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I'm Not Your Baby

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Frozen earth crunched under the worn tires of Wynonna Earp’s ‘92 Ford F-150 as she pulled the vehicle off the stretch of road leading to the homestead and onto their property. The brakes complained loudly as she came to an abrupt stop outside a weathered wooden house, shifting the truck roughly into park. Already idling beside her was a familiar Crown Victoria, containing a visibly frazzled red-headed cop. Wynonna turned to her sister in the passenger seat. 

“Wonder how long Red’s been waiting here,” she pondered aloud.

The corner of Waverly Earp’s mouth twitched upwards at the sight of her girlfriend hurrying out of the police cruiser and over to her door. “Thanks for coming to get me, back there,” she said to her older sister, while her eyes continued to track the woman’s long strides in her direction. “I was in such a hurry to prove myself to…everyone. But, I should never have gone undercover alone. I should never have trusted Lucado.”

“You know I’ve always got your back babygirl,” Wynonna acknowledged, reaching out to grip Waverly’s knee reassuringly. “You're safe now. And we will figure out what’s going on with the…other stuff.” Wynonna’s eyes landed on her sister’s hand and lingered there until the passenger side door was abruptly yanked open and Waverly was carefully helped from the vehicle. 

“Oh, god, Waverly! I was so worried!” Nicole Haught yelled, wrapping her arms tightly around the brunette. 

“She’s okay, Haught,” Wynonna assured her. “She’s okay…” she repeated quieter, to herself. 

“What happened?” Nicole asked, pulling back from the hug. She looked her girlfriend up and down, assessing the smaller woman’s appearance. “What kind of undercover work did Lucado have you doing?!”

Waverly glanced down at her own body, having forgotten about the dress she’d slipped on only hours ago. Her fingers drifted absently over the rough texture of the gold, sparkly, floor length gown. The dress fit like a glove with a plunging neckline, open back, and a slit up to the thigh. 

She flashed back to the feeling she’d had onstage, performing for the small crowd in the dimly lit club. It had been terrifying, for sure, given that Waverly had had no idea that her mission to gather intel on a stolen briefcase would lead to her having to pretend she was the club’s entertainment for the afternoon. But, standing under the hot lights, microphone in hand, watching the lusty eyed patrons staring up at her from below, she’d also felt sexy. Powerful. 

Now, she just felt cold. Goosebumps spread over her exposed skin and she shivered involuntarily.  “I’m fine, Nicole.”

Nicole peeled off her own jacket and draped it over Waverly’s bare shoulders. She pulled her eyes from Waverly and shifted them to meet Wynonna’s. “Seriously, what happened?”

With a shrug, Wynonna adjusted in her seat, turning back towards the steering wheel. “Shit went sideways as usual, but like she said, everything’s fine. We thought…but it’s all good. Everyone is safe and sound…except Lucado who has a shiny new black eye. Now, I gotta meet Doc at Shorty’s. Get her inside. It’s fucking cold out here.”

Pursing her lips together, Nicole reluctantly let it go. She wrapped an arm around Waverly and led her towards the front porch. 

Waverly leaned into her girlfriend’s warmth, resting her head on the taller woman’s shoulder.

You’re going to kill her, you know. An all too familiar voice reminded her for what felt like the thousandth time. A voice only she could hear. Your girlfriend. Your sister. Everyone you love. I’m going to make them bleed with your hands. 

Waverly squeezed her eyes closed, willing the voice in her head to stop. Not if I can help it, she thought back.

It had been nearly seven weeks since she first heard the deep, cruel, hateful voice inside the recesses of her mind. Seven weeks of losing chunks of time. Of leaving her friends and family confused or frustrated by her behavior, by things Waverly couldn’t even remember doing. Trying to remember those moments when she wasn’t in control of her own body just led to searing headaches and a deep, throaty laugh reverberating in her head. It took every ounce of strength she had to remain in control of her own body. She fought every waking moment. 

For seven weeks she fought.

But Waverly was getting tired. 

“Can I get you some tea?” Nicole asked, drawing Waverly’s attention as they crossed through the threshold into the house. 

Waverly shook her head. “I just want to rest. Maybe take a shower?”

Nicole nodded and the two began walking upstairs to Waverly’s bedroom. Once inside, they kicked off their shoes and Waverly draped her girlfriend’s jacket over the side of the bed. 

She looked into the mirror, frowning at her disheveled appearance. Her hair was a mess and her eye makeup was smudged from crying. Crying because her hand had been chopped off by a demon during her undercover mission. She could only just barely remember the pain…like a horrible dream. But her hand was back, somehow. Trying to understand made Waverly’s head throb and she closed her eyes again.

“Baby…please talk to me,” Nicole pleaded, turning Waverly to face her. The officer carefully plucked a clip-on flower from her girlfriend's mess of hair and then smoothed the tangled locks down. Her long, slender fingers raked lovingly through the strands, scraping gently along Waverly’s scalp and down past her shoulder blades.

Waverly sighed, leaning into the comforting touch. 

She looks strong. The voice commented. 

As if of their own volition, Waverly’s eyes trailed the officer’s body. Having come straight from work, Nicole was still dressed in her police uniform, giving the woman a commanding presence despite the soft expression that graced her warm, brown eyes. 

She looks like she could handle me. Yes…I’d like to take a ride in that body. Yours is growing tiresome. 

Waverly shook her head, abruptly stepping back from her girlfriend’s touch. “You have to go. I…I want to be alone.”


“Please, leave Nicole.”

Pain and confusion flashed behind the officer’s eyes and she turned towards the door, gathering her boots and jacket. 

Waverly’s heart ached, but she breathed a sigh of relief. She was growing so tired and she wasn’t sure she could control whatever was inside her much longer. Keeping her loved ones safe…that was the only thing that mattered. Even if it meant they didn’t understand. Even if it meant they hated her.

One hand clutching the doorknob, Nicole stopped. Hesitantly, she turned back to Waverly, eyes damp and brows creased with uncertainty. Her voice was unusually small as she finally spoke the words which had lingered in the air between them for months. 

“I want to respect your wishes, and…and I’ll go. But, Waverly, I just have to say that…I’m worried about you. Something’s…off…different. One minute you’re my Waverly and the next…it’s like you’re a totally different person. It’s been like this since WIlla…and I know it’s a lot. You’re going through so much. But I want to be here for you if you’ll let me.” She paused for a moment, gathering one more steadying breath. “Unless…unless it’s me. If you’re upset with me or something…I just want to understand.”

Waverly’s legs carried her closer to Nicole, though she fought every step. 

No, no, no… Waverly chanted inside her head. She wanted to insist that Nicole leave. Right now. But, she couldn’t. Her body would no longer obey her commands.

When she reached Nicole’s side, she lifted her hand, the muscles in her arm clenching against the movement. Waverly’s hand slid into the gap at the top of her girlfriend’s uniform shirt and then dragged along the soft skin to the back of the woman’s neck. Twisting a finger in Nicole’s short, copper hair, Waverly lifted onto her tiptoes and kissed the worried frown on the officer’s lips until she felt them slowly part. 

Stomach squeezing into a knot, Waverly fought for control of her body. Please! She begged the monster who guided her hands more tightly around Nicole’s neck, kissing her deeply, hungrily. Please let her go!

When her lips broke away from Nicole’s and they both stood panting, foreheads pressed together, Waverly thought, for just a moment, that she’d won. That she was in control again.

But then she heard it.

The laugh.

The sickening, guttural, evil laugh. 

And a tear slipped from the corner of her eye.

Nicole saw the tiny droplet and wiped it away. “Baby?”

An inky blackness bled into Waverly’s eyes, filling them, pouring from them. At the same time, Waverly felt the monster inside fully take hold, spreading through every muscle and vein like a million slippery tentacles, coiling themselves around her organs and squeezing tight inside her mind. Its vile thoughts blotted out her own. It’s hateful voice seeped through her lips as she responded, with a throaty cackle, “I’m not your baby.”

The last thing Waverly saw was the shock and fear on Nicole’s face as she registered the change.

And then everything went dark.


The first thing Waverly noticed as her consciousness returned was the quiet that had settled warm inside her mind. She felt alone inside herself for the first time since the day she’d dipped her finger into that puddle of black goo. There was a void…but not the kind that felt empty, hollow. No, rather it felt like being on a tiny boat in the middle of a lake on a perfect summer day. Peaceful solitude. She knew, without a doubt, that the presence that had been there, tormenting her, prodding at her day and night for seven weeks, was gone. 

Waverly took a deep breath, filling her lungs with oxygen as she slowly brought the rest of her senses into focus. The air smelled like fresh laundry and a little bit like dust. She could also smell an unfamiliar perfume. Waverly’s eyebrows creased as she tried to place it. Right. It was in the dressing room at the club. I dabbed some on my wrists after I got dressed.  

The dress. Waverly could still feel it wrapped around her body. Beneath the parts of her skin that were bare, her back, one exposed leg, there was a softness. Pillows. A blanket. Bed. Her bed. Waverly was laying in her bed. She smiled ever so slightly at the comforting feeling, shifting her limbs to rub along the soft material. As she went to move her arms, which rested on the pillows on either side of her head, she felt resistance. Waverly tugged her arms downward and felt a pinch around both wrists. 

Suddenly starting to panic, Waverly’s breaths came in short bursts as she finally, slowly, opened her eyes. The room was dim but not dark. The evening light streamed through the thin curtains along her windows. For a moment, everything was blurry. Waverly blinked to try and focus. She tilted her head upward towards whatever was hindering her movements. She pulled once more and heard the clink of metal against wood. 

And then she heard a laugh.

At first, she thought it was inside her own head. It had the same taunting, malevolent quality as the one she had grown unfortunately familiar with. But no, though the undertone was wicked, the voice which carried it was very much outside herself. It was a voice that usually brought a sense of comfort, safety, and love.

Waverly’s head whipped downward toward the sound. Sitting in a chair near the foot of the bed was Nicole. Waverly almost smiled before the memory of her last moments of consciousness flooded her mind. 

“No…” Waverly cried, voice cracking. 

The monster wasn’t gone, it had just found a new home.

Nicole smiled a huge, toothy grin, dripping with malice. “Hey, baby. You’re finally awake. Good. I was getting bored.”

Waverly tried to sit up but the metal around her wrists held her in place.

“You know what’s great about this body?” Nicole asked, her voice still very much her own, despite Waverly’s certainty that the one controlling it was not her girlfriend. “It comes with accessories.” 

Glancing above her head again, Waverly saw the shiny silver loops around her wrists and her stomach filled with a sick dread. Handcuffs.

“So fun, right?! And then, there’s this!” Nicole pulled her gun out of its holster and aimed it at Waverly.

Mouth going dry at the sight, Waverly swallowed hard. “B…baby. I know you’re in there. Please. Fight it!”

Rolling her eyes, Nicole huffed a laugh. “Oh, she is. She’s fighting almost as hard as you did, not that she stands a chance of overpowering me. It’s cute, actually. It kind of tickles. She’s only human, after all.”

“Well, so am I and I managed to keep you at bay most of the time,” Waverly seethed. “I know she can too.”

Nicole cocked an eyebrow before casually returning the weapon to its place at her hip.

Waverly let out a breath.

“You see, that’s where you’re wrong,” Nicole taunted. Standing up from the chair, she sauntered closer to the bed and sat down beside Waverly, the mattress shifting with her weight. Her eyes licked over Waverly’s body, pupils dilating. When she spoke again, it was with a husk that would normally have Waverly’s toes curling. “You are so much more than you know. I’ve seen every dark corner inside you.” A hand reached out and stroked the bare skin on Waverly’s chest. “Now…I’d like to see every dark corner outside of you.”

A wave of nausea rumbled through Waverly’s stomach at the dark lust behind Nicole’s eyes. “You…you aren’t her. You don’t get to touch me, you…monster.”

“Demon,” Nicole corrected with a roll of her eyes. “Monster seems like such a childish word. You know, it just struck me that we’ve never been formally introduced. You were so busy screaming at me all the time, you never even bothered to ask my name. Rude!”

Waverly scowled, but decided to humor the demon. I just have to keep it talking until Wynonna gets home. “Fine. What’s your name?”

“I’ve gone by many names, but you can call me Mictian. I’d shake your hand, but…well, you know.”

“Okay, Mictian. You can uncuff me. I won’t fight you. I would never risk hurting Nicole.”

“I don’t think so. I like you this way,” the demon leered. Nicole’s hand wandered down Waverly’s stomach to her exposed thigh, stroking the sensitive skin, causing Waverly to jerk away.

“Stop that!” Waverly shouted. 

“I don’t think I will. You’ve been a bad girl, Waverly Earp. You resisted me so hard. You tried to take my power away. It’s time you were punished. And what better way than by giving you a taste of your own medicine.” Mictian curved Nicole’s hand to the inside of Waverly’s thigh and grinned.

Waverly saw her girlfriend’s perfect dimples pop as the demon forced a smile and tears sprung behind her own eyes. “Nicole, please. You have to fight!” 

Nicole’s head dropped back with an irritated sigh. “We’ve been through this. There’s nothing either of you can do. Moan, scream…you’re fucked either way.” Mictian forced the officer’s body to move, straddling Waverly and sitting down on her pelvis.

Immediately, Waverly began to fight, thrashing and bucking against the weight of the woman on top of her. “Get off me!”

“Woohoo, this is going to be fun!” Mictian cheered. Stretching out over Waverly’s body, she braced herself on her forearms, positioning their faces just inches apart. 

Waverly launched her head forward and headbutted Nicole, wincing at the pain that radiated through her own skull.

“That was stupid,” Mictian sneered, completely unphased. “Your girl’s gonna feel that in the morning. If I let her live, that is. I was thinking…maybe I’ll make her kill you after I’m done playing with you. Or I could jump back into your weakened body and kill her instead. Decisions, decisions.”

“Fuck you!” Waverly screamed. “When my sister gets home she’s going to-”

“She’s going to what?!” Nicole’s voice boomed, far louder than Waverly had ever heard. Blackness flooded her eyes as she stared down at her prey. “Wynonna didn’t even know something was different about you until today . Seven long weeks. She didn’t know her sister was possessed by a demon. You think she’ll notice anything’s up when Officer Haughty here comes strutting into the kitchen for a late-night, post-fuck snack and just happens to, oh, I don’t know, shoot her in the face?! The heir will be exterminated like the pest that she is and that will be one less person in the way of my plan.”

Tears began streaming down Waverly’s cheeks as she realized the truth behind Mictian’s words. If Wynonna came home, she would be an easy victim for the demon wearing Nicole’s face. The last shred of hope broke loose in her chest and came out as a shallow sob. Wynonna can’t save me. Nicole can’t save me. I can’t save myself.

“Now,” Mictian continued, drawing the black back out of Nicole’s eyes. “Where was I?” She leaned forward and placed a bruising kiss to Waverly’s lips.

The scent of vanilla flooded Waverly’s lungs and fresh tears poured from her eyes. She jerked her head away, breaking the kiss.

Mictian grabbed a fistful of Waverly’s hair and yanked her back into place.

Waverly yelped, jerking her chin upwards to try and relieve the pressure, before the lips she loved so much were back on hers, kissing her roughly. She stifled a cry when teeth bit into the skin of her lower lip.

When Mictian finally pulled back, Waverly could taste a hint of copper in her mouth.

“You know,” the demon began with a grin, “Nicole has always wanted to have you like this. All that lovey, soft shit you’ve been doing…she was bored. She hated it. I know. I’m inside her head. She can’t hide a single thought from me. She’s wanted to hold you down and fuck you hard since the day she saw you topless behind the bar.”

“Nicole would NEVER hurt me!” Waverly fired back.

A hand slid underneath the opening in the front of Waverly’s dress and squeezed tight around her breast. “Maybe not…but I will.” With that, she pinched hard on Waverly’s nipple. 

Waverly pulled both of her lips between her teeth to stifle the cry that threatened to pour from her. She wouldn’t give Mictian the satisfaction of hearing her scream.

The demon shoved the dress down Waverly’s shoulders, exposing both of her breasts and then leaned down, dragging her tongue over each of the erect points. 

A fresh wave of nausea rose in Waverly’s throat. But, when Nicole’s lips wrapped around the sensitive skin and sucked gently, flicking her tongue, an involuntary bolt of energy shot down her stomach, gathering moisture between her legs. Waverly cried at her body’s betrayal. This was not Nicole. This was not her love. 

This was a violation of both of them simultaneously by a sadistic demon wearing a beautiful mask.  

Nicole’s mouth widened and her lips stretched over white teeth as the demon bit a wide portion of flesh between them, earning a stifled shriek from the bound woman. When Nicole pulled away, a perfect circle of red indents surrounded Waverly’s nipple. 

“Please, stop,” Waverly couldn’t help but beg, hating how pathetic her voice sounded. “Just…just come back inside me. Leave Nicole and I promise I’ll stop fighting you.”

“Oh, don’t you worry. I’ll be inside you soon enough,” Mictian chuckled. “I should have done this much sooner. Nicole is in here losing her shit. I’ve made sure she can still see and feel herself hurting you. It’s beautiful the way she’s screaming. I honestly don’t think there’s anything I could do to you that wouldn’t hurt her more. Not that I won’t try.”

Scooting down towards Waverly’s knees, Mictian gathered the length of gold fabric that semi-encircled the brunette’s legs and began pushing it up and twisting the slit towards the center. Then, she spread the dress apart, leaving the lower half of Waverly completely exposed. The demon grinned at the newly bared skin and began shifting Nicole’s body to settle between Waverly’s legs.

Waverly clamped her thighs together and Mictian wedged Nicole’s hands between the woman’s taught muscles and pried them apart. The second the demon knelt between Waverly’s knees, Waverly reared back her legs and kicked. The idea of injuring Nicole’s body squeezed at her heart, but she knew her girlfriend would want her to fight. 

After absorbing a sound kick to the gut, Mictian grabbed both of Waverly’s flailing legs and pinned them hard to the bed, eyes going black with a ferocious growl. The demon spread Nicole’s knees and pressed them onto Waverly’s inner thighs, pinning them in place. “Oh, I’m sooo gonna enjoy breaking you,” the demon bellowed.

Careless fingers teased the lacy edge of Waverly’s panties and she bit the inside of her cheek to keep from screaming. Her brain rapidly fired possible ways of escape before denouncing each of them with soul crushing ease. The muscles in her thighs burned from being stretched apart and pinned down. Her wrists chafed against the cuffs. But Waverly no longer felt any of it when Nicole’s fingers moved the fabric aside and rubbed firmly down the middle, stroking the entire length of the shaking brunette’s slit.

A dam broke inside Waverly and she sobbed, turning her head away from the eyes which had faded back to Nicole’s chestnut brown. Eyes that watched Waverly cry and tremble with a spark of delight. 

Suddenly the movement against her center ceased and she heard a shaky voice choke out her name. “W…Waverly…”

Waverly’s eyes shot open and she looked up into what she knew was the real Nicole’s loving gaze. 

“Ba…by, I’m so…so sorry. I can’t. It’s…too strong,” Nicole cried, tears streaming down her cheeks. “I’m…trying…baby.”

Waverly’s heart swelled with pride and gratitude. Nicole did it. Even if it wouldn’t last, she did it. She fought Mictian for control and won. Waverly knew she may only have a moment with Nicole before the demon overpowered her again.

“It’s okay, baby. It’s not your fault. I know this isn’t you. I love you. I know it’s not you.” Longing to reach up and stroke her girlfriend’s damp face, Waverly did her best to reassure Nicole with the conviction in her voice and the intensity in her eyes.

A strangled sob burst from the redhead’s lungs and Waverly could see the strain in the muscles of Nicole’s neck as she fought to maintain control of her own body. 

“Keep fighting, baby! Please, stay with me,” Waverly pleaded.

Then, with a shudder, Nicole’s expression changed, eyes going hard. 

Waverly’s heart sank.

“Well, she’s stronger than I gave her credit for. She’ll never forgive herself for this you know,” Mictian jeered. “She’ll never be able to look at you again. Never touch you without remembering this moment. You know…if she were to live to see tomorrow. Which is unlikely.”

“You asshole,” Waverly insulted through thin slitted eyes. “You will pay for this.”

“No,” Mictian responded matter of factly. “I won’t.”

Tugging Waverly’s panties down just far enough, Mictian grinned. “Have you ever noticed how long Nicole’s fingers are?” the demon asked, holding up a hand in demonstration. “I know they say size doesn’t matter, but these. They’re really impressive. And I’m going to bury them so deep inside you, I’ll touch that inhuman part that lies dormant beneath your skin. Maybe I can fuck it right out of you.”

Waverly wanted to throw up. She wanted to scream. She wanted to run. 

Nicole is watching me, she thought. She’s dying inside right now, watching my face as her hands violate me. Mictian won’t turn away. Won’t allow her a second of reprieve. I have to be brave…for her. I won’t cry. I won’t beg. I won’t torture her like that. Turning her head to the side, Waverly closed her eyes tight, hoping her mind would carry her away somewhere else.

“Oh no you don’t,” Mictian scolded, grabbing Waverly by her hair and wrenching her head back into position. “Open your goddamn eyes. I want this seared into your memory.”

When Waverly refused, Mictian brought Nicole’s hand down hard across her cheek. 

Waverly’s eyes snapped open with a gasp. 

“There. Now where was I? Oh, right.” And with that, Mictian plunged two fingers roughly into Waverly.

Despite her best efforts to stop it, a tiny whimper made its way between her lips, before Waverly clamped her jaw shut and refused to let another sound pass. 

“You know, if I wanted to, I could make you come. I know all your favorite spots,” Mictian threatened, curling Nicole’s fingers as she continued to thrust, demonstrating the truth of her statement. 

Waverly tried to keep still as a jolt of pleasure rippled through her traitorous body.

“I think that sounds like fun. I’ll force you to come, then I’ll fuck you hard with this big rubber cock you’re both so fond of,” Mictian taunted, driving harder into Waverly at the rousing thought.

Eyes widening, Waverly lifted her head to look down between Nicole’s legs. There was an unmistakable bulge in the officer’s pants. 

“I’ll fuck you so hard you’ll wish for death. Then I’ll put you out of your misery and wait for that sister of yours to come home.”

“No…” Waverly whispered, struggling not to react to the pain and unwelcome shocks of pleasure produced by Mictian’s vigorous use of Nicole’s fingers.

“The real question is, do I kill the heir right away or fuck her first, too? Nicole has been staring at her ass a lot. Wonder if Wynonna likes anal? That could be fun.”

As if summoned by her own name, the bedroom door burst open and in rushed Wynonna. “Wait till you hear what Dolls just did, babyg-” 

The heir quickly turned away, face red. “Oh, shit, sorry!”

As Wynonna’s brain wrapped itself around the scene she’d stumbled upon, she turned back, eyes full of concern. “I’m down with the kinky shit, but it looks like someone forgot their safeword. Waves are you okay?”

“Wynonna!” Waverly half-screamed, half-sobbed.

“Haught, what the fuck?!”

Mictian launched itself off the bed, fingers yanking roughly out of Waverly, and barreled toward the eldest Earp.