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Clashing of Multiverses

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He was minding his own business, doing his job, ripping souls apart with his strings, same old, same old. 

Introducing ForcedGodOfCreation!Error!Sans.exe

A small grin was unwavering on his skull as he Destroyed a particularly stubborn AU, then a trickle grasped at him with invisible fingers.

The grin fell away. He rolled his eyelights, knowing full well who had just intruded upon his anti-void.

Introducing ForcedGodOfDestruction!Ink!Sans.exe

His mismatched eyelights didn't need to flicker over to him to know who he was. 

FGOD!Ink smiled mockingly back. 

FGOC!Error exhaled, releasing the strings that had pulled the other over there

"Wrong Multiverse, starling." 

The Protector laughed, pulling at the loose strings. 
His smile grew fixed. His stare grew cold.

The Destroyer found himself tensing, prepping for a fight. His grin returned, playing on his teeth.

"The one in the wrong Multiverse is your beloved Ink."

FGOC!Error's smile dropped. 

FGOD!Ink's eyelights disappeared.

"Care to explain, love?"