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The Girl at the Bar

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Lexa sat alone on the cracked barstool nursing her scotch with a scowl on her face. Most of the bar was dim, but the bar area itself was glowing with neon lights. The place was crowded with it being a Saturday night. She huffed into her glass. She didn’t even want to come out tonight. Her sister, Anya, practically dragged her out of her loft saying, “You need to get laid.” Over and over. 

Lexa shouldn’t feel surprised that Anya ditched her after about five minutes being at the bar. Anya set her sights on a brunette with big brown eyes the moment they walked in. The woman was with a large group of people, among them a blonde with bright blue eyes that caught Lexa’s attention. She must have stared a little too long at the woman because she smiled and winked at her. Embarrassed at being caught staring, she quickly turned around to face the bar, and hasn’t turned back around since and that was a half hour ago. 

She glanced off to the side and saw Anya and the woman dancing impossibly close to one another. She doesn’t understand how Anya does it. Lexa may appear confident, and she was at work and when she was with friends, but she turned into a bumbling mess around pretty women. 

Okay, one more drink and I’m going home to slip into my comfy pajamas and gorge myself on pizza. She thought to herself. 

About that time someone settled on the empty barstool beside her. She glanced to her left and her eyes locked on the bluest eyes she had ever seen. They almost shined. The blonde smiled and Lexa couldn’t help but smile back, scowl immediately melting from her face. 

“Hi,” the woman said in a husky voice. 

Lexa’s eyes dropped to her pink lips, focusing on the beauty mark above her lip. “Hi,” she said nervously. 

“Our friends seem to like each other,” she said, nodding to the pair on the tiny dance floor. 

Lexa ripped herself from her blue gaze and looked over at the pair. They were definitely crossing lines for what was considered decent in public. She made a face and turned back towards the blonde. “Yeah, it appears so. Although, I could do without seeing my sister in such compromising positions,” she said as she scrunched up her face. 

“Damn. Do good looks just run in your family?” the blonde asked. 

Lexa could feel the tips of her ears go red, but before she could reply the woman muttered “Oh, shit,” and quickly ducked her head and scooted closer to Lexa like she was trying to hide behind her. 

Lexa creased her brow. “What’s wrong?”

“Ugh,” the woman groaned. “My sleazy ex just walked in,” she said, peeking over Lexa’s shoulder. 


The woman tilted her head up and she was a mere few inches from Lexa’s face, and it made her breath catch in her throat when she caught a whiff of her flowery perfume. 

“I know this is weird. But could you like pretend to be my girlfriend?” 

Lexa’s eyes widened at the request and her brows creased. “I—-uh—“

“Please,” the woman begged and she was just far enough away for Lexa to see her pink lips pout. 

“I-I-don’t know,” Lexa stammered, trying to ignore the thrall of her lips and her gaze. 

“Not to sound conceited, but I’m almost positive he will approach me and he won’t leave me alone if he thinks I’m single,” she whined. 

Lexa frowned slightly, but the crease in her forehead loosened. “I don’t even know your name,” she sighed. 

“It’s Clarke,” she said. 

“Clarke,” Lexa repeated, putting emphasis on the K. She liked the way her name felt rolling off her lips. Clarke looked at her expectantly. Lexa paused for a moment before she spoke. “Lexa. My name is Lexa.” 

“Lexa, will you please pretend to be my girlfriend? I’ll buy you drinks the rest of the night” she offered, face still pouting. 

Lexa knew at that moment she was screwed. She would probably say yes to anything the woman asked. “You don’t have to do that, Clarke. But I guess I will help you.” 

Clarke squealed a little too loudly for how close she was. She immediately wrapped her arms around Lexa and squeezed. Lexa almost couldn’t breathe when the woman’s scent surrounded her. She smelled like a field of wildflowers. She smelled like spring. When Clarke pulled away, she placed a kiss on her cheek. “You’re awesome. Thank you.”

“N-no, problem,” Lexa stuttered. She could feel Clarke’s lip print branded on her cheek and her cheeks burned in a flush. 

“You’re really cute, Lexa,” Clarke grinned, pulling away from her personal space. 

Lexa scoffed, “I’m not cute.” She could feel her blush spread to the back of her neck. 

“Sure you are,” Clarke winked. “I know your type, Lexa.”

“Oh? What type am I, Clarke?” Lexa quirked an eyebrow up in challenge. 

“You got the scowl, the very sexy leather jacket, and I bet a few tattoos hidden underneath those sleeves,” Chloe said, rubbing her finger tips down the worn leather of the sleeve. “You want to appear to be a badass. But then you go and do things like helping the random stranger in the bar. Inside you’re a big teddy bear.” 

Lexa restrained her lips from curling up into a smile, struggling to make her face remain neutral. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” 

“Sure you don’t,” Clarke chuckled. She removed her hand from her forearm and signaled for the bartender and ordered herself and Lexa another drink. 

They situated themselves to where they were facing each other instead of the bar. Lexa’s right hand held onto her glass, fingers playing with the condensation. 

“So, Lexa, what do you—“ 

She was cut off by a floppy haired boy approaching Clarke. “Hey, Clarke,” he said as he placed his hand on her lower back. Clarke immediately straightened her posture before jerking away from his touch. That and the glare Lexa sent him had him taking a step back. 

“Don’t be like that, baby,” the man grinned. 

“I’m not your baby anymore, Finn,” Clarke said angrily. 

Lexa slowly looked between the two trying to decide on a course of action. 

“Come on,” he chuckled. ”I miss you.”

“You should have thought of thought before you fucked someone else then,” Clarke spat out. 

“You still can’t be mad about that,” he rolled his eyes. “I made a mistake. I told you I was sorry.” 

“I think you should leave,” Lexa said in almost snarl. 

Finn looked at her for the first time. The grin left his face. “Yeah, well, who the hell are you?”

Lexa hopped down from her barstool with a thud. And with confidence she normally ever felt in a courtroom, she wedged herself between Clarke’s open legs, face turned to the man, icy glare thrown in his direction. She placed her hands on Clarke’s thighs, the denim feeling worn and warm beneath her fingertips. “I’m the girlfriend,” she said through clenched teeth. She had to try hard to stay focused because the smell of Clarke was making her head spin. 

His eyes grew wide as saucers. “A girl? Clarke, I thought you were done with that little phase.” 

Clarke took her eyes off of Lexa long enough to glare at the guy. “I didn’t stop being bisexual just because I dated you.” 

“You know she can’t please you like I can,” he retorted cockily. 

Lexa snorted and Clarke outright laughed in his face. “Lexa has left me completely satisfied,” Clarke husked. “Unlike with you when I had to fake it every single time and wait for you to fall asleep to finish myself.” 

A flash of anger crossed his face and he lunged forward and grabbed Clarke by the arm. “Stop lying!”

Lexa practically growled and grabbed his wrist harshly and twisted. He yelped in pain and Lexa gripped harder. “Touch her again and I’ll break your fingers,” she said in a calm and collected tone before dropping his wrist. 

“Bitch,” he mumbled, as he grabbed and rubbed his wrist with his other hand. 

About that time, a burly bald man approached. “Problem here, ladies?” He asked gruffly, pointing at Finn. 

“Yes,” Lexa answered. Her hand returned to Clarke’s thigh. “He is harassing my girlfriend.”

The bouncer nodded and roughly grabbed Finn by the shoulder. “Okay, time to go,” he ordered and pushed him towards the exit. 

“She harassed me,” Finn yelled as he was being escorted out. 

“Yeah, whatever,” the bouncer huffed. 

Lexa ripped her gaze from that scene to stare back at Clarke, but before she could say anything the girl Anya was dancing with and Anya approached. 

“You okay, Clarke?” The other woman asked worriedly, 

Clarke shook her head yes but didn’t stop staring at Lexa. “Lexa here saved me, Raven.”

Raven arched her eyebrow at the position the two were in. “Finn is such a douche,” she said. 

“I’d say,” Lexa scoffed. 

Anya leaned in and whispered something in her ear, making the woman giggle. “Okay, well I was on my way to tell you I’m heading out and don’t wait up,” she wiggled her eyebrows drastically. 

“Lex, you might want to stay out late,” Anya said, before grabbing Raven’s hand and dragging her away. 

Clarke grinned at the pair before looking back at Lexa just in time to see the woman roll her eyes and shake her head.

“Told you our friends liked each other,” Clarke laughed. The blonde glanced down at Lexa’s hands and that made Lexa remember what she was doing and she tried to jerk her hands away and step back. Clarke reached out and grabbed her wrists, gently pressing her hands back down on her thighs. 

“So,” Clarke said in a deeper tone. “Badass thing not just an act, huh?” She smiled. 

“Told you I wasn’t cute,” Lexa replied with a smirk. 

“No, you’re like really sexy,” Clarke said. Her hands releasing her wrists and trailing up her forearms. 

Lexa stared at her face illuminated by the neon glow. “And you’re absolutely gorgeous,” she said just loud enough for Clarke to hear her. Clarke’s smile was blinding. “And he was a fucking idiot. If I were lucky enough to get a girl like you I would never ever treat you that way.”

“Prove it,” Clarke rasped before she closed the gap between them and pressed their lips together. Lexa froze at first, absolutely shocked this gorgeous specimen of a woman wanted to kiss her. Her brain quickly caught up and she kissed her back with a fervor. Goosebumps spread across her skin and fireworks exploded behind her eyelids as Clarke guided her lips against hers. 

The kiss escalated quickly, as Clarke’s hand threaded behind Lexa’s neck, and Lexa’s hands trailed up to her waist. She pressed herself further into Clarke. Both women seemed to remember they were in a very public place when loud cheers and wolf whistles sounded from the group Clarke had left. They pulled away breathlessly, staring into each other’s eyes. Lexa’s blush was back in full force and she felt her entire body burn with it. “Wow,” she whispered. 

Clarke smiled like a mad woman. “Come home with me?” 

Lexa nodded before kissing her again quickly. “Let’s go,” she said. Pulling away and holding her hand out for Clarke to take. Clarke accepted and allowed herself to be led out by Lexa. 

“Do you have a ride? Raven was kind of mine,” Clarke said, as they exited the door. The cool autumn breeze was relieving after being in the stuffy bar. 

“This is me,” Lexa said, stopping by a black Harley, near the front entrance. There were two identical sleek black helmets sitting on the seat. 

“Wow,” Clarke visibly gulped. “You just keep getting hotter and hotter,” she said, licking her lips. 

Lexa smiled a shy smile and slid her jacket off of her shoulders, revealing a black Henley shirt. She motioned for Clarke to turn around and she helped Clarke into the jacket. “The ride will be cold,” Lexa said as she adjusted the jacket. 

“But now won’t you be cold?” 

Lexa nodded her head no. “I’ll have you holding onto me. You’ll keep me warm,” she smiled. 

Lexa took the extra helmet and gently placed it on Clarke’s head. Then she pulled her wild chestnut hair back and tied it in a ponytail at the base of her neck before slipping her own on and straddling the bike. 

She kick started the bike and it grumbled to life. She looked over her shoulder. “Coming, Clarke?” 

Clarke scrambled on the back of the bike. “Hold on tightly,” Lexa said over the engine. Clarke wrapped her arms around her midriff, pushing her front tightly against Lexa’s back, soaking in the piney earthy smell emanating from Lexa. Lexa let out an involuntary groan that she hoped was drowned out by the engine as Clarke pressed tighter against her. Her mind immediately went to naughty thoughts about how else she will get Clarke to wrap around her body. 

Clarke yelled the directions to her apartment as she held on tighter as Lexa turned right on her road. Lexa was able to find a spot close to the front door of her apartment building. The bike turned off, bathing them in near silence. 

“Did you enjoy the ride?” Lexa asked, removing her helmet. 

Clarke removed hers and leaned forward to whisper in Lexa’s ear, making Lexa shiver. “I did, but I hope it's not the only ride I receive tonight.” Before dismounting the bike. 

“Fuck, Clarke,” Lexa whispered in a hushed tone. Clarke winked and laced their fingers together, pulling the woman to the building without another word. 

Clarke stopped at the stairs. “I’m only on the second floor. It will be faster than waiting on the rickety elevator.” Lexa nodded and allowed Clarke to practically drag her up the two flights of stairs. 

They barely made it through her apartment door before Clarke pushed Lexa against it. Her shoulders hit with a thud.. Their lips clashed together messily and Clarke pushed her body closer to Lexa’s. Lexa let out a groan that Clarke sucked from her mouth. Lexa thought her heart was going to beat out of her chest. Kissing Clarke was unlike anything she had ever experienced. She clawed at her leather jacket on Clarke’s shoulders, scrambling to remove the layers between them. 

The jacket hit the ground first, and Clarke broke away for air. Her hands slipped beneath the hem of Lexa’s shirt, landing on her lower back. She slowly snaked her hands up her spine. She kissed down Lexa’s sharp jaw and onto her neck. Her hands lowered again and bunched the bottom of her shirt. “Is this okay?” She whispered into ear. 

“Yes,” Lexa answered and Clarke pulled away far enough to slip her shirt over her head. It left her in just a black bra and several tattoos on display. 

“I knew you had tattoos,” Clarke grinned. “Do you realize how incredibly sexy you are?” She asked, staring down at her toned stomach. Lexa’s entire body flushed under her gaze. Clarke palmed her stomach and slowly glided up under her rib cage, before stepping back close and locking their lips back together. 

Lexa grabbed at her hips before slipping under her shirt. She needed to feel her under her palms. Clarke stepped back again and threw her own shirt off. Lexa’s eyes darted to her full chest popping out of a blue lace bra. “Like what you see?” Clarke rasped. 

“Fuck yes,” Lexa said, pushing her self off the door and closing the gap this time. Her hands grasped her hips and she attached her lips to the column of her throat. 

And soon they had a trail of clothes leading to Clarke’s bed. 

Only when they were both completely naked did they eagerly fall into one another on the mattress. Lips and hands wandered quickly. Lexa was all toned muscles and Clarke was all soft curves. Their bodies melted together perfectly. They soon lost themselves in a lust fueled haze. 

Hours later, both women were sated and they laid in a tangled mess of limbs. Clarke’s head was on Lexa’s chest and Lexa was stroking down her bare back. It was oddly intimate for only knowing each other for a handful of hours. Lexa’s had full blown relationships where she didn’t cuddle like this. Usually affection like this would have her scrambling for her clothes. For some reason it was different with Clarke. She chose not to dwell on it and enjoy the moment instead. 

“So,” Lexa said in a raspy voice. “Did you tell the truth earlier?” A smirk was planted firmly on her face. 

“What do you mean?” Clarke asked through a yawn. 

“I mean have I left you completely satisfied?” She grinned. 

Clarke laughed and placed a kiss on her chest, “God, yes, you were incredible Lexa.” 

“You’re one to talk,” Lexa chuckled. 

Clarke yawned again and Lexa could feel her own eyes getting droopy and that’s when a mild panic set in. 

Should I stay? Should I go? What does Clarke want her to do? Is she just politely waiting for me to get my shit and leave? I mean that’s what you expect when you drag someone home from the bar after a few minutes, right? Yeah, I should probably go. 

Lexa honestly didn’t want to leave, but the longer she laid there the more she convinced herself that Clarke wanted her to leave. She begrudgingly started to wiggle away and sat on the edge of the bed. She ran her fingers through her unruly hair. 

“What are you doing?” Clarke asked sleepily. Lexa looked back and Clarke propped herself up on one elbow with an unreadable expression. 

“I-I thought. I didn’t know what this was. I thought you probably wanted me to go,” Lexa admitted. 

“Well, I don’t,” Clarke replied. “Do you want to leave?” 

“No,” Lexa shook her head. “I don’t.” 

“Look, Lexa,” Clarke said, sitting up. “I know we literally just met and then just fell into bed together, and if you want this to be a one night stand, I’ll respect that. But I personally want you to stay. I want to see what those green eyes look like in the morning sun. I want to make you breakfast. I want to get to know you better and hopefully see you again,” she said and then looked away shyly. “It’s not everyday someone threatens to break someone’s hand for you.” 

Lexa smiled, “It was his fingers, but that’s besides the point,” she paused and cleared her throat. “I’d like that too, Clarke.” 

“Really?” Clarke asked hopefully. 

Lexa smiled and nodded her head. Clake patted the spot next to her and Lexa slid back into bed. Clarke situated herself back on her chest. Lexa started to play with her hair until they both drifted off to sleep.