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Into the Mirabel Multiverse

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The next Mirabel was… interesting for a lack of words.

When she had been teleported in, she had been a human Snow Leopard, and spewing ice.

Right in Camilo’s poor (now frozen) face.

It took 30 minutes for him to be able to feel his face, and another 15 to talk with out a stupid look on his face.

It was hilarious.

By then, Mirabel had shifted into a form where it was just ears and tails. 

An air of unease surrounded her, as well as the sense of calm before the storm.

“Soooo,” Bruno drawled out. “What’s your universe like?”

He flinched under his nieces gaze, this Mirabel didn’t wear glasses, so the could see in great detail a pair of pale blues leopard eyes.

And the scar that spanned from a few inches above her eyebrow, to just above her chin.

“It’s life,” she quite literally snarled. “I got kidnapped by aliens who turned me into a” she pause and made a wild gesture to herself “ this ! I fight as a vigilante at night, and I’m no longer in the Encanto.”

“What age were you kidnapped?” Abuela asked softly. She had to stop herself from flinching when Leopard Mirabel’ glare snapped to her.

“A few day after the failed ceremony.” she said in a matter of fact tone.

“Were you the only one?” Dolorese asked.

“No, there was 8 other kids with me, one was separated from us because her mutant power was to strong for the Kranng to handle.”

“Mutant power?” Agustin sounded curious.

“Yeah. Like my ice, or Luna’s sonic howl. We were classified on a scale of 1-X to 10-X.” she paused before scratching the back of her neck, “ I was a 9-X. If I get a shard of ice in anyone, I can control them, so they just kinda kept me in a room without water, unless I really needed it.”

“Why?” the simple questioned came from Antonio, who had already guessed that this Mirabel didn’t know he existed.

“They thought by restricting my water access, I wouldn’t be able to summon ice, they wer wrong. The Kranng made two mistakes with me,one, they underestimated me, and two they gave me an cute and adorable, mountain lion, who could talk to, and use ghost to control others, to watch until they got his a cell of his own.”

“How did you escape.”
“A Kranng accidentally left the main cell, that means the one that held the 1-X through 8-X class mutants, open, they went and freed us, and we went and freed Sora, and we escaped into New York City, and we’ve been there ever since.”

“Umm.” Antonio uttered, and his Prima’s gaze turned to him she gave a grin,revealing that her canies were still very. very sharp. 

“Oh, my, sewer apples, YOU SO STINKING ADORABLE!!” Leopard Mirabel squealed.
“She’s kinda like me… just furrier, and more aggressive.” Mirabel muttered.

“What do you fight?” Pepa inquired a burning curiosity.

“Kranng, and The Foot.”

“The foot?”  Isabela muttered

“Your either with them, or against them, there is not in between.” Leopard Mirabel hissed in aggravation. She then pointed to her scar. “ They fucking-”

“LANGUAGE!” Pepa shouted from her position covering Antonio’s ears.

They fudging, happy now? Gave me this because I refused to join” Leopard Mirabel hissed in aggravation. 

“Okay? How are you mentally?” Felix muttered, genuinely concerned for his nieces well being, he hadn’t counted on her hearing picking u on the question.

“Oh I’m doing just fine! Having others who know what you went through is quite helpful!” she purred.

“Wait, can you go like full leopard?” Antonio asked with a look of inocence.

“Yes?” Leopard Mirabel said it like a question “Why?’

“Could I talk to you like that,my gift allows me to talk to animals.”

The Madrigals all froze at Antonio’s poor, poor wording.

“Mabye, I guess we could try-”

“NOPE! Not gonna happen! That’s enough questions, say bye!” 

“Adios!” Leopard Mirabel shouted, once again getting in her fighting position, turning into the form she was in previously and inhaling. Gone in a blinding flash, just like she arrived.


10 minutes later another blinding flash appear, and horrified shrieks filled the room.