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Into the Mirabel Multiverse

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The Madrigals had just sat down to dinner when in happened.

A slight tingling was felt,before, poof.

They sat in a room, it was like a much larger version of the nursery, minus the furniture.

“What the-” Bruno muttered

“I can’t hear!” Dolores yelled, and all eyes turned to her and Pepa looked distressed. Dolores took this time to realize her poor wording.”Wait, let me rephrase that, I can’t hear, as much as I usually can. ” Dolores emphasized. 

Pepa gave a low sigh of relief.

“No that you mention it, I can’t feel my gift.” Camilo mutter, the Madrigal with gift all looked confused, didn’t they fix the miracle. 

Mirabel took in the room quietly, before spotting the strange object in the room.

“Greetings Madrigals.”

A calm voiced startled all of them out of their musing.

“As you can tell, you are no longer in the Encanto, but rest assured that you are not in danger.”

Mirabel took the lead.

“Who,or what are you,and why are we here?” she questioned quietly. Behind the cameras, a young deity chuckled.

“Straight to the point are you?” he teased,” As you can tell, your gift do not work here. I mean no harm to you.” the Voice soothed “You may call me Writer.”

“Okay??” Luisa questioned. She was uncertain,but she didn’t protest.

“As for why you are here, there is a magical thing called the Multiverse, in each of these universes, there is something different, a choice, a small tweap in the timeline, yout universe is called the Root universe, you are the originals.” Writer explained simply. Mirabel blinked before she realized it.
“So some of the choices we considered doing, they actually happened in other versions of ourselves.”

“Yes, but we are here to see how thing could have been different in the Mirabel Varients.”

“The what now?” Camilo asked., he received a smack on the back of the head from his mother.

“A Varient, is a alternate version of yourself, you Camilo Madrigal have the most troublesome variants, and you are second to Mirabel when it comes to the amount of variants.” Writer said.

“How bad do they get?” Juileta questioned.

“Young Julieta, do you know why my name is Writer?”


“Simple there is a group of divine being who write out every fate that can befall you universe, I made several Varients myself, but only when we add them to the system, do they become a reality.”

The Madrigal’s all stopped what they were doing. Because for the love of the Candle, there were people who took their fates and molded them into what they wanted, Bruno blanched.

Tio Bruno?” Antonio asked concerned about the shade of pale brown his Tio’s face had become.

“You mean, that you can’t touch our universe, but you can make entire other ones.”

“Yes. I just said that”

“ You have the power to destroy them, don’t you?”

Writer didn’t respond, he was good, they had to admit it.

“Writer, can you destroy universe, yes or no?” Abuela asked frightened.

“Okay listen, yes I can, but I can’t touch your universe, I did, everything would come crumbling down, every detail of every universe, would vanish.” Writer said bluntly. “ And I’m breaking several rules by bringing you here.”

Bruno gulped dreading the next question that he would ask.

“How many universes have you destroyed?”


How many

“3” Writer said bluntly. “Before you ask, no, they were not of your variants, I write for other dimensions too, sometimes I interlap some dimensions,you know what you’ll see.”

“See what?” Isabela asked in an accusing tone

“You are here, to react to the Mirabel variant that I created, the rules are simple, they too will have any abilities or gifts that they have will be disabled.You can each ask two questions.”

“So we’re reacting to me?”


“In other universes.”


The Madrigal’s were beyond confused, this was downright witchcraft. But then again, they had their own miracle.


How much weirder can this be?

“You never really answered my question.” Julieta objected.

They can be gruesome, but be warned some are colder towards your family, some aren’t your daughter, some Alternate Universes have Bruno as Mirabel and Camilo’s parent,”

“Okay, I can’t be mad at that.” Pepa chuckled. “He’s like a second father to them. Bruno flushed red stuttering and mumbling about how that wasn’t true, and Mirabel and Camilo blinking confused at what their family member meant.

“You are quite a group, some have Mirabel with a gift.”

“Ok pardon me,did you say in some universe I have a gift?”

“Correct, like I said, once a writer is made, they jump from, alternate-” Writer paused, “You know what, that is a mouth full,we’ll call them Fandoms. A writer jumps from fandom to fandom, always asking the question of ‘what if’” Writer paused, almost embarrassed to say what she said next. “ Some are not right in their heads, and write… how to say, unsavory content.”

Pepa covered Antoino’s ears, and asked “ What type of stuff?”

“Do you really want to know?”


“That is what I thought.”

Mirabel saw how uncomfortable the atmosphere had become before asking a question that had been eating at her mind.
“How long will we be here?”

“ 3 days at the max.”

“But the town-” Abuela tried to interrupt.

“The town can wait, your family could use some bonding time, and you all need to realize,”

Writer paused letting the tension rise until Dolorese asked the question they were all thinking.

“Realize what?”

A blinding flash filled the room, a young girl, about 15 in age, stood in the center, long brown hair reached mid back, and multicolored eyes opened as a predatory smirk graced her lip.

You got off, EASY .