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shower me with your love

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“Your hair looks pretty today.” That is the first thing the Yuheng greets her upon stepping into her office. Ningguang feels her mind blank for the first time as her smart lips suddenly feel clumsy.


Then she can feel her cheeks heat up, unable to respond back quick enough. Keqing looks back at her with a small frown.


Finally, Ningguang gets her bearings way too late than she liked it to be. She swears that she has been letting her guard down too much ever since she dated Keqing.


“Thank you. I’m glad you noticed.” Ningguang touches her hair, remembering her assistants taking care of her hair with reverence. She suddenly feels self-conscious under the Yuheng’s deep staring.


“Yeah. Your usual style already looks good on you so this new change is not so bad either.” Keqing hums out as she flips through her papers, checking up some things before handing it out.


Ningguang reluctantly takes the papers, feeling goosebumps from how awfully nice her lover is right now. She wonders if something has possessed her and caused her to be nice to her. The Yuheng, this side of Keqing during work, is never nice. She doesn’t give special attention or care to anyone. She is consistently ruthless and bold, unafraid to say anything that she believes in.


So it’s slightly terrifying and jarring at seeing her lover acting like this during work. The Tianquan debates on whether or not to correct her coworker’s behaviour. But another part of her, her tender and romantic side, is unable to voice this out.


So she decides to ignore it and starts talking business with her. Good thing, Keqing gets into working mode and goes back to normal. As always, arguing with her about work and other things.


Ningguang feels her heart become at ease at this familiar bantering. Yes, this is something she prefers. Definitely.



“Is this a new dress? This colour suits your skin.” Again, she is attacked with another compliment. It sneaks up on the Tianquan and smacks the back of her head.


“P-pardon?” Ningguang dumbly says and she mentally curses at feeling her composure slipping away. Seriously, what is going on with her?


Get it together, Ningguang.


“I like your dress. I always associated you with gold and red but this green is gorgeous as well.” Keqing walks up to her and takes a sleeve into her hand, feeling the silk between her fingers. Again, Ningguang is caught by surprise.


“Thank you…” Ningguang simply says, feeling her heart thundering in her chest. She tries to take deep breaths in order to calm herself. But being near Keqing’s proximity isn’t helping her case.


She can smell the perfume she has gifted to Keqing and feels her heart swell. She feels her mouth become dry when Keqing steps forward until their arms are brushing. Ningguang attempts to control herself, not wanting to flinch away and lose this battle with herself.


Oblivious to Ningguang’s inner turmoil, Keqing speaks up again and she is glad that it’s about work.


“Ningguang, I told you to stamp out those papers from last week. You said you accepted my proposals.” Keqing huffs out as she throws the sleeve away and steps away from her. Ningguang fights the urge to pull her Yuheng back, already missing her closeness.


Damn. What has gotten into me? Since when have I become such a pathetic needy thing?


“I will in due time, little Yuheng. Do not rush me.” Ningguang dismisses her fretting with a wave of her hand. She hears Keqing groan before stomping away.


Finally, she can relax without being heavily scrutinized. She dreads the next time Keqing compliments her.



“You’re so pretty.” Keqing mindlessly says out of nowhere. Ningguang almost chokes on her tea.


She almost slams her cup down and glares at the Yuheng, who looks completely indifferent. Ningguang flushes red and dips her head down, hands clenched on her lap.


“Where is that coming from?” Ningguang almost hisses at her. She tries to hide her annoyance. Keqing only looks at her, slowly drinking her tea. She sure is taking her sweet time.


Ningguang wonders since when has she participated in a losing battle. She is the great Tianquan who never lets herself fall like this and let herself become at a disadvantage. The beautiful and cunning royalty herself.


She needs to fire back and say something that will fluster the Yuheng just as much, not become a squealing and shy schoolgirl.


“I don’t know. I felt like saying it.” Keqing shrugs before she takes her chopsticks and reaches for one of the golden shrimp balls, ignoring the other Yue cuisines that Ningguang ordered for them.


Ningguang pinches the bridge of her nose, not understanding her lover’s blatant flirting.


Even though Ningguang has booked Xinyue Kiosk for themselves for their date, Keqing is not one to be affectionate with her words or even her actions. They would talk either about work or bicker about something useless out of fun.


“Seriously, why are you being like this?” Ningguang sighs out.


“What do you mean?” Keqing finishes munching and reaches for another one. But Ningguang intercepts her chopsticks with her own, blocking her way. It causes the Yuheng to glare daggers at her, ready to kill.


Indeed, this is the sight she has grown accustomed to. It’s something that she has grown to adore as well.


“Keqing, tell me. Why have you been throwing out all these useless and empty compliments? You sound like those suitors of mine who talk to me with flowery language.” Ningguang is exaggerating but she is beyond exasperated and embarrassed by Keqing, who seems to act like nothing's wrong.


Is she actually being a dense fool or pretending to be oblivious?


“Hey, they aren’t useless and empty. They are genuine. I truly think that way.” Keqing frowns as she reaches with her other hand and grabs Ningguang’s wrist, pulling her away to stop her from blocking her food. The Tianquan’s face burns bright red and roughly taps her chopstick on a plate.


Then Keqing takes her hand gently and squeezes it. Ningguang looks up at her with a puzzled look, still red in the face despite the stoic look on her face.


“Ningguang. I do think you are beautiful. I always ask myself how can I date a great woman like you? Although insufferable and annoying, I love that side of yours and others as well.” Keqing begins pouring out her honest feelings with a soft smile.


Ningguang swears she is hearing things or has finally lost it. Maybe one of her assistants has put something in her tobacco that caused her to have these delusions. But Keqing continues and Ningguang’s ears struggle to believe it. Not when she isn’t used to this much honesty in her life.


“When I said I love you, I meant it. I love everything about you. Why are you suddenly shy when I compliment you? You always hear from others how pretty you are.” Keqing has a point. Ningguang isn’t unfamiliar to people complimenting her outstanding beauty and she has pride for it. She always takes care of herself and makes sure she looks her best everyday.


But this is different. This is coming from her lover. The one who knows her heart the most and the one that her heart opened up to. So she feels even more vulnerable against anything Keqing says.


“It’s even more embarrassing hearing it from you. You were never like this so why…” Ningguang sighs as she tries to pull her hand out but Keqing grips it tightly. A hint of playfulness twinkles in those magenta eyes she adores so much.


“Oh? Her Eminence is weak to compliments?” Keqing hums with a cheeky tone and a raised brow.


“Correction. Your compliments, not just any.” Ningguang feels her mouth twitch at seeing the smugness painting her lover’s expression.


This brat…


“Have I told you how pretty your eyes are?” Keqing leans forward with a smirk. But her voice is filled with affection that Ningguang can’t doubt it’s just baseless flattery.


“Your nose is high and pointy. Your lips are as red as silk flowers. Your skin is as fair as-“


“I get it. Stop talking.” Ningguang hushes her through gritted teeth. She shakes her head when Keqing chuckles at her flustered reaction.


“You really are weak to them. Should I praise you often during work?” Keqing’s voice becomes light and jabbing that it hurts Ningguang’s pride, hating how weak she has become.


“Don’t you dare. You and I know that we must keep our work and personal life separate.” If Keqing is adamant on doing that, Ningguang would have no choice but to ban the Yuheng from coming to Jade Chamber. She would rather die than hear Keqing’s endless compliments.


It’s even more scary that she knows that Keqing has more to say. That her words hold more weight than anyone else and Ningguang wishes to hear more of them. That realization makes her feel incredibly embarrassed.


Good thing, Keqing stops her nonsense and spares Ningguang’s heart. They continue to make idle chat as they enjoy their food. After their lunch date, they part ways from the restaurant with the Yuheng preparing to go to the chasm and the Tianquan returning to her Jade Chamber.



Ningguang should have considered that their sex life has become even more intense. Not in a physical way or they have started to enjoy a new thing in bed. It’s nothing like that.


She means that Keqing has taken advantage of Ningguang's weakness to compliments in bed. She already felt like dying multiple times every time Keqing called her “beautiful” .


Ningguang steps out of their bathroom and sees Keqing putting on her pajamas. She takes in the delectable sight of those back muscles before they disappear into the fabric. Ningguang saunters over with the only thing covering her body is a towel and hugs the Yuheng from behind.


Keqing jumps when she feels those long arms hug her neck and strands of white hair cascades over her shoulders. She looks up with an easy smile and presses a few kisses against Ningguang’s lips. It’s slow and lovely that makes the Tianquan’s heart rattle dangerously.


“You don’t know what you do to me.” Ningguang confesses with a whisper. She nuzzles Keqing’s neck, taking in the scent of lavender. The Yuheng tries to look at her face but it’s hard to do that in this position.


“What exactly am I doing to you?” Keqing whispers back with curiousity in her voice. Ningguang presses her lips against her nape, trying to take in courage to continue on with this renewed confidence.


“You’re so unpredictable and forthright. I almost can’t handle it.” Ningguang husks against her ear. The Yuheng shivers and gasps when she feels slender hands slide over to her toned stomach.


But the touches aren’t as naughty as they usually are. Ningguang seems like she is trying to ground herself, letting herself indulge in the Yuheng’s warmth.


“You? The Tianquan can’t handle it?” Keqing breathlessly laughs but it isn’t teasing. She is more surprised than anything that Ningguang feels this way.


At first, she was only complimenting Ningguang because she thought it would be good to be more honest and she realizes she hasn’t been as nice towards her lover. She is used to reverting back to her usual self and butt heads with the Tianquan. That dynamic is one that she is used to.


But when she sees Ningguang looking all shy and embarrassed about being complimented on, she realizes she should do it more often until Ningguang believes it. This new side of Ningguang is not so bad. It’s refreshing to see that there is a tender side with Ningguang and it only makes her want to see her lover’s other parts of herself.


“Yes. My heart… take care of it properly.” Ningguang almost confessed how weak it is and that would have been a huge blow on her pride. She can't reveal that. That would just be showing her cards to her opponent and just stroking the Yuheng’s ego that surely has become bloated.


“I will. I promise that.” Keqing says with a firm tone that it surprises Ningguang again. She laughs against flushed skin and starts peppering kisses at any exposed skin her lips can touch.


Keqing sighs when she feels those lips greedily travelling around her neck and shoulders until it reaches her cheek. Finally, she can see Ningguang’s face when she turns her head and feels her heart melt at those scarlet eyes sparkling with genuine happiness.


Good, that is something she wishes to see in Ningguang everyday.


“Let’s sleep, beautiful .” Keqing kisses her nose and laughs when Ningguang scrunches her nose. Her cheeks flaring red before pulling away to go change into her matching pajamas with the Yuheng.


As they settle in bed, Ningguang naturally scoops up the Yuheng in her arms and buries her face against silky locks of purple. Keqing scoots closer into her embrace, letting her body succumb into her fatigue.