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Perhaps I should have thought about it more. I truly did just meet this person and I thought we were hitting it up quite well. He was nice and his smile, albeit a little weird how it never left his face, was pretty cute when partnered with his rosy cheeks and big colorful specs. We've only known each other for a couple of hours and I apparently just have this special quirk where people immediately feel comfortable talking about their special interests with me. Perhaps it's just a teenager to young adult thing? Though, I can't say I really remember what he said he was into. All I can think about are the things I said. Maybe if I didn't say anything, I wouldn't be in such a tight space right now.

I remember me inviting him to my dorm room and us conversing the way there. I thought he was cute and funny and had a slight bizarre vibe to him which is something I adored. I wanted to talk to him more.

We arrived at my dorm and I promptly took my shoes off. It's normal for people to want to immediately sit in bed when they get home, but I can't say I was expecting him to do the same when we hardly knew each other. There were available chairs and a second bed for him to sit on, but he immediately sat with me the moment I climbed up onto my bed. It caught me off guard, but I didn't think much of it until he leaned in closer to me. I was already getting uncomfortable and glanced away, but he was pressing his face against mine in an attempt to kiss me. His lips felt wrong, like his mouth wasn't shaped properly. I shifted backwards to put some space between us.

"What's wrong? I thought you liked me," his Cockney accent was already becoming overbearing…

I could hardly get a word out before he loomed over me with a body almost twice my size. I no longer felt only uncomfortable; I was scared.bI felt a warm touch to my chest brush down my body while a chill traveled the opposite direction up my spine. My body turned to stone and it became hard to move.

"You aren't playing your part too well. Have you had previous experience in your rape fantasies?" He sighed. "Freezing in place tends to be confused as a sign of consent. Just thought I would inform you."

… Was he telling me to struggle? I was struggling just to move in general! I could only muster up the fortitude to grab at my pants as he hooked a finger under them and gradually pulled them downwards. Was I just that weak or was I still too terror-stricken to really try and keep them on me? Whatever the case was, I could now see my trembling bare legs and genitalia… he had removed my underwear along with my pants and now everything was out in the open.

Maybe that was the one push I needed to move again. I jolted to my side to get off the bed, but was immediately pinned down back in place by his arm. His grip on me was scarily firm.

"Please stop," I wheezed as my eyes started to water.

"Finally seized the lump of ice, have we? It took you long enough," there was a strange mix of both excitement and disappointment in his voice. I really didn't want to hear it anymore.

He veered over me, his weight resting over mine and making it even harder to move. His larger frame pressed my legs against the bed in a vulnerable position. I couldn't see or feel his arm anymore, but the sound of shifting fabric told me exactly where it was. His own body began to shake as he beared down on me and slowly grinded against me. With every lunge I was forced to exhale a yelp with what little air I could take in.

A heavy sigh escaped his throat before he straightened his back and brought his hips closer to mine. My legs rested against his large stomach as he began prodding at my sex with his own. I let out a cry that was swiftly cut off by his reappearing hand — clenching my mouth shut and digging into my face. It hurt, but wasn't nearly as bad as what was happening below.

Some slow fiction was all it took for my body to betray me and allow a smooth infiltration. It felt like my insides were being stretched apart and I could feel every ounce of him push deeper inside. It looked as if he was struggling himself; no longer smiling and instead gritting his sharp teeth with low bellows passing though.

I gripped at his fixed arm, trying to uselessly pry it off my face as it just barely asphyxiated me. Frantic kicking at his chest and stomach followed and he began to pull out. A wave of relief passed over me as my nether region relaxed and I expected him to get the idea that I wasn't exactly predisposed to the current situation. The loosening of tension allowed my invitee to slam himself back inside. My grasp on his arm tightened and my eyes bursted with tears. A pained scream failed to escape my detained mouth.

"Keep it sound, dearie. I apologize for my earlier incivility and asking if you had experience. It's clear you don't. I suggest that you relax and enjoy it. I promise you it'll hurt less that way," he said with his wide smile reappearing.

I begrudgingly took his word… I hesitantly relaxed myself again and allowed him to continue — there was nothing I could do to fight him; he was much bigger and stronger than me and fighting has only exhausted me thus far. He was right about it hurting less at the very least, but I still wished to not be in this plight. After being so stretched out, every thrust felt congenital… I hated it. This isn't how I wanted my first time to go and I didn't actually want to be assaulted. It was just a fantasy. Fiction.

What felt like hours was actually only several minutes. I couldn't stop myself from bawling my eyes out and my stifled breathing only allowed muffled whines through his weakening grip. His thrusting slowed and he gave one last deep push into me. A hot sensation proliferated through my lower region. It wasn't hard to guess what it was as he pulled out. Only a strand of his cum was left between us.

He removed his hand from my face and I gasped. I could finally breathe properly. I removed my glasses and wiped at my soaked eyes, occasionally letting out choked whimpers. I recoiled away from him, crossing my legs and facing away.

"Oh my. Dear, I need you to know I'm not done with you just yet. I don't want to cop a flower pot because you ran off and told someone," he unbuttoned his cape's neck buttons and let it hang over his shoulders naturally. "No hard feelings, okay?"

"Wh-," my words were immediately cut off by the sound of gross squelching coming from his face — it opened up like a blooming flower covered in morning dew. Eight serrated jaws formed what looked like a bright green star in place of a face. Large dagger-like teeth lined his inner orifice, or orifices, because it looked like sharp teeth lined every inch of his throat as if they were their own mouths.

I couldn't stop focusing on the rhythmic peristalsis of teeth and flesh in his gullet. Was it fear or awe that caused me to just stare? I watched as several white tendrils slithered out from the cavern, half them tipped with what looked like fleshy fish hooks. The sudden introduction of white against green snapped me back to the dangers of reality. I merely let out a yip before my oxygen was just barely cut off again; a slick tentacle wrapped itself around my neck. The rest of the appendages followed suit: binding my chest and stomach, pinning my arms to my sides and clamping my legs shut. Their wet film made their constriction easy and I was hoisted above my bed. I coughed as his grip around my neck tightened.

"This was another thing that got you excited, correct? You should be ecstatic that you got to experience two of your fantasies in one day," he chuckled. "I know I certainly would."

I was brought forward and his warm and wet jaws wrapped around my head, slathering me in saliva. No time passed and I could feel myself getting pulled deeper into the larger individual, my small body still having to bear getting squeezed by a bundle of tongues and a tooth-lined throat. I struggled to squirm against the undulating fangs scratching and puncturing at my skin. Maybe I was only trying to get comfortable as there was no way in Hell I was getting out of this situation. I felt the last bit of cold air touching my trotters get completely submerged in warm spittle followed by the pricking of denticles.

There was a pause where I was entirely compressed in his dark gullet, only to be completely put away in his abdomen with one final quaff. His stomach was surprisingly spacious… for a stomach anyways. There was enough wiggle room for me to position myself right side up. Unfortunately, the tendrils weren't letting up and I was still completely bound, only the tentacle around my neck loosening.

"Please, please let me back out. I promise I won't tell anyone," I felt so pathetic using such a common begging tactic, but it's all I had. "I swear no one will know and we can pretend this never happened.

… Hello? Can you hear me?" He didn't reply to my words at all. I can feel him walking around my dorm room and moving things, but I couldn't tell what he was doing.

"Yes, I can hear you, but I don't need to be seen talking to myself as I'm the only one who can hear you now. Don't expect any more words from me past this point," he huffed with obvious irritation, but something in his voice made it clear he still had that wide smile on his face.

I managed to get one or two kicks out before the tongues tightened to the point it began to hurt. I accepted my fate and reclined against the slimy textured walls of my confinement and wept as my consciousness grew hazy from the decreasing amount of available oxygen…