joking, the heightened sexual tension had not dissipated. They moved hastily and energetically, groping and grinding without much finesse. Soon he’d pulled her breasts from their cups and showered them with kisses, swirls of his tongue, little nips, and deep sucks, before moving down her body. She moaned in response, digging her fingers into the strong muscles of his back and shoulders.


His eyes met hers questioningly when he reached one of her more obvious scars - a dark line that curved across her side and onto her belly. “Not now, El. It’s not a good story and I want this to be good,” Olivia told him.


“Oh, it’s gonna be good alright. It’s gonna be fucking fantastic,” he assures her cockily as he settles between her legs. He presses his face to her, breathing her in through the damp lace that covered her. 


“Hmmm, so sexy, Liv. Fuck, you are so sexy,” he mutters as he runs his fingers over the lace, pressing it into her slightly before just ripping them off. 


She gasps. She knew this would be intense, but watching Elliot tearing her panties from her body and dipping his head to taste her was more than she could have imagined. Her heart beat wildly in her chest, her entire body flushed with desire, and her chest heaved as she inhaled and exhaled. 


Elliot spent several minutes exploring her intimately with his tongue and lips, licking, sucking, dipping in, flicking, swirling, before he brought two fingers up and slid them in. 


He couldn’t believe it. Just a few weeks ago she’d turned down his lunch offer, cementing them in their “friends for now territory.” He wasn’t sure that she’d ever let him be more, whether she even wanted him to be more. And now, she was damn near naked in his bed, at her own decision, and his mouth was dripping in her arousal as he was on the precipice of bringing her to orgasm with his fingers and tongue. 


“Ahhh,” she called, writhing against him, “yes, yes.”


Spurred by her words and whining noises, he strokes her upper wall with his fingers, tapping on the spongy patch, and returns to suck on her clit. Her hips move against his face without her consent, mindlessly seeking the last bit of friction necessary to send her reeling. She finds it, moaning and mewing as the pleasure racks her body. 


“Yea, that’s it, Liv, fuck,” El encourages her and slows his moments but does not stop until she’s trying to pull him up by his head. She laughs again when her hands just slide over the back of his head and she tugs on his ears.


“Seriously, Liv, laughing is not good for my BDE,” Elliot says with a laugh as he kisses his way back up her body, taking a few seconds to nip and suck little marks into her skin.


“Sorry, I just…I forgot you shaved your head…I was trying to pull your hair,” she gets out, still breathless.


He snorts at her, “There was never enough to pull, I always kept it short, remember?”


“Yea, yea, yea,” she says before he kisses her again. 


“You ready,” he asks between kisses and snaking his hand between them to line himself up, rubbing his tip against her clit and down her labia to gather her moisture. He’s ready now. He’d been ready since he walked into his bedroom and saw her sitting on his bed. He’d been dying to get inside her the second their lips met. 


“Hold on,” she says, lifting herself up.


“Everything okay? I have lube, but I thought…” Elliot stammers as he lifts off of her, pointing towards his nightstand, hopeful that she hadn’t just changed her mind.


“No, I just wanted to take my bra off,” she tells him as she unclasps the offending garment and pulls it from her shoulder. 


“Oh, yea, good call,” he agrees as he takes it from her and tosses it somewhere over his shoulders before pressing her back onto the mattress and settling his hips between hers again, leaning down to kiss her breasts, sucking on her nipple, before asking again, “Now?”


“Yes, El,” Olivia says, “now.”


She gasps as he pushes in. Elliot goes slowly, moving in a little before pulling out and pushing in just a little further on the next stroke, muttering a near inaudible “fuck,” once he’s over half way in. Despite his oral efforts, she’s still a bit tight and he doesn’t want her to feel even a hint of pain. But she doesn’t, the stretch is pleasurable. He stops once he’s fully inside her, opening his eyes to meet hers. 


“Hi,” he says with a smile. 


“Hey you,” she returns his greeting and grin, placing a hand on his cheek.


“I can’t believe this,” Elliot admits, turning his face to kiss her palm sweetly.


“Me either,” she chuckles back at him. “But here we are, and you need to start moving,” she tells him as she squeezes his ass with her other hand. 


“10-4,” he nods and begins grinding his hips against hers, keeping his cock settled inside her and rubbing her clit with his pubic bone. “Like that?” he asks as her eyes flutter shut. 


“Mmmmm, feels good, but not exactly what I meant,” she answers honestly. And it does feel good, great even. But she didn’t come here tonight for him to make sweet, gentle love to her. She came here to get it out of their system, and to do that, she needs him to amp it up. 


“Oh yea, you came here to…what was it? Fuck. It. Out.” he grits out, punctuating each word with a deep, harsh stroke and she gasps at him. 


“Yesssss, that’s it,” she groans.


“You got it,” he answers as he pushes to his knees and pulls her hips up to meet his, pressing her thighs open and up, just a little, as he begins to thrust into her roughly, forcing her up the bed with each snap of his hips. “I hope you stretched,” he teases.


But she’s beyond coherent thought. She moans as her hands move: one to her own breast and the other above her head, pressed against the headboard to keep her steady and to press back against him. 


It’d been a long time since she’d had sex like this, good, hot, intense, rough sex - been fucked really. She needed it and she needed it to be with Elliot. Everyone had called her on it, and despite the frustration of being called out by your friends, co-workers, and even therapist, she knew they were all right. 


She and Elliot wanted each other, had for years, and now they could have each other. They needed to just stop dancing around one another and say it out loud. She’d made the decision to just jump, and even though she was afraid, she knew - deep down – that Elliot would catch her, meet her where she was, and carry them over the line. 


She opens her eyes to see his face. His eyes were squeezed shut, his mouth open, gasping for breath as soft grunts were falling from lips. His hands were on her shins, holding her legs in place, and he was driving into her with concentrated consistency.


Panting, she calls, “El.”


His eyes snap open, meeting her eyes before drifting down over her body, watching her breasts bounce with each thrust, her soft stomach scrunched between them as he pushes her knees higher into her chest, and down to watch his wet cock drive into her over and over.


“Fuck Liv, you are so sexy,” responds, “I can’t…ugh…,” he groans, and he closes his eyes again.


“Speak for yourself,” Olivia says as she lifts a hand to run over his abs, “you are so sexy El, so hot.”


He nods and says, “Just for you,” speeding up his movements and moves one hand to press on her low belly.


“Oh!” She shouts when she feels his thumb on her clit and the added pressure of his hand, “Don’t…stop…”


“Not gonna stop…come…need you to come,” he sputters out. He’s close and it’s taking all his effort to hold his orgasm at bay. She’d come her for them to fuck it out , and all will be damned if he doesn’t make sure she comes first. 


And she does. He feels her clench around him and opens his eyes to see her back arch, pressing her chest up, her head toss back and her mouth gape open, and her hands grasping at the sheet. He hears her call “yes, yes, El, yes!” as she topples over. And he can feel his impending release at the base of his spine, coiling, ready to spring forward. 


“Shit! Where Liv, where?” He begs for an answer. They didn’t discuss this first and he’s not sure what she’s comfortable with. If he doesn’t get an answer soon, he is going to have to pull out and aim for his own chest. It’s not the end of the world, but there are much sexier places he’d rather finish. 


His desperation filters through her mental fog and she mumbles, “inside,” as she continues to ride out her waves of pleasure, extended by his thrusting and rubbing fingers.


“Fuck yes,” he grits as he drops down to elbows, covering her entire body with his, burying his head in her neck, and roughly chases his release, driving into her over and over until his hips jerk erratically and he erupts with a deep groan in her ear. 


He relaxes his body on top of hers, and she brings her hands round his back to hold him to her as their stomachs press into one another, trying to fill with oxygen. She whines again as he slips from her with and flops on to his back, his chest still heaving. She stays laying on her back but grabs his hand and intertwines their fingers. 


“Damn, Liv,” Elliot says, breaking the silence first, “you have great ideas.”


She laughs softly but admits “I have to give others credit for this one.”


“Huh?” he questions, turning his head to face her.


“I don’t know what was in the air or water this week,” she jokes, “but everyone, and I mean everyone, had something to say to me about us - you and me.”


“Good things I hope,” he remarks.


“They all more or less said ‘go fuck the man, or give it up,’” she says with a wave of her hand and a pink blush returning to her cheeks.


“Ha!” He laughs heartily, “well then, I’d say you listened.”


She returns his laughter, “Yea, and then some.”


“I’m really glad you listened,” Elliot adds sincerely, turning to lay on his side, running a hand gently over her overheated skin. 


“Me too,” Olivia says, meeting his gaze. 


The quiet lapses over them again, as they just lay next to each other, reveling in the reality of what they just did.


“So, does this mean I can take you and Noah to lunch now?” Elliot asks several minutes later, as he leans down to kiss her gently.


“Yes, El. I'd love it if you took Noah and me to lunch,” Olivia agrees, turning so he can cuddle behind her.


“Good. Are you free tomorrow?” 


“So soon?”


“I have to strike while the iron is hot,” he responds, running his hand back over her stomach, going lower and scratch at the top of her curls.


“Something’s hot alright,” she teases and wiggles her ass against him, feeling him half hard against her. “Really, El? Don’t you need more time?”


“Not with you in my bed,” he answers, kissing the back of her shoulder and letting his fingers dip lower, teasing her and feeling their combined moisture. Honestly, he was surprised with himself. It’d been years, decades really, since he’d been able to go again within a half hour of a release. But there was just something so sexy, so arousing about Olivia being in his bed, naked and relaxed from their lovemaking - fucking - if he’s using her terminology, that has him hot and hard again.


“Hmmmm, good to know,” she says with a whimper, shifting her leg to create space for his fingers to slide into her, moving gently.


“This okay?” Elliot asks, knowing that she could be too sore for a second round. 


“Mmm hmm,” she hums. 


“Good, because I don’t think it count’s as ‘ fucking it out ’ if we only do it once,” he quips as he bites at her neck, using his weight to press her onto her belly.


“I think you are right, at least once more for it to count,” she says, letting him straddle her thighs, excited for this position. Fucking it out calls for wild, animalistic sex, and having him behind her will not only satisfy that requirement but will bring her over the edge quickly.


Elliot grabs a pillow from the head of the bed and taps her hips, saying “here, lay on this.” She lifts up on her knees, creating space for him to move the pillow under her and then gives her a playful smack on the ass when he pulls his hand back. 

She gasps, “Hey!” and gives an agitated look over her shoulder.


“Sorry,” he offers insincerely with a shrug. “It was just right there,” he adds as an explanation, and runs his hand down her ass, squeezing the slightly stinging flesh.


“Uh huh, sure,” she jokes with him. 


She can’t believe how easy tonight has been. Since her initial panic in her car, which he soothed with a kiss, she's not felt nervous or self-conscious. He’d made her feel so good, desired, loved even, that she’d not had another moment to second guess her decision to drive to his apartment for this singular purpose. She’s thankful that he’d not offered any commentary on the decision or questioned her. Instead he’d offered her an escape when she was nervous. But when she affirmed her desire to have him, he jumped in with two feet.


No, once their lips had touched, it was over, the decision had been cemented and their bodies took over. Their long history and intimate knowledge of each other filled the gaps and they moved in sync, as if they’d never been apart. 


Elliot moves his hand between her legs. He feels more moisture there, more than there was a few moments ago, as he presses his two fingers back inside her, testing her. “Are you good, or do you need more?”


She whimpers at his touch, thinking and feeling, trying to decide what she needs. She loved his tongue on her earlier, but she just wants him inside her now. Knowing that she needs a little assistance, she asks “you said you have lube, right?”


“Yup,” he says with a nod and leans over to pull it out of the night stand. He pops the cap and drips a little on his fingers, swiping them over her and into her, then he adds a few drops directly to his cock, stroking it. Her body is humming in anticipation, just the sounds of him fiddling with the bottle are enough to make her crave him again. 


He’s behind her again, one hand on her hip as the other runs his cock against her, through her labia, hitting her clit a couple of times before his head presses in. He gives her a few strokes as she rests on her hands and knees, before he presses gently on her back and commands, “lay on your stomach.” 


Olivia complies, and Elliot lays over her again, resting on elbows and forearms, caging her in as he sinks in fully. He bows his head and whispers in her ear “God Liv, you feel so good. I’ve dreamed of this, but I never imagined you’d feel this good.”


She’s breathless at his admission and the feeling of him inside her in this position, she’s tighter than before and he feels unbelievably large. 


“Is this okay? Does this feel okay?” Elliot asks as he draws his hips back and pushes forward gently. 


“Hmmm,” is all she can get out, so she nods.


“Thank god,” he murmurs, and he slowly increases the pace, his leisurely strokes turning more forceful enough that his headboard begins to thump steadily against the wall behind it.


He realizes quickly that this position was a big mistake, at least for tonight. She feels too good, too tight, too wet and with the knowledge that some of that moisture is him, his cum, inside her, he’s close almost immediately. 


They are supposed to be fucking, unrestrained and passionate, trying to soothe their desires and put to rest their ever-increasing tension. But he’s not sure he’s going to be able to last long enough to satisfy her, at least not this second time. As a grown man, he’d prided himself on his stamina, his extensive self-control in the bedroom. But that was about to go out the window as her wet heat surrounded him, clutched at him, and he could hear her gasping beneath him.


“Shit, Liv. Please tell me you are close,” he pants into her ear as he forces a hand between her body and the pillow to rub her clit, and the other around her collarbone, gripping her shoulder for added leverage. He opens his eyes and sees her hands white knuckling the sheet by her head.


“Yes, harder,” she calls back. She was close. She had not completely returned to its equilibrium after their first round. Instead, her entire body had remained excited from what they had just done, and the pleasure had been slow to recede from her limbs. She’d been on the edge since he’d pushed her back down to her belly. Each of his trusts had filled her completely, stretching her, and at least once, he’d hit the spot near her cervix in a mix of pleasure and pain. And the motion of his body on hers had caused her to grind her clit against the pillow beneath her. 


She can feel his sweat slicked stomach against her lower back, his coarse hands on her soft and smooth skin, his hard cock pounding between her thighs, and his balls slapping against her skin. His head was tucked into her shoulder and his hot, wet pants and grunts were hitting her neck.


Yes, she was close. 


“Fuck, ahhh, damnit Liv,” he calls back to her, his hips sputtering, thrusting out of tempo, grinding against her ass and he spills inside her for the second time. His fingers don’t stop and the combination of his sounds and feeling of him releasing is enough to tip her over the edge. 


They lay like that, his body pressing her into the mattress again, his cock softening inside her with easy, instinctive strokes of his hips, their hearts trying to return to a normal beat, and their breaths slowing, for a few minutes before Elliot finally rolls off of her and onto his back next to her. She flipped to her side and snuggled up next to him, her head on his shoulder and hand teasing the hairs on his chest.


“We can all go to lunch next week,” she tells him. 


“Why not tomorrow?” Elliot questions, he doesn’t want to give her time to rethink this between them.


“I want you to take me on a date tomorrow.”