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entertain me, vixen

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a pink five-tailed vixen sits on the emperor while the people in the throne room voice out requests from the powerful woman. ei did not focus on them as the sly fox on her lap, grinding on one of her thighs and trying to reach her high. 

lewd moans buries the sound of the common folk's words. the empress could feel a wet spot forming on her silk robes, pitying the tailor who made it and servants assigned to clean the mess off. 

she places a hand on the courtesan's slim waist. not thinking too much that the hand was large enough to hold the half of the kitsune's waist. pressing onto the skin harshly, catching the hazed yae.

"enough, slut. i could barely hear my people's request with your obscene whining." the pink fox blushes at the name, feeling herself get wetter. "sit still and look presentable for me, yeah?" ei muses, a faint bite in her voice. yae nods, fixes herself as she wraps herself onto the emperor like a throphy. 

the people gawked at the beautiful face of the kitsune when she faced the crowd. pink locks moving attractively as she adjusted herself. her purple eyes glinting when a woman ogled at her exposed legs, she crosses her legs with a huff. the five tails twitch in distain together with the pierced ears. 

the common folk shuddered when they felt the empress glare at them for looking too long at her prized concubine like some candy to take. the hand on the vixen's waist tightens, possession showing, she holds the kitsune closer to her. yae smirks teasingly at the purple haired woman, amused at her behavior. 

"guards, escort these people out of my palace. i am done listening to their requests for today. come back tomorrow when you decide not to ogle at the things that belongs to me." ei spits, venom laced in her voice as she stares down the woman who looked at yae. 

the guards ushered the people to follow them out the throne room. with that, the doors closed, leaving the empress and courtesan alone. 

"on your knees. now." the woman commanded the vixen on her lap. obeying, yae sits up and kneels in front of her. "be a good little fox and entertain me. keep your attention on me and only me even if you feel another presence entering this room."

the pink fox shivers at the words and nods. "yes, my lord." ei smiles at her with her fangs bared. "good."

"now, show me how you appreciate being my favorite courtesan." 


glowing lilac eyes stared down the pink kitsune. the empress' face was unamused and stoic as ever as the courtesan breathed between her thighs. her soft fingers caressing the smooth skin; sharp nails graze onto the skin, creating faint white lines. 

"i'm getting bored here, vixen. if you do not continue now, i will excuse you out of my chambers for the night." the tone of her voice was even, and dare i say bored.

yae let out a silent whimper, wanting to please the empress. she hesitantly goes near the woman's crotch, her gaze not moving away from those glaring purple eyes. the concubine gives an experimental lick between the damp folds. humming over the pink nub, swirling her slitted tongue on it. 

a small smile forms her lips when she sees the empress' face darken with crimson. soft breaths leave the purple haired woman's mouth as yae continues her ministrations. purring softly when she feels the empress cards her pink hair, scratching her scalp lightly. 

the action elicited a quiet muffled moan against the clit which made ei's thighs twitch. "that's a good little fox. pleasure me more. i might give you a reward after." she breathes out with an amused tone. 

wanting to receive more praises from the empress, yae sucks on the nub harder. she feels ei's thighs rub against her cheeks; enclosing her face in between the plump limbs. she feels herself twitch under her garments, the feeling of her lord's strong thighs enclosing and suffocating her is exhilarating. the courtesan sees more slick dribble from the folds, she quickly laps it up. drinking the liquid and relishing on the taste of her owner. 

a spark of bravery flashes through her as she licks inside the folds, prodding deeper into her cunt. ei's hands pull her hair harder making her let out a moan into the woman. the sweet noise created a vibration inside the empress' body causing her to shudder at the feeling. 

yae narrows her eyes when she sees the purple haired tilt her head back, a drop of sweat trickling her neck. using her fingers again, she rubs it in a circular motion on the erect nub and digs her tongue deeper into her walls. the empress finally lets out a moan which is music to the kitsune's ears. 

"more." ei demanded, her lilac eyes glowing. the vixen shudders at the command and speeds up, creating a nice rhythm which makes ei grind onto her face. yae holds onto the shaking thighs as she listens to the beautiful sounds. the empress could feel herself close to completion as the pink fox sucks, licks and thrusts into her. 

ei moans loudly as yae reaches deeper into her while pinching the hardened nub. being pushed deeper into the cunt by a harsh hand; the courtesan feels a gush of slick flowing onto her tongue, she gleefully drinks the liquid. watching the vixen lap up her cum, she smirks as yae looks like a dehydrated woman desperate for water. 

yae pulls away, face dripping with slick and cum. despite her disheveled look, she smiled happily; her tails wagging simultaneously. "thank you for the food, my beloved empress." she keens, her voice sultry as she bends forward. 

the empress' face darkens when she sees exposed fair blushed skin on the vixen's chest. yae's fingers danced on her knees, licking her lips seductively as she exposed her shoulder; enticing the woman looking down on her. 

"stop. i wanna unwrap my present myself. come, vixen." ei beckons her to sit back on her lap and the kitsune gladly complies. with the concubine seated on her, she leans in to kiss those pink plump lips. biting on it, fangs grazing at the wound. yae gasps, opening her mouth for ei to deepen the kiss. 

the vixen feels lightheaded as her lord begins to thrust her tongue into her mouth while licking every inch of it's cavern, not leaving a spot untouched. whining, yae tries to keep up and press her tongue against the other's but ei holds her neck tight; a bruising grip. 

she lets the empress do what she wants, abusing her mouth with the pink muscle. when ei is satisfied, she pulls away and lets yae breathe. a string of their mixed saliva connects their mouths as they panted. 

"it seems like this empress wants me to suffocate on her tongue. wouldn't it be a shame if her precious courtesan won't be able to please her anymore?" yae teased as ei grunted. she pulls on one of the kitsune's tails which causes her to jump and keen. 

"i will do what i want to you. know your place, vixen." she bares her fangs and bites onto the pink fox's neck, leaving a mark. lapping up the blood and sucking on the skin to create bruises. yae mewls as she feels the other's hand roaming her body as ei place love bites all over.

ei takes off the skimpy see-through robes yae wore as she continues to mark her body. shivering to the feeling of her breast being fondled and bitten, yae keens; breath was getting ragged. the empress notices this and decides to put one of the pink hardened nubs in her mouth. 

with this, the vixen mewls as she felt ei's tongue swirling around the areola and biting onto the nipple while sucking. the purple haired woman pinches the nipple and fondles with the other breast. it was overwhelming for the pink fox but she would gladly take whatever her majesty gives her. 

ei pulls away and smiles when she sees yae with flushed cheeks, hazy eyes, glossy lips and sweating. "you look lovely, my fox." she sings, her hand trailing lower onto the vixen's stomach. "only a sight for me to see. aren't i right?" she asks while caressing the sensitive skin. 

the kitsune softly whimpers, "yes, only for you." electro shocks her body as ei places a mark on her lower belly. "now, everyone would know that i own you. you belong to the empress of inazuma: raiden ei." she hisses, jealousy clear in her voice. "i will not let any of those irrelevant people try to take you away." 

ei wraps her hand on yae's neck, lightly pressing her thumb on the side. her vixen smiles, a breathy moan elicit from her pretty lips. "y-yes..." she chokes out. the empress seems satisfied as she lets the woman breathe again. her hands travelling lower, stopping at a damp piece of clothing. 

"hmm...what is this? it seems like my fox is excited. you couldn't be patient while pleasuring me?" ei mocked as she pressed down the wet cloth eliciting a whine from the kitsune. yae shuddered, she could feel herself get even more wet as a hand stroke her ear. "perhaps i should prolong this until you beg for me to bend you over this throne?"

the pink fox squirmed at the empress' lewd words but she could not complain; not with the empress rubbing her fingers against her core. "please have mercy on this poor courtesan, dear empress. i have entertained you well. you promised me a reward." yae wanted to grimace at the whimper she let out; a poor attempt at begging as well. 

ei hummed, not really satisfied at how yae begged but she will have mercy on her. "it is true that you have pleased me but it is my decision whether to reward you or not. since you did good, i may as well return the favor." 

she watched as the vixen's tails wag happily and how those pink ears twitch. without wasting any time, ei rips the flimsy fabric left on yae's body. watching how her body shuddered at the feeling of cold air hitting her wet folds, chest heaving with anticipation. 

what a lovely view. ei thought, leaning close to the fox's neck and licking the sweat off her skin. the surprisingly sweet yet salty taste of the liquid made ei spiral with hunger. lapping up the sweat from her collarbone until her lower stomach, right above the mark ei left earlier. she watches the vixen shiver in delight. 

a cheeky idea pops into the empress' mind, smirking against the porcelain skin. ei sits up, bringing yae's hips closer to her and placing her legs onto her shoulders. "you need to accept all that i will give to you, vixen." that was the only warning ei gives before she pinches on yae's clit and sends waves of electro shocks all over her body. 

a scream erupts from the kitsune as she felt immense pain and pleasure all at once. it felt too much, tears form in her eyes as she felt that she might climax way too soon. her whole body shook, tails puffed out and ears on high alert. her lord seemed to pick up on her body language as she stopped her ministrations. 

as if to say sorry, ei rubs her stomach gently and presses firmly onto the abused nub. a quiet sob was let out by yae as she felt ei biting onto her shoulder, drawing blood and earnestly lapping up red liquid. the other hand moved away from her stomach proceeding to stroke her hair and occasionally her ears. 

the tender moment did not last long when she felt a harsh tug on one of her tails, squeaking at the sensation. ei began to use her slick as lube to pleasure her sensitive clit more, while pulling her core closer to her face. an embarrassing drool drips from yae's mouth as she watches ei lick and prod into her folds. 

oversensitivity fills her body; ei began to thrust her tongue in and out at a bruising pace. the empress' fingers harshly swirling, pinching and rubbing against her hardened nub. the hand on her tail began to stroke and pull the pink brush causing her to let out a shrill yelp. 

the noises yae was making made ei feel delirious. she could not stop herself from enjoying the view of the fox writhing, buckling and moaning. the heat pools in her gut as she continues pleasuring the vixen, rougher and faster. her hand lets go of the tail it was holding and joins her tongue inside yae. 

the pink fox saw stars when she felt two fingers enter her alongside the wet muscle. ei began to thrust her fingers at the same pace as her tongue, massaging yae's walls. she heard a rather loud mewl from yae when the purple haired woman hit a certain spot inside. 

"there! yes! my dear ei! please!" yae let out moans and thrashed around, trying to close her legs when ei stopped. "as you wish, miko." even in her fucked out state, the vixen managed to look quite adorable blushing at the use of her name. the empress rarely spoke of her real name so it sent a different heat into her core when she heard it. 

noticing the added slick dripping out of the fox, ei smirked. the kitsune liked being called by her given name, how amusing. she shakes her head fondly and continues manhandling the beautiful concubine. making sure to hit the same spot again with precision. 

yae felt hazy, tears streamed her face and her tongue started to loll out. incoherent words escape her mouth; a mixture of 'yes' 'more' 'please' 'ei' and 'my lord'. she began feeling an intense heat start to pool into her gut, signaling her approach towards her climax. 

"ei! my- ah! lord! close!" she cries out, her whole body shaking violently. ei doesn't stop, in fact the opposite happens as she begins to thrust harder and play with her clit faster. with a final suck on the clit and press onto her prostate, yae finishes with a scream of pleasure. 

both women pant as they look at each other's disheveled faces. a weak smile forms on her favorite courtesan's face. "am i that insatiable that you decided to fuck me on your throne, my dear empress?" ei surely did not fuck her rough enough if she could still tease her like this. "does this one have a bit of an exhibitionism kink? oh ei, how lewd of you." 

the empress groans at her sly fox's snide remarks. "if you keep teasing me, i won't hesitate to fuck you in front of the whole kingdom. would you like the world to see me break you?" ei threatens with a slight hiss in her voice. the vixen does not seem fazed and smirks instead. 

"oh i'd love that. let everyone see how easily you get tempted by a courtesan like me. their empress can't seem to control her urges to satisfy her carnal desires." yae fixes herself to sit on ei's lap. as if to challenge her, she leans in and bites the other's lip. 

"don't wish for things you will regret." ei tries to hold herself back when yae grinds onto her thigh seductively. keyword: tries. the vixen found herself being devoured and manhandled until the sunrise. 



"you are a beast. i can't accompany you to the throne room today. i simply cannot walk or move at all." yae huffs, her body ached all over. 

"you shouldn't have said those snide remarks, you vixen. also who said you needed to move? i am capable of carrying you around all day." ei responds while carding through yae's pink locks. 

"do i even weigh anything to you?"

"no it's like holding a couple of grapes."