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I love you my dummy

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It has been a rough day for Chiaki who stood in front of his last obstacle, his last stunt he ran. Not hearing the director yell for him to stop he tumbled down on the floor after the large jump he had made. Chiaki felt light-headed as the director directed him to the exit forcing him to get a check up. “I am sorry” the hero bowed, and the director shook his head telling Chiaki was their fault too because he didn’t say it in time. Chiaki sighed in relief getting his check up done as the director walked away. The hero knew even before the nurse present at the sight told him that he had to take a break.


As soon as the nurse told him exactly what Chiaki excepted, he called Kanata “please pick up” he spoke hearing the phone go to voicemail, so no luck. Then he noticed on hold hands Kaoru popped on active and so he tried to call him instead and got lucky with the first ring. “Moricchi? I thought you had a job?” Kaoru sounded confused and Chiaki closed his eyes “I was but…” he trailed off hearing Kaoru sigh. “You got hurt I assume?” the blond gave a little sigh “send me your location” and Chiaki thanked him as he did as ask to. “Hm Kanata should be done soon” Chiaki spoke to himself with a grin “maybe then we can hang out!” he exclaimed letting out a groan because of his leg.


The nurse shot a look of annoyance while Chiaki slowly sat down waiting for his ride to arrive. ‘Chiaki?’ he saw the response pop up from Kanata ‘I heard from kaoru you are unwell we meet at the dorms, okay?’ ‘sure, Kanata see you’ he responded back feeling a hand on his shoulder. “Moricchi” he heard Kaoru speak softly but Chiaki still got scared and hearing Kaoru laughing he knew the blond noticed it too. “ha-ha Kaoru-kun don’t scare me like that” he exclaimed turning around seeing the blond look with a soft grin “sure, sure” he pawed Chiaki off. “Moricchi, can you stand?” Kaoru asked gently holding the arm of Chiaki for support who nodded yes “I can but it does hurt” the brunet answered leaning the most on Kaoru.


Chiaki was so glad Kaoru got the hint and took most weight off the bad side “goodbye” he nodded towards the nurse who bowed back going back to her shift. The two men walked out the studio Kaoru looking worried “I got the car to take us back but are you sure you are alright?” and the hero smiled with a little wince when trying to stand himself. The blond sighed while helping Chiaki into his car “Chiaki please just try to not move your leg too much” Kaoru commented waiting for the other give a nod. Chiaki nodded himself and Kaoru closed the door to get seated in front signalling the driver they could take off.


Finally arriving at the dorms Kanata waited outside looking with concern as he saw the car sighing a relieve walking towards the backseat seeing Chiaki sit. Opening the door “hero what ‘happened’?” he asked noticing Kaoru getting out himself. Chiaki grinned awkwardly “I jumped when the mattress wasn’t ready yet” the brunet explained while taking the hand Kanata had given at this point. The blue haired man sighed “Hero” and gave a light tap while Kaoru laughed a little. “Kanata, should we bring our hero inside now?” the blond suggested to the other two and Kanata picked up Chiaki “we ‘should’” he responded letting Kaoru lead the way. “Kanata let me go I can walk mostly myself” Chiaki complained a little while Kanata held the hero just tighter “Hero~ I don’t want ‘you’ to ‘hurt’ yourself more” the oddball said. Kaoru walking in front could be seen nodding his head “if we left Moricchi to walk for himself he might overdo it again” he mused looking back at Chiaki who just seemed to give up.


It was midday so most of the others were out of the dorms but still couldn’t help to pass Rei who seemed to be waiting. “Kaoru-kun” the vampire spoke giving Kaoru a small smile making the trio stop “Rei-kun? What is it?” the blond asked, and the raven-haired man responded back “I was waiting for you there is a job we need to get too”. Kaoru showed a confused face “oh right” he let out while the other two looked in confusion “the photoshoot, right?” Kaoru asked to confirm. Rei nodded once again “yes but I can take Shinkai-kun as well” he opted seeing as his friend smiled “sure ‘old’ friend Kaoru ‘take’ care of him” Kanata almost immediately responded back.


Chiaki finally got to stand on his own “Kanata are you sure it is, okay?” the brunet asked as he leaned on Kaoru again. His unit mate nodded slowly “Hero it is” Kanata responded who stood now by Rei “hero remember if ‘you’ need ‘help’ don’t hesitate to let ‘us’ know” the blue haired man smiled while Rei hummed “fufu to apologise let me take us out for dinner later” he said walking off Kanata taking off too after a small wave. Now the duo both confused stood there “was there actually a job?” Chiaki asked Kaoru who shook his head “that photoshoot was earlier today” he noted, and the brunet hummed. “we should get moving” Kaoru said starting to walk slowly letting Chiaki lean on safely “are we going to your dorm Kaoru-kun?” he asked, and the blond hummed “yes I know Yuta-kun is on a job right now and who knows where Nagisa-kun is”.


Chiaki laughed a little “okay then” he spoke out while they were getting closer and noticed Kaoru stopping to get his keys “we should be here sorry if it’s a bit of a mess” the blond apologised opening the door when they arrived. Chiaki looked around it looked clean he thought having Kaoru support Chiaki to his bed “stay here now dummy I have my room mates informed” he smiled softly while laying down. Chiaki laid down right besides him now “I thank you Kaoru-kun” he said getting a bit tired. The blond smiled “it is no problem Moricchi I care about you” he finished seeing Chiaki getting red hugging Kaoru closer “I am really grateful” he got out while Kaoru give him a small kiss on the head “get well soon” Kaoru wished upon Chiaki.