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Random Ideas of Encanto

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Mirabel was only vaguely aware of her mother asking her if she was okay, and surprisingly Mirabel was okay. There was plenty of dirt and dust but not a scratch on her.

Mirabel heard her Tia Pepa calling out for Mama and she didn’t want mama to go but she couldn’t be selfish. Everyone else needed mama. Mirabel didn’t. She wasn’t worth it.

Even if her mama could still heal somehow Mirabel wasn’t worth being healed. After all she was defective. Defective and giftless and worthless and the reason Casita fell.

Mirabel only barely realized she was looking up when she saw Dolores helping a lost looking Abuela sit on a piece of rubble while Camilo asked what they were going to do and what was going to happen to Antonio.

Antonio…Mirabel’s favorite family member who didn’t care that she had been giftless. Her little hombrecito who had just gotten his gift yesterday. And now he had lost it. Because of her.

She…She had to leave. She didn’t know where she would go but she couldn’t stay here. Couldn’t stay here knowing that she was to blame for all of this. That she had broken their home and their miracle. All because she had tried to be the same as them. Bright, shining, Amazing.

All because she had tried to be something she isn’t. Something she would never be. After all…they were stars and she? She was just the defective black sheep of the family.

Something inside of her broke at that thought and she dropped the burnt out husk remains of the magic candle as she stumbled away.

She couldn’t stay here. She had to leave.

She never noticed some of the rubble of Casita moving away from her and how the plants and trees moved out of her way to give her a clear path to the mountain that had been split open.

She heard them yelling and calling for her vaguely as she made her way through the mountain and paused at a stream. Something about the river…it called out to her and she couldn’t help but collapse there and sit, her head buried in her arms.

She didn’t know how long she sat there, only that suddenly it went from dark at night to morning…and that she only looked up when she felt someone or something approach her. She didn’t know how she had known someone was walking towards her, she just knew that someone was.

She didn’t even have to look up to know it was her Abuela. It was as if she could feel the woman and knew who she was immediately.

She didn’t even look up as she spoke.

“I never meant to hurt us….I just…I just wanted to be something I’m not.” Mirabel spoke the words as if they didn’t cause an intense burn in her throat as she finally admitted aloud what she had known from the very night of her fifth birthday. That she wasn’t like them. That she was different…a defect.

That she wasn’t special like they were.

“I’ve…never been able to come back here. This river…is where we were given our Miracle.” Abuela said after a moment and Mirabel looked up slowly. That wasn’t what she had expected, she had thought Abuela would scream or yell, would curse her name and perhaps push her into the river.

Instead she listened to her Abuela talk about how she had thought she would be a different woman, and she somehow saw her Abuela’s past. As if she were living through it herself from her Abuela’s eyes. She saw how she had met Abuelo, saw how they had fallen in love and gotten married, saw her Abuela tell him about their triplets, saw as the triplets were born and then not even an hour later the young parents were forced to flee their home and go into the mountains.

She saw from her Abuela’s eyes as the invaders caught up with the fleeing refugees, saw how Abuelo kissed her and their children before turning and walking out to plead with the invaders. She saw from her Abuela’s eyes as her Abuelo was cut down in cold blood while her Abuela broke down and the magic flared.

She saw as the triplets were given their gifts, saw how Abuela was so focused on the miracle and keeping it alive, believing it to be her last link to Pedro, that she had forgotten just who the miracle was for.

Mirabel saw it all and then suddenly she was back in her own body and had noticed a yellow butterfly landing on a reed. The same one she saw in the vision.

Pulling her grandmother into the water Mirabel embraced her, hugging her grandmother for the first time in ten years. And there was a swarm of golden butterflies flying around them in a tornado almost.

It wasn’t until they got back to the rubble of Casita that things started to be more noticeable and everyone noticed something strange going on.

It started when the adults noticed how parts of the rubble seemed to move away from Mirabel.

It was little things though, some rubble shifting here, some sand moving there. Little things that could be tricks of the light or their eyes playing tricks on them.

It wasn’t until something much bigger happened that they couldn’t write it off or ignore it.

Mirabel had been trying to corral the children helping out to get them away rom a more unstable part of the rubble when a big piece of rubble came down right towards Antonio and Cecil.

“No!” There were shouts and cries of worry and horror but Mirabel is the one who lunged forward to try and shield the children from the rubble.

After a minute of no pain and several started and confused murmurs Mirabel dared to raise her head and blinked slowly at the sight of the rubble floating there above them.

“What the hell?” Mirabel gaped at the sight of the rubble floating over them. It began to fall again and Mirabel yelped, throwing her hands up as if to shield her head from the rubble.

The rubble that had been falling towards her was thrown clear into the sky and away.

“…But…But the candle is gone? And even if it wasn’t I don’t have a gift.” Mirabel said staring down at her hands confused.

“Well something is obviously going on.” Camilo said staring at her along with everyone else.

“Can you do that again? Without being in danger?” Isabela asked and she was grinning slightly unhinged as she looked at her sister who stared at her and then stared at her hands.

“..I…do not know.” Mirabel said and she and Isabela stared at each other before they slowly began to give matching rather unhinged grins.

“Let’s test it out!” The two cried out in unison and they raced off to see if Mirabel could make other things move or freeze in place.

“Girls please don’t go overboard! We don’t even know what’s going on or if Mirabel did that!” Julieta called after the two of them looking worried.

“See if you can throw something heavy!” Pepa however was all for the testing and was racing after the two feral gremlins.

"Why now? Why would her gift come in now when the candle is gone and ours are gone?" Alma asked baffled as she stared after the three feral women.

"I'm not sure it is one. We had a feeling and knew about our gifts, she had no clue of hers... It's...different." Bruno muttered staring after his sobrinas and hermana worried.

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No one was quite sure what to expect for the youngest Madrigal child's Gift Ceremony. The theories and possibilities were endless as everyone tried to guess.

Maybe wings?

Maybe something to do with light?

Maybe she'd have a gift like her mother's?

No no she'd have a gift like her big sisters.

Some even considered that she might be getting a repeat gift, a gift like her mother's or uncles or aunts.

Some even quietly pondered if she would have a gift that had to do with the candle itself.

But no one guessed exactly what Mirabel would get as her gift.

As they all watched the tiny girl reach up and touch the one expected what would happen next.

They saw the door flare and then settle, showing an incredibly tall door and a tall woman in it. Tall and thin and her hair seemed to be long and straight and making...some kind of circle thing that had eyes peering out of it. And there was something strange in each of her hands and on her feet. A strange object they had never seen before.

Looking at the little girl everyone gasped and looked confused as they saw her hair moving as if it had a mind of its own for a long moment before it suddenly shot forward in length and covered Mirabels tiny body in dark brown hair that fashioned into a dress.

"" Isabela looked very confused as she stared at her little sister whose eyes were glazed over a bit as if she wasn't completely there. As if her mind wasn't in her body at the moment.

When Abuela stepped forward and touched her shoulder Mirabel blinked and looked up at her Abuela.

"Why don't we go in and see your room Mirabel?" Abuela asked although as they got closer to the door people began to murmur and whisper. There was another figure on the door as well. Half hidden behind Mirabel and just as tall and holding a similar object in her hands as Mirabel.

And right on top of the door depending on how they looked at it her name seemed to change. From Mirabel to Bayonetta and then back.

Opening the door saw them in a large room that was designed a bit like a stone church. An old styled one even for the oldest of the town.

There were rooms that led to different places, a small kitchen, a bar, several cells, a bedroom... Mirabel glanced around and smirked slightly at it all before she walked right past them.

Everyone followed the suddenly confident looking little girl who had a smirk on her face as she walked towards a door that had a neon sign over it that proclaimed it to be The Gates of Hell.

It had more than a few people tittering and worrying as the girl opened the door and soft music was heard playing.

"Rodin! I want my usual! And my equipment!" Mirabel called loudly as she stepped into the bar and fearlessly walked up to the bar where a blondish white haired woman was sitting on a stool and a tall bald black man was standing behind the bar.

Both of their heads whipped around and their jaws dropped open as they stared at the girl with a glowing blue left eye and what almost looked like butterflies dropping off of her feet.

The white haired woman spoke first, her gaze locked onto Mirabel.

"Rodin did you slip something in my drink? Cause I'm seeing my wife reborn as a small child."

"Not my doing Jeanne. Bayonetta is really back. She somehow escaped the clutches of hell."

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"Hello. Can one of you two tell me what is going on here?" Alma asked staring at the two gobsmacked people who were staring at Mirabel who was climbing into the barstool as if she belonged there.

"Names Rodin. I run this place. That's Jeanne, an Umbran Witch. Who are you and how do you know Bayonetta?" The bald man asked looking from Mirabel to the group of people who followed her in.

"I was reborn in a new family with a new name. That's my Abuela and my parents, sisters, Tia and Tios and cousins." Mirabel said pointing out each of her family members vaguely while the blond buried her face in her hands.

"Oh my god my wife is a literal child now." The blond, Jeanne, said and Mirabel snorted slightly and patted her arm.

"There there Jeanne. Don't worry. I'll be grown up again before you know it. Probably literally given how time passes for Umbrans." Mirabel said but she was snickering as she tried to console the woman.

"Your...your wife?" Tia Pepa asked gaping at Jeanne who looked up and nodded.

"Before she was reborn Bayonetta was my wife. Rodin has the pictures from our wedding around here somewhere and I have a picture of what she used to look like in my locket." Jeanne said and then she glanced at Mirabel again who beamed at her and pulled out a golden crest thing with a red stone in it that she had not been wearing earlier.

"Look what else came back when my memories and powers did?" Mirabel asked with a grin and her left eye glowed blue again.

"Ah you're still the Left Eye then." Jeanne said shaking her head and making Mirabel nod.

"The left eye?" Julieta asked concerned and curious and probably in shock right now. Mirabel spun to face them with her eye still glowing blue and she jumped up on the bar and then jumped off of it, making Isabela yelp and dive forward with vines to catch her sister. She hit the floor though as Mirabel hovered there in air, blue glowing wings protruding from her back and her eye blazing blue.

"Still a showoff eh Bayonetta?" Rodin asked with a chuckle as he brought out some cases from the back.

"If you've got it then flaunt it." Mirabel said immediately with a small hair flip before she gently lowered herself to the floor where she was scooped up into Isabela's arms.

"The left eye of the in the hands of a five year old." Jeanne said but she smirked slightly and Mirabel snorted loudly as she was handed to her Abuela.

"Oh please. We both know I was literally born with it. Both in this life and the last. The only difference is I still know how to use it's powers from a young age." Mirabel said and she was talking as if she were an adult in a childs body, which kind of really was throwing everyone off.

"So you mentioned that those people are your family, whose the rest of the schmucks hanging about in my bar?" Rodin asked glancing over at the villagers who were behind the Madrigals looking confused and awed and worried.

"The people from the village I live in now. They were all at Casita for the Gift Ceremony and followed me in here when I started walking." Mirabel said shrugging her shoulders a bit and Rodin merely nodded as if that were a common thing to happen.

"Right...well I've got your regular equipment ready for when you're an adult again or at least bigger than that pint sized body you're in now. Until you get your former strength and height back though you'll have to make due with mini-models." Rodin said and he opened a case to show the strange objects that they had seen on Mirabel's door. Mirabel grinned as she wiggled out of her Abuela's arms and made her way to the bar.

"You had mini-models ready? Even though you didn't know that I was already reborn? Or even would be reborn instead of in the depths of hell?" Mirabel asked even as she attached two of the objects to her feet, her hair automatically adjusting her shoes so that she was wearing what looked like tiny black high heels.

"I had them ready for if you and Jeanne decided to bring little spawn into the world." Rodin said with a smirk and Jeanne nearly choked on her drink as she blushed and spluttered incoherently. Mirabel laughed however as she lifted the last two objects which seemed so large in her small hands and looked as if they would be heavy but she carried them so easily.

"There's a board over there." Rodin said nodding to the side where a bullseye was set up and Mirabel immediately twisted to the bullseye line up as the one turned into four.

"Dolores cover your ears." Mirabel said and Dolores immediately did so, Felix helping by putting his hands over hers. The family and townspeople barely even noticed her moving before there were two loud bangs and two of the bullseyes now had smoking holes in them. One on the very inside of the outer ring and the other closer to the middle.

"I'll have to work on getting back my previous strength and aim." Mirabel said clicking her tongue in annoyance as she stood up from where the recoil had knocked her back.

Everyone watched as she lifted on leg and then flipped onto her hands to point the other leg towards the last target as two more bangs were heard as Mirabel went tumbling to the ground in a slight roll towards her mamas legs. She stood up and dusted herself off before looking at the targets and giving a small click of annoyance.

This time one of the holes was much closer to the center, being just outside of the ring for it, while the other was close to the middle.

"Definitely have to work on my aim and strength again." Mirable said with a sigh before a final target popped up and Rodin nodded for her to try it.

Mirabel did a little twist and clenched her fist, a portal made of her hair opening above her and a much larger and almost grey blue skinned fist with blood red nails appearing out of it. Mirabel punched at the target which was then smashed by the fist and she nodded her head in approval.

"Good to see my contract is still somehow in place." Mirabel said and then she backflipped away from where she had been standing a split second ago just in time for Rodins fist to hit the ground where she had just been.

Everyone swore they only blinked for half a second at the sudden attack before Mirabel was on the mans back with one of her deadly objects pressed to his head.

"Next time you want to test my reflexes it's best to give some warning Rodin. I'd hate to kill my favorite bar tender for a simple error." Mirabels tone was playful but also icy cold as she held the gun there for a second longer before removing it.

The family and townsfolk still had absolutely no idea what the hell just happened or was going on.

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“Ready to meet people you’d never thought were real detectives?” Carmen asked smirking as she let the two chase her through the mountains and down the hills towards a small town nestled safely in between.

“Ivy there shouldn’t be a village here. It’s supposed to be all mountain…” Zack said and Carmen grinned at them over her shoulder.

“You two know that I’m fully aware that man was never my father right? I knew from the start that he wasn’t. He’s just a distant relation of my Abuela.” Carmen said calmly and the two paused to blink at her as she stopped a little bit short of a large house on the hill.

“So we’ve been trying to find a sensitive way to tell you that he’s not your father for months when you already knew?” Ivy asked and Carmen gave them a smile.

“Thank you for trying to be tactful about it but yes. It was very much unnecessary…I already know who my real family is.” Carmen said and then she tilted her head back a bit to look at the rainbows now decorating the sky.

“Looks like Dolores told Tia Pepa that I’m home.” Carmen said with a smirk and then she calmly walked up towards the house that was waving shutters and tiles at them.

“Ivy is it just me or is the house moving?” Zack asked staring at the house and Carmen chuckled.

“You’ll get used to Casita. Hola Casita. I’m home for a while and brought new members.” Carmen said walking up to the house that waved and fluttered happily at her.

“Mira!” A young man came rushing over and was beaming as he slammed into Carmen.

“Antonio! Look how big you’ve gotten hombrecito!” Carmen said easily lifting the young man about Ivy’s age and spinning him around.

“You’re one to talk! You’ve gotten even taller! I think you must be as tall as Mama by now!” The young man said beaming and there were several others rushing over with grins or smiles.

“Ah Mirabel mi bebe. Hang up your hat and coat and get comfortable.” An older looking woman wearing a blue apron said smiling as she speed walked over.

“Mama!” Carmen said beaming as she hugged the woman who hugged her tightly until Carmen was near slammed into by an orange blur that showed itself to be a tall red haired woman with a rainbow over her head.

“Nube! Welcome back home! Just in time! Lil Maria and Joseph started learning how to dance! And Lois is not that far behind them! And Josephina is starting to crawl!” The red head excitedly reported as she hugged Carmen who grinned at her.

“Tia Pepa. I see being an abuela to three hasn’t slowed you down any yet.” Carmen laughed as she hugged the woman back.

“Who are your friends Mirabel?” A man in a yellow ruana asked staring at Zack and Ivy. Carmen laughed as she removed her jacket and hat and hung them up on a coat rack that was shuffled over to her and then away.

“Familia this is Ivy and her younger brother Zack. The closest thing I’ll have to kids of my own.” Carmen said putting a hand on Ivy’s head and then on Zacks as she messed up their hair.

“Wait…what?!” Ivy and Zack looked shocked, just as shocked as the rest of the family as they whipped around to stare at Carmen who snorted.

“You solved all the clues to inherit all my work and things as Carmen. That means that you two were adopted as my kids. Lee Galeeze finalized all of the paperwork a week ago.” Carmen said with a grin as the two gaped at her.

“More nietos! Hola nieto, nieta. I’m your abuela!” The woman in the blue apron said beaming as she rushed over and pulled both of the children into a hug.

“Hey hey don’t rush them. Ivy’s known to toss people who spook her around like they’re rag dolls.” Carmen said stopping the rest of the family from rushing the two new members.

“That’s putting it lightly boss. I’ve seen her take down Fort chin Hunter like he was the same size as Zack.” Dr. Bellum said smirking as she stepped into Casita and hung up her lab coat and goggles.

“Oh Sara! You came to visit too!” Antonio came rushing over and hugged the scientist who hugged him back.

“I believe introductions are in order.” A woman older than the rest of them said as she was helped down the stairs by a woman who was easily taller than Carmen and twice as wide and packed with muscles.

“Abuela!” Carmen seemed thrilled to see the old woman and rushed forward to hug her gently, getting a chuckle and a pat on the head.

“Right. Introductions. Familia you all know Sara…these are my two adopted children. The eldest would be mi hija, Ivy. The younger is her brother, mi hijo, Zack.” Carmen said smiling at the two detectives and then stepping over to them and pointing at the family in turn.

“Ninos. This is our familia. The matriarch is mi Abuela, your bisabuela. Next are her three children the triplets of the family and her sons-in-law. Mi mama is the one in the blue apron, she’s your abuela, and the man next to her in glasses is mi papa, your abuelo.” Carmen was taking out contacts that had turned her eyes blue to show that they were brown underneath and she was putting on a pair of green framed glasses.

“A new nieta and nieto! This is the best birthday ever.” The woman in blue said beaming with her hands over her mouth and she was almost in tears.

“The woman in yellow with the rainbow over her head is mi Tia Pepa, and the man next to her trying to hold her back from hugging the daylights out of you two is her husband mi Tio Felix.” Carmen pointed at the other two now and the detectives really wanted to know how the hell the woman had a legit rainbow over her head like that.

“The one trying to hide behind mama and Tia is their brother, mi Tio Bruno. He’s nervous and shy but he means no harm.” Carmen said smiling at him and Bruno gave them a shaky smile and a small wave.

“Next it’s time for the second generation.” Carmen said and the man in the yellow ruana snorted.

“Don’t you mean it’s time for a Grandkid Roundup?” The man asked and Carmen sighed while some of the family snickered.

“I was fifteen and came up with that lyric off of the top of my head. Let it die Camilo.”


“Anyways. Ninos. Going from oldest to youngest. Oldest would be my hermana Isabela, that’s the one over there in the blue dress with the pain splotches all over it.” Carmen said and the woman snorted as she stepped over and waved a hand, causing flower crowns to be immediately placed on their heads.

“Next would be Tia Pepa and Tio Felix’s eldest, Prima Dolores. That’s the one in red holding the baby in her arms. Next to her is her husband Mariano.” Carmen nodded over to her prima who smiled brightly at them, having heard everything of course.

“Up next we have my hermana Luisa, the strongest person you will ever meet while also the gentlest. Beside her is her wife Karina who is a lot scarier than she looks.” Carmen said nodding towards her tall sister who had her son holding her hand and another woman standing beside her smiling brightly.

“Now we move over to me mellizo Camilo. He’s the jokester over there in yellow holding hands with his husband Carlos. If you think me or Frank are good at disguises wait until you see him in action.” Carmen said with a laugh and the man in the yellow ruana pulled a face at her while transforming into a perfect copy of her and then shifting into Ivy and then Zack before back into himself.

“I’m the next one in the line up but you two already know me as Carmen…But just so I don’t get teased and tormented by the feral gremlins later…I’m your new mama Mirabel. And you already know my wife Sara.” Carmen said smirking as she saw the two teens jaw drop when Carmen kissed Sara’s cheek.

“And finally we have the youngest of the second generation and my favorite primo, Antonio.” Carmen said looking at the teenager who beamed at that.

“I thought I was your favorite Primo!” Camilo protested and Carmen rolled her eyes.

“One I called you my mellizo so get over it. And two Antonio doesn’t snore.” Carmen said and Camilo pouted at that.

“Moving on to the third generation though…in order from oldest to youngest aside from you two!” Carmen beamed as a three toddlers swarmed her legs grinning up at her.

“Roll call time little ones!” Carmen said and the children beamed.

“First up we have Dolores and Mariano’s twins, Joseph and Maria!” Carmen said and a pair of dark haired twins shot their hands into the air and gave little twirls.

“Here Tia Mira!” The two chimed up earning a quick smothering of kisses from Carmen.

“Next we have Luisa and Karina’s son Lois!” Carmen said and the little blond boy with the bright smile and the dimple on his cheek beamed as his hand went into the air.

“Here Tia Mira!” He said happily, his smile showing his missing front tooth as the four year old was smothered in kisses.

“And the youngest member of the family so far, little Josephina. She’s Dolores and Mariano’s third out of five children.” Carmen said with a grin as she moved and was handed the baby who had paler skin than her siblings and a shock of red hair.

“You know I was just messing with Isabela when I said that five children thing.” Dolores said but she was grinning and Mariano laughed.

“Hey I certainly don’t mind if you want to try for two more.” Mariano said and he was smacked upside the head by his fondly exasperated wife, causing him to laugh lightly and grab her hand to press a kiss to the knuckles.

“And you’ve already met Casita.” Carmen said patting the wall of the house fondly with a smile on her face as a window shutter waved happily at the two.

“How long are you staying this time corazon?” Carmens mom asked as the family members all moved forward and gave Ivy and Zack welcoming hugs or kisses on the cheek.

“Tia Mira are you staying for our ceremony?!” The twins asked latching onto Carmen’s legs, one on each, and beaming up at her.

“Of course I’m going to be here for your ceremony. Someone has to lead it after all.” Carmen said smiling and scooping the two children into her arms as she smothered them in kisses again.

“And you came two weeks early to introduce your own ninos and get them used to the family before the big day.” The oldest woman said nodding knowingly even as she sat on a nearby chair.

“Yep! Welcome to the Madrigal Family, Zack. Ivy. I’ve already told the Chief and updated your files. And you both have the next month off both as long overdue paid vacation and to adjust to suddenly having a much bigger new family!”

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Mirabel smiled slightly and adjusted her bag just a little bit as she began to finish up the paperwork. Did her family know she was doing this? Nope not at all. But she did leave them a letter. On the nursery bed.

She wondered how long it would take for one of them to notice she wasn’t there and go find it.

She was betting on at least a week in a half maybe two weeks. By then she’d be long gone and well adjusted.

“There we go. You’re all ready for the move. Thank you again for choosing the Nook Deserted Island Getaway Package. Have a nice flight!” The frankly adorable little racoon looking boys said smiling at her and waving as they moved her towards the plane.

How she found out about this deal was strange. She had been visiting the traders in Encanto when she spotted a colorful little magazine and book combo. How to Live on an Island and Tom Nooks Magazine for Everything.

The traders had said that the Magazine was probably just a joke or they used the racoon man on the front as a mascot but something drew Mirabel to it and she brought it anyways.

Reading them both was rather fun and informative and as a joke more than anything she had filled out the application for the ‘deserted Island Getaway’ and sent it in. She got a response less than a day later that also came with a strange device she knew to be a ‘Nook Phone’ from the magazine.

She waited until the day after her primo’s gift ceremony and birthday to make her way to the designated spot near the top of the mountains around Encanto and fill out the paperwork. And now…Now here she was going to her new life. One where she won’t be known as the Defective or Broken Madrigal or the Curse of the family. The family Shame.

No here she would be just Mirabel. Literally. They didn’t even ask for her last name. And she was more than happy to not provide it.

Seeing that the racoon people were real though was a bit of a shock but she lived in a living house with relatives that were given magic by a candle…so she did little more than blink twice.

When they finally landed Mirabel saw that the island was overgrown with weeds, trees were everywhere, there were big slabs of rock in some places, and there were different colored flowers all over the place.

It was wild, it was messy. It screamed Deserted Island.

It was perfect.

Walking off of the dock and following the others, and wow was she the only actual human here? There was a cat like lady, a horse guy, the two racoon boys Tommy and Timmy, a grown racoon she recognized as Tom from the magazine and a lion like guy….

Huh she really is the only human. At least now she’ll be different for a completely understandable reason.

But following them towards a central location in the part of the island they could access at the moment Mirabel was already making plans. Tents. Where were the best spots to set up her tent? She could clean up some of those weeds and if she could get her hands on a shovel she could take some of the plants and make a small flower garden beside her tent.

Not a big one. Flowers reminded her of Isabela and she didn’t want to be reminded of Senorita Perfecta who would be getting engaged tonight. She hoped her sister would be happy…but she was part of Mirabel’s old life. Not her new one on the island. And Mirabel was going to keep it that way.

Seeing how others were struggling to find good spots for their tents, Mirabel’s habit of offering help cropped up and she found herself helping them set up their tents in prime spots. And then cleaning up some weeds and flowers and things. And building tools, and god was she glad she memorized the DIY recipes for beginners that was in the book. And glad she brought her book with her.

And then making a bonfire for them to celebrate the first night on the island. The first night of their new lives.

She was so used to her efforts and hard work going unnoticed that she had been shocked when she was voted and given the title of Island Resident Representative. They…wanted her to represent them and their wishes? They trusted her with the only actual position of authority on the island?

Her the defective and broken one?

Well they weren’t changing their minds…so…

She’ll do her best.

She’ll make this deserted Island into a tropical home paradise that others could only dream of.

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It had been a while after Mirabel got her gift, approximately four almost five years, before anyone really understood why she seemed to have such a strange gift that was rather violent or combative in nature.

The family was out enjoying a picnic since chores were finished early that day (and if Pepa, Luisa, and Julieta were sneaking Mirabel extra deserts for her telling people off and making people realize how stupid they were being about needing sunshine every day, the church moved every day, and everyone needing healing for a papercut then no one said anything about it) when there was a sudden bright light above their heads.

So bright that it nearly blinded the family aside from Mirabel.

"Pepa I know you're happy bu-"

"It's not me mama!" Indeed Pepa had a cloud over her head as she squinted against the light, a protective hand on her baby bump.

"She's right. It's not her. But don't worry. This won't take me long." The very tall ten year old said standing up to her six foot height and staring up at the light unafraid and unbothered. It surprised everyone how tall and fast she was growing. She was only ten and already six feet tall. Rodan and Jeanne said she'd be taller than she used to be in this life, probably about seven or eight feet when she was done growing.

Jeanne mentioned how in her past life Mirabel had been seen as an outcast, a cursed child, and thus had been locked away and not fed as much as the rest of their coven had been. Something that had hindered her growth back then even if her magic and the Left eye combated most of the effects.

The family made sure Mirabel had extras for a while after learning that.

"Mirabel? What are you going to do?" Julieta asked worried and Mirabel smirked as she took a spare pair of glasses out of...somewhere on her clothes, before tapping the lenses and tossing them to her mama.

"Going to take care of those naughty angels up there." Mirabel said smirking as she put her hands behind her head in her hair almost for a second before she pulled them out and showed her two 'guns' now in her hands and on her feet, boosting her height even further.

Julieta was confused as Mirabel jumped up with an impressive leap and seemed to disappear after making a circular motion with her finger before she put the glasses on and her jaw dropped open.

"I...I...what the fuck?" Julieta asked and that immediately had everyone's attention as they stared at her shocked.

"Juli just cussed." Bruno looked like it was the end of the world as he gazed wide eyed at his sister.

"My daughter is up there fighting actual angels. And kicking their asses. Seriously look!" Julieta took the glasses off and handed them to her mother and pointed upwards. Alma looked and grabbed her cross as she gaped.

"Let me see!" Pepa said grabbing the glasses from her mama and putting them on as well. She stared for a moment before she let out a whoop.

"Go Mira! Kick those feathered asses!" Pepa cheered the girl on as Bruno snagged the glasses and looked too, gaping for a long moment before slowly handing the glasses to Felix who let out a grito as he cheered Mirabel on as well.

"I'm pretty sure this means we're going to hell doesn't it?" Bruno asked and he wondered what the priest or villagers would say if they could see Mirabel up there beating the shit out of actual angels.

"...I mean...I don't know if we are but she definitely is." Isabela said gaping at the sight of her baby sister smacking around the divine.

"To be completely fair there was no way Bayonetta or I were ever going to heaven." Jeanne said from where she was casually sipping her drink looking utterly unbothered as she sat on the picnic blanket with them as the glasses were passed around. She had been dragged to join them and honestly hadn't had any reason to decline so she hadn't. The family didn't mind, Pepa even saying that since she had been married to her sobrina and was going to marry her again when she was legal that she was already part of the family.

Casita had agreed since it showed Jeanne's picture next to Mirabel's the same way Felix and Agustin were next to Julieta and Pepa on the family tapestry.

"I'm a literal demon. You think they were going to let me in?" Rodan, who had been dragged along for...whatever reason, asked raising an eyebrow and looking unimpressed.

Jeanne just snickered as she recalled the very much catholic small rural mountain town's reaction to learning that she and Bayonetta were witches and Rodan was a demon.

The poor priest passed out, of course it might have been partially because Bayonetta set herself on fire for the fun of it as soon as she walked into the church after her birthday. Pepa had laughed herself hoarse after she realized it was just Mirabel fucking around with everyone and that the girl wasn't hurt.

Jeanne stopped snickering however and immediately had a gun in hand and aimed in Pepa's direction in a nanosecond before she fired off a shot that whizzed by the womans ear, earning a small shriek and lightning blast from the weather woman.

"So that's what they're here for..." Jeanne said and she didn't look happy as she glared at something they couldn't see, well Alma could since she had the glasses again, over Pepa's shoulder.

"Found out their target Bayonetta!" Jeanne called to the other witch who threw two angels to the ground hard enough to pulverize them and landed a few inches away from Jeanne who immediately turned to face her.

No one could see or hear Mirabel right now, except Rodan and Jeanne of course. But they knew she was there. Apparently wearing the glasses meant that Alma could see her as well as the old womans head turned towards her youngest born grandchild.

"They're after the bab-" Jeanne didn't even get to finish the word before there was a dark angry force around Bayonetta and her eye blazed blue with power, allowing her to be seen again.

Bayonetta launched forward with her wings and grabbed a rather strange and...sensual looking woman by the throat, slamming her into the ground.

"No one touches mi familia." Bayonetta hissed and then everyone saw as she did some kind of move and called out something in what sounded like latin before her hair vanished mostly from her body, making the family yelp or cry out in disbelief and outrage as she was left almost completely naked. Her hair formed a portal however and out of the portal came what looked kind of like a dragon head made of hair.

One that immediately began chomping on the blue screeching woman and any angels left.

As soon as the last one was gone the dragon sunk back into the portal and the hair returned to being a bodysuit on Mirabel, becoming her now well known tight bodysuit before it formed a black dress over the top of it, mainly for the sake of the older generations mental health.

"Hmph. They're not taking their prize this time. Tia Pepa you stay close to me for the last two months until that baby is born." Mirabel said sternly as she sat back down next to Jeanne who handed her some more food but both of them were tense.

"Mira?" Pepa asked worriedly and Mirabel growled slightly as she glared upward.

"Most common cause of miscarriages, especially this late into the pregnancy, or still birth or cot death is because those feathered ass shats want to meet their quota or they find a pure soul about to be born and try to claim it before it's born or is possibly 'tainted' by the world. Those angels were after my baby primo." Mirabel said and Pepa looked horrified, as did everyone else, as she began to snow while cradling her baby bump.

"We aren't going to let them get anywhere near you or that baby though. So I'm staying close to you until that baby is here and safe enough and old enough that the angels will give up." Mirabel said and Pepa nodded slowly, pulling her sobrina into a half hug cuddle.

"The baby must have a very strong pure soul however. Instead of just the first sphere Angel Affinity's they sent a First Sphere Seraphim Joy as well. They never send those out with the Affinity's unless they really want something done or grabbed." Jeanne threw out there looking interested as she stared curiously at Pepa's stomach.

"Which means we can expect some attacks from Beloveds or higher ranked. Tia. That means I'm crashing on the couch in your room every night for the foreseeable future. And if you two want a night alone let me know and make sure that there is no possible access to the outside and that all windows and doors are solidly blocked. If something happens I can get in and protect you three so don't worry about that. But trust me. If they're already sending a Joy out for that baby then they won't give up for a while and they won't send the small fries." Mirabel said and she looked grim while Pepa and Felix were holding each other and both had a protective hand on her belly.

"What's a beloved?" Luisa asked looking worried and confused. Mirabel pulled out a book that she almost always seemed to have on her and opened it to a page, showing everyone a drawing of a Beloved and the description of it.

"I think I can speak for both of us when we say we absolutely don't mind you moving into our room for a while to keep her and the baby safe." Felix said and he looked pale and worried. Invisible divine beings were after his wife and their unborn child...had probably taken two other children from him now that he was thinking back to it and by the way the snow and wind howled around Pepa she was coming to that same conclusion.

Oh he was definitely letting his sobrina move into the room to keep those divine assholes away from Pepa and the baby.

Chapter Text

When Mirabel was born she seemed to take a little more after her Tia than either of her parents, being born with pale skin like her Tia's. And when she blinked open her big beautiful eyes the family was a little surprised. After all one of her eyes was noticeably paler than the other. An entirely different color in fact.

"Blue?" Agustin asked looking confused as he looked at the pale almost transparent blue his youngest daughters right eye was.

"I wondered if any of the kids or grandkids would get blue eyes." Alma just seemed surprised and a little happy as she stared at the baby who was quietly peering up at all of them curiously even if she couldn't focus.

"Mama?" Bruno asked confused as he looked at his mother who merely smiled and ran her hand over her newborn nieta's cheek and soft almost silk like brown tuft of hair.

"You and Pepa get your green eyes from your Abuela on your padres' side. This blue however...mi madre had blue eyes. being so pale..." Alma said and she frowned in worry at the end there. The triplets were silent for a minute, their mama rarely talked about any family they used to have. And Mama almost never spoke of her or their papas parents, almost as little as she spoke about their papa.

"It looks like Senora Lopez's eyes." Isabela said poking her head up beside her baby sister to stare at her, gently reaching a single finger out to poke her sisters chubby little cheek. The adults all shared a look. Senora Lopez was blind. She had been born blind and was just a few years younger than the triplets. And Isabela was right. The pale color of Mirabel's blue eye was similar to Senora Lopez's own milky pale brown eyes.

"Does that mean she can't see out of that eye?" Dolores asked softly with a squeak from where she was standing beside her mama and papa.

"She might not but if so that's okay. Everyone is born different. If this is the way God made her then God had a reason to do so." Alma said after a few seconds as she noted how her children looked worried.

"Like how God made mami have red hair but gave me brown like papi!" Dolores said brightly and the adults all smiled at her. She loved her mami's hair and how it was so different from everyone elses. The adults had more than once caught Isabela and Dolores trying to use some of Isabela's plants to dye the listeners hair red like her madres.

"Si like that. God gave her a blue eye that may not have sight but that just makes her different, not lesser." Alma said chuckling at her second eldest grandchild who smiled at the baby.

"Look at Cami." Felix said chuckling as he looked at his son in his wife's arms, his adorable little boy who was only a few months old. The baby boy was surprisingly quiet and his brown eyes might not understand what he was seeing or the importance of the baby in his Tia's arms but his eyes remained locked onto the baby.

"That's your prima Mirabel. I hope you two are as close as the twins when you grow up." Pepa said kissing her sons head even as she looked at her eldest and Isabela. The two weren't even a month apart and had declared themselves twins ever since they were babies.

"Welcome to the family Mirabel. My little Miracle." Julieta said kissing the babies head and the baby just cooed slightly at that.

"How come she's a miracle mami?" Isabela asked staring at the baby and picking up her two year old little sister Luisa so that she could see the baby easier.

"Babies are supposed to stay inside the mama for nine months like Camilo did for Pepa or like Luisa did for me. But Mirabel only stayed in my tummy seven months. So she's a little miracle and we have to be very careful with her okay?" Julieta asked looking at her six year old who nodded seriously and leaned forward to put a gentle kiss to her baby sisters head.

"Hi Mirabel. I'm Isabela and this is Luisa. We're your big sisters. And we're always going to love and protect you okay?" Isabela asked and Mirabel gave an adorable little sneeze when a flower petal landed on her face.


Pepa and Bruno were damn near melting at how cute their sobrinas were while Camilo started to whine until Dolores tugged her mama closer to Julieta and the baby.

Camilo's tiny arm flailed slightly as the two babies were introduced and then his hand got hold of Mirabel's blanket. The whining little boy immediately calmed down and stared at the other baby who stared back.

Bruno was definitely melting and Alma was snapping pictures like crazy with the camera.

Chapter Text

When Mirabel was five and walked up to her room no one was sure what to expect. After all she had two different colored eyes and one was a transparent blue that did NOT mean she was blind. But she was also warm and loving and adored her family. And reckless. She was pretty reckless.

So when her tiny pale hand reached up and touched the doorknob no one was sure what she would get. But they didn't expect the door to start fading into dust in front of their eyes. Dust that then clung to Mirabel and flashed a bit before dissolving.

Everyone stared and whispers broke out confused as Mirabel looked down at her hands and then up at her Abuela who looked just as baffled and confused and a bit scared as the rest of the town when the candle flickered slightly.

"Abuela what happened?" Mirabel asked confused as she looked at her Abuela who stared at the candle and then looked at Mirabel and backed up a step.

"Woah Mira that's so cool! Your hair changed color!" Camilo called and he wiggled away from his mother to race up the stairs towards Mirabel who blinked her mismatched eyes at him confused.

"My hair?" Mirabel asked as she reached for her hair which was straight and silky smooth like her eldest sister and Abuela.

"Yeah see!" Camilo shifted into a perfect copy of Mirabel and Mirabel's eyes immediately landed on her hair as she stared for a minute.

"Why'd my hair go all silvery like Abuelas? I'm not old." Mirabel asked confused and there were quite a few snickers from the town and her Tia and Tio.

"I don't know! Your door turned to dust and stuck to you for a little bit and then when it got off of you you had silver hair!" Camilo said as he shapeshifted back to normal but he was beaming at her still.

"That's that my gift? Something to do with my hair? But if that's what happened why don't I get a door or room like you did?" Mirabel asked scrunching up her nose in confusion as she stared from him to her Abuela. After all Abuela knew everything.

But Abuela didn't answer her or say anything and instead was still staring between her and the candle.

"I don't know! But you can sleep in my room with me until your door comes back! Come on! Let's go set up a party in my room!" Camilo said and he grabbed Mirabel's hand to pull her towards his room to let everyone in so that they could celebrate Mirabel's weird gift ceremony and birthday.

"Her hair turned silver white. What kind of gift is that?"

"Maybe her gift has something to do with her hair?"

"But where did her door go? Is her gift so powerful that the miracle had to sacrifice her door and room to make sure she got it?"

"Who knows? Maybe the miracle is getting weaker?"

"Is that possible?"

The children heard none of the whispers as they each grabbed their respective mama and their Tio Bruno and nearly dragged the triplets up to Camilo's door. The rest of the confused village people followed them and set up the party which wasn't quite as lively as Camilo's had been a few months ago due to the confusion and wariness but it was still a decent party.

The children began playing games and eventually Dolores started playing Memory with her brother and baby cousin.

"No way! How'd you get them all right Mira?" Camilo asked loudly, but quickly lowering his voice for his sister, after Mirabel had matched all of the cards up after Isabela decided to flip them over and let everyone see which ones were where before flipping them face down to test their memories even better.

"I don't know! I just tried to remember and was thinking of the color red and I could remember it all really easy." Mirabel said shrugging while Isabela and Dolores exchanged looks before the eleven year olds nodded.

Dolores fetched Abuela and the older Madrigal family members while Isabela shuffled the cards again and waited until they were ready.

"Let's try something Mirabel. We're going to do the same thing again and when the cards are face up I want you to try to remember them. Then we'll see how many you can get right this time." Isabela said and Mirabel nodded happy to play with her big sister as Isabela put all the cards down face up in a neat large square.

Isabela counted to thirty to give the two five year olds a chance to memorize as much as they could and Dolores heard Mirabel muttering red to herself as she stared at the cards...and then Isabela began to flip them face down.

"Can I go first?" Camilo asked and Mirabel nodded at him with a bright smile. After all she won last time before he had a chance to go.

Camilo managed to remember two pairs before he messed up and it was Mirabel's turn.

Mirabel stared at the cards for a second before Dolores walked up behind her and said red and Mirabel's hands immediately went out and snagged cards.

The adults and rest of the people that gathered nearby watched as Mirabel began to make pair after pair until finally there were none left.

Of the twenty six pairs Camilo got two. Mirabel got the other twenty four in one turn.

"How did you do that Mirabel?" Julieta asked kneeling down next to her youngest while Camilo pouted but then beamed and told Mirabel she was amazing. Pepa had a small rainbow at how adorable her son was and how supportive he was of his cousin.

"I don't know. I was looking at them when Isa dealt them and trying to remember and I just thought red again like last time. Then when it was my turn I thought red and I could remember where everything was." Mirabel said and Abuela chuckled slightly.

"Your gift must have something to do with memory Mirabel." Abuela said and it was confusing and definitely an unusual gift because what else could it be? First her hair changes color and now she had an impressive memory that they hadn't noticed before?

"The miracle must be telling mama she's getting old and can't remember things like she used to." Bruno muttered to Pepa who snorted and grinned at him.

"I heard that Brunito." Alma shot her son an exasperated look but he just grinned and ducked behind Pepa.

A few more tests designed as games showed that if Mirabel assigned anything to a color then she could recall it in perfect clarity after being reminded of the color or seeing the color again.

Certainly it and her change in hair color weren't all there was to her gift, the adults doubted that the miracle would need to use up the magic of her room and door just for that, but it was proving that her gift might have unusual aspects to it or at least multiple ones. After all Mirabel had proven able to memorize more than one thing at a time.

When she did fall asleep that night curled up with Camilo and being cuddled by both of her sisters and Dolores, Mirabel had a long and strange dream.

In it there was a tall woman who looked like her wearing all black with long silver hair and with two mismatched blue eyes. One of them pale like her own.

"Who are you?" Mirabel asked staring up at the lady even as the scenes played all around them and Mirabel felt a strange sense of familiarity and...and for some reason the scenes were burning into her brain. As if she were remembering them as if she were there.

"You can call me Curacao. You could say I'm you from a different time. Just older." The woman said and she was smiling at Mirabel who was confused. Her from a different time and older? But even with how similar they looked they also looked really different. After all Mirabel had one blue and one brown eye. The Curacao lady had one light blue and one darker blue eye. And their faces were different!

"I know things are confusing right now little me. But don't worry you'll understand soon...and who knows what you'll do with the second life we've been given." Curacao said and Mirabel thought this lady was weird. Didn't her mama tell her not to talk to weird people? But Tio Bruno said that if she wasn't allowed to talk to weird people then she couldn't talk to him or Tia Pepa...

Mirabel loved her Tio Bruno and Tia Pepa. So maybe she could talk to weird people?

"I wonder...will you remain as white as snow in this life or perhaps you'll fall to the darkness of the organization a second time? We'll have to find out Mirabel." Curacao said and her eyes were staring at Mirabel really intently, like the priest stared at Tio Bruno all the time but it wasn't as mean as the priest looked when he stared at Tio.

When she woke up the next morning Mirabel had a head full of memories that weren't originally hers, things she couldn't have lived through in this life, and the sudden knowledge of how to fight really well and do lots of fun looking gymnastics.

Abuela took one look at Mirabel jumping over the railing of the stairs, doing a flip, and then landing perfectly on her feet with no injuries, before she swore that Mirabel's hair color was a warning that the girl would give everyone around her pure white hair within a year.

Chapter Text

Mirabel was always a bright playful little girl. Had been smiling almost from the moment she was born, everyone would swear to that. And the girl couldn't lie to save her damn life.

That's why they were all so confused by her Ceremony.

Her little hand reached up and touched the doorknob and it flashed gold while Mirabel suddenly collapsed where she stood. Senora Alma nearly dropped the miracle candle as she rushed to her youngest grandchild's side and the rest of the family was already racing up the stairs towards her.

Mirabel laid there on the floor for a long moment, silent, unmoving, and her eyes wide open as she stared seemingly at something only she could see. With how silent and still she was along with her wide open eyes they almost mistook her for dead.

That's why everyone was relieved when she slowly blinked back to herself and began to sit up just as her door settled.

"Are you okay Mira? You were really quiet." Camilo asked his 'melliza' looking worried as he hovered at her side, the rest of the family and adults there too but most of them were standing and thus towering over the five year old. Thankfully Camilo was the same height she was, An inch taller he would smugly correct her, and so her eyes fell on him first and she smiled.

"I'm fine Cami! But what happened?" Mirabel asked and the family looked relieved, the snowclouds overhead slowly sinking and stopping the snowfall as her Tia took deep breaths and was assured that her sobrinita was alright. After all Mirabel couldn't lie, not even a tiny white one or a lie by omission.

"I dunno. One second you were reaching for your door and the next you were taking a nap." Camilo said scrunching up his nose confused and in thought. At that though Mirabel gasped and jumped up.

"My door! Look! I got my door and my gift!" Mirabel said brightly to her family as she tried to look at her door but Tio Felix was on that side of her and he was too big and wide, to a five year old, to see over or around.

"Si Mija you did. And tried to give your poor mami a heart attack." Her mama said and she heard Abuela snort and mutter about joining the club.

"Sorry mami." Mirabel said smiling at her mama who kissed her head and stood up from where she had been kneeling checking on her daughter.

"I don't get it. I don't know what those objects are but they must be tied to Mirabel's gift." Isabela said looking confused as she stared at the door and now everyone was turning to look at it, Mirabel moving around their legs to try and get a good look at the door.

Her breath caught noticeably when she saw it and her eyes widened as her face fell into an immediate reflexive impassive mask as everyone turned to look at her.

On the door was a taller woman with long straight hair going past her shoulders. She had her eyes half open and there was a small soft smile on her face as she held a finger to her lips as if hushing someone. She was obviously an adult and she was leaning against a strange object behind her while she held another strange object in her free hand aimed right at whoever was looking at the door. There also seemed to be some type of mask on the side of her head, positioned so that she could pull it over her face in an instant.

"Mirabel? Do you have some idea of what the door means?" Abuela asked and Mirabel stared at the door for another minute before she gave a small soft smile that matched the one on the door.

"Si! I know what it is." Mirabel said with her eyes locked onto the door for a long moment.

"Well what is it?!" Someone called from the crowd below and Mirabel turned to face them, her small soft smile not dropping as she stared down at them.

"It's a sec-ret." Mirabel said playfully and she heard some chuckles but also some groans and mumbles from the crowd.

"Just tell us." Someone else called up to her and she tilted her head but her smile never dropped.

"Can't do that." Mirabel said still playful as she stared at them all with her eyes alight with amusement.

"Why not?!" They weren't too happy with her.

She didn't care.


Mirabel lifted her hand and placed a finger to lips as if shushing them with that same small smile on her face that looked more mysterious and playful now than it had before.

"Because a secret makes a woman, woman."

Chapter Text

When Mirabel Madrigal was born her family knew she was going to be something special. She was at a decent weight when she was born, hell she was actually more than decent. She was eight whole pounds despite being a month and a half early. And she also had her Tia's reddish colored hair with a kind of brown undertone to it. She also had her Tia and her papa's lighter skin coloration.

So yeah they knew she'd be something special and Julieta was actually kind of scared of how big Mirabel would have been if she hadn't been born early.

She was also a very tall baby, easily being almost fourteen inches long at birth. And while she didn't grow...rapidly she also grew well.

By the time she was five she was already four feet tall and still had a good chunk of what everyone called baby fat to her. The family had no idea why she grew so rapidly but considering that Luisa was seven and already almost five feet Julieta cheerfully blamed it on her husbands side of the family which he couldn't argue with.

Now Mirabel was reaching out to touch her door at her gift ceremony with wide innocently curious eyes as everyone leaned forward to see what she was going to get. The door lit up brilliantly and began to get taller...and taller...the entire house soon was shaking a bit and glowing as it magically expanded and stretched and Mirabel's door soon towered very high, easily being at least twelve feet tall and giving the girl her own tower instead of just a room.

"Holy shit!" Dozens of eyes shot to Camilo for his words while the glow surrounded Mirabel for a long moment too before it began to dissipate.

"Cami where did you learn that word?" Pepa asked her son sternly with a dark cloud over her head.

"Tio was being chased by bees." Camilo said casually as if it were obvious. Pepa shot her brother-in-law a dark look.

"How come Mira gets a whole tower?!" Camilo asked while Mirabel gave a small grin as she looked at the door.

"Because Cami. I'm going to be taller than anyone else. See?" Mirabel pointed out her door to her primo and everyone looked at it, their eyes going wide. It was true an image of a young adult Mirabel was stretched across the door. A very tall and slender but strong looking woman who had a hat on her head with strange markings on it, a sun and a cloud hovering over her shoulders and in the background there were dozens of trees and random things that had faces on them where faces shouldn't be. In the tall Mirabel's hands were strange blobs and orbs and there were other tall people behind her that were still shorter than her.

"...Did Mama feed Mirabel magic or something? What the hell?" Isabela asked in disbelief as she looked from her sister to the door and then back several times. Dolores gave a small snort of agreement.

Mirabel didn't even wait for anyone else as she opened the door and walked in, walking through it behind her the family were surprised and confused to see a land that seemed to be made of candy.

"Hey Camilo. Want to see a bunch of people freak out and then prepare a lot of sweets at a very fast pace?" Mirabel asked smirking at her primo who grinned at her as he raced over to her.

"Hell yeah! Is that part of your gift!?" Camilo asked beaming and a bit jealous. If Mirabel's gift let her have sweets whenever she wanted and quickly then that was so unfair.

"Watch this. And Dolores? You might want to cover your ears three times over." Mirabel said glancing at her prima who immediately put on some of her earmuffs and then clamped her hands over her ears, her papa putting his hands over her ears as well.

Mirabel waited until she took a few steps away from everyone else and Dolores had her ears covered before she took in a deep breath. Those nearest to her who knew how loud she could shout and cry immediately covered their own ears as well.


"GELATO!" Mirabel howled to the sky and there were several yells of horror and shock from around them as people moved fast.

"Oh no! It's Mama's hunger pains!"

"I didn't know she was back!"

"Didn't they say she died?!"

"Who cares?! Get the cooks!"

"We need Gelato fast!"

People ran around like headless chickens for a long moment and Mirabel smirked as she felt how the cooks were already getting the ingrediants together and trying to hurriedly prepare some Gelato.

There were also a lot of people racing towards her. And she heard her family let out shouts of shock and worry and horror when some of the pirates nearby that had been under her rule fired at her.

A blast of her Soul Pocus (and hey it was her gift this time which meant she could still swim! Bonus!) however sealed their fates as she stole their souls to make Homies and the bullets bounced off of her harmlessly.

"Is that...Is that really?" Mirabel turned at the familiar Haki and voice and she watched as a group of people showed up, some coming through mirrors and others racing toward her on foot. One of whom was carrying several large plates of Gelato. Good. She was getting hungry.

"Is that really you?" Mirabel looked at the woman approaching her from the mirror, earning several shouts and shrieks from the villagers of Encanto as she approached Mirabel almost heistantly.

"Brulee. What happened to the islands after Wano?" Mirabel asked staring at the mirror witch who had her hands over her mouth.

"It...this haki...It really is you isn't it?" Brulee asked and she seemed relieved and happy to have it be confirmed as she stared at Mirabel with teary eyes. Mirabel huffed a bit. Brulee had always been a bit of a crybaby.

"Mama?" A tall green skinned woman with a long neck wearing a wide hat and holding a sword asked and she showed shock and glee and disbelief as a cigarette fell from her lips.

"Oh? Seems like most all of you survived Wano and made it back to Whole Cake Island. What happened after I was knocked into the earth? Is that Straw Hat dead?" Mirabel asked and the tall people approaching her flinched a bit.

"No mama. Straw Hat Luffy is alive. He bested Kaido himself in one on one." That was Katakuri as he approached and stared at Mirabel who scowled but nodded. To think that Kaido would be beaten by that straw hat punk. Hmph. They had gotten old and complacent. Well...she was back and could fix that.

"Who are they peroin?" Perospero, her eldest son, asked glaring past Mirabel towards the people behind her who looked confused and shocked. His candy arm glimmered in the sunlight.

"Eh? My soul was reborn in a new body. This is my family in my new body. My parents, Aunt and uncles, sisters, cousins, and Abuela." Mirabel said pointing them out quickly and dismissing the villagers entirely as unimportant. She saw how her kids nodded and accepted that. After all they were all seasoned New World pirates. This kind of thing was pretty much a casual Tuesday for them.

"Mirabel....who are they and how do you know them?" Her Abuela asked warily and Mirabel grinned as she turned to look at the Madrigal family and the Encanto islanders.

"They are my family from my past life before I was born as Mirabel. These..." Mirabel waved one hand over the assemebled Charlottes behind her with a wide grin on her face as she looked forward to the Encanto natives reactions.

"Are my children. Not all 85 of them but most of the stronger ones are here at least."


Mirabel was amused watching her Abuela, Tio Bruno, and papa all pass out at hearing that.

Chapter Text

Mirabel was a happy child, playful too. She ran around everywhere and got into everything and always had a big smile for anyone and everyone. Always seemed ready to hug someone too! She was a happy adorable playful free child.

But she could also be scary sometimes. Sometimes she'd sit quietly for hours. Sometimes she'd forget to eat if they let her (after the first time she went two days without eating and hadn't noticed the family kept a strict eye on her). Sometimes she'd get this look in her eyes that screamed she wasn't really here, that she was somewhere else far away they could never go. And when startled she tended to punch first and for someone so small and slim her punches hurt. She also had the strange ability where if she ever got really mad people would pass out for no reason. No one was sure if it was linked to her or not since she seemed just as confused as them when it happened but many suspected that it was something to do with the gift she would get.

So yes she was a happy and adorable child but she also could scare the hell out of everyone without meaning too.

So no one was sure what exactly was going to happen as she approached the door for her gift ceremony, only after getting her good luck hugs from everyone in the family first though!, and reached a tiny hand up to the doorknob.

As soon as her hand touched the doorknob the door glowed brighter and brighter, Mirabel glowing slightly as well as everyone had to shield their eyes.

When it faded everyone blinked the spots out of their eyes and then stared. Mirabel's dark curly hair was still curly now but it was a shock of white instead of brown. There were even some teal at the tips but it was pure white like snow. And she had horns on her head.

Staring at her door Mirabel began to give a large wild grin as she saw the image form and settle. It was her, much taller and older, standing there with a large bat of some kind in her hand and a wild grin on her face. Her form also seemed to have a fox like form hovering behind her and some ice and snow decorations around the end of the door.

"Hell yeah!" Mirabel cheered happily as she stared at the door and the name that seemed to switch at the top between Yamato and Mirabel.

"Mirabel?" Her mama asked confused and concerned while Mirabel looked at them and then suddenly her body was covered in fur. Pure white fur like her hair and there were claws and fangs like a wolf. But no wolf anyone in the Encanto had ever heard about. Especially not when the little wolf pup gave a, frankly adorable, sneeze and ice came out.

After a minute of being in the wolf form though Mirabel seemed to suddenly get back most of her human characteristics. Walking on two feet and the fur was much less pronounced as the tail disappeared. She still had some claws and teeth though.

After a minute of that though, Mirabel was suddenly back as a little girl who was grinning ferally as she looked at the door again.

Without waiting for anyone else or anything else to happen Mirabel threw the door open and raced into the room, the family yelping as they rushed to follow her.

They came out on what seemed to be a ship and there were a group of people standing there staring at them while Mirabel was grinning up at them all.

"Oi! Luffy! Still going to let me join the crew?!" Mirabel asked and the young man in the straw hat with the X shaped scar on his chest just laughed and picked Mirabel up to hug her.

"Yamato! Of course you're still part of the crew! You never left it, you just got smaller!" The man said and Mirabel laughed as she was swung around and then set down. The strange man then handed her a rather large bat with spikes on it.

"I had a feeling I'd need to grab this." The man said laughing as Mirabel lit up with glee and took the weapon, giving a few practice swings that had some force behind them.

"I need to get back up to my old strength again..." Mirabel said sighing a bit but then she put the weapon on her back as if it belonged there despite how it was an entire head and a half taller than her.

The Madrigal family watched confused and disbelieving and worried as the group of people on the ship seemed to welcome Mirabel with open arms and hugs, some of them welcoming her back without a blink of an eye and they wondered what they meant by 'back'. Mirabel had never been on a ship or left the Encanto before. She was only five!

And they all were calling her something else. Yamato. And she was answering to it.

"I see you have a new and better family this time." The woman with dark hair said smiling as she looked at the Madrigals while a blond haired man in a suit had immediately brought Mirabel a large plate of meat and strange foods.

"Yeah they're pretty awesome!" Was all Mirabel said as she immediately began scarfing down the food, Camilo running to join her and grab some of the food as well.


"What the hell?" Alma asked in disbelief as she stared at everything. What was going on? How did these people know her nieta?

Chapter Text

It had been two months since the Madrigals discovered Mirabel missing from Casita and the Encanto in general. Two months of looking for her, fights and arguments against the adults Abuela in particular, and the reveal of all the cracks and breaks in Casita that were getting worse and worse by the day.

It had been two hours since they had a clue as to where Mirabel had gone. The traders, upon hearing how the girl was missing, informed them of the last things she had purchased from them. A magazine with a strange racoon like mascot on the front and a book on how to build things yourself. A Do It Yourself book so to speak.

Upon getting their hands upon a copy of the magazine they noticed a particular section. Where if you fill out a form you could leave your home and go live on a deserted island with a few others. Antonio, upon hearing that, had rushed to the nursery and grabbed Mirabels copy of the same magazine, having recalled her reading it to him before his gift ceremony and regaling him with tales of deserted islands in a far off land that were turned into a paradise.

Inspecting the magazines side by side showed that Mirabel had cut out and apparently filled out the form. Which meant she was on a deserted island.

They...they couldn't get to her. She was gone. And when they realized that she was gone they all heard a horrid noise and looked back just in time to see that their Casita was falling and the candle had apparently gone out. Their gifts were gone. Their home was gone.

"Why don't you use the time that we're rebuilding Casita to go and find Mirabel?" Mariano suggested softly to them all as the town came together to begin rebuilding the magical home, although it would no longer be magic.

"She is on a deserted island...she could be anywhere in the world. How will we know where to start?" Julieta asked looking so so upset and heartbroken. Her youngest was gone, had left of her own free will and had preferred to live on a deserted island than to stay here with them.

"I can help with that." The trader spoke again and he held up a newer version of the magazine that had the deserted island form in it. On the front cover was a picture of Mirabel standing with some people in strange animal costumes and there was confetti and...and Mirabel was laughing in the photo. The family felt as if they were hit in the face with Luisa's full force. She looked so happy and carefree. So happy...they couldn't recall the last time they heard her laugh or look that happy...

"This is the latest edition of the magazine. Ever since she's been on that island Mirabel has apparently changed it from a deserted island to a three star getaway and is working to make it better every day." The trader said to the family who all crowded around the magazine staring at the picture of their missing family member.

"You say that like Mirabel is the one doing the work to make it better." Isabela noted and she wondered what her sister was thinking. Leaving and breaking the family like she had. And why a deserted island? What if something happened to her? She had no backup in the form of the family and no healing food to help her. And she didn't even have a gift so what could she have done honestly?

"She is. Sure the rest of the people on that island help out but Mirabel is the leader. She's the one who makes the big decisions and gets things started and it even says she does just as much if not more work than the rest of the islanders. See? She's credited with being the reason the shop opened, the tailor shop opened, the museum and café...pretty much everything on that island is credited in some way to being Mirabels work. It even says that she traveled to other nearby islands that are deserted and brings back things that don't naturally grow on her island. Different kinds of fruits and vegetables and flowers...all sorts of things." The trader said and he set the magazine down so they could look at it and then smiled at the surprised and almost in shock Alma Madrigal.

"You must be proud Dona Madrigal. It seems your youngest granddaughter takes after you. She's an amazing leader and the comments from the islanders show that they trust her implicitly and couldn't picture anyone else leading them."

Alma...Alma had no clue what to feel or think. Mirabel taking after her? Mirabel being a leader? The idea that she and Mirabel had anything in common or that the girl was like her in any way was ridiculous...but...

"Family. Get ready. We're going to visit this island of Mirabels."

Chapter Text

"What is this place?" Isabela asked curiously as Mirabel guided them across the land to give them a tour away from the large tower that seemed to be made of cake or something in which Mirabel's door had appeared.

"Whole Cake Island." One of her little sisters children from a past life (and holy shit was it weird to think her sister had a past life that had 85 children!) said casually as if it were the best explanation in the world.

"They don't know about the islands and all that remember Hachee?" The one with the wide hat and the tattoos on her long neck said to the first.

"This is part of mama's kingdom." The woman with the scar on her face said calmly to the Madrigal family who all paused at this.

"Her kingdom?" Bruno asked in disbelief as he stared around the area of candy and sweets and then at his sobrina who was casually talking with the man holding a large candy cane/lollipop looking thing and had a fake arm.

"Mama is the Queen of Whole Cake Island and the rest of our territory." One of the men, a big shirtless guy with orange fire like hair, said calmly as he crossed his arms over his chest, eyeing the villagers coldly.

"We still haven't found Chiffon or Lola mama." A tall man wearing a scarf around the lower half of his face said and the older Madrigals noticed how the children from Mirabels past life all tensed and looked wary now.

"That's fine. Call it off. We have bigger things to worry about than those two right now." Mirabel said waving it off and all of her former life's children paused and stared at her.

"Are you sure mama? While finding Lola might be harder it'd be easy to find Chiffon and Bege…" A big man wearing blue who had blond shaven head said looking confused and frowning heavily.

"I'm sure it would be but not only do we have more important things to focus on..." Mirabel frowned softly as she stared off into the distance at something.

"But they have Pez to worry about. You could say what you like about anything else I do but I have never let one of my grandchildren be orphaned. I'm not going to start now." Mirabel said and the entire family froze at that while her past lifes kids, the Charlotte Family they had called themselves, nodded slowly. After all she wasn't wrong...even when her kids had displeased or failed her she hadn't killed them and left her grandchildren as orphans. Smack them around and take a year or two from them yeah but kill them no.

"Grandchildren?" Julieta choked that out while Agustin looked ready to faint again and Mirabel looked back at them unimpressed.

"I was sixty eight when I died and had 85 children. My eldest is fifty one this year. Of course I have grandchildren. In fact if I recall right...Amande weren't you a few weeks shy of becoming a grandmother yourself when the Straw Hats wrecked havoc?" Mirabel asked looking at the woman with the wide hat and the tattoos.

"Yes mama! And Pixie had a safe delivery too! Three grandchildren, all girls! There's Jordan, Blanche, and Sugar!" The woman who looked so meloncholic and kind of solemn before suddenly lit up and her hand had gone into a pocket of her dress to pull out pictures.

"See mama? That's Sugar right there with the brown hair, she's the youngest, and Blanch is the one with my hair. She's the oldest. Only by about half an hour but the eldest none the less." The woman, Amande, said and she was smiling as she pointed out her grandchildren in the photo to her reborn mama. Mirabel was beaming and looked so happy and proud as she smiled at Amande.

It was a smile Pepa and Julieta had seen on their mothers face when they had told her she was going to be a grandmother. And Senora Guzman chuckled at how Amande was showing off the babies in the photo. Alma did the same thing. Carried around pictures of her grandchildren and happily talked about them and bragged about them to anyone who asked or would listen.

"I hear something? It sounds...sounds like someone talking? They're saying that since the island is weakened by Big Moms death the Marines can wipe out the Charlottes?" Dolores said squeaking and making the Pirates all glare and scowl.

"Should have known those pathetic cowards would try something." The orange/red haired man said scowling and the air around him was heating up.

"Well...if they're so pathetic as to try and attack only when they think I'm dead..." Mirabel however had a darkness surrounding her and her eyes seemed to be glowing red now as she glared off into the distance, changing direction and walking straight towards the sea.

"How about I show them that even death doesn't keep me down? Perospero, are you in any condition to make a candy slug?" Mirabel asked sharply and the man with the lollipop cane looking thing nodded sharply.

"Of course mama. Shall I turn them into candy corpses?" Perospero asked as he began making a giant...thing made out of candy on the water.

"No need. After all I need to start collecting homies again." Mirabel said and she stepped onto the slug as soon as it was big enough, Perospero stepping onto it behind her and the two of them riding towards where the rest of the village and family could vaguely see a ship approaching.

"Brulee...Mama will be fine but she is much younger and smaller than usual. Can you-"

"Don't worry nii-chan. I'll keep an eye out using the mirrors." The scarred woman said dropping into a mirror that she summoned below her feet even as she cut off the man with the scarf who merely chuckled.

"What's-" Pepa was cut off by a canon blast and the family cried out in horror as they saw Mirabel be hit straight in the head with a cannonball, or at least that's what the Amande woman called the weird ball thing that struck Mirabel and exploded.

Mirabel waved away the smoke with ease and didn't even have a scratch on her as she approached the ship, their attacks hitting her and doing nothing.

"Good to see that Mama still has her iron skin." The orange haired man said smirking and everyone saw as Mirabel jumped onto the ship and there were shouts and screams and suddenly a large dark force surrounded the boat. Vaguely they could see some white blobs appear from the boat before Mirabel swiped them up and things went silent.

On her way back towards the island with Perospero Mirabel released the blobs and the family could only watch as the blobs raced forward and seemed to melt into whatever they touched.

In front of their eyes the nearby houses and trees grew faces and suddenly seemed able to move and talk, and not the same way Casita did.

"That's Mama's power. She has indestructible Iron skin...and she can also steal the souls of those who oppose her." The blond man said with a smirk.


Yelp. Alma fainted again at hearing that her nieta was able to steal souls.

Chapter Text

They were here. Family Madrigal had finally made it to Mirabel's Island. Stepping out onto the docks they all were doing their best to mentally prepare themselves. What would they do or say when they saw her again?

This island seemed decently big too so how long would it even take to find her? Hours maybe a day or two? Would they just aimlessly wander around to find her or could they ask someone for assistance. According to the articles that they had all read over and over on the plane ride here Mirabel was very well liked by the islanders. Would they even tell them where to find her?

Or would they be like Encanto and not trust any strange newcomers? Would they try to keep the family away from Mi-

"Mirabel!" A voice called near the docks and the families heads snapped around to look. There was a woman in a dog like outfit standing on the beach holding a towel in one hand, a cup in her other, and had a clipboard under her arm.

As they looked they saw someone swimming in from the ocean and held their breaths once they finally saw who it was. It was Mirabel. It was their Mirabel in a swim suit who was confidently swimming towards the woman in the dog outfit. It was their Mirabel who was walking out of the water towards the other woman.

The family drank in the sight of Mirabel. She...she looked happy and healthy. She hadn't gotten any taller but her muscles seemed more defined, her body more toned. And she was smiling as she accepted the towel and began to dry off.

"Hey there Belle. Sorry. Had to go find the communicator again. Did I miss anything important?" Mirabel was asking the other woman who now had her clipboard in one hand since the towel was taken from her.

"No no. I just thought you'd like to be updated on how things are going so far." The dog woman said and she was smiling.

"Sure just give me a sec-" Mirabel took a backpack off of her back and dropped it onto the towel on the beach at her feet. Reaching in she pulled out a small baggie with some kind of device in it.

"Hey Muscles!" Mirabel called to an orange dog/lion looking guy who was jogging nearby.

"Sup there Glasses!" The guy asked coming closer to her and jogging in place just on the edge of the beach.

"Mind taking the pirate his communicator for me? Your jogging route takes you right past him on the south eastern shore!" Mirabel asked holding up the baggie a bit and the man nodded.

"Not a problem boss lady." The guy assured and Mirabel tossed it to him with a quick Thanks before she finished drying off her legs and pulled on a green skirt with different embroidery in it. Embroidery that wasn't like her teal skirt filled with family symbols. No this had a bunch of other symbols on it and the soft green settled very well on Mirabel.

"Alright Belle. Hit me with the updates." Mirabel said and she hadn't seemed to notice the family yet standing at the edge of the dock and staring at her. Antonio was near vibrating in place as he tried to wiggle free from his mothers arms.

"The stone bridge to the east was finished by the construction crew this morning. We've also had some vendors asking if they could come and set up small stalls on the island for games and other things, including two food stalls from vendors with good reviews but who are struggling on the main land due to bigger competition and how high prices of food are going. I've told them that they'll meet with you in an hour and you'll make the final call." The dog woman, Belle?, was reading off her clipboard as the dog/lion man kept jogging again.

"I'll trust you on the food stalls but what about the game ones? No one trying to scam the islanders again?" Mirabel asked as she began to dry off her hair and Belle smirked slightly.

"Not after what you did to the last one. Honestly you made him cry within two minutes without touching him." Belle said shaking her head and Mirabel flashed her a grin as she pulled on a comfortable tube top in a similar shade of green as the skirt and then continued to dry her hair for another minute or two.

"At least this one didn't get violent like the one before him did. I swear you must have put the fear of dios into him." Mirabel said with a laugh as she left the now damp towel around her neck, taking the cup that Belle was now holding out to her.

"Quite. But after your meeting with the vendor hopefuls we'll have to find places to put them that are away from the houses so that the noise and all doesn't disrupt the residents if someone decides to play late at night." Belle said and she shot a look over her shoulder towards one of the houses in particular.

"We'll put them to the north eastern side with the Museum and shops. I suppose at this point we can mark that area as the marketing or tourist center of the island." Mirabel said before she gulped down some of the drink in the cup.

"I'll make a note of that. The Able sisters wanted you to come by and check out their newest design today and probably make another design or two for them to work on, I've penciled them in at about one. Since it's nine now that means we meet the venders at ten, have the places for their shops marked out by eleven-eleven thirty at the latest, then we have time for lunch before meeting the sisters. We also have that firework show tonight so don't forget to submit any new designs for the fireworks to me before say nine tonight." Belle said reading all of that off of her clipboard and Mirabel nodded her head.

"I've come up with a new one that I'm sure the sisters and the fireworks would make look great. I'll make sure I put that in. That all? Cause that leaves at least eight hours free." Mirabel said raising an eyebrow at the woman who smirked at her.

"You've got at least four hours free. I'm enforcing a nap on you for a minimum of two hours since you stayed up so late last night helping with the bridge. The other two hours are purely for your rest and relaxation which means no work, at all, for those two hours. You can use that time to sleep or read or work on more designs but none of the usual work you do. After that though the rest of the afternoon is free. If you're interested the Happy Home people would love for you to come and work with them some more, the houses you design have some of the best reviews. And Cleo mentioned something about needing help with her garden if you absolutely do need to help someone." Belle said and Mirabel snorted slightly but grinned.

"Ay Cleo and her garden, she can't keep a pet rock alive much less plants." Mirabel said and Antonio finally managed to get free of his mother and tore off towards her.

"Mira!" The five year old called and Mirabel's head snapped over to him immediately before she brightened up.

"Tonito!" The boy slammed into her with a hug and she hugged him back just as hard, swinging him around a little bit before she settled him on her hip as if he belonged there.

"I missed you. I kept my promise even though I missed you so much." Antonio said as the rest of the family was racing over and Mirabel kissed his head.

"I missed you too Tonito. And thank you for keeping your promise." Mirabel said smiling softly down at him and he beamed as he kissed her cheek.

"Isabelle this is Antonio, my cousin. Tonito this is Isabelle who is a little bit of everything from personal assisstant to bodyguard to right hand woman." Mirabel said and the dog woman relaxed a bit and smiled.

"Hello Antonio. Mirabel has told me so much about you." Isabelle siad smiling softly at the boy who beamed at her.

"Oh...they're here too." Mirabel said and now she was frowning slightly as she looked at the rest of the family before snorting slightly dismissively.

"How long did it take em to notice I was gone Tonito? A week? Two weeks? A month?" Mirabel asked and the boy frowned.

"It took them two and a half weeks. And only after I asked where you were cause I got a hole in my pants." Antonio said frowning and the family felt as if they were sucker punched at how unsurprised Mirabel looked. And as they realized he wasn't wrong. They had only noticed she was missing when Antonio asked his papa where Mirabel was after one of is animals ripped a hole in his pants. If he hadn't...

"Figures. Oh well..." Mirabel sighed and Isabelle was glaring at them heavily with a frown on her face.

"Welcome to the Outcasts Oasis. I'm the Island Representative Mirabel. Feel free to explore our island home and enjoy it to the fullest. If you'll pardon me however I have business I must see to. If you need assisstance with anything please ask any of the islanders for help, they are all nice welcoming people and if they can't assist you then they generally know who can or where Isabelle or I can be found if need be." Mirabel said in a strictly professional voice as she nodded to the family as if they were strangers and not her family while taking the towel from around her neck.

"If you'll excuse me I need to be going to a meeting. Enjoy your visit to our home." Mirabel said calmly and a little coldly before she smiled back down at Antonio while Isabelle took the towel but kept her eyes on the family..

"Want to come with me and Isabelle while I work and maybe get a VIP tour of the island Tonito?" Her voice was a lot warmer and happier with Antonio who nodded his head eagerly, latching onto Mirabel's back like a little monkey.

"Just remember to be good, and quite, when I'm in a meeting with the vendors. The Able sisters and other islanders won't mind you talking and asking questions but I need to be professional with the vendors. Okay Toni?" Mirabel was asking the boy as she walked away with him still on her back.

"Okay Mira!" Antonio seemed perfectly content to merely stay on her back and cuddle her.

Isabelle was a little bit behind them and took a moment to look at the Madrigals.

"Mirabel told us so much about her family after we asked. Including how you all neglected and forgot about her. How you didn't even bother to celebrate her fifteenth birthday which is a big deal in her culture from what she said." Isabelle's voice was ice cold as she glared them down darkly.

"Everyone on this island loves our Mirabel and we don't like it when people upset her or attack her. Tread carefully outsiders. We protect our own and you can ask anyone here..." Isabelle had taken a step closer to them, putting her right in front of a thick sturdy looking tree.

"I'm not one to be messed with." Isabelle said with a growl to her voice as she slammed a slim fist into the tree trunk, and the tree broke into pieces with ease.

"Enjoy your visit." Isabelle said and then she turned and strode away after Mirabel and Antonio and left the rest of the family standing there pale or gaping in disbelief.

Chapter Text

"Alright everyone. I know you've seen them on the news and in videos recently..." Particularly about the time they were summoned by robbers using a quirk, trying to summon a quirkless person to use as hostage but ended up summoning the wrong girl who beat them with her barehands and managed to get the crook who summoned her to summon the rest of her family who...were definitely not happy that someone tried to use her as a hostage.

"But don't bother them. For now they're students just like the rest of you. Treat them the same as you would the rest of the class." Aizawa said giving his students a stern look complete with red eyes and floating hair.

There was a quick chorus of agreements before Aizawa glanced at the door just as it was shoved open by an older girl who had a green streak in her otherwise black hair.

"Uh...sir aren't three of them too old to be in our class?" Kirishima asked raising his hand and staring at the girl with the red hair band, the girl with the green streak and the large girl who must have a strength quirk.

"Yes technically they are. However they never went to any kind of hero school nor had formal training for their quirks so therefore they're being placed in the first year class. And they refused to leave the other two alone so they were all put in this class." Aizawa said and he was already zipping up his sleeping bag.

Following the three older girls were two more people, teenagers their age this time. A boy with a mischievous grin on his face and a yellow poncho looking thing that had little chameleons embroidered on it and a girl wearing green glasses who smiled with the same brightness and nervousness as their own Midoriya did.

"You five. Introductions. Name, age, quirk and something about yourself." Aizawa said and the five newcomers shared a look before the one with the green streak stepped forward.

"I'll go first since I'm the oldest."

"You're not even a month older than me." The girl with the red band spoke softly with a small squeak but she was smiling and the one with the green streak snorted.

"Mama is only twenty minutes older than Tia Pepa and Tia Pepa is only five minutes older than Tio Bruno but they're still older than him. So compared to that the two weeks between us is a chasm." The one with the streak said smirking.

"As I was saying. I'm the oldest of us at 22, only a few weeks older than my twin cousin here. My name do you all say it here? Backwards right?" The oldest glanced at the others, earning a nod from the one with green glasses.

"Okay so I'd be Madrigal Isabela in your culture. My quirk is plants. I can create new plants of all kinds and control them, flowers, trees, vines. All of it. Something about me?...I hate wearing the color pink!" Isabela said and that caused the family to snicker while Mina pouted at that.

"If we're going from oldest to youngest I'd be next." The one with the red head band said and her voice was soft as she stepped up.

"I'm Madrigal Dolores, twenty two as well. My quirk is enhanced hearing. I can hear everything, even a pin drop, within a five mile radius of me...speaking of which there's a robbery happening at what sounds like a convivence store." Dolores said with a squeak as she glanced at Aizawa who sighed but called it in. Jirou looked impressed, her hearing was good but not that good.

"Something about me...I like poetry." Dolores said and then she squeaked again when Isabela nudged her gently and grinned.

"My turn then. My name is Madrigal Luisa, I'm Isabela's younger sister and I'm seventeen." The tallest, and palest, of the three said softly and the class noticed how all of the Madrigals so far spoke softly. Probably because of Dolores' quirk.

"My quirk is super strength. Cliché I know but it only further enhances what I can already do. Kind of like multiplying my strength by itself if that makes sense? But a fact about me...I like books, all kinds of books but especially the books of ancient myths or love stories." Luisa said and she seemed embarrassed and shy about that.

"That makes it my turn!" The only boy jumped forward and he effortlessly shifted into a copy of Dolores and then back to himself with a grin.

"Madrigal Camilo at your service! I've recently turned sixteen and the handsome younger brother of Dolores. You can tell which one of us got the good looks-ow!" Camilo was cut off by the girl with green glasses smacking him upside the head and giving him a stern wordless stare.

"Okay okay. It was a joke, sheesh." Camilo rubbed his head with a pout, making the class snicker a bit.

"As you saw I can shapeshift. I can't mimic quirks but I can perfectly mimic a persons appearance and voice at will. Interesting fact about me? If you try something with my hermana or Mira I will end you-ow! Jeez Mira did you wake up and choose violence today or what?" Camilo pouted at the other girl again while the family was snickering.

"Fine fine. An interesting thing about me is I love the rain." Camilo said and the final girl rolled her eyes as Camilo grabbed her hand and spun her to the front which earned a laugh from her.

"Cami!" Mirabel laughed and was stopped by Isabela grabbing her and holding her upright.

"Camilo. Mirabel is clumsy enough she doesn't need to be dizzy." Dolores scolded her brother who pulled a face at her.

"Anyways. It's a pleasure to meet you all. I'm Madrigal Mirabel! I'm the youngest sister of Luisa and Isabela! I'm fifteen, but turn sixteen in a few more weeks! A fact about me is that I love to sew and embroider!" Mirabel said smiling brightly at them all as she leaned into her eldest sisters side.

"You forgot to tell us about your quirk." Aizawa said and Mirabel blinked before she smiled again.

"I don't have one!"

Chapter Text

The family had noticed an immediate difference in how they were treated once word got out that they were Mirabel's family. The welcoming and kind and oasis like aura around the island suddenly got a lot smaller and they were subject to many wary, mistrustful, and some downright hostile looks from the residents.

"Mirabel!" An owl like woman was running over to Mirabel who had just set Antonio down to eat at a picnic table.

"What's wrong?" Mirabel was immediately serious and alert as she diverted her entire focus to the woman who panted a bit.

"Just heard from Tom. He's in a rage because apparently the company that built the museum decided to cut corners, he had left the choice in companies to his assistant on the mainland and they went with cheap rather than reliable." The woman reported and Mirabel's face went horrified for a moment before it went stone cold.

"Shit. And if he's in that big of a rage...Isabelle! Have the museum closed and evacuated immediately! If we can safely do so have the animals and fossils moved somewhere else as well!" Mirabel began snapping out orders and Isabelle jumped to attention and ran off to complete them.

"Gather everyone you can to help with this just in case. We'll hope for the best but until we can get a new one built by a reliable company..." Mirabel grimaced and the owl woman nodded and raced off to gather the others.

"Antonio I want you to stay here with the others okay? I'm sorry but something really important came up so I have to handle it." Mirabel said softly to the boy who nodded his head, trusting her immediately and implicitly.

Mirabel didn't spare the others a glance as she took off at a jog towards the museum, the alarmed and worried family following closely behind her wondering what was happening. The looked surprised and horrified when they noticed a big crack in the side of the building, a few of them paling as they realized the danger.

"Blathers refuses to leave without everything else in it and Brewster can't move fast due to his spine. He's coming as fast as he can but Blathers is stubborn." Isabelle immediately reported to Mirabel as she arrived, Isabelle quickly toting out fossil displays and some of the larger tanks to save the animals and history. Blathers was rushing back and forth saving all of the paintings, fossils, and animals he could as well but he was restricted to the not as heavy ones.

"Alright. The rest of the islanders are on the way. We'll try to stabilize the building until everything is out. I'll go help Roost. Blathers you're the only one who knows what all is in the building so we need you to stay out here and direct everyone on where to go to get all of the animals and paintings out." Mirabel said and Blathers looked hesistant but the Owl man nodded when the owl woman raced back over, a few other animal people hot on her heels.

"Here I can he-" Luisa moved to offer her assistance as she took a tank from Isabelle only to nearly drop it at how heavy it was. And the fact that the animal inside was a shark.

"What in the-" Alma stumbled back upon seeing Isabelle bringing out a tank with a whale shark in it and she nearly toppled over a fossil display that was behind her.

Mirabel grabbed her and dragged her further away towards a small grove of trees.

"You all stay here and out of the way!" Mirabel ordered them sternly before she raced back to the building, sending Luisa away as well as the last of the big things was pulled from the building.

"Did she just tell us to stay out of the way?" Isabela asked in disbelief as she stared after where her sister was darting into the building that was starting to creak and groan, the rest of the islanders coming together to get everything they could out of the building.

"She did and honestly that seems like karma to me." Camilo said with a small smirk as he watched his cousin take charge and rush in to help.

"What?" Julieta asked and she was fretting over seeing her baby run into the groaning building.

"Considering how often Abuela told her to stay out of the way in the Encanto, Mirabel telling Abuela to stay out of the way on the island is karma." Dolores said with a squeak and a small smirk of her own.

With a heavy, familiar to the Madrigals, groan the building began to collapse in on itself. It looks like the residents managed to get almost everything aside from a few of the insects out however so they thankfully weren't in the building.

Seeing a green owl like man being thrown through the doorway before the entire building came down however...the Madrigals felt dread.

"Brewster!" A few of the islanders looked at the old green owl that Isabelle had caught and gently set down but her gaze was focused on the building.

"Mirabel was still inside." Isabelle said and she looked so worried and the islanders seemed to freeze in place for a long moment. Just as two little racoon looking things and a bigger racoon looking man came running up. The bigger one looked furious and the two younger ones worried.

"I'm going to bury that construction company. Is everyone alright?" The older racoon asked gazing around and taking note of who all was there.

"Get some shovels! And a first aid kit! Mirabel was inside when it came down!" Isabelle barked out orders and the two little racoons raced away before coming back with their arms full of first aid kits as all of the islanders immediately grabbed their shovels and raced towards the wreckage.

The Madrigal family was frozen in horror. she had to be wrong. Mirabel was...she was still inside when it fell? No. No no no no no no no...

They could only stand there and stare as the islanders attacked the rubble, more and more of the shop owners coming out to see what happened and if everyone was okay and joining in with pale faces.

"Over here!" A hedgehog looking woman called and immediately the entire island seemed to focus it's attention on her as she was pulling something up from some rubble she had moved away. It was Mirabel, dirty, dusty, and bloody.

"Get some water and let's clean her face off!" Isabelle was snapping orders as they gently moved Mirabel to the grass and everyone crowded around worried. The family could only stare from further away.

"Wh-Who the fuck is trying to drown me?!" Mirabel spluttered and blinked her eyes open after the water was thrown on her face, earning a few snickers and chuckles from the islanders who all seemed to relax now that she was awake.

"Brewster are you okay? What about everyone else? Was anyone else in the building?" Mirabel asked and she was already trying to sit up and her eyes were roving the crowd around her. Alma swallowed thickly. She knew that kind of behavoir. Ignoring what was wrong with herself and focusing on helping everyone else and making sure everyone was okay.

Apparently the trader wasn't wrong when they said Mirabel took after her. Just in ways Alma wished the girl didn't.

"I'm fine. Isabelle caught me after you threw me. No one else was in the building but you are hurt." The green bird said as the little racoons began to inspect Mirabel and one wrapped some bandages around her head after gently washing the blood and dirt away.

"I'll be fine. Mr. Nook please tell me that company will be no more and that they weren't used for any of the other buildings?" Mirabel asked looking at the big racoon who grimaced.

"Oh trust me they'll be more than destroyed when I'm done with them. And no. I arranged for the houses and bridges myself along with the Resident Service and General shop buildings. The Able sisters had their shop built by their own contractor who I will be doing background checks on along with the cafe. The museum was the only one left up to my office on the mainland to arrange for since they had to get the paperwork done for the museum society on the main land. And I will be having words with the employee who went with cost over quality." The big racoon growled at the end.

"Looks like you've got a broken wrist and two broken ribs, thankfully nothing more serious than that though." The little racoons said looking up at Mirabel who nodded her head.

"Better than what I thought I'd get away with. Thanks Tommy, Timmy. Now someone help me up and let's figure out what to do next at the plaza." Mirabel said she was immediately helped up and fretted and fussed over.

The family could only stare uselessly from the background. They had been useless, powerless, unable to they realized how Mirabel must have felt back in the Encanto.

And they realized how much this feeling sucked.

Chapter Text

"Quirkless? Then why are you even here?" Bakugo sneered at her and Mirabel from a few months ago would have probably been upset and walking away to stay out of the way.

The Mirabel now?

"Because apparently you're such a dumbass they needed someone with brains here." Mirabel said without missing a beat and there were choked noises from the class who looked a bit amused and mostly shocked while the Madrigals snickered but were glaring darkly at the blond.

"Why you worthless-" Bakugo had explosions popping in his hand and at the first flinch from Dolores Mirabel moved.

"I don't care what you call me, I'm used to it and worse, but your explosions are hurting Lola's ears. I suggest you stop that." Mirabel's voice was ice cold but there was a smile on her face as she had Bakugo's hands pinned to the desk with...were those sewing and knitting needles? A whispered 'what the fuck' from Denki summed it up as everyone stared.

"Why you useless Dek-" Bakugo was cut off by an elbow being slammed into his jaw by the girl beside him.

"Let's get one thing clear. I don't have a quirk. And I don't need one. Why? Because I'm a seamstress and tailor as a hobby. That means I notice little things others don't. I also notice patterns. And I know my way around a variety of sharp stabby implements. My mama is a healer, she has seen and healed all manner of injuries and I was her little helper for several years learning about things that hurt the most and places that hurt the most when stabbed as well as the damage it can do." Mirabel's viiuce was still ice cold and her eyes were almost looking to glow behind her glasses as she stared down Bakugo and there was a small thin sewing needle held between her fingers.

She was tapping the needle against a certain part of the palm of his hand lightly for now. But that could change in an instant.

"And being her helper means I know a good bit about how the human body works, even with quirks involved. From what I noticed just in the little bit of time I've been in this classroom you are a violent bigoted rude self entitled jackass who has a superiority complex and an ego bigger than a skyscraper. And from how quickly you resorted to threats and using your quirk, you're used to doing whatever you want and getting away with it even if it's illegal from what I know of this country's laws. Which means this isn't the first time you've threatened someone or used your quirk illegally. You remind me of the fire guy with the Tryhard name who got pissed because I was quirkless and managed to beat up the robbers." Mirabel said casually, her voice still ice cold but her tone an almost deceiving light.

"You seem to mostly use your hands to use your quirk. Which means if I push this sewing needle in deep enough in just the right spot I can permanently damage your hands and therefore render you almost completely quirkless before you can even get off an explosion to stop me. So I suggest you be careful with what you say and do since unlike others you've threatened and attacked in the past, I won't just roll over and take it like the little bitch you act like." Mirabel said and then just as his hand started to pop she began to push the needle in just enough to be a warning. He froze in place as he looked in her eyes and saw no hint of a lie or exaggeration in them.

"You might think you're scary little boom boom boi. But trust me. You're just a pathetic puppy compared to what I'm used to." Mirabel said and then she calmly walked back over to her sisters who were eyeing Bakugo darkly as a warning. If he tried to attack their sister while her back was turned he'd be in for a rude surprise.

"Pathetic puppy? I mean yeah compared to an upset Isabela, much less an angry Dolores or Luisa, he's pretty tame but who were you thinking of?" Camilo asked Mirabel who snorted.

"Either Abuela before the house fell or that one time a guy tried assaulting me and Tia Pepa saw him. Take your pick." Mirabel said and each of the kids nodded in agreement to that, scowls or scared looks on their faces.

"Uh Midoriya? Are you okay?" Yaomomo asked noticing how frozen Midoriya was and how he was staring at Mirabel.

"I know he's your childhood friend dude but don'-" Sero began only to be cut off by Midoriya speaking while staring right at Mirabel.

"I think I'm in love. Where have you been all my life and will you please marry me?"

Chapter Text

"Heeey Shota! How are things going?" Present Mic asked as Shota dragged himself to the cafeteria to watch over the students for lunch. Just after their Heroics class.

"Someone please kill me." Shota said face planting onto the teachers table and none of them even looked up. He requested that at least once a week ever since the start of the year. Poor Shota and his hell class.

"What was it this time? Midoriya break another bone?" Midnight asked as she set down her tray.

"The Madrigal kids, one is quirkless. Bakugo is a bigot and Midoriya is apparently in love now." Shota said all of this with a done with this shit face and the entire teachers table paused at this. They knew that the youngest Madrigal girl was quirkless but why weren't they surprised about Bakugo being a bigot. It was the last bit that caught all of them.

"On the plus side I'm sure the entire class has a healthy fear and respect for sewing and knitting needles and the quirkless." Aizawa said idly and then he lifted his face and gestured vaguely towards something. All of the adults turned and looked and saw Midoriya chatting a mile a minute with an awestruck look on his face as he talked to Mirabel who was blushing while her sisters were snickering and Camilo was glaring.

"Apparently she knows how to completely shut down Bakugos quirk by fucking up his hand with a single sewing needle. She was quite upset that him setting off explosions hurt Dolores' ears and that his behavior showed a rather terrifying picture of a history of threats, intimidation, and illegal quirk use on his side." Shota said and all the teachers blinked at that and slowly stared at the surprisingly quiet although furious looking Bakugo who was glaring at Mirabel but didn't let off an explosion.

"And in battle trials it was her and Midoriya paired up to go against Kaminari and Mineta. Midoriya decided to go quirkless for it too and refused to use his quirk...not that he would have needed it." Shota said and thunked his head on the table again. Barely even registering as the adult Madrigals entered the cafeteria and greeted the children before making their way to the teachers table.

"What are we talking about?" The red head who controlled the weather asked beaming as she sat beside Midnight, the two having hit it off over romance and sad books of all things.

"Mirabel is giving Shota a migraine and apparently has one of her classmates in love with her now." Midnight dutifully reported and Agustin tripped over his own two feet at that, Felix nearly falling off of his chair next to Pepa. Julieta gave an 'ay Agustin' and gave him an arepa she had on hand always, Bruno's eyes flashed green as he glared around the room and focused in on Midoriya, Alma raised an eyebrow and sipped her tea. Pepa had a rainbow over her head.

"She also rendered Kaminari completely ineffective against her using sewing needles and ripped into Mineta so badly just with words that he started sobbing on the spot before she punted him out of the second floor window. They won their match by the way." Aizawa reported and Pepa snickered at the part about her punting a boy.

"Well don't leave us hanging Aizawa. Play by play." Powerloader said grinning at his coworker who flashed him a glare.

"No. You can watch the video later. All Might said he was going to get the recording and treasure it." Aizawa hissed at him and that honestly surprised all of the teachers. All Might did what?

"What. Happened?" Mic was grinning eagerly, he knew this was going to be good.

"Kaminari tried for a full force attack, despite being in the same room as the fake bomb, Mirabel threw like ten needles all over the place. They're made of metal and since she threw them just as Kaminari unleashed his electricity...all of the electricity went towards the needles which left him in Wheey mode. Mineta then decided to try and launch his quirk all over the room to catch her while saying some questionabl things about her quirk status, gender, and a few other comments I won't repeat so I don't have to try and restrain Midnight from killing him." Aizawa said and there was a cloud that was darkening over Pepa's head at that while Midnight glared, having a general idea of what Mineta said.

"The comments were forwarded to Nedzu to see if we can finally expel the little brat. Mirabel was understandably pissed and I think Midoriya was ready to punt Mineta into the stratosphere. I sure wasn't going to stop him if he did. Hell I was ready to help him do it. Mirabel however tore into him from everything about his appearance, his behavoir, his mental state, his lack of any heroic qualities, how he apparently tried to overcompensate by acting like a douche. By the time she was done she had reduced him to tears...then she told him that if he kept it up he was going to die sad and alone and very soon...then she kicked him out of the second floor window as if he were foot ball." Aizawa said and the Madrigals snorted but were nodding. They didn't seem as surprised as the rest of the adults did.

"Honestly it was kind of awe inspiring. I'm pretty sure she's considered the best friend of every girl in my class and Class 1 B and something of a guardian of them after that." Aizawa said nodding to where the Class 1B girls were coming up to Mirabel and hugging her and thanking her apparently and a few were laughing while she was embarrassed but smiling.

"Yeah don't piss off mi nube. She will go for the throat, verbally and physically." Pepa said grinning proudly at that.

"And emotionally too if she has to." Alma added dryly and she seemed to be speaking from experience as her eyes flickered to her youngest granddaughter just as Antonio came racing in with Eri, both of them riding on the back of a jaguar and causing a few shouts and screams.

"Midoriya asked her to marry him twice already today." Aizawa timed that perfectly as Agustin choked, Felix spat out his drink all over Mic, and Pepa had a crack of thunder before a bright rainbow appeared.

Alma however was now painfully tense and her eyes were ice cold as they locked onto the green haired boy who was hugging Eri while Mirabel was being besieged with hugs and cuddles from Antonio who pulled a face at Camilo as he was given kisses and cuddles.

"Some boy interested in my youngest nieta? Pardon me I need to have a talk with him." Alma said coldly as she set down her tea cup, the sound eerieely sounding like a nail in a coffin to the teachers as she slowly stood up.

"Wait for me!" Felix and Agustin seemed fully on board with that and Bruno was already heading over there a bit ahead of his mother with a glowing green eyed glare.

"Protective aren't they?" Vlad King asked and yes he had noticed how the other five Madrigal grandkids were hovering over the girl.

"We saw her fall off of the roof of our house as it was collapsing, and she was nearly crushed by the building falling in on her. That wasn't even a year ago. So yes. We're all feeling protective. Just be glad Pepa isn't causing a hurricane...or thunderstorm inside." Julieta said and her smile was cold and a bit brittle while Pepa reached over and grabbed her hand, a dark grey cloud that rumbled a bit over her head at that memory.

"Give it a few minutes for those with sensitive ears to vacate. Then I promise nothing." Pepa said with a shaky smile of her own, her eyes showing that her mind was replaying that horrible moment where they saw Mirabel fall and heard her give a short surprised scream. That moment when Casita came crashing down on top of her.

"Wh...what?" Midnight asked swallowing thickly and her mind, along with Mic and Aizawas was remembering a different collapsing building. That resulted in the loss of clouds an blue hair an...

"Our house collapsed. Mirabel was still inside and hadn't been able to get out in time. It fell right on her. She was lucky that she wasn't hurt too badly, if things were just a little different, if mama's quirk had been a little slower..." Julieta swallowed thickly and none of the trio could blame her.

They also couldn't blame the family for being overprotective now. Even as Ectoplasm sent out clones to make sure the protective Madrigals didn't kill Midoriya.

The way he stared awestruck at Mirabel and whipered something about how amazing she was when Monoma decided to make a scene only to be sent packing with just one look and a few words did not help at all.

Chapter Text

"Strong Drinks?" Mirabel looked at her Abuela in disbelief as she tried to send everyone back to the party while also calling Mirabel an underage alcoholic in front of everyone.

"Do I look like Tia Pepa to you?" Mirabel asked baffled and everyone froze at that although there was a snicker from her mama.

"Oy!" Said Tia however protested that as she stared at Mirabel who gave her a flat look.

"Tia I've seen you guzzle an entire bottle of vodka and still be able to dance the salsa with Tio. But you're a grown woman with years of tolerance built up. I am fifteen. Do you seriously think that if I got into the strong drinks I'd be able to walk or talk coherently?" Mirabel asked and everyone froze as they looked at each other finally seeming to notice that and acknowledge it. She...her voice was completely deadpan, her words were clear and unslurred and she was standing perfectly well on her two feet and had run just as easily as anything without tripping or stumbling or falling.

Which honestly given how clumsy the girl was ought to count for a lot.

"That's fair." Pepa admitted with a small grin at that. The girl wasn't wrong after all, she could hold her drink better than most of the town combined. But she also was fifty and had been drinking for more than thirty years. Mirabel most certainly wasn't.

"Look." Mirabel said sighing and she rolled her eyes before she started to do cartwheels and summersaults, flips and spins. All done perfectly well and without her tripping and falling or having any sign of intoxication. Antonio and the other children clapped happily at the show while the family was gaping slightly. Since when could she do things like that?

"So anyone else want to try and claim that I'm drunk because I can also point out how impossible it is in other ways." Mirabel asked raising an eyebrow at them all.

"What do you mean Mirabel?" Julieta asked stepping towards her daughter.

"We were in Antonio's room, he's five all the drinks that were strong in there were put somewhere that no kid or teen can get into because Casita only brings them down for the adults. So either Casita or someone else left the drinks where anyone even the kids can get to, or Casita agreed to give me the drinks. Honestly what would that tell you all?" Mirabel asked putting a hand on her hip and Abuela's face was starting to turn as red as her dress.

"Casita would never let you drink!" Alma said immediately and Mirabel smirked as everyone now looked at the old woman.

"So you're admitting I couldn't have gotten into the drinks and therefore not be able to even get drunk." Mirabel pointed out dryly and Alma started glaring at her while there was a muffled snort from Camilo which drew a lot of peoples attentions.

"Sorry sorry I know it's not funny but Casita favors Mirabel over everyone. If she asked for wine I'd be willing to bet that Casita would give it to her no hesitation." Camilo said waving slightly when everyone looked at him.

"Casita doesn't favor anyone Camilo. Casita listens to the entire family and I can prove it." Alma said sighing at having to go along with this farce, why wouldn't they just listen to her and return to the party?

"Casita. A chair please? I'm not as young as I used to be." Alma said with a forced chuckle at the end, near ordering the house honestly, and a simple hard backed wooden chair was slowly moved towards her that she sunk into with a raised eyebrow.

"Yeah yeah big whoop. Hey Casita. Mirabel's hand is bleeding." Camilo called to the house with a roll of his eyes at his grandmother. Immediately there was a flurry of activity.

A plush soft armchair was shoved behind Mirabel nearly forcing her to sit in it, a soft stool came skidding out of the living room and the house bounced Mirabels feet up onto it, and a side table all but came flying out of the kitchen with a plate and serving of dessert on it before it stopped beside Mirabel.

All in less than twenty seconds.

"And she wasn't even the one to ask. So you were saying Abuela?" Camilo asked smirking at his grandmother who frowned heavily while the town murmured and the family was surprised.

"Of course Casita would behave that way for any member of the family who is injured." Alma tried to play it off causing Camilo to sigh heavily. Great she was being stubborn. Now he knew where his mami got it from.

"Okay then. Prove it. Abuela give casita an order and Mirabel tell Casita to not do it. Let's see who Casita listens too." Camilo suggested with a smirk, knowing full well what the outcome would be.

"Fine if it will cease this childish farce and let us return to the party... Casita bring Mirabel up here." Alma ordered and Casita began to slowly almost hesitantly move Mirabel, chair stool table and all, towards the stairs.

"Casita please don't. I'd rather stay here." Mirabel said and Casita immediately stopped moving her, earning a thanks from the girl while the whole family was shocked aside from Camilo. Casita never disobeyed Abuela before.

"Great we know that now let's try it in reverse. Mirabel you ask Casita to do something and Abuela you see if Casita will listen if you say no." Camilo said grinning wickedly and honeslty he was living for the chaos this was causing. Teach them to ignore and push away and talk bad about his favorite cousin.

"Oh oh! Do me Mirabel!" Antonio eagerly volunteered for the test and Mirabel laughed.

"Okay okay. Casita can you please bring Antonio to me? Birthday boy needs a bit of this cake too." Mirabel asked and Casita gave a happy wiggle, immediately sliding a happy Antonio towards Mirabel and down the stairs.

"Casita stop!" Alma ordered strongly, fully expecting to be obeyed. Casita didn't listen however. Alma could only gape as Casita kept sliding Antonio down the stairs as rumors and whispers exploded from everywhere.

Especialyl when Casita openly tossed Antonio into the air lightly so that he would land on Mirabels lap where she cuddled him and fed him some of the cake as he laughed and kissed her cheek.

"Gracias Casita." Mirabel said smiling at the house who gave some happy tile flips. She didn't even care about the town whispering and the family gaping over how Casita openly favored Mirabel and listened to her over Abuela.

"That...that proves nothing. I'm still the holder of the candle an-" Alma was pale and looking confused and betrayd by Casita listening to Mirabel over her and was going to say she was the leader of the family and town but...

Whispers, shouts and gasps came from every mouth as Casita bucked the magical candle from the window and onto the floor. Everyone watched as Casita bounced and rolled it until it landed on the table beside Mirabel who looked just as confused and shocked as everyone else.

Casita lifted one of the banners on the wall at Alma as if to ask her 'You were saying?'.

Camilo was triyng his best not to cackle. He knew he loved their home for a reason!

Chapter Text

"And so are the drinks." Alma chuckled as she tried to wave off Mirabel and her claims of cracks. Usually she'd feel hurt and upset and betrayed...but right now?

Right now Mirabel was just pissed and fed up with her family. She no longer had any fucks to give. They wanted to do this. Fine she was going to do this.

Everyone saw as Mirabel pulled out a little sketch book that she usually kept on her and began writing something and muttering, everyone paused and stayed frozen to stare at what she was doing. Especially when they noticed the cold look on her face that was barely hiding her simmering anger.

"Haven't you caused enough problems in one night Mirabel? What are you doing now?!" Alma demanded as she glared at the girl, looking ready to grab her and throw her in the room.

Mirabel looked up with a cold smile and her eyes were nearly glowing behind her glasses as she looked at her Abuela.

"I'm just trying to figure out who the FUCK you think you're talking about cause it sure isn't me." Mirabels' voice was angry and cold and it sent shivers down their spines as everyone was definitely frozen now and it was so quiet that Dolores swore she went deaf for a solid minute.

That was the only reason they all felt the first small rumbles in the floor.

"MIRAB-" Alma seemed to snap out of it as she felt the rumbls and she raised her voice, making Dolores cover her ears with a wince.

"SHUT THE FUCK UP!!" Mirabel's own yell was much louder and was almost emphasized by the stronger rumbles and the way that there were now several cracks in Casita. Everyone gaped. She yelled back at Dona Madrigal. No one had ever done that before.

Even Alma was frozen in place wide eyed as she stared at the furious teenager.

"Seriously? You want to try and make me out to be an underage alcoholic to try and wave away the fact that something is wrong when you KNOW something is wrong? What?! Couldn't face that something is right with your perfect Miracle and Family so you're going to try and publicly humilate me by dragging my character and reputation through the mud? I WISH I could say I'm surprised but honestly I'm not!" Mirabel wasn't yelling right now but she might as well have been for the weight her words carried and the anger and hurt in them.

"Anyone with half a braincell knows I don't drink! Not only am I underage and actually listen to the laws but I'm usually with the kids and babies while the rest of you get drunk and stupid! Why the fuck would I drink?" Mirabel demanded and the adults had to admit that she had a point. She was usually the one watching after their children while they got drunk and did dumb shit they should know better than to do by now.

"Then again apparently no one in this fucking village or family can think for themselves. Heaven only knows they wouldn't take advantage of the rest of your amily if they could figure out their own damn problems instead of being spoon fed an answer and solution without having to lift a finger like the entitled little brats they are." Oh yeah Mirabels eyes were definitely glowing behind her glasses and there were some angry looks and noises from the villagers but most of them were looking scared as they now saw the cracks on the walls.

And no Mirabel did not hold back the venom in her words. Nor did she miss the cracks.

"I saw those cracks, you know the ones you said I was drunk and hallucinating or making up or whatever stupid excuse you want to use, and I was scared the whole damn cieling would fall on you all so I tried to warn you. I was trying to get everyone out in case the house fell! I should have known no one would listen to me or believe me, you never have before!" Mirabel waved a hand towards the cracks pointedly and Alma was pale as she saw them visibly breaking through the wall and floor and cieling tiles, some of the shingles falling around Mirabel. Not that she noticed or cared right now since none hit her. Everyone was wincing at the venom in her words.

"I should have known that you were too much of a coward to even consider something was wrong." Mirabel nearly spat those words out at her Abuela.

"I am no cowar-" Alma seemed to regain her fury and was ready to blow up at the accusation that she was a coward. She was no coward! She led the Encanto! She was the one who kept everyone together!

"The Encanto came to be because everyone, inlcuding you, were running. And because Abuelo was the only one brave enough to actually try and do something to stop or hold off the invaders didn't it?" Mirabel cut her off and...honestly no one could refute it. They all knew it was true. The Encanto came to be because they were all cowards and scared and ran and only one man had been brave enough to try and hold the invaders back even if just for a few seconds. None of the older townspeople could meet Mirabels eyes at that accusation. She wasn't wrong after all.

"Running seems to run in this family since not a damn person in it is actually brave enough to speak up or say something is wrong and point out something isn't perfect. Figures that the whole family takes after you in being a coward." Mirabel sneered at them all except Antonio, she was so done with them...and so so tired of them.

"How many times do I hear you tell Tia Pepa about her cloud? And then you don't do anything to help her or see what's wrong, hell you don't even stick around. You tell her about it, as if she doesn't already know she has a cloud, and then you walk or run away like a coward! How many times have you gone to mamas stand in town to make sure that she's still there but when the first injury comes up you're suddenly gone. Running like a coward." Mirabel's voice and words were poisonous as she glared at her Abuela pointedly.

"How dare yo-" Alma was red faced in fury and swelling up like a bull frog but there was a loud crack that shut her up.

"I dare very well! What are you going to do about it? Nothing! Nothing not a damn thing, because you are a coward. You don't face problems! You ignore them. You avoid them. YOU RUN AWAY! So yes I dare! Because I know that you're too much of a cowrd to even admit or think anything is wrong much less do something about it! I dare because I know you won't do anything but talk big because you're too much of a coward to do anything but talk and bitch!" Mirabel spat at her and she stepped forward, towards her Abuela.

And Alma Madrigal took a step back.

"You see the damn cracks now! Just like I told you! And they're all over the house but you're so much of a coward that you aren't even looking at them! You're still staring at me! Because you know that if you do look at them you'd have to admit that you were wrong! That something is wrong! And heaven forbid something is wrong in Alma Madrigals home or world." Mirabel said and then she gave a sneer that was almost pure malice towards her grandmother.

"I saw them. I saw those cracks and had a shingle fall and cut my hand. I saw them and I was scared, I'll admit that, but at least I'm not a damn coward. A coward would bow their head, close their eyes, and pretend everything was okay just like you wanted us all to do. But no. Apparenlty I had to be the only damn person in this family to get Abuelos bravery because I actually tried to warn everyone. Because I was scared that the house would fall on your heads and didn't want anyone to get hurt or killed." Mirabel said and then she sighed and shook her head.

"Maybe I shouldn't have warned you-"

"You shouldn't! Everything is fine! The miracle is strong!" Alma desperately tried to assure herself and everoyne else of that and recieved many looks as people wondered if she lost her mind in her age. The entire house was rumbling and trembling and cracking around them and she was still trying to insist everything was okay?!

"You're full of shit." There were several choked noises at the deadpan words out of MIrabel's mouth.

"Mybe I shouldn't have warned you so I wouldn't have had to learn how much of a damn coward and failure you are Alma." Mirabel said and everyone's breath caught at her using her Abuela's first name. Alma almost looked stricken.

"Do NOT call me that! I am your Abuela!" Alma said and Mirabel snorted slightly.

"Then fucking ACT LIKE ONE!" Mirabel near shouted that in her face and a loud crack noise drew everyones eyes to Almas door that now had a large split through it and was no longer glowing.

"You're no abuela-" Alma reared back as if Mirabel had slapped her and the door with her title on it cracked further.

"Not to me at least. You haven't treated me as a member of this family...haven't even seen or considered me a member of the family for ten years. For something I had no control over." Mirabel said and she was almost nose to nose with Alma now since Alma had backed herself up against one of the cracking walls.

"You had to have done something! The miracle is strong! The Encanto is strong! I've led this town for fifty years and it's strong! It's only you..." Alma was desperately trying to hold onto anything she could... Still trying to deny the words that had a stinging truth in them.

"Yeah great job.. You're better at leading the village than you are at caring about your family. Cangratu-fucking-lations. Not a high bar since you gave half the family anxiety and the other half depression but still." Mirabel said and she gave a slow mocking clap before she backed away from Alma, turning on her heel and going towards the door.

"Keep telling yourself that as Casita is cracking and falling apart around you." Mirabel snarked over her shoulder as a lot of people had run for the door, scred of the rumbling and the cracks. Only the family and a few others had stayed to watch the verbal slaughter.

Antonio raced over to Mirabel and took her uninjured hand without hesitation with the rest of the town kids following him.

"Anywhere as long as it's away from you. Just remembr when the house falls around your ears that I tried to warn you. But oh you don't need a warning." Mirabel shot her most mocking smile over her shoulder at her Abuela, a smile full of scorn disdain loathing anger and a multitude of other emotions.

"After all the miracle is strong." Mirabel said mockingly as she ushered all of the children out of Casita.

"I'll make sure it's on your tombstone when the house falls on top of you. She died because the Miracle was strong." Mirabel snarked as her glowing golden brown eyes glared back at her Abuela who was now standing alone in Casita's courtyard, the rest of the family fleeing after the children.

"And right under that will be the truth. Alma Madrigal died becuse she was too much of a coward to admit something was wrong." With that Mirabel turned and walked out the door.

She was so done with this shit and so so tired.

Chapter Text

Mirabel's door had faded, everyone knew that. She didn't get a gift. They knew that.

But sometimes they swore that she did have a gift.

How else could they explain it? The way her eyes turned golden and slit like a reptiles. The way she sometimes seemed to have smoke curling up from her mouth sometimes. The way her skin seemed to shine before going back to normal. The way she was growing tall like her father but thick like her mother, going by what some of the villagers said. The same villagers who said the same things about Luisa when she hit her growth spurt. Those who were dumb enough to say that however were often smacked by Isabela's vines and then paid a visit by Pepa with thunder and lightning. After all Mirabel was a minor.

So yes. They all knew she had no door and no miracle given gift like the rest of her family. But they swore there was something off about her.

It was only after the Casita fell and she was found and came back however that they knew for sure that there was definitely something different about her.

Pepa and Felix had been clearing out part of the rubble that looked like it might have been the living room when a big piece of rubble came loose and fell towards them. Felix immediately shielded Pepa with his body but the both of them were rammed aside.

"Mirabel!" It was Luisa and Isabela shouting out that told them who had saved them.

"Are you okay Tio Felix? Tia Pepa?" Mirabel asked as the rubble moved and Mirabel looked at them worried, the rubble on her back.

"Oh my god Mira! Are you okay? How bad are you hurt?" Pepa scrambled up to check on Mirabel who smiled at her.

"I'm good. Not even a scratch." Mirabel said and she stood up, the rubble still stuck to her back and it was true that she didn't look the least bit injured.

"There's...there's spikes?" Alma asked and she looked pale as the rest of the construction crew came to make sure everyone was okay.

"Mira! Your shell! You still have your shell!" Antonio said and he looked thrilled by that as he raced over to his favorite person and clung to her leg with stars in his eyes.

"Her...her shell?" Julieta asked looking a bit pale and Antonio nodded happily while Mirabel was doing her best to pull the rubble off of her spikes before she just sighed and tilted backwards a bit, the spikes disappearing and the rubble falling to the floor harmlessly.

As soon as the rubble was on the floor Mirabel's shell was back. It looked like a large green turtle shell but it had large nasty looking spikes coming out of the back of it.

"Since when could you do that?" Camilo asked gaping at his prima who shrugged.

"Ever since I was little. I've been able to grow my shell and breath fire and all that other good stuff." Mirabel said with a shrug and Isabela blinked slowly.

"Breath fire?" Isabela asked thinking about how easy it would be for Mirabel to incinerate her flowers and all.

Mirabel smirked at them and then tilted her head towards some rubble away from everyone. Then fire came out of her mouth and hit the rubble, even those several feet away could feel the heat as the rubble melted down easily.

No one had any idea how to take this.

Chapter Text

Mirabel honestly had no clue how she got into this situation. Well...that was a little bit of a lie. She knew the basics of how this had gone. It was the day of Antonio's ceremony and she had been told to stay out of the way and let others with gifts do everything so nothing would be messed up.

She had seen Antonio get his door and saw the family picture be taken that contained all of the real members of the family, which meant everyone except for her.

She had watched as everyone went into the room to set up for the party and she had stayed outside and no one noticed. Not even her mother. Well at least Abuela ought to be happy with the picture.

She however was feeling lower than ever and had turned and went towards the courtyard, wishing that for once her family would be proud of her or would consider her a member of the family.

She wished she was useful despite not having a gift. And then suddenly she found herself somewhere...else. Still inside of Casita though so she supposed she should say she found herself some when else.

And that when was apparently before the triplets got magic since there were only two doors in Casita. Abuela's who read Alma's now and the nursery door. And there was a gasp from below.

Looking down she saw a young woman who looked...honestly she looked like a slightly older Isabela that was exhausted and she was holding three babies in her arms that were crying.

Instinct leftover from helping with Antonio kicked in and she immediately offered to help and was a bit surprised the woman trusted her with the babies immediately. Looking down at the two in her arms as she rocked and hummed to them her eyes widened. There was a pale skinned red haired baby and a dark skinned dark haired baby. Tia Pepa? Mama?

Talking with Alma, holy shit her Abuela as a young woman really did look like Isabela!, after they calmed the triplets and got them to sleep revealed that the triplets were only a year old and Alma had prayed and wished desperately for help since she had broken down earlier.

Mirabel realized that her desperate wish for help and Mirabel's desire and wish to be useful even without a gift had coincided and the candle had brought her back to the past. And yes Mirabel did have to convince Alma that she wasn't some angel or miracle herself, apparently her appearing in a warm glow of light like the candles own and with butterflies surrounding her had left that impression.

So Mirabel of course helped Alma to the best of her ability, simply sticking with the truth. That she was from the future, had made a wish to be useful despite being different and pushed aside by her family, and that her name was Mirabel.

And then somehow that had led to her being called mami by the triplets. Alma hadn't minded since the triplets still called her mom and besides Mirabel was helping raise them so why would she be upset?

That eventually led to the two kissing in the kitchen one night when the triplets were three, during which Mirabel panicked and told Alma of the fact that she was fifty years in the future and was actually Alma's youngest granddaughter.

Yeah...yeah that had caused some pause and the two needed an hour or two apart to just think and reflect, during which time Mirabel had realized with horror and disbelief that she had enjoyed the kiss.

That's when Alma had approached her again and asked her for any other reason why they couldn't be together. Mirabel couldn't think of anything. The age difference, her now eighteen compared to Alma's 27 almost 28 wasn't really that bad since her Tia Pepa and Tio Felix were eleven years apart in her time so she didn't really see anything wrong with that...the fact that they were both women wasn't even a thought since they lived in a town surrounded by magically grown mountains in a sentient house (and for Mirabel knowing that the family would get magic gifts made it even less of an issue, besides she remembers Tia Pepa getting drunk once and talking about how girls and guys both were pretty and if she hadn't fallen in love with Felix she would have dated the librarian Victoria which...honestly hadn't surprised anyone) in a village that Alma was the leader of.

So really the only issue she had with anything was that Alma would be her Abuela. Which...

"From what you've said no one ever helped your Abuela with the triplets or her grief in your time so you being here pretty much changes the entire future. It's likely I'm not even your Abuela anymore in your time and I'm certainly not your Abuela in this time so why would I let something like that mess with me finally finding love and happiness again?" Alma's exact words pretty much summed it up. After all she would always love Pedro, he was her first love, her husband, and the father of her three precious children...but she knew he'd want her to live and find someone else that would make her and the triplets happy. Which Mirabel did.

Which somehow led to them making out in the living room and the triplets walking in on them making out and shyly (well shyly in Bruno's case not so much in Pepas') asking if that made Mami Mira their official second mami now. Mirabel had blushed but had nodded slightly.

"Well Mami and mom have to court a bit. But right now it's definitely looking that way. Who knows? Maybe one day me and your mami will get married." Alma said with a smirk (one which reminded Mirabel of Tia Pepa when she was being a little shit about something) towards Mirabel who blushed brightly but didn't disagree.

That had been two years ago and it had taken less than a year for the two to act as sappy and lovestruck with each other as Mirabel remembered her Tia Pepa and Tio Felix acting. (Not that she noticed or cared much at the time. It was strange to think of the future now when she was in the past and so happy. It felt like the future was a distant dream that she remembered but rarely thought about.) Mirabel had proposed to Alma a month ago and she accepted. They'd get married in three months. Today however.

Today was the triplets fifth birthday and Mirabel was reassuring Alma that even though the gifts might overwhelm and be a bit too much for the triplets sometimes, especially while they were so young and the gifts so new, each gift would fit the triplets perfectly.

Of course she may have also told them all that the gifts were birthday presents from Pedro and were primarily for the triplets to use. Sure they could help the town out if they wanted to but the gifts were for them from their daddy not for the town and that they should never put the town or the gifts above themselves.

So that had led to three very excited children starting up the stairs to wait by the doors for their mamas, and led to Alma and Mirabel kissing lovingly in the courtyard of Casita.

Which had been interrupted by-

"Mirabel!" The rest of the family from the future, not having aged a day literally since Antonio was still in his ceremony clothes, somehow showing up and gaping at the sight of a twenty year old Mirabel kissing a thirty year old Alma.

Alma blinked a few times and peered over Mirabels shoulder at the group that had magically appeared, recognizing them from the times when Mirabel would describe the family in the future (mainly about the people themselves never about the gifts which Alma didn't mind), in confusion. When did they get here and how?

Mirabel blinked a few times as well and then her whole face began to heat up, from the base of her neck all the way to the tips of her ears, as she stared at the family who were all gaping shocked and in disbelief at the sight of Mirabel being older than they remembered with her arms wrapped around a younger Alma who she had been kissing.

There was a lot of confusion, disbelief, surprise and-

"Mama! Mami come on!" The triplets, the little five year old ones that is, were calling for their mamas as they came racing down the stairs. Too excited for their gifts and birthdays to notice the new arrivals. Bruno latched onto Alma's skirt while Pepa and Julieta grabbed Mirabels hands.

"Mami stop making out with mama and come on! We want to open the doors and get the gifts from daddy!" Julie said tugging Mirabels hand while Pepa huffed.

"You can't even give us a baby sibling anyways. Why do you two kiss so much?" Pepa asked making Alma snort despite herself as she picked up Bruno and Mirabel sighed heavily. Yes they had panicked and told the kids that when a man and woman in love kissed it made babies, and no Mirabel had not heard the end of it from her fiancé yet.

"Mami and mama are gross." Bruno said sticking his tongue out slightly and the two female triplets agreed.

"I don't ever wanna grow up and kiss people like mami and mama kiss. Yuck." Pepa stuck out her tongue as well and Mirabel nearly snorted at that. She knew damn well how that would go (and how long it would last. She had heard the story of how her Tia and Tio met so many times...) and from the snicker Alma let out she remembered what Mirabel had said about the family in the future as well.

"Mami come onnnnnn! I want to open the neat swirling magic door from daddy!" Julie was tugging Mirabels hand impatiently.

"Mirabel?" There was a lot more confusion in the name this time and Mirabel looked back at the future family with a wide eyed deer in the headlight look as they gaped at her.

" know them mami?" Bruno asked as the triplets finally noticed the new people.

"Er...yeah you could say that Brunito." Mirabel said sheepishly and she refused to look Abuela or her parents in the eye at the moment. Camilo looked like he was confused as fuck but also enjoying the drama and chaos. Dolores was watching the drama as well in amusement. Sadistic assholes.

"Ohhhh are they the people you lived with before the Miracle and daddy sent you to help mama?" Julie asked looking curiously at the new people even though she was now hiding behind Mirabel's leg.

"Yeah." Mirabel said nodding and she shot Alma a desperate pleading look. Alma shot her an amused and confused and exasperated look. What the hell was she supposed to do?

"Hey!" Pepa however seemed to be the one to step up and the five year old red head glared down everyone.

"I don't know or care who you are! You better not be here to upset or take away my mami! I'll kick your ass!" Pepa said and Mirabel used her now free hand to face palm, releasing a heavy sigh as she kept her hand to her face for a moment. Before she slowly turned to look at Alma who was trying not to laugh.

"I blame that curse word on you." Mirabel said and Alma snickered slightly but beamed at Pepa.

"That's my girl Pepita. Just like your mama!" Alma said proudly praising the little red head who puffed up happily with a bright smile. Mirabel narrowed her eyes however.

"Just for that you're sleeping in the nursery tonight." Mirabel said and there was a choked noise coming from the future family while Alma's face dropped.

"But...But who else will keep you warm?" Alma asked staring at Mirabel looking upset while Mirabel merely raised an eyebrow at this and looked at the three five year olds.

"Ninos? Who wants to have a sleepover with mami?" Mirabel asked and Almas' face dropped when all three of the triplets clamored to be the first to agree.

"You little traitors." Alma said pouting at the children who giggled from where they were all now holding Mirabels hands and legs.

"I'll stay with you mama." Bruno said shyly as he tucked himself back up against Almas legs and she swept him up in his arm to pepper him in kisses.

"See this is why you're my favorite Brunito." Alma said and both of her daughters pouted but stayed latched onto Mirabel.

"Alma what have I told you about having favorites among the kids?" Mirabel asked raising an eyebrow.

"To not do it." Alma pouted.

"And what are you doing?"

"Saying that Brunito is my favorite." Alma said pouting further, a look copied by Bruno.

"It's okay mami. Bruno can be mama's favorite cause he's the baby. You're my favorite anyways." Pepa said beaming up at Mirabel who sighed while Bruno whined.

"I'm not a baby! We're the same age!" Bruno protested that and he pouted at his sister who stuck her tongue out at him.

"I'm twenty minutes older than you! And Julie is an hour older than you! That makes you the baby!" Pepa said smugly and Mirabel snorted slightly.

"Just so you're aware. That doesn't change at all in the future. Julie holds it over Pepa's head forever that she's forty minutes older than her." Mirabel informed Alma who snickered.

"I knew they would. Poor Brunito." Alma snickered and then the little girls were tugging on Mirabel again.

"Mami can we open our doors now? I want to see what present daddy has for me!" Julie asked pouting up at Mirabel who sighed and exchanged looks with Alma of fond exasperation.

"Okay okay. Let's go to the doors ninos. Remember don't open them till your mama says you can." Mirabel said and the three children squirmed loose and raced up the stairs.

"Uh...Mirabel?" Luisa asked looking confused and lost and unsure and Mirabel turned to the future family.

"Can we talk later? I'm not sure how much longer they can wait to open the doors. You'd think Pepa would be the impatient one but nope." Mirabel said shaking her head and making Tia Pepa snicker slightly as she shot a look at her sister who was more focused on her now much older than she remembered youngest daughter.

"Mami! Mama! Hurry up! Julie's trying to open the door already!" Bruno called from up the stairs.

"Bruno you snitch!" Julie said and there was a scuffling sound and Pepa was laughing.

"You two better not be roughhousing up there or I'll make you wait until after dinner to open those doors!" Mirabel's voice cracked like a whip to the triplets and immediately th sounds of scuffling stopped and there were three whines.

"But I didn't do anything!" Pepa whined at that.

"We know you were egging them on Pepita!" Alma said as the two mamas headed for the stairs and quickly walked up the stairs to the children.

"What the fuck is going on?" Isabela asked staring stunned, only to get a shoe thrown at her that whacked her in the head.

"Watch your language around the kids! Alma's already bad enough about cursing around them!" Mirabel said sharply and she glared down at Isabela from the railing.

"I thought they were asleep!" Alma said defensively.

"Nice shot mami. Can you teach me how to throw my shoes like that?" Pepa asked peering down below too to see Isabela rubbing her head and with a look of disbelief on her face.

Mirabel shot Camilo a devious smile as he paled quickly. No way. She didn't. She wouldn't.

"Of course Pepita. For now how about you three open your gifts from your daddy?"

Chapter Text

"Mirabel. What. The. Fuck?" Abuela asked staring at the twenty year old girl who was sitting at the kitchen table with the family and Alma after putting the worn out triplets to bed in their new rooms.

"I honestly have no idea. I was wishing and begging the candle for a chance to be useful even without a gift and next thing I know I'm in Casita forty nine years in the past helping Alma with one year old three were little terrors by the way." Mirabel said giving her mama and Tia pointed looks.

"Oh definitely." Tia Pepa agreed with that without hesitation.

"I'm not sure how things go in your version but given things are different now I'd be willing to bet that a lot of things in the future are going to be different too thanks to the changes. While I wasn't aware of Mirabel being your nieta when I first kissed her, she understandably freaked out on me kissing her and told me about that. Since it's likely she won't be my nieta at all and certainly isn't my nieta right now I managed to talk her into letting me court her." Alma said kissing Mirabel's cheek and making her blush and grin sheepishly as Alma set down a large mug of tea and several cups before she sat in Mirabels lap.

"But...but...Pedro?" Abuela looked so confused and disbelieving that it was almost physically present as she gaped.

"Make no mistake. I will always love Pedro and cherish my memories of him. He was my first love, he was my husband, and he blessed me with three precious children...but Pedro would have wanted me to keep his memory close to my heart while also moving on and living my life. Finding love again if it was possible, and it was, and I did. Unexpected as it was, I did find love again. And it certainly helps that the ninos adore her and have been referring to her as their mami since they could talk." Alma said and she smiled softly at Mirabel who smiled back.

" and Abuela..." Camilo said slowly as he eyed his prima who blushed.

"Given that my children have just turned five I'm no ones Abuela. Besides...An Abuela doesn't do what to Mirabel what I've done to her." Alma said with a smirk and Mirabel's face went bright bright red while Pepa looked torn.

"See in any other circumstance I'd be congratulating you and high fiving you. But that's mama. So I'm torn on how to react." Pepa said to Mirabel who gave her a sympathetic smile. After all she sure didn't know how to react either when things started. Most of the family pulled grossed out faces thinking of their Abuela being wiht anyone like that, although to be fair they had a hard time picturing her as a young woman and not the Abuela they knew.

"Forget that! Introduce me to everyone! I know that you're my Pepi and she's my Julie but I only know the rest of you vaguely from Mirabels descriptions." Alma said looking at the rest of the family with wide eyes.

"Well you already know I'm Pepa and she's Julie...but that's Julie's husband Agustin and those are her two older children, Isabela and Luisa. You of course know her youngest Mirabel already." Pepa said immediately doing introductions and smirking slightly at the younger version of her mama.

" weren't kidding about how Isabela looks similar to me and how tall Luisa is." Alma said looking at the two curiously.

"This is my husband Felix-"

"Felix? Felix Castillo?" Alma asked surprised and Pepa nodded.

"So that's why you weren't bothered by our age difference. He's eleven years older than Pepa!" Alma said looking at Mirabel who snickered slightly.

"True. And you know how the kids always call us lovey dovey and sappy and gross? Well I learned how to treat women from watching my papa and Tio when they were around mama and Tia." Mirabel said and Alma blinked before she smiled and relaxed at that.

"Is that so? Then I suppose I could trust the two of them with our baby girls." Alma said and she rested her head on Mirabel's shoulder now, getting a habitual kiss to the head from the glasses wearing woman.

"I hope so mama cause I love my ninos and don't want to risk anything happening to them!" Pepa said with a bright rainbow over her head as she beamed at her children.

"These three are mine. Dolores, Camilo, and Antonio." Pepa said beaming at each of them as she gently patted their heads or ran their fingers through their hair.

Antonio immediately ran to Mirabel and Alma and held his arms up to be picked up which Alma happily did and cuddled the adorable little boy. Antonio was happy with the cuddles but looked up and stared at Mirabel seriously. The question he asked had Camilo cackling.

"Mira if you're lovey dovey with Abuela does that make you my Abuela too?"

Chapter Text

It was a week after Antonios birthday ceremony when they noticed. It was the day before the engagement dinner with the Guzmans.

Camilo had looked up from his plate at breakfast and frowned when he noticed the empty chair in front of him.

"Where's Mirabel?" Camilo asked noticing that the chair was empty although there was a plate with food on it in front of the chair. The entire table went silent as everyone looked at the empty spot except for Antonio.

"Ay is that girl still asleep?" Abuela asked sighing as she looked annoyed and a bit angry.

"What do you mean? Mirabel is right there?" Antonio asked confused as he looked at the seemingly empty chair.

"Papito she's not-" Pepa was cut off when she saw the fork pick up some food and bring it up only for the food to vanish after a second.

"What the hell?!" Isabela nearly shrieked as she stared at the fork that was seemingly moving on it's own.

"What? What's wrong?" Mirabels voice asked from the seat she usually sat in and jaws dropped open.

"Mirabel? How come we can't see you!?" Felix asked looking confused and worried and alarmed and Mirabel outright snorted.

"Well what do you expect in an area saturated in magic? I've been disappearing since I was six." Mirabel said with a snort and the whole family was staring at her now except Antonio who just looked sad as he continued eating.

"Yeah but you only went fully invisible last week Mira." Antonio pointed out and that had Mirabel pausing for a second.

"Yeah that's true I suppose." Mirabel said and somehow they got the impression that she was nodding.

"But...but...what?" Luisa looked so upset and confused and Mirabel snorted.

"Well in an area of high magic when someone is treated like they're invisible for so long they turn invisible."

Chapter Text

Mirabel had just turned ten when there was another door that showed up in the house, and they knew it wasn't the unborn Antonio or Alma (they still didn't know what gender the baby would be, but in just a few more weeks they'd learn! And yes Abuela was touched that the babies name would either be Antonio Bruno Madrigal or Alma Julie Madrigal.) since his was swirling with magic over by Camilo's door on the other side of Casita. Mirabel was beaming as she looked at her family who looked confused and worried.

After all what kind of gift needed her to be ten before it showed up?

"Ready Mira?" Isabela asked looking excited for her sister who gave her a confused look. After all Isabela never had time for her before nor seemed to care. Not since she was little.

"Just you wait Antonio. This means you'll definitely get a gift right?" Mirabel was fully focused on her Tia and the unborn baby. She did her best to help the older woman and her unborn prima or primo and it was adorable, and Pepa thought it was adorable and definitely didn't mind keeping Mirabel close. More than one arguement had been started with Julieta over Pepa putting Mirabel in orange and yellow as the girl trailed after her.

"Still so sure it'll be a boy aren't you?" Pepa asked smiling at her sobrina as she ran her fingers through the girls curly hair as the girl cuddled close and happily spoke to the baby.

"Yep. He's definitely a boy!" Mirabel said without hesitation as she smiled at the extended belly where her unborn primo was growing.

"Mirabel better get to your door." Alma said sighing and Mirabel rolled her eyes so only Pepa could see, making the older woman bite back her snicker, and then stood to race up to the door.

"Shouldn't we get the candle for this?" Camilo asked looking confused.

"Why? What's the worst that could happen it fading again?" Mirabel asked rolling her eyes slightly and everyone flinched at that. She didn't bother giving them a glance or a minute to regain their composure, she already reached out and grabbed the doorknob.

"If you fade again I'm having words with the candle over its sense of humor." Mirabel glared at her door darkly as it flashed brightly before settling.

"I have no idea what any of those creatures are." Luisa said looking at the door and seeing the strange creatures around Mirabel who stood there with a belt around her waist, a pair of tights under her skirt, and several strange ball like objects on her belt and one in her hand. There was also a strange ring on her finger.

"Well lets find out." Mirabel said and then she opened the door.

No one knew what to expect but it wasn't a lab with an old man standing there working at a table on a strange machine.

"What the hell?" Pepa asked confused as the family walked into the room, making the old man jump and spin around. His eyes immediately landed on Mirabel and his face lit up.

"Ah you must be the special guest that the legendaries told me to expect! Celebi and Mew dropped off your starter just a minute ago actually! Come come young lady. Let's get you registered!"

The whole family was confused. What?

Chapter Text

"Even though I don't have a quirk...can I be a hero like you?" Izuku Midoriya closed his eyes as he waited the rejection or laughter and mocking from the highest ranked female hero in Japan who he had met by accident and decided to ask...she was a lot nicer than he heard she was. She had been treating the burn on his arm from Bakugo and had signed his notebook while complimenting his analysis. When she asked who had hurt him and who she had to beat up the eleven year old panicked and blurted out about how he was quirkless and no one believed in him.

Then he asked her the question and now awaited her judgement.

"Course ya can kid long as you train up your body and grow a backbone. Anyone can be a hero quirk or no quirk." The white haired woman ruffled his hair and Izuku froze as he slowly opened his eyes and stared up at her. She was giving him a smile, a real one and not that half feral smirk that she gave reporters or villains, and she didn't look the least bit disgusted or bothered by him being quirkless.

"R-Really?" The eleven year old asked wide eyed and barely daring to breath as if doing so would shatter her opinion on him being able to be a hero.

"Anyone can be a hero, quirk or no quirk." She repeated and she gave him a small grin.

"Want to know a secret kid?" Mirko asked as she finished tending to the burn on his arm and tied off the bandage. Izuku nodded his head numbly.

"My grandmother is quirkless, so is my papa. My papa is clumsy but he's so determined that if he wanted to be a hero he could be. My abuela could probably take All Might out with her shoe if she wanted to! All of the villains I've faced that tried to scare me? I laugh at them because them trying to be scary is nothing compared to my Abuela when she's mad!" Mirko said with a laugh, and not the sarcastic one or the barking laugh she gave on camera but a real one.

"Really?" Midoriya asked wide eyed, her father and grandmother were quirkless? And she thought that her grandmother could beat All Might?

"Heck yeah! My papa chops wood every day for my mama and he helped raise me and my two sisters, but we live in a big house with the rest of the family. There's me, my two older sisters, my parents, my abuela, my tia and tio, and their three kids all in one house. And all but my Abuela, Tio, and papa have quirks and he still manages to make it through all of that and be a great dad!" Mirko said with a laugh.

"And my Abuela is quirkless although my Abuelo had a quirk that he rarely if ever used as far as she's told us. But my quirkless grandmother managed to raise three quirked children on her own and keep up with and control five quirked grandchildren and my youngest cousin isn't due to get his quirk for another month so that'll be six when he does." Mirko said and Midoriya's eyes were wide. Wow that was a lot of quirked people in one house and to hear that her grandmother was quirkless and still kept them in line.

"In fact. I'm technically off of the clock as of five minutes ago so why don't you come with me to meet them? I'm sure they'll love you and my mama has a healing quirk so she can have you fixed up in no time. And I'm sure one of them will be able to get you to tell me where you got those burns from cause using your quirk without a license is illegal in japan and there's no way those burns were made by anything but a quirk." Mirko said and Midoriya quickly shook his head in the negative.

"I can't impose like that and my mom will be expecting me home soon!" Midoriya said and Mirko perked up a bit at that and nodded her head.

"Alright that's fine. She can come too, I have to let her know about your injuries by law and I'm sure she'll be happy to learn you're getting treated. Long as you both can speak English then it'll be fine." Mirko said and she clapped him on the back gently, for her at least, and had him lead the way.

"You said Abuela, Tia and Tio though. Wouldn't that mean Spanish would be better for us to know?" Midoriya asked trying to think of an excuse to get out of it without being rude but also really wanting to go and learn more about the secretive hero and learn about other quirks.'d be nice to meet someone else who's quirkless.

"My family is bilingual. Spanish and English. I learned Japanese when I came here and they picked up a bit of it from me but long as you can speak either of the other two there's no communication issues." Mirko said and then she recalled reading a bit of his notebook and how deeply he managed to analyze a random quirk she hadn't heard of before.

"I'm sure they'll be happy to answer any questions you have about their quirks." Mirko said and she watched as he just lit up at that. Huh...he had a talent for it and enjoyed it. She might have to see about recruiting him to be her analyst when he was older.

It didn't take long after that for them to reach his apartment and for his mother to agree to the treatment and to keeping it a secret as Mirko led them to her apartment building in the city (her first big purchase when she got a huge paycheck for bagging ten criminals at one time including one who was A ranked! And hey the place practically paid for itself after a month or two since she charged very little to rent a room, didn't discriminate on who rented, and plenty of people wanted to be able to say they rented an apartment from Mirko herself! Honestly now the place paid almost as much if not more than her hero work!) and up to her room.

There she led them to a secret door in the very back, the main reason she had bought and renovated this place when she got her paycheck, and after a quick change of clothes she opened it.

"Remember to be quiet please. My eldest cousin has enhanced hearing and loud noises are never good." Mirko said and she looked pretty different wearing a baggy pair of pants and t-shirt instead of her leotard.

"Dolores! Please let everyone know I'm home and I've brought company. I'll need an arepa from mama for one of them." Mirko said casually, and a lot softer than she usually spoke, as she walked through the door only to come out to a hallway in another place entirely.

"" Izuku asked staring wide eyed between the building around them and back through the door to the apartment.

"My Abuelo's quirk was based around his sacrifice. He sacrificed himself for my Abuela and their three children and his quirk acted on his desperation and created this place and blessed their wedding candle. It now has some warping and bending capabilities for the family. It was a strong quirk but not the weirdest one out there." Mirko said and the door closed softly behind her while tiles and shutters flipped happily.

"Just remember everything you see or hear here is completely confidential. No one else can know and honestly even if you tell them no one would believe you." Mirko said before she waved at the house.

"Hola Casita. I'm back for a little while at least." Mirko said while Inko and Izuku were looking around wide eyed and Inko glanced back the way they came.

"The door says Mirabel on it?" Inko asked curiously as she looked at Mirko who smirked and nodded.

"That's my real name. Rumi is the name I use when in Japan. We're far far from Japan. We're actually in Colombia." Mirko said with a chuckle at the bug eyed looks on their faces as she led them down the stairs towards the kitchen since she saw Camilo waving at her.

"While we're here just call me Mirabel okay? If you use my last name it'll be confusing fast since we don't have that custom here except for formal occassions...and the fact that there's eleven Madrigals in the same house." Mirko said with a laugh as she led the two down to the kitchen where her mama was finishing up supper, adding two extra plates thanks to Dolores no doubt.

"Mirabel! Mija welcome home! Are you here to stay for a while?" The woman at the stove asked perking up and beaming at the sight of Mirko who smiled at her.

"Hola mama. I'm home for a little while, hope you don't mind I brought some guests? Sorry about there being no warning but it was pretty sudden." Mirko said bending down slightly to let her mama press a kiss to her cheek as the older woman fussed and fretted over her, engulfing her in a big hug.

"Oh it's no problem at all mija. You know anyone you invite to our home is welcome. You two welcome to Casita. My name is Julieta Madrigal, I'm Mirabel's mother." Julieta said smiling at the two who bowed to her.

"Hello ma'am. I'm Izuku Midoriya and this is my mother. Thank you for having us and sorry for barging in unexpected." Izuku said since his English was better than his mothers as Julieta just smiled, used to some japanese customs thanks to Mirko and bowing back.

"Make yourselves at home. Dolores said one of you was injured however?" Julieta asked and Mirko nodded her head.

"Yeah the kid here has some burns from someone using their gift on him. I treated them best as I could but I used the last of my stock of your food during that raid last week." Mirko said and Julieta tutted as she immediately took an arepa off of a plate and gave it to Izuku who looked confused but at a nod from Mirko bit into it.

"Wow this tastes amazing!" Izuku said wide eyed and Mirko laughed again and clapped him on the back lightly.

"Yeah my mama make the best food you'll ever taste! And that's all her skill and nothing to do with her quirk!" Mirko said as she undid Izuku's bandages to show that the burn mark was completely gone now. As if it had never been.

"It doesn't work on scars too well except making them a bit more faded, but it works amazing on anything else as long as it's not instantly lethal. Doesn't work on illness either though but even still it tastes so good it'll perk anyone right up!" Mirko said grinning widely while Julieta blushed a bit at the awed look on the two Midoriya's faces.

"Oh hush you. Now stop being so rude. Take our guests out to the table and introduce them to everyone while I grab the last dish." Julieta said swatting at Mirko who laughed again and guided the two Midoriyas outside towards a table, where she was instantly bombarded by a little boy and a teenager.

"Antonio! Camilo! How are my two favorite primos doing?" Mirko asked picking them both up and hugging them as they snickered or laughed.

"We're your only primos! And come on Mira we all know I'm your favorite." The teenager said grinning at her while she snorted and dropped him immediately, making the table laugh.

"Sorry Camilo but Antonio is my favorite. He's cuter, doesn't snore, and doesn't try pulling pranks on me." Mirko said making the four year old beam and kiss her cheek while she nuzzled his head.

"But...but we're twins." The teenager was pouting now and Mirko rolled her eyes.

"That just means you're my twin not my cousin doesn't it?" Mirko asked smirking and Inko looked confused as did Izuku.

"Um...excuse me but how can you be twins? He's only a year or two older than me?" Izuku asked Mirko confused and she blinked before grinning at them.

"Yeah remember how I said no one would ever believe you? Well I'm not the full grown adult I look like. I'm only fourteen. Rabbits just mature faster than humans."

Chapter Text

"Mirabel! Welcome home! I see you've brought some guests!" A red haired woman said happily, a rainbow appearing over her head as she quickly strode over to hug Mirabel and then decorate her face in kisses.

"Tia Pepa." Mirko said grinning and leaning into the affection.

"Pepa let Mirabel breath and introduce her guests before you smother her." The person who looked the oldest said sighing fondly almost and the red head pouted a bit but obligingly backed away, stealing the four year old from Mirkos arms and smothering him in kisses instead.

"Right. Familia this is Inko Midoriya and her son Izuku. They're from japan and Izuku needed some healing so I brought him here." Mirko said and she gave her family a look that said she'd explain more to the adults later.

"It's a pleasure to have you. Welcome to Casita, The Encanto, and Casa Madrigal." The oldest woman said standing and giving a polite if rather awkward bow while the two immediately bowed back.

"You two already met my mama Julieta. But in order from oldest to youngest let me introduce the rest of the family present." Mirko said grinning as she motioned towards everyone at the table.

"At the head of the table we have my badass Abuela. She's the one I told you could beat All Might with her slipper. She's the leader of the family and the town." Mirko said walking over and kissing her Abuela's cheek which the older woman accepted with a chuckle.

"Ah yes All Might. That always smiling blond meat head you've mentioned before. Pah. All I've seen him do in those videos is punch things. Let me know when he can wrangle three quirked children with ridiculous abilities without raising his hand to them on his own." Abuela said making Mirko laugh while Izuku was wide eyed and he looked stunned but amazed as well. Inko gave the woman a look of deep respect. It was hard enough to be a single mother to one child much less three.

"Language Mirabel!" Julieta called as she walked from the house with a big plate of arepas in her hands.

"English and Spanish mama." Mirko said with a grin which earned her a sigh from her mama and a laugh from the red head.

"Next oldest would by my Tio Felix. He's usually happy and enthusiastic about everything but lord help whoever pisses him off cause once his temper flares even I buckle down and hide." Mirko said clapping a short dark skinned man on the back while he laughed and grabbed her hand, spinning her in a short jig.

"Next oldest would be my mama who you've already met." Mirko said and she took the platter from her mom and set it on the table with a single hand, kissing her mamas cheek and earning a smothering of kisses from her mama.

"And less than an hour behind her is my Tia Pepa. Careful, if she gets pissed people get fried." Mirko said with a playful grin as she kissed her Tia's cheek.

"An hour?" Inko asked looking between the two who laughed.

"We don't look it but we're sisters. Triplets actually." Pepa said with a laugh but then they watched as a cloud formed over her head while Felix immediately popped up to hug her and kiss her cheek to distract her.

"Excuse my sister. We have a triplet brother, Bruno the youngest of us three, but he's been missing for almost ten years now." Julieta said softly to the two guests who looked upset and sad for them.

"Next oldest is my papa Agustin. He's clumsy but he means well, and is a great piano player!" Mirko said after a few seconds to distract everyone. Agustin waved and knocked over her cup on the table, spilling wine on his lap and making him jump which bashed his knee on the table.

"Ay Agustin." Julieta was already moving closer with an arepa as Agustin gave a sheepish smile. The rest of the family seemed to have expected that because as soon as his glass was knocked over everyone picked up their cups with a tall muscular woman picking up the pitchers of drinks and holding it up for a few seconds.

"Going from there we have the grandkids. The oldest is my sister Isabela, she can grow flowers and vines." Mirko said and Isabela gave them a smile and grew two flowers out of thin air, giving them to the two newcomers. Izuku was writing a mile a minute in his notebook to Mirko's amusement. She knew all the new quirks would get him interested.

"Right on her heels is my eldest cousin Dolores, she's Tia Pepa and Tio Felix's eldest. She's the one with enhanced hearing that I told you about." Mirko said kissing her cousins cheek and earning a small smile and a squeak from the girl in red.

"Your ideas and thoughts on our gifts are very interesting. You'll have to tell us them later." Dolores said to Izuku who blushed and gave a small embarrassed squeak at her calling out his mumbles, and understanding them.

"Gifts?" Inko asked confused and Mirko nodded.

"You call them quirks, here they're called gifts." Mirko said and the Midoriya's nodded, Izuku writing down that interesting cultural difference.

"Next though we have my big sister Luisa! She's super strong but she's a big softie don't worry." Mirko said getting a hug from the tallest person Izuku had ever seen without a growth quirk and she was packed with more muscles than All Might.

"It's nice for Mira to bring people by for once! She almost never brings people here!" The tall young woman said hugging them both and she was very very gentle with her hugs, knowing to control her strength. It still felt big and warm and comfortable.

"That's true. The only time Mirabel brought people here before was children or young adults who were either giftless and need a safe space or those with what Japan sees as weak or villainous gifts who need a safe place. Since the Encanto is a safe place, a safe haven, for anyone and everyone they all find homes and jobs here." Abuela said nodding to her granddaughter who smiled at the surprised look on Izuku and Inkos' faces.

"That's why you take so many cases and work on your own. It's easier for you to get people in bad situations due to our society out of there and here where they're safe." Izuku said in realization and Mirko nodded.

"And due to the rough and violent persona I use for my hero work no one ever thinks I'm involved if some kids or teens overlooked by society seem to go 'missing' without being found. Course it's their choice to stay but given how society treats them almost all of them choose to stay. And those that do go back to Japan usually become contacts and informants for me and help me smuggle more people to safety." Mirko said with a smug smirk, at least a solid fourth of Encantos population right now was japanese in origin because she'd grab them and smuggle them here and they'd stay. They even went through the trouble of mastering English and learning some spanish to be able to communicate with the nice people in Encanto.

"Up next we have my prankster twin here. Camilo is actually Tia Pepa and Tio Felix's middle child and eldest boy but since we're close in age we've been calling ourselves twins since we were babies. Better keep your eyes peeled. You never know who he could be or where he is." Mirko said nudging Camilo who effortlessly shifted into a copy of his mama and then into his sister and then back to himself with a smug smile.

"You two thought you really were twins until you were four, largely not helped by Pepa trying to steal you and dress you in yellow." Julieta said dryly as she glared at her sister who grinned at her.

"I have no idea what you're talking about hermana. I was just putting my youngest mija in her rightful colors." Pepa said 'innocently' and Julieta glared at her harder while Felix snickered and Abuela sighed and shook her head in exasperation.

"You two have been having this arguement since she was born. Pepa stop trying to steal your sobrinita and Julieta stop letting Pepa get to you." Abuela siad giving the two a look and they pouted a bit but nodded and sat down.

"Huh that's an interesting idea. We've never considered that before." Dolores said looking at Izuku who squeaked again at being called out.

"Sorry. It's a habit I haven't been able to break." Izuku apologized and he seemed so skittish about it that the family's eyes narrowed a bit as they glanced at Mirko who gave him a sad smile.

"It's alright I don't mind. You aren't loud and your thoughts and ideas are interesting." Dolores assured him and Izuku looked so surprised that she wasn't mad or upset with him that it had a slight cloud forming over Pepa's head until she swatted it away while Izuku was distracted by the sight of it.

"I'm just a few months younger than Cami, you already know me and my quirk though fanboy. But remember. Here you can just call me Mirabel, and no honorifics please. We don't use them here, not like you're used to, and besides I'm just like three years older than you." Mirko...Mirabel said and she put her elbow on Izuku's mop of curly green hair and grinned as she leaned on him. He didn't seem like he minded and he went bright red and stuttered and flailed a little but didn't push her off.

"You really aren't used to people talking nicely to you or anyone touching you are you?" Dolores asked raising an eyebrow as she heard his mutters while Mirabel frowned slightly but then smirked.

"Well you better get used to it runt. We're all touchy feely here and I'm the biggest asshole allowed in the Encanto. Anyone else around town be mean to you, punch em in the dick." Mirabel said and there was a laugh from Pepa and sighs of exasperation from the rest of the family except Camilo who snickered and Abuela who was scolding her slightly for her words and language.

"You're not an asshole Mira. You're amazing and my favorite!" The four year old was latching onto Mirabel's legs as he stared up at her with wide brown eyes and they all saw how Mirabel immediately melted.

"You're adorable and sweet Tonito, and definitely my favorite too." Mirabel said hoisting the kid up by the back of his shirt and cuddling him in her arms while he beamed at her, glancing back to give his brother a smug look and then stuck his tongue out at his brother.

"This little sweetheart here is the youngest member of the family. Antonio is Tia Pepa and Tio Felix's youngest. He hasn't gotten his gift yet but his birthday is in four months so we'll see what he gets then." Mirabel said and she kissed Antonio's head.

"Well if you go from the pattern I noticed so far then he'll probably get something related to his voice. Perhaps some kind of quirk involving hypnosis with his voice or communication? Maybe even something like Present Mics." Izuku said curiously while Antonio beamed and held his arms out to hug Izuku who looked surprised but hugged the boy who latched onto him.

"Pattern?" Pepa asked as everyone looked at Izuku.

"His mutters and ideas are very interesting, he's had ideas for our gifts and possible things to do to both counter and enhance them within seconds of hearing what they were. He's very smart." Dolores said with a squeak.

"Heck yeah he is. I saw part of his notebook when I signed it for him, runt is smart and quick as a whip. Go ahead and tell us bout the pattern runt." Mirko said nudging Izuku who blushed brightly and stuttered for a moment under the praise, his eyes watering a bit at being praised.

"Well...Dolores has enhanced hearing, Camilo has shapeshifting. So that's hearing and touch,'s likely that if we follow the senses in the developing pattern that Antonio is likely to have something related to one of the other sense such as his sense of smell, his sight, or his voice. Out of all the quirks I've seen both in Japan and here voice based quirks are more likely than the other two so..." Izuku shrugged slightly at the end and everyone blinked.

"That's a very good point and I can't believe we hadn't noticed that pattern..." Julieta said softly in disbelief.

"Well it's good that we can prepare a little bit now, but for now there's no use thinking too much about it since there's no way to tell what kind of gift exactly it will be. Please you two sit and join us for supper." Abuela said waving her hand at the chairs and the two bowed polietely and sat where she indicated, Mirabel beside Izuku with Antonio in her lap deciding not to move from his favorite spot. His favorite cousin was busy and away a lot after all so he loved staying close to her when she was home.

"You two can stay the night as well if you like. We have guest rooms." Pepa said casually as everyone began to plate their food before prayer, Mirabel showing the two japanese natives how to use the fork and knife easier since they were used to chopsticks.

"That's a great idea. You want to be a hero kid then I'll help train ya. And we can start first thing in the morning!" Mirabel said grinning as she alternated between showing the two how to eat with the fork and knife, feeding Antonio, and feeding herself.

"Oh you want to be a hero then? Like Mirabel is?" Luisa asked glancing at the stick of a boy curiously.

"Yes! I want to show Japan, if not the rest of the world, that even though I'm giftless I'm not...not the useless Deku they think of me as. I want to show them that even without a quirk I can be a hero!" Izuku said and Inko's head shot up as she stared around the table warily, wondering if they'd turn on him now that they knew he was quirkless.

"That's a good dream kiddo. Just be careful, we don't like Mira being a hero because of how she gets hurt sometimes and it's dangerous. But if that's your dream then go for it! I'll be cheering you on." Felix said shooting the boy a thumbs up and Izuku was surprised that the man wasn't laughing at him.

"Ay Mira has told us how much the rest of the world places their focus and and attention on gifts. Personally I don't understand why they place so much on something a person is born with and has no say in recieving. You'll make a fine hero one day." Abuela said giving the boy a brief smile, it had been a hell of a wakeup call for all of Encanto when Mirabel first got her door and her gift and then they found out about Japan and the rest of the world which was full of gifts. And how the only ones really allowed to use them without being labeled criminals were the heroes.

"Don't look so surprised at all the support runt. I told you that my Abuela, Papa, and Tio are giftless. Hell most of the town is giftless. Literally until I started bringing people from Japan here the only ones who had quirks at all in the entire Encanto was our family." Mirabel said ruffling the boys hair a bit when he was almost in tears that he quickly wiped away.

"Here. You need to eat up. I you're going to be a hero then you need some more meat on your bones, and Mirabel's training is brutal so you'll need all the food and energy you can handle." Julieta said reaching over slightly to put some more food on Izuku's plate.

Seeing the look of relief, shock, awe and gratitude on Inkos face the adults in the family and the two eldest grandchildren exchanged looks.

This boy needed more support and help and...well...the Madrigals always helped those in need.

Besides Julieta and Pepa vividly remembered the image of a vision Bruno had shyly shown them when they were pregnant with Camilo and Mirabel. The sight of a woman with bunny ears wearing a wedding dress hadn't meant anything to them at the time nor had it meant anything to them until Mirabel got her gift...and the sight of the curly haired groom with freckles on his cheek and big eyes and a lovestruck grin staring at Mirabel etched in the green glass hadn't meant anything to them either.

Not until they saw Izuku Midoriya who looked like a younger baby faced version of that same groom in the vision.

Pepa grinned a bit behind her wine glass. Oh was this going to be better than any romance novel or the telenovelas her brother used to put on.

Chapter Text

"If only they didn't block the signals..." Izuku growled to himself before there was a sudden clap of thunder that distracted everyone.

"Wasn't today supposed to be sunshine and very few clouds?" The apparent leader of the villains that was attacking them at the USJ asked looking confused. Multiple people confirmed that it was.

"It was?" Izuku asked his eyes widening as he glanced at the ones closest to him. Yaomomo and Uraraka both nodded and Izuku looked confused for a few seconds before he began to grin slowly and widely.

"Tio Bruno you beautiful bastard..." Izuku muttered with a grin even as he readied his escrima sticks that the support course had made for him. Well one student had. Apparently the rest of them read that he was quirkless and wouldn't touch his stuff, only one Hatsume-san had actually taken his requests and made his gear.

"Deku-" And oh how that name made him twitch dangerously, he'd never trust Uraraka no matter how nice she seemed. Not when she kept using that 'nickname' even after he repeatedly asked her to stop.

"Do you have an idea of what's going to happen Midoriya-san?" Yaomomo however hadn't been the least bit bothered by him being quirkless, according to her her grandmother was quirkless and had built and expanded the family and their influence more than anyone else in the family had before her so she was fully aware that a quirkless person could do just as much if not more than anyone with a quirk, and was already more likely to be a friend of his than Uraraka was.

"Yeah I do and those villains have no idea what's going to hit them." Izuku said grinning wickedly as the storm seemed to be getting worse and Jirou was already looking at the doors confused and saying she heard multiple people coming.

"Might want to cover your ears and block it out as much as you can. It's going to get loud." Izuku told her looking worried, he knew how much it could overwhelm Dolores sometimes when things got loud and with Jirou having enhanced hearing as well.

Before anyone could say anything the doors were struck by something and blown clean off their hinges and into the crowd of villains.

"Knock knock bitches." Mirko was standing there with a leg extended and she looked pissed and there was a group of colorfully dressed people around her who looked just as pissed. Several very confused and alarmed looking pro heroes, including All Might, were right there behind them.

"What the fuck?!" The villains were paling, they did not expect this to happen. They signed on to kill All Might and probably a couple of teens. They weren't expecting Mirko, dozens of other pros and what looked like new heros as well.

"Ya'll done goofed." One of the pissed colorfully dressed people said in English of all things as they stormed into the room and several made a bee-line for the villains while others went towards the teens.

"How the blood soaked protastent hell did you find out about this?" The leader asked in English as well even if heavily accented.

"Fuck you that's how!" Bruno, Izuku, Mirko, and two others called out in unison.

"You try and attack a bunch of kids and teens, including my future nephew?! I don't fucking think so." A red haired woman wearing yellow said and she looked furious as she stormed forward, literally with the dark rumbling cloud flashing with lightning over her head.

Izuku blushed brightly at the future nephew part, just like Mirko was, but no one had time to say anything as a dark thundercloud filled the room and lightning flashed, hitting several villains as winds whipped up.

"Watch the lightning Pepa, have to let the rest of the family get in on the fun." An old woman in a red dress and with a stern face said glaring darkly at the villains and for some reason she had a shoe in hand.

"You want to start something Mr. Crusty Hand-man? Well you fucking started something and I'm ending it." Mirko growled dangerously before she leapt forward and slammed her heel into the giant beasts exposed brains.

"Mirko! Hit the brain and don't let it move!" Izuku called, tossing her his Escrima sticks that she immediately caught and used to electrocute the brain, also stabbing it until the beast hit the ground and stopped moving. Then the blood splattered hero glared darkly at the stunned villains as she tossed the bloody weapons back to Midoriya who caught them mid air and used them to take down several low ranking villains nearby.

"You fuckers picked the wrong fucking targets." Mirko hissed at them and the villains were backing away from her in horror and fear.

"No no no no no! Cheats! Cheats and hacks! I call cheats!" The leader was yelling like a petulant child as he scratched at his throat.

"Izu! Analyze!" Mirko barked to the boy who easily switched to English.

"Misty is a warper! Crusty handjob has a five point activation quirk! Didn't see what it was yet! Rest are low level mooks!" Izuku barked out and almost immediately there were vines growing all around the area from the girl in the blue paint splattered dress that tied up and immobilized all of the mooks. Yaomomo and a few others who were fluenet in English all choked slightly.

"Warper is mostly mist but must have a physical body under there somewhere! Probably under the armor!" Izuku called and lightning struck the metal armor hard, sending the man of mist crashing into the ground and leaving him there twitching on occasion.

Handsy scratched himself even more before putting his hand on a vine trying to grab him, making it disintergrate on contact.

"Disintegration quirk! Highly lethal! Touching you renders you to dust and disintegrates your skin and all possibly down to the bone!" Izuku relayed to them all immediately and the red head snorted.

"Can't disintegrate the weather. And I'm fucking pissed!" The red head said and before the leader could do anything he was struck by a lightning bolt as well, knocking him out immediately and lightly frying him.

"I hear plenty more villains spread out across the rest of the facility." A girl with a red bow said from near the doors and immediately the family spread out aside from a boy in a yellow ruana with curly hair and a woman wearing a teal apron who was checking over all of the teens.

"Antonio you stay with mama, Camilo and Izu. Have Parce eat anyone who tries to hurt you." Mirko called to a young boy, honestly the kid wasn't even ten it looked like but he was riding on the back of what looked like a jaguar.

"Okay Mira." The boy said and he happily walked over to Izuku with the jaguar patrolling the group with dark eyes. Ready to lunge for anyone who hurt his human.

In little to no time the rest of the villains were round up and all of the students had a new feeling of respect and fear for that old lady who was beating villains with her shoe and nothing else. Especially when she turned the shoe onto All Might and started berating him in english and spanish for being a meat head who puts too much on himself by making himself a pillar and yet all he seems to know how to do is punch things and not use his brain.

Izuku recorded that whole thing.

"Everyone all right?" Mirko asked as she finally made her way back to the teens and was immediately being checked over by the woman in the apron while the youngest of the group attached himself to her leg.

"You got here just in time. Like literally before the fight even really started." Izuku said grinning at her and Mirko grinned back, messing up his hair and then putting her arm on his head and leaning on him. He didn't even bat an eye at that. He was so used to this now.

"Thank Tio Bruno. He had an involuntary vision this morning and told us and we got here as fast as we could." Mirko said grinning at her uncle who looked sheepish and rubbed the back of his neck.

"Mirko. Who are they, how do you know my student, and why are you here?" Aizawa asked in japanese and making the two look at him confused since they hadn't realized they slipped back into English.

"They're my family, I've been training Izu for the last four years, and we're here to save your asses." Mirko said confused, wasn't it obvious why they were here?

There were plenty of mutters and mumblings at that, they were Mirko's family?

"How did you even know we were going to be attacked?" Aizawa asked and Mirko smirked slightly.

"I know someone who can tell the future better than Sir Nighteye can. They saw this going to happen so we came to help. Of course as soon as my family knew this runt was in trouble they weren't going to sit back and just leave it to me and whatever hero would listen to me in the little bit of time we had before the attack." Mirko said shrugging her shoulders.

"Come on Izu, schools out for the day. So I'm grabbing you and your mom and you're both joining me in taking the family out to eat." Mirko said clapping Izuku on the back before she hoisted Antonio into her arms when he pouted at her.

"Look I just saw your Abuela beat All Might with her shoe. I'd follow you if you told me to walk into traffic or off of a cliff." Izuku said point blank while looking at her with a lovesick smile on his face.

"May I ask your quirks and for your hero liscences?" All Might asked although he cowered slightly when the old woman raised her shoe slightly while the rest of the family was already leaving the building and gathering outside.

"They aren't liscenced heros but I gave them emergancy authorization. And they can tell you their quirks if they want to." Mirko said sneering slightly at him.

"If it makes you feel better I'm quirkless." Abuela said in english before she turned to follow the rest of her family out with Mirko and Izuku bringing up the rear with Antonio still in Mirkos arms.

"Try to touch or say a word about my family and I will kick you into a grave. If you don't think I can, just know that Izu here is a master analysist with a degree and everything and can break down your quirks and fighting styles in less than a minute. And I capitalize on any weak points I notice or he sees...and he can definitely sneak up on you and take you out himself." Mirko said in plain japanese to everyone else as she gave them a bloodthirsty smile.

"What is your relation to Midoriya?" One of the students asked confused and Midoriya looked at Mirko who smirked at him and nodded.

"Well believe it or not but she's my girlfriend...oh and before you say anything about our ages. No one will ever believe you but she's only three years older than me."

Chapter Text

"I shall do it." The small highish pitched voice cut through the bickering of the adults. Everyone froze and all eyes turned to the smallest member at the meeting. A round chubby cheeked face stared back at them, determined brown eyes behind green rimmed glasses glaring at them all and tiny hands clenched into tight fists at her side.

Compared to the others at the meeting the small child of Man seemed so much smaller but her presence seemed to loom over everyone as her declaration rang through the air.

"I shall take the ring though I am not of this land and do not know the way." The child said and she stood as tall as her small height would allow her, the dress the elves had given her hanging from her thin frame and brushing the floor as she stepped forward to be near the table that the ring laid upon.

"You?! You are but a child! Probably not even four winters yet!" Boromir said in disbelief as all eyes gazed down at the child.

"I am five. I had turned five the day I met Frodo and Sam and Pippin and Merry. But my age doesn't matter. Not when all of you are acting more childish than I am." The girl said bluntly and more than a few faces flushed at being called out by the child while Frodo tried not to laugh at them all.

"This was originally Frodo and Sam's quest to get the ring here. They have succeeded in their quest and Frodo at the least is in no shape to continue onwards. He was in no shape when those wraiths struck him and he entrusted me to hold onto the ring until we arrived here safely. It's true. I'm little, I'm a kid. I don't know where to go or how to fight but I know how to do what's right! And the right thing to do is take that ring and throw it in the mountain! Since you all are acting like babies fighting over a toy then it's up to me to be the big kid and take the ring. If someone can show me the way I'll do it." The child said and they all felt approximately two inches tall at how she was calling them out, at this point Frodo was snickering behind his hand while Elrond was smirking in amusement slightly.

"The child makes a point, a very valid one indeed. Although I do not like the thought of sending a child on this quest I'd rather have a mature one do it." Elrond said amused and the words were pointed enough to make everyone wince. Yeah they deserved that.

"You are very wise little child of Man. Tell me your name and whose child you are if you will?" Elrond asked looking at the little girl who beamed up at him with a smile as bright and cheery as the sun, and he would admit his heart softened towards this child. How could it not when she had done no ill and had all the reason in the world to not get involved but instead stood up to do the right thing? That and he was reminded of his own child at that age, especially since the little one was wearing his daughters old dress.

"Thank you sir! All the adults say I'm really smart! Even Cami says I'm smart but that's cause I can read the big words in the books he can't yet! I'm Mirabel Madrigal! My mama's name is Julieta and my papa's name is Agustin!" Mirabel said happily and Elrond nodded to her.

"Very well. Young Mirabel shall be the holder of the ring. But who shall occumpany her?" Elrond asked and immediately Gandalf walked over and kneeled to be on Mirabels level.

"Little one this task will not be easy. It will be very dangerous and there are many who will attack and try to hurt you. But if you insist on this mission then I shall lead you to your destination and see to your safety." Gandalf said making Mirabel nod her head with a solemn look on her face.

"It's like trying to prank Abuela or Tia Pepa. Really dangerous and not very smart. It's okay Mr. Wizard I've helped Cami prank Abuela and Tia lots of times. I'm used to danger." Mirabel said with all the surety of a child.

"This will be no mere prank and the enemies will not go easy on you. A child should not be on this quest." Boromir said and Mirabel gave him a flat look.

"My Tia can fry people with lightning when she's startled or scared. After you get struck by lightning a few times nothing is scary...except Abuela especially when she has the chancla. Nothing is scarier than my Abuela when she's mad. And that's okay. If kids aren't allowed on the quest then that means you can't go." Mirabel said and more than a few people fought not to laugh at that while Boromir twitched dangerously and his hand went to his sword but he did not draw it. She was a child after all. The rest of the adults exchanged looks. Ah to be a kid again and think nothing is scarier than a mad grandmother. Although the fact that she's been struck by lightning before and didn't seem to mind it had more than a few of them pausing.

"If by my life or my death I can protect you. I shall. My life is yours. You have my sword." Strider, although that wasn't his real name but he told her to call him Strider so until he said use the other name she'll call him Strider like he asked, said and he bowed slightly to her.

"And my bow." The blond haired Elf man said stepping forward.

"And my ax!" The short man with the big beard said and Mirabel looked confused as she looked from him to the table and the ring and the ax shattered around it.

"I shall also join although I want to know more of this...child first." Boromir said finally before there was a noise and suddenly another hobbit, it was the nice Mr. Sam, appeared beside Mirabel.

"Begging your pardon sirs and your leave Mr. Frodo but I traveled with her this far, she's not going anywhere without me." Sam said and Mirabel smiled brightly up at him, she liked Mr. Sam he was nice and carried her on his back sometimes when she got tired or they needed to run.

"So it seems seeing as how you decided to join a secret meeting where she was invited and you were not." Elrond said staring at the hobbit who shrugged a bit while Frodo smiled at him from where he was still confined to the chair.

"Thank you Sam. I'm glad you'll be along to watch out for her." Frodo said gratefully to his friend who grinned at him.

"We're coming too! You'll need someone with brains on this quest...thingy." Pippin said as he and Merry showed up, making Mirabel beam at them and giggle a bit. They were funny and reminded her of Camilo.

"That rules you out then Pip." Sam said only to get an elbow to his side for that.

"Very well. A company of nine shall go on this quest. From now henceforth you shall be known as the Fellowship of the Ring." Elrond said and Mirabel beamed up at them all with a smile almost as bright as the sun.

"As I said. I want to know more of this child we shall follow first. Child. Tell me of your home." Boromir demanded and Mirabel's smile fell and she frowned up at him.

"Well you're rude. Where I come from if we want something or want to know something we ask nicely and use manners." Mirabel said and the tall blond man with the bow snorted slightly, the others snickering or looking away with smiles.

"Little one. Please will you tell us of your home? We are all quite curious as to where you came from?" Strider asked and Mirabel's smile was right back on immediately.

"Okay since you asked nicely! I'm from Encanto! It's this nice village in the mountains! I live there with my family, my mama, my papa, my two big sisters, my Tia and Tio Felix and my other Tio Bruno and my Abuela and my prima Dolores and my primo Camilo!" Mirabel said happy to talk about her home and family.

"Tell us of your family child. Please what do they do?" Elrond added the last bit after a small frown and a look from the child, he wasn't going to be called rude in his own home thank you. He had manners and he knew how to use them.

"Oh! My Tia Pepa can control the weather in our village! My mama can heal with her cooking! My Tio Bruno can see the future! My oldest sister Isabela can grow plants! My older sister Luisa is super duper strong! She can even pick up donkeys while still being seven and little! My prima Dolores can hear everything in the Encanto and for at least a mile she says! My primo Camilo can shape shift! My Papa, Tio Felix, and Abuela don't have gifts but they're still awesome! Papa chops lots of wood to get firewood for Mama to cook over or to make logs to build houses from and he's really good at playing piano! My Tio Felix helps out in the fields with the crops all the time and is the best at dancing! He and my Tia dance all the time and they even taught me how to dance too! And my Abuela is super awesome! She's the leader of the village and the one who started the village and who got our family magic all set up and even found Casita! Casita is our house but she's alive and can move on her own and all! I think that's Abuela's gift but she says she doesn't have one." Mirabel was more than happy to talk about her family and Elrond had a small look of confusion and slight awe at hearing the magic the girls family wielded.

"You say your grandmother is the leader and founder of the village. So that would make her the Queen?" Elrond asked wanting to be sure of this, because if it was true then the girls lineage was almost beyond reproach and none could question that she would be useful to the group even if only through connections to her kingdom and family.

"Huh...I guess but I never thought of it like that...that makes mami and Tia Princesses and Tio a prince! I'm gonna tell em when I get back home! I knew mami was a princess!" Mirabel seemed thrilled by that and Elrond wondered. Such strange and powerful magic hidden within mountains and an untapped well of potential had stumbled upon the group somehow and now would lead it. Perhaps it was destiny...

"Come child. While you are not able to fight like the others we should still find a blade for you. If for nothing else than as a last resort to protect yourself." Elrond declared as he stood up and Mirabel happily walked over to him and slipped her tiny hand in his bigger one without hesitation while he looked at her surprised.

"Okay Sir! I like protecting myself! My Tia taught me how to punch and Cami says I punch really hard when I'm mad! Mami said that I broke one boy's nose when he said mean things about my papa and I punched him!" Mirabel said and she happily chattered to Elrond as he led her away to be given a weapon.

Frodo however had an idea and whispered to Sam. His Uncle Bilbo had told him about the lightweight sword that glowed when Orcs were near. Perhaps it was lightweight enough for the kid to use it? If not he could ask his Uncles opinion on small weapons for the child.

Chapter Text

"If it's that much of a problem I'll take the ring!" Mirabel called loudly over the others bickering as she stepped forward. They all turned to look at her and she gave them an unimpressed look as she crossed her arms in front of her chest.

"From what I'm hearing the problem is that most of you don't trust the others based on their species or something that happened in the past. I'm not even from this world so therefore I have no ties to it, no reason to hinder the quest and nothing the ring can do can corrupt me because I don't want power of any kind. Only thing I want to do is find a way back home. Destroying that blasted thing sounds like the best bet so let's go. I'll take the thing and toss it into the fires of the mountain if someone will give me a map and mark where it is." Mirabel said and she looked so damn done with them all that they wilted a bit under her stare.

"And how can we trust you stranger when you are not of this world? What if you wish to take the ring back to your own world?" Boromir demanded glaring at her and Mirabel shot him a flat look.

"One the ring is tied to this Sauron guy who I don't want anywhere near my home or family, and two if it's a matter of trust what reason would I have to want to doom this world by not destroying the ring? I'm not from here. I have no ties here. No reason to want to doom you all and no reason to help this Sauron guy. Question should be why should we trust any of you with it instead when apparently the people of the past in this world failed to destroy it once already? Why should any of you be trusted with power and the ring and all that other jazz that comes with it when apparently you all can't stop bickering for five damn seconds just because of a few differences or because of something that happened in the past? If the fate of the world is in the hands of you lot then we might as well sign over the world and put it on a platter because I've seen literal children who behave better than you all." Mirabel said and she was using her most disappointed mother tone from when she helped with the village kids and when she was with Antonio. Each person wilted under her tone and they all shrunk back under her unimpressed gaze.

"Now either you all can calmly act like damn adults and decide who takes the ring or just let me take it and shut the hell up about it." Mirabel said and they all shrunk down some more when she put her hands on her hips and began tapping her foot. All of them had flashbacks to their childhoods and their mothers right then and none of them dared speak up.

Mirabel stared them all down for a moment longer before she nodded once.

"That's what I thought. Now if someone will give me a map and some directions, and maybe a weapon for any foes, I'll take the ring and go throw it in the fire." Mirabel said and that's when they started to speak up again.

"I will show you the way." Gandalf said nodding to her and he was a bit relieved that Frodo would not be coming any further, the boy could now return home to the Shire.

"If by my life or my death I can protect you and guarantee the rings destruction then I shall give it." Strider said nodding to her as well.

"You have my bow."

"And my ax."

"And my sword." One by one the rest piped up although Mirabel didn't like the look of Boromir's face as he spoke of joining them. She didn't trust a single one of them further than she could throw them.

"I won't be carrying the ring but I wish to help as well." Frodo said smiling thankfully at the girl who had, according to the others, helped Strider and the She-Elf Arwen save the hobbits at the ruins despite not knowing what was going on.

"You're not going anywhere without me Mr. Frodo!"

"Hey we're coming too!" Merry, Pippin, and Sam all joined them and Mirabel rolled her eyes. Honestly who did they actually fool by hiding in the bushes? Apparently the rest of the commity by the looks on their faces.

"If this turns into a pissing contest because of your egos I'm going to introduce each of you to the reason why no one messes with me in my village. And if a single one of you touches me in a way I don't like or without my permission I'm cutting off their third leg and slitting the offenders throat." Mirabel said giving them all a death glare. How the fuck did she even end up in this mess? One minute she's wondering if she's too late for a miracle after being left out of a family photo and the next she finds herself waking up near some ruins where some hobbits were being jumped by shadowy looking fuckers.

"Fair." All of the men but Gandalf paled and backed up a bit at the threat. Elrond almost snickered at the looks on thier faces but he knew better. You don't piss off a female of any species, especially one who would have a weapon at hand.

That and she reminded him of his wife who had been a fierce warrior and had scared even him. No definitely not getting on her bad side thank you.

"Ten of you shall go on this quest to destroy the ring. From now on you shall be known as the Fellowship of the Ring." Elrond announced and Mirabel nodded to him in understanding.

"Ringbearer. You shall need a weapon. Let us find one that fits you." Elrond said staring at her and she met his eyes and nodded her head in understanding.

"Thank you for allowing me to use one of your weapons." Mirabel said politely and he nodded to her while the hobbits paled.

"As if she wasn't scary enough without one." Pippin said whimpering a bit an the others all looked at the hobbits now.

"She managed to help fend off the ringwraiths with a makeshift torch and her shoe. I think she actually did damage to one with her shoe too, now you're going to give her an actual weapon?" Merry whimpered as well and the rest all looked confused.

Her shoe?

"You missed that part Mr. Frodo. Another Ringwraith was coming for you amongs the confusion of battle and Mirabel slammed her shoe into it's head and she knocked it to the floor." Sam told his friend who gaped at Mirabel stunned.

Mirabel just snorted.

"Those things were creepy but honestly I have plenty of experience beating people bigger or meaner looking. I've got a cousin who can shapeshift and is a prankster, I've beaten him with my shoe while he was shifted into something a lot scarier than those wraiths." Mirabel said thinking of the one time she about gave the whole family and village a heart attack when she had smacked Camilo with her shoe for a prank he pulled on her.

While he was shifted to look like their Abuela. Mirabel was sure that Isabela almost had a literal heart attack.