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"Good morning, Natsuru."

Natsuru paused in the kitchen doorway, eyes widening. When Yukihina looked her up and down with one eyebrow raised, probably in amusement, she grabbed a jacket from the dress rack, and covered up. She shouldn't feel so embarrassed, really, not with how Yukihina kept wandering around completely naked in whichever form he may be in just because he felt like it. But it's hard not to be, with his teasing. She wasn't sure if it's because he likes or dislikes her, and doesn't know which would be worse.

Carefully stepping into the kitchen, Natsuru gave Yukihina a suspicious look when she saw the innocent smile on his lips. She looked around quickly, to see if anything had been taken, added, or moved. One never could be quite sure with the strange man. "Good morning?" she said slowly, eyeing the newspaper in his hands. "It's almost midnight, you know."

He snorted, and turned the pages. "Does it make a difference?" he asked, and glanced up at her. Why was he wearing glasses? To confuse her? She crossed her arms over her chest, giving him a stern look. "The difference is that we don't want anyone breaking and entering in the middle of the night." He snorted again. "So it's alright if I do it in the middle of the day then?" "Yes--no!"

She nervously glanced over her shoulder to make sure Sayaka or the kids were not woken up by her raised voice. "No, it's not better. You can't break and enter at all." He shrugged at this. "I haven't broken anything." He sighed, and shook his head. It was in that way where he was more likely mocking her, rather than actually being disappointed in her. "Kids these days. They're so quick to jump to conclusions." He was picking on her, wasn't he. Again. What time in the line was it this time? "You like playing that age card, don't you?" She then sighed, because she knew that he does, but he might say no, and he might say yes. "Whatever. What do you want?"

"Hmmm?" He folded up the newspaper, and towered over her when he rose from the chair and put the paper in a pants pocket. "Don't you know anything about being an adult, Natsuru?" She raised an eyebrow at that, and waited for him to continue. Not that she knew if he would make sense or not. "An adult need some peace and quiet to read, so why not make use of my dear kouhai's house?" Nope, he wasn't making any sense. She was not surprised. "Don't use other people's houses to your own leisure." She motioned to the door. "Now get out, I need to go back to sleep."

He snorted. She really wished he would stop doing that, because it betrayed just how good he was at being an ass. "Had fun with the wife?" he commented, when he unlocked the front door. She glared and blushed at the same time. "S-stop meddling!" she sputtered, and she was still sputtering when he closed the door. She was pretty sure he heard him sniggering at her. Really, he is such an asshole, how did she even get caught up in his shit? The only thing she did was want him to put on some clothes, and he kept on bugging her.

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Chouza kneels on the carpet in house 1442's living-room, a big cardboard box in front of him, unwrapping ornaments and giving each of them uncertain looks before he puts them on the living room table. You can never be too careful with the things that the Landlord sends them, and that includes these Christmas decorations, which is why he tries to figure out if there is any obvious threat to the weird things, before he lets Uzume get his hands on them.

They are soon swiped up by either Uzume or Yue, who are cheerfully dressing up the tree with the decorations, or with whatever they can get their hands on, if Chouza isn't fast enough to get the things out of the box. Yue drapes glitter around his shoulders and Uzume tries to wear the tree topper, but when he doesn't succeed in that, he starts to hang straw angels around everyones ears - his own, his boyfriend's, his best friend's, his pets - everyone.

Chouza just ignores it, but the two dorks burst into a fit of laughter, and the turkey looks at them, where it sits on the couch. If Dinner could raise its eyebrows, the bird probably would do just that. Pie bounces around Uzume's and Yue's feet, barking cheerfully as if the dog is trying to join in with their laughter.

The white haired boys continues to pile decorations onto each other, even picking things down from the tree to dress up in. They're so caught up in it that they end up stripping the entire tree, and when they're out of actual decorations, they run off out of the room. Chouza follows a few minutes later, looking into the adult bedroom on his way to the kitchen. All the content of the wardrobe has been pulled out onto the floor, and the room, which had been remotely tidy last time he was there, is very much not tidy at all any more.

"What the hell're you guys doing?" He looks at them through his bangs, a bit peeved at the mess they have managed to cause in just a few minutes. Uzume cheers and whoops, almost whacking Yue in the face with a yukata. "Playing fashion!" he says, "Chouza, you wanna play too with us too?"

He shakes his head. "Not happening," he says, "I'll make dinner--" the turkey clucks in offese from the livingroom "--so you keep at this and I'll tell you when I'm done." Yue salutes, looking just as cheerful as Uzume does. "Yessir!" he says. None of them stops Chouza when he leaves, because they're both eager for food. Hopefully, rearranging the closet will keep them occupied long enough.

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#Misadvised; J & Kotori (Holly Heights)

She was adorable, there was no question about it, and J knew that. Her singing was really nice and she made great clothes, and she was friendly. She was also the purest person that he had ever met. She was probably the purest person that he ever would meet, too. Her cheerful and innocent personality made him feel even more evil than he actually was. He could explain himself but one thing was for sure; he didn't want to let his sort-of sister know his true identity. She was everything he could never be (honest, pure, sweet, genuine), while he was everything that she couldn't be (cruel, cold, calculating, a liar), and he worried that he would scare her if she ever found out.

Her cheerful and innocent personality also made her stand out, and J knew for a fact that she had all the male members of #1448, Holly Heights wrapped around her little finger. It was completely understandable that she had Taki-san wrapped around it, he was a person with way too much of a daddy personalty for an FBI agent. For Beast, it sort of was, too. He was a big softie despite his grouchy attitude (and J still didn't like him, or got along with him, and he doubted that he ever would.) J had been, however, surprised to find that she had managed to wrap him around her little finger as well. He had never thought that would happen.

Minami Kotori was, to say the least, an amazing girl, and he could say so to her, although he would give her different reasons.

The real reason for him to be amazed by her was how she could convince him to do pretty much anything (except tell her the truth). She could get him to listen to school idol music, watch hours of dance and song practice, join said dance and song practice, dress up in the frilliest of dresses, accidentally wreack havoc in the kitchen while baking cake for someone he just want to punch in the face, make him agree that it would be fun if they were from the same world, and just about everything between heaven and earth.

But he was not the best teacher, so perhaps he shouldn't have agreed to teach her Russian.

#Cocculus; Dylas & Mu (Haven)

Haven had turned into a jungle, with the expansion of the roof top garden. Perhaps it wasn't all unpredictable since pretty much anything could happen in Haven, but it still was annoying. And there was no fish. On the other hand, he could try to find some good branch or other to use for a fishing pole, if he was lucky enough, so Dylas pulled at various branches, bent them to see how flexible they were.

Suddenly, something - someone - dropped down beside him, and Dylas jumped. He was about to shout at whoever it was, when he noticed who it was. He huffed at the other man, as Mu straightened up. "Don't do that!" he snapped at his friend. Mu blinked slowly, brushing leaves out of his hair, as calm as if he had not just jumped down a dozen stories tall building. Then the re-head grinned at him, as stupidly cheerful as ever. "Easily spooked?" he asked, and Dylas' ears twitched in annoyance. "I'm not easily spooked!" he protested, somewhat annoyed at Mu's cheery smile. "I never said that. I simply wondered."
Dylas crossed his arms over his chest, glaring down at the slightly shorter but broader man. "I'm not easily spooked, okay!" That was apparently funny, because Mu chuckled, only partly covering it up behind a fist. "Not at all," he said, and Dylas narrowed his eyes. Was he teasing him? It should be the other way around!

He was just about to retort, when Mu leaned closer to have a look at the thick branch Dylas had been moving aside when he had been startled by the red-head. "By the way, what are you doing?" Dylas was completely thrown out the loop, and he found himself pulled into another conversation about fishing, completely forgetting that he had been annoyed with the other man. The guy was good at those sort of things, wasn't he. Topic changes. When Dylas did it, it was obvious that Mu let it slide because he was nice, but when Mu changed the subject, he surprised Dylas into going along with it.

#Cerastes; Apollo & Zed (Haven)

Apollo had no intention of running into Zed today, but when does anyone ever have the intention of running into Zed? The guy was seriously unpredictable. "You're so weird," is the first thing he says when he sees Zed this time. The mummy looks up, dead face in its normal grin. "Oh~!" he raises a bony hand in greeting. "Heiya, Apollo-kun!" As always, Zed sounded way too cheerful, despite not having the slightest reason to be in a good mood. Was that the way dead humans became when they kept moving despite being so dead that they looked dead? "Whatcha up to?" the dead man asked, when Apollo thought that he should be the one asking that.

"Where did the snakes come from?" he asked instead, completely ignoring Zed's question in favor of one of his own. "Haven hava snakes?" Zed laughed his loud, boisterous, way too cheerful laugh, holding up a his other hand toward Apollo. The snake coiled around it waved its tongue at the god. "We're playing!" Which was not an answer to his question, but what did he expect? "Come play with us, Apollo-kun!"

Apollo rolled his eyes, and sighed at the dead man's antics. "That depends. Is it fun?" Probably not as fun as Zed was going to make it out to be, since he had a tendency to treat everything with a complete lack of serious attitude, and a full load of crazy zombie. As expected, Zed beamed at him - or at least Apollo assumed he was beaming at him - and nodded. "Yep! It's really fun!" The god tilted his head to the side. "Then what are you playing?" He was met with a brief silence and a stare. "Ah! We're playing fetch!" Apollo is absolutely sure that Zed just made that one up right at that moment.

#Illuminator; Takasu & Veronica (Holly Heights)

Takasu likes to be creative. Things like painting, knitting, sewing, tinkering with electronics and a lot of things where he can get use of all his arms, both human and octopus. He has painted the rooms inside the house in different sceneries - the bathroom is an ocean floor and his and his wife's bedroom is a rose garden, for example - and he makes clothes for his family, and he makes stuff on order. Sometimes the family does stuff together, too.

Something else he likes - or someone - is his assigned wife. First of all he's really glad he wasn't assigned a guy as spouse like Mikuni did (like being assigned as Mikuni's husband; that would be horrible) and second of all, he's glad it's this young woman. There's a huge age difference, but that's not that big of a bother except when he remebers that. Anyway, yeah, Takasu likes Veronica. He's really fond of her, and her oblivious actions only makes it worse. It's like she doesn't notice that he gets flustered when she takes his hand or give him compliments, instead ending up wondering if he's sick or something.

But he can take normal interaction with her pretty calmly, like what they're doing now. Takasu had collected some items for making bookmarks and stuff, and she had joined him by their kitchen table, where he had paper, pens, paint, cookies and other things absolutely necessary when making bookmarks. He enjoyed casual conversation with his wife, and it was sore of even more fun to make things together with other people. Well, he already knew that, but he was relearning it. Or something like that.

So he likes these times where they're doing things together. It's pretty nice not to be embarrassed while the clueless girl keeps doing and saying things that will embarrass him. Not that that's the main thing that's so good about crafting things together with her, but it's a little part of it.

#Sapidity; Okuni Kuma & Razol Asad (Forest Covered)

Kuma and Asad got along fairly well right from the start. Kuma might have tried to steal the fish Asad had just fished out of the waters when they first met, and she might try to subrtly manipulate Asad into doing things for her, but those thigns didn't have any effect at all, since the Fanalis could simply lift her out of the way (accidentally making the teenage girl faceplant into the beastly woman's chest the time with the fish) and deflect any decietful words. But they got along fairly well, and are pretty comfortable in each other's company.

They both like strength and to be strong and strong people, and they both like to eat. So sometimes they go eat together. Preferrably a lot, and even better, a lot of meat. Kuma has introduced Asad to several kinds of so called 'Japanese' food, which seems to be some sort of country that might be a bit similar to Kina in culture. And sure, hearing about the culture is fun too, but learning things about the food in that place was even better. Asad would in turn tell her about Reim and its culture and food and politics, but she wasn't as involved as Kuma seemed to be. Or perhaps Kuma only was more interested in those sort of things, since Asad only followed orders and didn't care all that very much about the politics of it all.

There wasn't anything wrong with vegetable dishes, but these types of cooked meat were the most interesting, and they could spend hours over the food talking about things. Granted, they had to keep track of the time and make sure they didn't accidentally skipped out on work, but otherwise, there was no real limit to it. Asad had learned not to let Kuma do any cooking, though, and while Asad wasn't very good at it either, she at least wasn't terrible at it like the younger woman was. But in terms of knowing what sauce went best with what meat, Kuma had her beat.

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#Frankincense; Dantalion Goetia & Dialo Teufel (Forest Covered)

Teufel could detect an odd scent in the stairs as she returned from a visit to the onsen. It wasn't a bad scent, it was actually pretty nice, but it was an odd one. Pine and citrus and... something more, but she wasn't entirely sure. She followed it, wondering if it was some kind of food that she was unfamiliar with, and soon found herself outside a familiar room. Inside, she saw Goetia sit crosslegged on his magically conjured bed with a thick book in his lap and an oil lamp on the white covers. It was lit, and apparently, it was the lamp that the scent was coming from. She took note of the six-pointed star that she sometimes could see on Goetia's possessions. "Incense?" She looked at her friend with surprise. He was from old times so perhaps it shouldn't be a surprise to find that he burned insence from time to time, but he didn't seem like the type. He looked up at her. "It's Frankincense," he explained. "The humans burn this a lot in Jerusalem. Though this is a bit different from the type they have there."

"Hmm..." She sat down on his bed. "So you're homesick?" she asked him. He jumped, and blushed a bit. He put a hand to the clay lamp to steady it when he shifted. "Wh-ah... Um. Yeah, a little."

She patted him on the back. "We've been here for a while after all." She didn't know what else to say. She wasn't the best at consoling others, but she could offer some company, at least.


#Family Relations; Natsuru & Yukihina mentioning Kyoko from Skip Beat! (Holly Heights)

Yukihina always pulled some weird stunt or the other. It was always frustrating and he often went too far, and Natsuru really needed to call him out on it more often.

And when Kyoko mentioned an ice wielding demon and what Yukihina had said to the teenager, Natsuru decided that he needed an earful. Or at least he needed to explain.

She didn't wait for him to finish whatever teasing remark he answered her call with, and launched right into the issue at hand. "Niece, Yukihina?" she asked.
"What's nice?" he retorted, and she was sure he has tilted his head just so in a way that meant that he was totally faking not knowing what she was talking about.
The corner of her mouth twitched in annoyance. He really was too much. "You know that that's not what I said!"
"Do I?" Now he had added one of the most fake tones of innocence that she had ever heard in his voice. Natsuru glared and imagined that she was glaring at him, and not at a potted plant. "Yes! What's up with calling Kyoko your niece?"
There was a tone of genuine surprise in his voice. But that might just be completely fake as well. Actually, it probably was. "Eh? She's your daughter, right?" Natsuru sighed, and pinched the bridge of her nose in frustration. "Yes, she is! But what does that have to do with it?"
There was still that same tone in his voice. "That means that, if I call her my niece, you're my sister." She sputters, not sure if she's supposed to be embarrassed or really, really worried. "When the hell did that upgrade happen?" she finally managed to get out.
Yukihina's voice was straight and matter-of-factly. "Right then and there." Natsuru cursed him under her breath, and he could clearly hear it, because she could hear him snort in amusement.

When he asked "you alright there, sister dear?" she hung up on him.

#Resembler; Chouza, Eric & Uzume (Holly Heights)

"Look look! I look like Chouza and Eric too!"

The peace in the kitchen was broken by Uzume's loud shout. Eric looked up, and Chouza glanced over at his best friend to see what he was up to this time. They both ended up staring, because Uzume had found a wig somewhere (were there shops for those sort of things in Holly Heights?), and had put it on with the back facing forward. His face was covered by long, brown plastic hair that became more and more tangled with each breath that he took.

Chouza turned back to the notebook he had been writing in, deciding to just ignore the man. Eric on the other hand was not as used to Uzume's random behaviour, and was clearly a little confused by them. "Uzume-san, what's the wig for?"

"I'm glad you asked!" Uzume said, hands going to his hips and his head tilting up. The fake hair covered his eyes but the tone in his voice was one of 'look at me, I'm awesome' so it was easy to guess that that was the look on his face. "It's because we're family!" he proclaimed loudly. "I have fangs too!"

Chouza barked out a laughter, and after a correction of "it's bangs, not fangs," muttered "idiot" under his breath. Uzume didn't hear him (or he would have protested), but Eric, who was sitting beside him by the table, heard a tone of amusement in his voice. "Do you need them?" he asked, and Uzume nodded. "Ageha looks like Chouza, right?" he pointed out (Eric recalled a name like that having come up in conversation), and Chouza shrugged. "That's because she's my biological daughter," he said, "but you don't have to be related or look alike to be family. You know that." He didn't even pause in his writing.

Eric followed the brief exchange in silence. Although perhaps Chouza had said the last bit to the both of them, since Eric had been adopted into the odd family that he had heard a lot about.

"But I want to has something with you!" Uzume shouted. Chouza muttered a correction, but said nothing else about it. "Can't you let your hair grow instead then?" Eric wondered. "I will!" Uzume nodded. "But it's slow so I got this to make it go faster!" There was another snort of suppressed laughter coming from Chouza. "Except you look horrible in that thing, Uzume," he said. Uzume protested, and ended up sprawled on top of their laps. Chouza pushed him down, and Uzume fell face first onto the floor. The dog came over, and laid down on Uzume's back. Uzume pushed his face off of the floor, leaning his weight on his arms. Chouza pulled the wig off of his head and put it on the table. Uzume looked at him with cheeks puffed up with air.

Chouza sighed, smiling. "Just be yourself, that's enough," he said. He ruffled Eric's hair, suddenly. "You too, okay?" A little flustered at the words and smile directed at him, Eric nodded. He opened his mouth to reply, but was interrupted by Uzume tugging at his pants. "Hey Eric, let's play a game!"

After a few moments of confusion, between the warm and serious atmosphere Chouza had produced, to the fluffy and cheerful atmosphere that Uzume was exuding, he nodded again. "Okay."

#Kaleidoscope; Asuka, Badr & Gokudera (Holly Heights)

Something was going on in the living room, both of them could hear it. What was their dad up to in there? He definitely sounded excited as he called their names. "Hayato, Asuka!"
Asuka left the bedroom that Gokudera evacuated in favor for the office (her inability to keep her clothes on was too much for him to take) and Hayato left the kitchen with the sandwich he just made in one hand. With his free hand he awkwardly pulled Asuka's skirt back down in place. His so-called sister might cause him to die from awkwardness one of these days, and he rued the day.
"Any idea?" he asked her, and she shook her head so her long blond hair flew. "It's cute that he gets excited so easily, right?" He raised an eyebrow at her comment, "Is it?" he asked, then turned his gaze into the living room.

Badr was sitting on the couch with Uri and Dumbledore in his lap and Tatsuma beside him. In his hands, he held a colorful tube, and he was looking into one of the ends.

...a kaleidoscope. He was excited over a kaleidoscope. As it wasn't Gokudera's and Badr clearly was entirely new to the thing, it had to be Asuka's.

When the fisherman noticed that they were there, he held out the tube as if to show them. Enthusiastic. He was so enthusiastic. "Is this magic?" he asked.
Gokudera blinked, dumbfounded; "Huh? No, it's not," he said at the same time as Asuka said "Yeah! Isn't it cool?"

And that's how you utterly confuse a man past thirty when said man past thirty believes both of his adopted children's words without question.

#Liqueur; Izumo & Yukimura (Utopique)

Yukimura hums thoughtfully as he lets the aftertaste of the drink he just took a sip from tickle his tongue. "What do you think, Izu-chan?" he asks his new friend, and the raccoon man accepts the straw that Yukimura turns toward him, and he takes a big sip of the poisonous looking, green beverage. "I don't know," he says, and leans down for another sip.

He wiggles his eyebrows at Yukimura as he drinks through the straw. "Indirect kisses being amusing aside, my little fox, I think it would taste much better if shared through a direct kiss."

"Really now, you're so embarrassing~" Yukimura says in that tone of voice that entirely lacks any seriousness or embarrassment. His dark fox ears twists in amusement, unable to disguise his feelings. They both need to learn to control their new animal features, or their lies will be seen through too easily.

The samurai takes Izumo's chin in hand and tilts his head up, lips just shy of touching. "They say that foxes are the sly ones but when you suggested this, did you intend to drink me under the table?"
Izumo's eyebrows wiggles even more than before. "And what if I am? After all, isn't the floor under tables ideal for hook-ups with handsome men?"

"You simply say the most adorable things," Yukimura says with a smooth chuckle, and pulls away in a way that makes his lips brush very lightly, almost not at all, against Izumo's lips and he raises another glass, this one with a red drink in it. "I suppose," he moves the straw from the green drink to the red. "that we'll see who drinks whom under the table first."

"I'll guarantee you that I will do it," Izumo grins, and Yukimura laughs cheerfully. "And I guarantee that I'll do it."