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When Your Hair Has Turned To Silver

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   Kojiro loves Kaoru’s hair. 



Since they were children, he’s been enamored by the pink waterfall of hair on the other. When they were only five years old, Kojiro watched carefully while his mother braided his sisters’ hair. Kaoru deserved a pretty braid too! He just had to learn! He practiced on said sisters’ dolls until he was confident he could braid his best friend’s hair too. 



On the first day of summer 1999, while Kojiro and Kaoru held hands on the way to the park, Kaoru said the magic words. “My hair makes me hot, I wonder if one of my mommies will put it in a ponytail?”  



“Ru! I can braid your hair!” Kojiro excitedly exclaimed, dropping Kaoru’s hand to clap his own together. Kaoru just stared at him. Tiny cheeks puffed out and big eyes squinted, obviously full of doubt. “I swear! Look, we can pinky swear! Mama showed me how, Ru! Please?” He held out his small, chubby hand with his pinky extended. 



Kaoru sighed and returned the gesture. “Fine. You better be good or else I’m not ever gonna let you touch my hair again.” Kojiro grinned and locked his pinky with Kaoru’s. They eventually settled down on a bench. Kaoru sitting backwards and Kojiro standing behind him. He took Kaoru’s hair in his hands and began working carefully. Until he realized he definitely was not making a braid, in fact, he had made a giant knot! 



“Uh oh…”



“What do you mean ‘Uh oh’?!” Kaoru shot up from where he sat, anger and fear decorating his face. “What did you do, Koji?!” Kojiro immediately began to cry and apologize. Kaoru growled. “My mommies are gonna be so upset with you, Koji! Ugh! …Stop crying.”



Kojiro sniffled. “I- I’m sorry, Ru!!! I just wanted t-to help!” He sobbed loudly.



    “Koji. Stop crying. I’ll just tell my mommies I tried to do it. ‘Kay?” He took Kojiro’s hand.



    Kaoru did end up lying to his mothers for Kojiro, but twenty-two years later he still hasn’t let poor Kojiro live it down. He never stopped allowing Kojiro to play with his hair though. That would have been a punishment for both parties, because Kaoru loves when Kojiro touches his hair. And Kaoru does not deserve to be punished so harshly.



    Whether it’s Kojiro gently playing with it while they cuddle, his fingers tightly gripping and pulling it while they make love, his hands massaging conditioner into it while Kaoru bathes, or him pulling his hair into braids or ponytails; Kaoru loves it. Kojiro loves it. It’s part of their daily routines and deeply entwined in their lives. Which is why they were in their current position.


    Kaoru sits on their bed, silently looking for a bedtime article to read on his Carla tablet, while Kojiro sits behind him, weaving his hair into two braids. Kojiro hums an old Italian love song as he works, happy to have his hands in his husband’s hair. It’s just another calm, lovely night for them. Until Kojiro suddenly stops humming. And stops moving. “Koji? What’s the matter? Tell me you didn’t make another knot in my hair…” Kaoru teases, despite being a little nervous.



    “Uhh… Heh,” Kojiro weakly chuckles. “Okay, I didn’t do anything. But… Um…”



    “Kojiro…” Kaoru warns, turning his head to look at him.



    “I have done nothing wrong, don’t look at me like that! It’s just… You have a gray hair.”



    “What. WHAT?!” Kaoru jumps up and storms into the bathroom. “WHERE. IS. IT.”




    Kojiro trots after him, trying his absolute hardest not to laugh. “Hang on, babe, it’s in the back. You won’t be able to see it.” He stands behind Kaoru and kisses his shoulder. “Want me to pluck it?”






    “M’kay,” Kojiro places another kiss on Kaoru's cheek and sets off on his search for the gray. Once he rediscovers it, he plucks it without warning. “All gone, do you want to see?”



    Kaoru takes it from his hand and stares at it with furrowed brows. “You planted this, didn’t you, you incorrigible gorilla?”



    “Baby, you know I wouldn’t. It’s natural to get grays.”



    “We aren’t even thirty, Kojiro. Why would I have a gray hair? I take meticulous care of my hair, this is just… Well it’s impossible!”



    Kojiro meets his eyes in the mirror, looking at him with a fond expression. “Amore mio, your work is stressful. You’re lucky you made it this long without going gray. Eri bello quando mi sono innamorato di te, e sarai bello quando i tuoi capelli saranno diventati argento.”



    “I don’t know what that means…” Kaoru sniffs, but continues quietly. “I love you…”



    Kojiro spins him around so they’re facing each other, and tilts his head up with a hand beneath his chin. “It means ‘you were beautiful when I fell in love with you, and you will be beautiful when your hair has turned to silver’. I would never think otherwise. I know you, Ru. I know you worry about aging and all of that. But I need you to know that I am so excited to grow old with you,” he presses a tender kiss to his husband’s lips. “There is no one I’d rather be with for the rest of my life.”



    “God, you’re such a sap,” Kaoru’s lower lip extends out slightly more, an indicator that he’s ready to cry. “I love you. Thank you.” 



    “Anything for you, my love.”