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Lost in Time

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Kara lands ungracefully in a heap on top of a building. This was exactly the reason that she (read: Alex) said that messing around with portals was a bad idea. She groans as she sits up and brushes the debris from her suit, looking around to figure out where she ended up. Relief washes over her at the sight of familiar buildings.

Huh, she thinks. I’m still in National City.

She touches a hand to her ear, checking for her earpiece. “Brainy?” she tries. “Hello?” There’s no answer, but she doesn’t have the time to worry about it when she hears a familiar but terrifying sound.

Lena’s watch signal!

Panic courses through her and she rushes herself to L-Corp. She listens for Lena’s heartbeat and finds that it’s perfectly normal, and the only other sounds near her are her light fingertips on her keyboard and the scratching of her pen. More than confused, she decides to take the normal way in. Maybe Lena accidentally set off the signal? Kara’s not entirely sure how that could happen, but clearly something weird is going on.

When she steps into the building, it looks different. She was just here yesterday, and she could’ve sworn L-Corp’s lobby had different decorations. Yesterday, it was nice but corporate feeling, all overly white edges and crisp furniture. Today, it seems more welcoming; still professional but now sporting pops of color and more comfortable couches.

She makes her way to the elevator to find Lena’s office and is greeted by a young man she doesn’t recognize sitting in the same spot Jess had occupied the day before. Her lack of recognition is apparently one-sided, however, because he gives her a familiar smile that doesn’t have that sense of awe that she gets from people that see her as Supergirl.

“Mrs. Danvers!” he exclaims. “I didn’t know you were coming for lunch today.”

Mrs. Danvers?

There’s more than one thing to be concerned about in that sentence, but Kara quickly makes her way to Lena’s office after giving a polite smile and wave. Behind her, she can hear the secretary say something over the intercom, but she’s too focused on finding Lena to worry about what he’s saying. Her ears pick up the word wife, but that’s another thing to think about later. 

Kara pushes the doors to Lena’s office open, thankful that at least here things seem to be normal at a first glance. “Hey Lena, what’s going on? Did you re-decorate in the past 24 hours?” I swear I had the right balcony, she thinks to herself as her gaze finally finds Lena.

Lena, who looks decidedly different

Lena’s still looking down at the file in front of her on a desk that’s different from the one Kara’s used to seeing in her office. But it isn’t the desk that forces the air from Kara’s lungs. Lena’s hair has streaks of silver and Kara can see a thick-framed pair of glasses perched on her nose. Her right wrist still has the signal watch, but Kara’s eyes are drawn to the ring on her left hand. Her brain supplies that the young man that must be Jess’s replacement had called her Mrs. Luthor over the intercom.

“Why, that was fast,” Lena says without looking up, her voice holding more of the lilt she allows when she’s relaxed than Kara has ever heard her have when she’s in CEO-mode. “I thought you were going to make me wait a bi- Oh,” she stops abruptly when she looks up at Kara.

“Uh…” Kara’s shocked for a moment as she takes in Lena’s face. She’s clearly older, laugh lines around her mouth and crinkles around her eyes. The silver in her hair somehow only makes her seem more beautiful, and Kara feels a surge of affection for this Lena. It’s more than just her appearance that is different. This Lena seems so happy, so relaxed. She’s so very Lena , but she’s the Lena Kara only gets glimpses of during their movie nights.

She’s also hot, her brain provides.

“H… Hi?” Kara starts, unsure of how to proceed. She takes another close look at Lena, this time noticing the well-fitted skirt that’s never failed to make her heart stutter. “That’s a nice gay… Gray!” She cringes as her mouth suddenly loses the ability to form a coherent sentence. “I’m super, I mean.”

Nice one, Kara. Real smooth, she thinks.

Older And Happier Lena gives her an affectionate look and chuckles. “Well, that was unexpected, but don’t worry. I can send you back to your time in a moment.”

Kara resists the urge to lose her mind as Lena opens her desk drawer to fish out a small device. As she fiddles with the device, Kara steps back and looks around the room, noticing the framed pictures that sit on This Lena’s bookshelf. She steps towards to the bookshelf to take a closer look, only to feel her cheeks burn when she sees the pictures.

There’s one on the top left of Kara kissing Lena on the cheek as she smiles adorably. It’s not a picture Kara ever remembers taking, and she can’t deny how happy they look in the picture. Her heart flutters, and she moves on before she can look at those feelings too closely.

To the right of the first picture is an adorable drawing of a cat clearly done by a child, and Kara doesn’t have to wonder who the kid is when she looks down to the next row. One frame displays a very small child, at most a year old, sporting short hair the same shade as her own. The photo next to it shows Kara herself holding a small bundle with a similarly colored tuft of hair, and understanding hits Kara like a brick wall.

Wherever, whenever, she is, her and Lena are a couple. A married couple.

Any doubts she might have had, any ridiculous explanations involving them being very, very close friends that frame pictures of each other’s children to put in their respective offices, are blown away by the largest photo that’s displayed. It shows Lena (at an age closer to that of the Lena Kara knows) wearing a dress that’s breathtaking. The emerald-blue color of the dress suits her perfectly, one shoulder exposed while extra fabric drapes over the other. A long slit exposes her left leg, and a golden floral pattern follows the length of the slit.

But what catches Kara’s eye is her family crest banded across Lena’s waist and the matching bracelets both her and Lena wear. Kryptonian ceremonial bracelets, to be precise. Kara can hardly take her eyes off of Lena long enough to process the white version of her supersuit that would have been made specially for the wedding.

She has to loudly clear her throat and force down the tears that had gathered in her eyes when she hears Mrs. Lena Luthor come up behind her.

“Alright, ready to go?”

Kara doesn’t answer as she turns around, but Lena steps into her space anyway to press the device into the chest of her suit.

“So, uh…” Kara starts. “Mrs. Luthor, huh. Sounds great, sounds nice, suits you.” She’s rambling and she knows it, but she can’t get the image of watching Lena walk down an aisle to marry her out of her mind. 

“Darling,” Lena says with a chuckle and a shake of her head. Kara’s Lena has called her that before, but never like this. Never so loving and sweet and familiar and natural. Then again, maybe she’s never paid close enough attention.

Suddenly, Kara remembers the reason she’s here. “Wait, your watch,” she starts quietly. “Are you alright?” She looks Lena up and down with a different goal this time. “I see no danger.”

“Don’t worry,” Lena offers before gently placing her hands on Kara’s arms. She leans forward and presses a kiss to Kara’s jaw before pulling back to smile at the blush that’s now spreading down the super’s neck. “The other you is more than… equipped enough to handle the situation.”

Kara nearly chokes at the implication of the statement, but a portal appears next to her before she can find her voice. Instead, she lets Lena push at her shoulder to turn her towards the portal.

“Off you go,” she says softly.

Kara steps, or, more accurately, stumbles forward into the portal. Just before she steps fully into it, she feels it.


Kara is surprised she doesn’t spontaneously combust as she realizes that Mrs. Lena Luthor, apparently married to a future version of herself, just smacked her ass.

The smack is enough to jar her forward and she falls through the portal, landing on the floor of the DEO. Alex (hopefully the right Alex) snaps her head in Kara’s direction to see her sitting dumbfounded on the floor.

“Where the hell did you end up?” Alex asks, confirming that Kara is back where she’s supposed to be. “We lost all contact to you.”

Head still spinning around the image of an older Lena and the way she had appreciated Kara’s assets, Kara can only scramble to her feet and stare dumbly at Alex. She looks around the room to find Lena, her Lena, staring back at her.

For a moment, Lena seems concerned, and then her eyes focus on a spot on Kara’s jaw and her mouth turns downward. Lena looks angry for a split second, but she quickly schools her expression.

“I… uh… Lena?” is all Kara’s brain can make her mouth say as it struggles to separate the actions of the Lena in front of her and the one she had been with only minutes ago.

Lena’s still frowning as she stands from her chair, arms crossing across her chest and one eyebrow raising. Kara’s brow furrows in confusion, and she brings a hand up to the spot on her jaw that Lena’s still staring at. There’s a light texture there, and she remembers that Mrs. Lena had been wearing lipstick, and suddenly Kara understands.

Lena’s jealous.

As much as she knows she’s done nothing wrong, Kara feels guilty. They aren’t even dating and Kara feels like she’s betrayed Lena somehow, even if it was only with the future version of her that agrees to marry her at some point.

They’re married in the future.

That fact echoes through her head, and while Kara doesn’t know exactly if she only went to the future or if it was an entirely different universe, it’s overwhelming to know it could happen.

“Oh boy,” she says under her breath. How am I going to explain this in a way that doesn’t sound completely made up?

Alex clears her throat loudly and Kara nearly jumps. She had all but forgotten that Alex was there at all, and clearly she can see that there’s something very strange going on here that has to do with her and Lena. “I’m going to go find Winn and Brainy,” Alex announces before turning on her heel to walk out of the room.

Kara’s jaw still won’t stay shut, so she silently asks Lena to follow her to a small conference room with a small nod to the side. Lena’s own jaw clenches shut even tighter, but she closes the file on the desk in front of her and follows her to the small room.

“Did you want to talk about something?” Lena says, her voice just a little too strained to sound casual.

“You kissed me,” Kara blurts before she can wrangle her thoughts.

Lena’s jaw slacks and she blinks once, hard, before closing her mouth and frowning. “I think I would have remembered that.” 

Thankfully, Lena’s voice is softer than it was only seconds ago, and while Kara knows she’s not doing well, she also knows she’s not screwing this whole thing up.

“Well, not you you, but, older you. And, oh, well, I guess it wasn’t really a kiss kiss, but it was you doing the kissing and—”


There it is. That sweet and affectionate pet name that Lena only just started using in a voice that sounds so close to the one that future Lena had used only more hesitant. It feels like there’s bubbles in Kara’s chest as she realizes just how much she wants the other Kara and Lena to be her future. She’s been in love with Lena for so long, she just never quite realized what kind of love it was.

“Sorry,” Kara says. “I’m probably not making any sense.”

“Not really, no.”

“Sorry,” she says again. “I… uh… Brainy and Winn wanted to test the portal gun that they made, and I… sort of ended up in the future? Or at least, I think it was the future, but I guess it could’ve been a parallel universe or something.” She waits for Lena to give a nod of understanding before continuing. “Anyway, I heard your watch signal, so I rushed over to L-Corp to help you because I thought you were in danger.”

Lena’s expression turns concerned, and she steps just a little closer.

“I listened for your heartbeat but you seemed fine —”

“You know what my heartbeat sounds like?”

The interruption makes Kara blush. “Um, yeah. I kind of memorized it a couple of months after we met?”

Lena only stares, an odd dance of emotions in her eyes that Kara can’t pin down when she’s so consumed with her explanation of events. “So everything was fine?” Lena prompts after ten full seconds of silence.

“Um, yeah. I got to L-Corp and everything was different. Like, even the furniture was different. Oh, and instead of Jess, your assistant was this other guy and he called me… he called me Mrs. Danvers, even though I was in my suit.”

Lena’s brow raises at that, but her fingers curl more tightly around her arms where they’re still crossed over her chest. Still, she says nothing and waits for Kara to continue.

“And then I went to your office and…” Kara trails off, not quite sure how to describe the future Lena that she saw without gushing about how happy and relaxed and gorgeous she was.


Kara swallows the lump in her throat. “And you were there. But it wasn’t you, she was like you but older.”

“Oh,” Lena says, her arms finally uncrossing. “And I… She… kissed you? On the jaw?”

Kara nods, rubbing absentmindedly at the lipstick print on her face. “Yeah.”

“So, in that future we’re…” Lena trails off, but there’s no question of what she’s asking.

“Yeah,” Kara answers again.

Lena’s gaze slides down to where Kara’s rubbing her jaw and then off to the side, her teeth catching her bottom lip as she thinks. “I see.”

There’s a long silence where neither of them look directly at the other, as though making too much eye contact might break something between them. After what must be a full minute, Kara can’t help herself.



Lena’s eyes lazily make their way back up to Kara’s face, and Kara’s heart stutters at the hope there.

“Do you… do you think you would want that?”

“Marriage?” Lena says, unable to keep a small amount of panic from leaking into her voice.

“No, not… I mean, would you…” Kara shakes her head to force her thoughts to order themselves enough to let her finish a sentence. “Um, would you maybe want to… um… we could—”

“Can I kiss you?”

Lena’s question catches Kara off guard. She’s left staring open-mouthed at Lena once again and all she can manage is a small nod. Lena hesitantly steps forward, like she’s approaching a wild deer, and Kara matches her small steps until there’s only inches between them. Lena’s only wearing sneakers, leaving Kara to have to tilt her head down to look Lena in her eyes.

Lena’s eyes, those beautiful tea green eyes that captivate Kara more every day, are wide with disbelief. Ever so slowly, they both lean closer and their eyes flutter shut until their lips press softly together. There’s no big rush of emotion like Kara was expecting, no feeling like she needs to press ever closer until they meld together. There’s no frantic energy, no surge of lust. No, the feeling that comes with kissing Lena feels infinitely better.

It feels like coming home.