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Sleepover ♪

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“You’re so bold, Mei♪”

Elysia says this with a teasing tone, but the Herrscher is too tired to care. Instead of replying, she rolls over, snuggling into the blanket.

That devil Elysia takes the opportunity to press her body against Mei’s back, because of course she does, but the joke’s on her. Mei is also too exhausted to be riled up by breast tissue against her spine, no matter how thin the clothing.

“Sleep,” Mei mumbles.

“Already? Two beautiful girls have a sleepover, but they just go to sleep immediately? Isn’t it a shame?”  


Elysia sighs, pouty and disappointed like Mei’s going to change her mind, but no such thing is going to happen. Mei can already feel herself sinking under.

It’s a wonder that she’s come to trust Elysia enough to allow herself to sleep next to her. A wave of exasperated fondness curls inside her ribcage.

“G’night,” Mei slurs, already three-quarters asleep. “Love you.”

Elysia’s choking noise is lost to the ears of an unconscious girl.