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somewhere only we know

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The days were getting longer again. The bite from the harsh Korean winter was gone, and the trees were regaining their leaves.

Life prevails.

Hawkeye scuffed his boots in the dirt, making his way back to The Swamp from the Officer's Club. He tried to push Charles out of his mind. The Major had been acting strange lately, not because of the usual reasons like his little quirks; eating and enjoying ahh-tichoke haaar-ts, or the way his head dipped because he was too proud to show anyone that he could smile; no, it was something completely different.

It was like Charles was avoiding him.

A few nights ago, Hawkeye was drunk. Drunker than usual. He had stumbled back into The Swamp long after midnight, expecting both of his bunkies to be fast asleep; had planned on going back to bed straight away, but that plan was diverted when he noticed Charles was awake, just sitting up in bed in the dark.

"Charles," Hawkeye had greeted, slurring his words. "You're awake." He went over to Charles's side.

The Major had merely stared at him, lips parted like he wanted to say something. Instead, he leaned forward, and before Hawkeye knew it, their lips met. Even in the darkness Hawkeye could feel Charles's blush.

"Be quieter next time," is all Winchester had uttered into the darkness.

Ever since that night, the Major refused to even look at Hawkeye. The constant jokes and quips during O.R sessions, or playful teasing earned no reaction from Charles. Not even a head dip. It was getting frustrating.

It was like nothing had even happened.

Hawkeye kicked at the ground again, a scowl plastered on his face. He opened The Swamp door, and upon noticing Charles being the only one in the tent, shut it loudly. The Major jumped a little in his seat, turning around. He had been listening to something on his record player.

"Charles. What are you doing?"

"Well, the record is Mozart-"

"No. What are you doing. You've been avoiding me like the plague all week. I think I deserve an explanation."

The Major huffed a little and sat back. Obviously Hawkeye was not going to get an answer like this.

"Listen, if this is about that one night..."

"I just- I'm giving both of us space."

"Don't give me space. That's the last thing I want from you."

Hawkeye made his way over to Charles, who winced as their eyes locked. "Do you think it was a mistake?"

Charles didn't reply.

"Just let me in, Charles. This whole past week...just tell me if you love me or not. I'm getting tired."

When the Major once more did not reply, Hawkeye sighed and stood up. "Okay. Have it your way."

Hawkeye was about to leave the tent when a quiet reply was uttered.


"Sorry?" Hawkeye turned around.

"No," Charles cleared his throat, speaking louder this time. "No, I don't think it was a mistake. And- if it was, I would very much like to make that mistake again with you."

Hawkeye stood, dumbfounded, as the Major stood up from where he had been sitting and closed the distance between them.

And all Hawkeye had time to do before Charles's lips met his was smile.