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Quick Brunch

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Just another small critter losing themselves in the forest — not literally though. The little imp was merely just enthralled by their surroundings, and this forest was known to be a good area for foraging for both berries and mushrooms alike. It wasn't uncommon to see other people around, however, this time it seemed like they were the only person around. Odd, but they didn't think much of it. It was a weekday after all.

Just like every other story, they stepped on some stray branches and garnered the attention of small forest inhabitants and whatever else was around to hear the snapping. Luckily this wasn't a horror movie and they were in no danger of being attacked in such spacious woods like these.

Hearing the breaking of twigs, a large creature made himself known immediately; plopping down from a nearby tree and hitting the ground rather unprofessionally. It was just another mythical creature rather than an animal (as much as non-animal chimeras can get anyways), but something about him seemed off. It wasn't the lack of clothes covering his weird mix of blue feathers and fur or his unkempt coat or hair… but rather his dilated pupils and excessive drooling. If one wasn't foolish, you would expect this to be some kind of symptom of a drug… or something worse like a type of virus. But, animals weren't known to get rabies around here, so maybe it was the former?

His pointed fangs were bared and his breathing was audible hissing in and out between his gritted teeth. The poor man was shaking and he looked tired. He stumbled to get back on his large bird feet and walked closer to the small demon.

They took a few steps backwards, but refused to run. They were worried for this stranger's health. "Are you okay? You look ill," the little imp's tone was soft and full of concern.

"No. I'm so hungry," the large chimera's voice was deep but the intonation in his voice made it clear he was a New Yorker.

The fiend's pointed ears perked up as they reached to their side. "I have a canteen with me full of water if you-,"

The chimera snatched the canteen from the demon, huge claws just grazing their hands as they were unclipping it from their hip. He drank the whole container with loud gulps, dropping the cap and throwing down the canteen once finished. He stepped even closer to the imp, mouth dripping with a mix of both saliva and water now. At least he could properly close his mouth, but now it was contorted into a large frown.

"Please… do you have more," his long neck arched forward, hovering his face just a foot or two away from the demon's own. "So thirsty…"

The little mythical backed up even more, now clearly frightened. "I'm sorry, I don't. That was all I had on me. Maybe we ca-"

Their speech was abruptly cut off once again when the chimera reached forward and wrapped his claws around the imp, successfully pinning their arms to their sides. The grip was so tight and sudden that one could easily imagine a stock sound of a dog toy squeaking. Their short legs began kicking in the air and they wailed with tears welling behind their glasses.

The chimera arched his back, getting off his arms and sitting more like a feline, even curling his tail around his legs. He brought the demon up close, flicking their specs off and slipping a talon under their shirt, sliding it down and tearing the fabric like butter. Their pants followed the same fate.

"Stop! Stop it! Please!" The small fiend thrashed in his hand and screamed. "Help me! Help! S-"

Once again the imp's words were cut off: their head now inside the chimera's mouth, sharp teeth perilously resting over their small neck. The bigger creature could easily snap down on the small being, but he was being greedy and pushed the demon deeper into his mouth. Their head now pushed into his neck, forming a noticeable bulge.

Their screams were muffled by flesh and feathers as the chimera gulped down as much as he could of them at a time, slowly making his way down to their pudgy stomach. It was almost second nature for the man to extend his forked tongue from his maw and start licking at the imp; tongue lathering and massaging at their tummy, thighs, groin, and everything in between. The demon shuttered and attempted at anything to get him to stop and hopefully free themselves.

The larger mythical tilted his head upwards, allowing gravity to help with scarfing down the wriggling fiend. Both his positioning and constant gulping allowed the small person to slip down his throat with ease, making a rather large lump trailing down his neck. He lightly wrapped his hands around his scruff and pressed down on it, pushing the swallowed mythical down his gullet faster. He could feel them failing to struggle against his tight throat and slipping past his nape.

The demon swiftly entered his stomach and was forced into a curled position. The chimera's belly descended from the imp's size and weight and practically rested against the clover. He leaned forward and stood back up on all fours. The man felt good — really good. Not only did he feel full, but the squirming sensation in his abdomen was almost hypnotic. He couldn't help but sway a bit and rub his stomach, massaging not only himself but his tummy's inhabitant as well.

The feathery beast wiped his mouth of drool and stretched out his huge wings, giving himself a bit of ascension up the tree he fell from and clawing his way back onto the large branch he was originally resting in. His form was a little wider this time around and the sides of his stomach draped over the edges of the branch, much to the dismay of the writhing occupant. Their begging and moaning would typically keep him awake, but he was fully engorged and it was time to sleep off a good meal.