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Random Ideas of Encanto

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When Mirabel Madrigal was born her family knew she was going to be something special. She was at a decent weight when she was born, hell she was actually more than decent. She was eight whole pounds despite being a month and a half early. And she also had her Tia's reddish colored hair with a kind of brown undertone to it. She also had her Tia and her papa's lighter skin coloration.

So yeah they knew she'd be something special and Julieta was actually kind of scared of how big Mirabel would have been if she hadn't been born early.

She was also a very tall baby, easily being almost fourteen inches long at birth. And while she didn't grow...rapidly she also grew well.

By the time she was five she was already four feet tall and still had a good chunk of what everyone called baby fat to her. The family had no idea why she grew so rapidly but considering that Luisa was seven and already almost five feet Julieta cheerfully blamed it on her husbands side of the family which he couldn't argue with.

Now Mirabel was reaching out to touch her door at her gift ceremony with wide innocently curious eyes as everyone leaned forward to see what she was going to get. The door lit up brilliantly and began to get taller...and taller...the entire house soon was shaking a bit and glowing as it magically expanded and stretched and Mirabel's door soon towered very high, easily being at least twelve feet tall and giving the girl her own tower instead of just a room.

"Holy shit!" Dozens of eyes shot to Camilo for his words while the glow surrounded Mirabel for a long moment too before it began to dissipate.

"Cami where did you learn that word?" Pepa asked her son sternly with a dark cloud over her head.

"Tio was being chased by bees." Camilo said casually as if it were obvious. Pepa shot her brother-in-law a dark look.

"How come Mira gets a whole tower?!" Camilo asked while Mirabel gave a small grin as she looked at the door.

"Because Cami. I'm going to be taller than anyone else. See?" Mirabel pointed out her door to her primo and everyone looked at it, their eyes going wide. It was true an image of a young adult Mirabel was stretched across the door. A very tall and slender but strong looking woman who had a hat on her head with strange markings on it, a sun and a cloud hovering over her shoulders and in the background there were dozens of trees and random things that had faces on them where faces shouldn't be. In the tall Mirabel's hands were strange blobs and orbs and there were other tall people behind her that were still shorter than her.

"...Did Mama feed Mirabel magic or something? What the hell?" Isabela asked in disbelief as she looked from her sister to the door and then back several times. Dolores gave a small snort of agreement.

Mirabel didn't even wait for anyone else as she opened the door and walked in, walking through it behind her the family were surprised and confused to see a land that seemed to be made of candy.

"Hey Camilo. Want to see a bunch of people freak out and then prepare a lot of sweets at a very fast pace?" Mirabel asked smirking at her primo who grinned at her as he raced over to her.

"Hell yeah! Is that part of your gift!?" Camilo asked beaming and a bit jealous. If Mirabel's gift let her have sweets whenever she wanted and quickly then that was so unfair.

"Watch this. And Dolores? You might want to cover your ears three times over." Mirabel said glancing at her prima who immediately put on some of her earmuffs and then clamped her hands over her ears, her papa putting his hands over her ears as well.

Mirabel waited until she took a few steps away from everyone else and Dolores had her ears covered before she took in a deep breath. Those nearest to her who knew how loud she could shout and cry immediately covered their own ears as well.


"GELATO!" Mirabel howled to the sky and there were several yells of horror and shock from around them as people moved fast.

"Oh no! It's Mama's hunger pains!"

"I didn't know she was back!"

"Didn't they say she died?!"

"Who cares?! Get the cooks!"

"We need Gelato fast!"

People ran around like headless chickens for a long moment and Mirabel smirked as she felt how the cooks were already getting the ingrediants together and trying to hurriedly prepare some Gelato.

There were also a lot of people racing towards her. And she heard her family let out shouts of shock and worry and horror when some of the pirates nearby that had been under her rule fired at her.

A blast of her Soul Pocus (and hey it was her gift this time which meant she could still swim! Bonus!) however sealed their fates as she stole their souls to make Homies and the bullets bounced off of her harmlessly.

"Is that...Is that really?" Mirabel turned at the familiar Haki and voice and she watched as a group of people showed up, some coming through mirrors and others racing toward her on foot. One of whom was carrying several large plates of Gelato. Good. She was getting hungry.

"Is that really you?" Mirabel looked at the woman approaching her from the mirror, earning several shouts and shrieks from the villagers of Encanto as she approached Mirabel almost heistantly.

"Brulee. What happened to the islands after Wano?" Mirabel asked staring at the mirror witch who had her hands over her mouth.

"It...this haki...It really is you isn't it?" Brulee asked and she seemed relieved and happy to have it be confirmed as she stared at Mirabel with teary eyes. Mirabel huffed a bit. Brulee had always been a bit of a crybaby.

"Mama?" A tall green skinned woman with a long neck wearing a wide hat and holding a sword asked and she showed shock and glee and disbelief as a cigarette fell from her lips.

"Oh? Seems like most all of you survived Wano and made it back to Whole Cake Island. What happened after I was knocked into the earth? Is that Straw Hat dead?" Mirabel asked and the tall people approaching her flinched a bit.

"No mama. Straw Hat Luffy is alive. He bested Kaido himself in one on one." That was Katakuri as he approached and stared at Mirabel who scowled but nodded. To think that Kaido would be beaten by that straw hat punk. Hmph. They had gotten old and complacent. Well...she was back and could fix that.

"Who are they peroin?" Perospero, her eldest son, asked glaring past Mirabel towards the people behind her who looked confused and shocked. His candy arm glimmered in the sunlight.

"Eh? My soul was reborn in a new body. This is my family in my new body. My parents, Aunt and uncles, sisters, cousins, and Abuela." Mirabel said pointing them out quickly and dismissing the villagers entirely as unimportant. She saw how her kids nodded and accepted that. After all they were all seasoned New World pirates. This kind of thing was pretty much a casual Tuesday for them.

"Mirabel....who are they and how do you know them?" Her Abuela asked warily and Mirabel grinned as she turned to look at the Madrigal family and the Encanto islanders.

"They are my family from my past life before I was born as Mirabel. These..." Mirabel waved one hand over the assemebled Charlottes behind her with a wide grin on her face as she looked forward to the Encanto natives reactions.

"Are my children. Not all 85 of them but most of the stronger ones are here at least."


Mirabel was amused watching her Abuela, Tio Bruno, and papa all pass out at hearing that.