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The Sasha Waybright Files

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When it happens again, Sasha doesn't cry. Instead, she calls Anne.

"Sasha?" Anne picks up, sounding like she was just woken up. "Dude, it's like, almost one AM, what's wrong?"

"Nothing's wrong." Sasha lied. "Maybe I just want to talk to you!"

"What happened?"

"Okay, so, Tony broke up with me."

"Oh shit, he did? I'm so sorry."

Sasha called Anne planning on keeping her cool, but all her pent up anger released all at once. "I know, what a total asshole! I mean, I only cancelled like I don't know, two dates? Like he didn't do the same last week! Anyway, so yeah. Over between us."

"Wow, Sash. And he lasted a lot longer than most of your relationships."

It's what everyone always tells Sasha. When others remind her of how often her relationships fail, it makes her feel bitter. But not when Anne does it. Never with Anne.

"What are you going to do?"

"I don't know. There's another guy who's interested, but I turned him down because I was with Tony, heh, he always made Tony a bit jealous," lies. Anne always made Tony jealous. "Maybe I'll go out with him to get back at him."

At the sound of Anne's beautiful laughter, all of Sasha's anger melted away. "Sash! You aren't actually going to do that, are you?"

"Noooo, I mean, I sure am petty as hell, but I'm not that petty."

"Anne? Who are you talking to?" Sasha could hear Marcy waking up on the other end of the call. "Is that Sahsa?" Marcy yawned. "Tell Sasha I said hi."

"Oops, woke her up," Anne whispered into the phone. "I should probably go, it is really late, and I got work early tomorrow."

"Oh yeah, I get it. And, hi Marcy."

Anne hangs up, leaving Sasha feeling rather lonely. That's when she noticed she had a text notification from Tony.

Sighing, she tapped on it. She read his text message out loud, "do you want to know why I broke up with you, Waybright?" she rolled her eyes, "good lord."

She was typing out her response (her response telling him to leave her alone), when his caller ID popped up on her phone. She answered.

"What do you want?"

Tony was a no-bullshit type of guy. That's one of the reasons Sasha liked him so much. He immediately cuts straight to the point. "It's because you never actually liked me."

"Yeah I did, dude."

"Nah, you were just using me to get over someone else."

"Don't be so dramatic dude, it was like two dates. I cancelled two dates. Not that big of a deal. And you cancelled our date last week!"

"Yeah, because my sister was in the hospital!" Tony said. "You cancelled dates because Anne wanted to hang out."

"Well, I don't hang out with her that much, dude, she's usually with her girlfriend."

"Which is where you should be! With your boyfriend, I mean. Not your girlfriend. Unless you wanted Anne like, for one date, then-"

"There you go!" Sasha snapped. "My sexuality was always a joke to you!"

"Come on, Sashy, that's not true-"

"Don't call me that. And biphobia isn't cool. If I ever dated a girl, it wouldn't be 'real quick' for some stupid experiment, you homophobic asshole. Goodbye."

She hung up.

She immediately felt better.

"Ah." She leaned back in bed, tossing her phone on the nightstand. "I needed that."




Marcy stops by Sasha's house the next day with a gift basket. It's filled with flowers, chocolates, and a couple of Sasha's favorite snacks.

"A breakup care package," Marcy said with an adorable smile.

Sasha took it, and her hands brushed against Marcy's, sending thrills and sparks up her arms. "Oh my god, I love you so much, thank you."

"Aw, no problem Sashy."

Sasha always hated it when her exes called her that, but not Marcy. Never Marcy.

"I also brought Coraline!"

Sasha froze. "Oh, uh, great-"

"I remember how much it scared you when we were kids-"

"it absolutely did not-"

"Yes it did! You hate horror movies," Marcy teased.

Something fluttered in Sasha's chest. She ignored it. "Nuh uh, and we can watch that movie just to prove it."




Sasha got a girlfriend six months later.

She didn't plan on it, but Rosy was cute, nice, and really liked frogs. So when Ruby asked her out, no way was Sasha going to turn it down.

Sasha really liked her, and enjoyed most of their dates.

But then Rosy met Anne, and like all her other exes, she grew wary and distant.

"It was uh, nice to meet your friend," Ruby said on the drive back from Anne's place. "She's a really good cook. Knows a lot about frogs. You two seem really. . . close."

"She haves a girlfriend," Sasha said, feeling slightly irritated.

"Yeah. Marcy Wu, right? You talk about her a lot too."

Sasha couldn't deny that, so she was silent on the way back home.




A few weeks after meeting Anne, Rosy then met Marcy. Marcy wanted to meet Rosy the second Sasha told her they were dating, so the three planned a lunch together at Marcy's favorite food place.

("Why don't we go to that coffee shop?" Rosy asked back when they were making plans.

"Marcy isn't big on coffee," Sasha said dismissively. "And I know where we could go, her favorite place."

Rosy looked hurt then, but she didn't say it.)

Marcy went on and on about her webcomic and her favorite movies. Sasha made sure to pay attention to every detail. Rosy looked bored, and sometimes, annoyed.

After they left, and Sasha dropped them both off at their places, Marcy called Sasha.

"I don't think she liked me."




"I met Sasha's girlfriend yesterday," Marcy said as she walked into the kitchen while Anne cooked.

"Oh yeah? Rosy's pretty nice," Anne said. Marcy noticed Anne's grip on the potato peeler tightened.

"Hmm. I don't like her."

Anne laughed at that, "love, you hate anyone Sasha's dating, because you got like a massive crush on her."

Marcy blushed. Anne smiled at that. Anne liked it when Marcy was flustered, she thought it was cute.

"You do too!"

"Yeah well, I also have a really embarrassing, cheesy, massive crush on you," Anne dropped the potato peeler and made her way towards Marcy, scooping her up in a hug and giving her a kiss.

Marcy melted into the kiss, before pushing away and giggling, "we are dating! You idiot."

"Are we? Oh my god, dream come true!" and Anne gives her another kiss.




Rosy dumps her.

"I just think I should be seeing someone else more uh, emotionally available," Rosy said stiffly. "And that someone definitely isn't you."

"What? What do you mean? I'm perfectly available!" Sasha protested.

Rosy gives her that look. That look that Tony gave her in the past, and her first ex, Riley. "Really?"

"Sure! I mean, I didn't think we had any communication problems. . ."

"Look. You are an awesome girlfriend. And an awesome friend. But if you had to choose between me, or Marcy and Anne, you would pick Marcy and Anne."

"Now hold on," Sasha's voice cracks. "That's not fair, we've been through. . . a lot of stuff when we were younger. It's different."

"Oh, the same kind of stuff that you tell me over and over that you can't, or won't talk about? Would it have anything to do with that frog invasion ten years ago, which I know you were a part of? Or that you've been missing for several months, Anne and Marcy too, before that?" Rosy has her arms crossed now. "Is it that kind of stuff?"

"Er, maybe?"

"Why can't you tell me? I already know most of it. Gross frogs, earth invasion, Anne's weird little powers-"

"She's not weird!" Sasha snapped. "They're not gross frogs, and you would never understand the things that Anne, Marcy, and I went through!"

Now she's really done it. Rosy looks beyond hurt now.

She takes in a deep breath. "I get it."

"Rosy, I-"

"No, no you made your point."


"Um. Keep in touch, if you want. But as a friend. Only as a friend. Because I entered this relationship to be your girlfriend, not your little Anne and Marcy replacement."

She left Sasha's place slamming the door in Sasha's face.

This time, Sasha did cry.




"Sasha? Sasha?" Anne was knocking loudly on the front door. "Open up, Sasha! Marcy told me about your text!"

Sasha gets up off the couch and opened the door. "Hi, yeah I was being overdramatic but we did break up, I'm fine, though. Honestly-"

Anne hugged her.


Anne said fiercely, "that girl was such an asshole, oh my god. Did she really say all those things that you told Marcy?"

"I. . . yeah."

"Asshole," Anne said angrily. "Such an asshole. You didn't deserve any of that, I promise."

Sasha wasn't fine before. She felt empty, broken. She really liked Rosy. A lot more than she had liked Tony or Riley. But now, now that she was in Anne's warm, loving embrace, she couldn't even remember what she liked about Rosy so much. Or what she liked about Tony, or Riley.

She just loves Anne and Marcy.

There's room for other people in her life, other people she loved. She loved all the kids she worked with. But she could never love anyone the way she loved her best friends.

Anne pulls back, her face turning red. "Um, sorry. Did not mean to hug you for uh, for that long, ha ha."

Sasha just laughed. "Aw, Boonchuy, it's okay."




Sasha texted Riley: why didn't we work out?

Riley was the only person who ever broke up with her without yelling, without a reason. It was a simple breakup over text, and then that was it.

Riley: oh. I figured you were like, in love with your two friends. Anna and uh Mary?

Sasha clicked off her phone and slammed her head into her pillow, letting out a frustrated scream. Because they were right. She was in love with her two best friends.

"Damn it," she grumbled.

She knew how she felt about Anne back in middle school. She knew how she felt about Marcy in Amphibia. She also knew, since they were really little, how Anne and Marcy felt about each other. There were a couple of times where Sasha thought. . .

But it was just that, wasn't it? A thought?

Sasha wouldn't let herself cry over Tony. She definitely cried over Riley. She cried a little over Rosy. Now, she was crying over Anne and Marcy, and not for the first time, either.

"Stupid." She said. "Stupid, stupid."




Sasha didn't date anyone else after that.

She held on to a couple of silly little crushes. One guy from work, who absolutely loved plants. But nothing would ever happen between them, because no matter how cute she thought he was, he was no Anne or Marcy.

Anne and Marcy were making plans to move in together. Marcy was mostly always at Anne's place anyway, and now that Marcy moved back to LA (currently living in a small apartment) they finally can live together.

Sasha is happy for them.

But she can't help but long to live with them too.




The three meet up at Anne's and Marcy's for a movie night.

Anne's made dinner, and Marcy brought all of her favorite movies.

"Do you really want to watch all of them?" Anne asked.

Marcy smiled excitedly and said, "it's Saturday! Movie binge night, movie binge night!"

Anne laughed, "okay love, movie binge night it is."

The girls cuddled close together on the couch.

Halfway through the movie, Marcy nudged Sasha. "You're holding my hand," she whispered.

Sasha blushed and yanked her hand away. "Oh, uh, sorry."

Marcy grabbed Sasha's hand and intertwined their fingers. Marcy refused to meet Sasha's gaze when she said, "don't be."


Anne looked over at Sasha. Sasha looked back.

"Um. I was just going to say, er," Anne leaned closer, and Sasha's heart began to pound in her chest. Anne extends her hand, it reaches towards Sasha's face.

"You just, um, had something," Anne muttered. "Got it."


Anne leaned back.

"Oh my god." Sasha said. "This is so stupid!"

She startled Marcy.

"Oh, sorry Mars. I mean, this whole thing is so stupid."

"The movie?"

"No, no not the movie, actually wait." Sasha leant forward to the coffee table and grabbed the remote. She paused the movie. "Okay. Going to try and be all Sasha about this. Confidence and all of that. But I've been a bit in love with you two for a while now, so I just. Yeah. There you go, I've said it. If you want me to leave then I will-"

Both Anne and Marcy leap at her, tackling her into a hug.

"Okay. Or do that," Sasha said nervously.

"Oh god," Anne said, "dude. No way."

Marcy laughed and hit Anne playfully, "I told you there was a chance!"

"Shut up." Anne laughed. "We're confusing her."

Marcy's eyes brightened with realization. "Oh! Right!" She leaned back and cleared her throat. "We feel the same."

"Crazy, I know." Anne said. "But we do."

"You do?"

"Is it really that surprising?" Anne asked. "I mean. It's always been just us three. Well, after Amphibia, not so much, but, in the end, it will always be you two, for me anyway."

Marcy nodded in agreement. "Yeah. And I had the stupidest crush on you in middle school. I was so jealous because I saw how you were with Anne."


Anne said, "and I had the stupidest crush on you during the war. Like, after you ditched the stupid ponytail."

Sasha's face flushed. "It wasn't that stupid. But oh. Oh that's. Uh," she looked away. "I'm going to have to kiss you two right now or I am going to combust."

"Gladly." Anne said, grabbing Sasha's face and kissing her.

"Take turns Anne!" Marcy pouts.