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How the Mighty May Fall

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To say Bruce was angry was an understatement. Bruce was absolutely livid. 


It was a dreary day in Gotham as the Bat made his way into Crime Alley. The sun was hidden away by clouds and the city was engulfed in a light rain. Which, honestly, was rather normal. Some may find it pleasant, but Batman just found it annoying. He was on his way to the scene of a crime, and all this rain could wash away much needed evidence. 


The crime? Jason Todd, aka Red Hood, had been kidnapped, which had not been that surprising when one considered who he was and what he's done, as well as the fact that this had absolutely happened before. Usually the Bat would trust him to handle it on his own, but this time had some factors that peeked the vigilante's interest. 


One big factor being the fact Jason had been taken while out getting groceries from a small mom and pop shop. He had been in his civies from what he had heard around. Even more concerning was the fact that rumor had it his kidnappers looked rather "official", dressed in pristine matching white suits. Some witnesses had suspected that the kidnappers were something akin to government agents. One witness even claimed one of the kidnappers said not to worry, that it was official government business.


Batman was well aware his son wasn't the most law abiding citizen, but this was off. No government agency he knew of acted this shady with an added risk of public scrutiny; none of the agencies he knew of wore white suits either and there should be no way to connect the Red Hood persona with the rather off the radar civilian Jason Todd. 


Other organizations not affiliated with the government could be a possibility as well, but if that was the case, then what were their motivations? The government may have some legal motives at least, but private organizations were harder to predict. It could range from messing with the wrong people to peaking interest due to power to God only knows what else. Batman knew his son had some abnormalities after his encounter with the pit. Maybe that had piqued someone's interest?


Whatever may be going on, he knew it absolutely could not be good. He just needed to find a lead. Something. Anything. Batman intently searched the crime scene, leaving no stone unturned —h e couldn't leave anything to chance after all. Soon he spotted something. Something most likely insignificant. Even so, it piqued the Bat's interest. A small white rag was laying discarded in a seemingly random location. Interestingly enough though, there was an odd dark stain on it.


Finally, it seemed the bat just might have some new evidence to go off of, though he would still continue his search. Hopefully, he would find something a bit more solid. 


The world was hazy as Jason awoke. Everything was tinted green around him as he stared up at the plain greenish grey ceiling.


God, his head hurt ... and what the hell was he laying on? It was cold and hard like tile, but last he had remembered he was on his way to his apartment after getting groceries. Then all of a sudden, this guy in a white suit came up behind him and he was surrounded. After that, all he could assume was that he had been drugged since everything around him had gone black, and then his sleep-addled brain realized. Fuck, someone kidnapped him. He soon found himself shooting upwards as the reality of the situation began to sink in, the sharp smell of chemicals and ozone grounding him.


He glanced around realizing he was being held in some sort of green glass cell within what was seeming more and more to be some sort of lab. At least the somewhat thin looking sheets of glass should be relatively easy to escape. All he needed to do was break them.


But it was super annoying that these assholes caught him in his civies. Why the hell did they do that anyway? Did they know his identity, or just manage to pick Red Hood by some form of dumb luck? Either way, that wasn't important right now, cause he’s gotta find a way out of this shit hole. 


Alright, time to plan. At least he had thought so, right up until the moment he spotted movement near the upper left hand corner of his cell just outside of the glass. Jason couldn't help but find himself stepping closer to it.