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Sweet like Vanilla

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Jongin thinks he's immune to missing his hyung at this point in their lives and careers. He finds out how phenomenally wrong he is when Chanyeol enlists and leaves. Jongin throws himself into his work as much as he possibly can, pushes the company into giving him more responsibilities, more variety shows, more modeling jobs. He starts his own YouTube channel for fuck's sake. He talks to Chanyeol almost every night. 


The keyword is almost. 


Jongin cries the nights that that doesn't happen. 


He watches his hyung go through his service and achieve so much, watches everyone praise his hyung, adore him, love him and worship him. Why wouldn't they? Chanyeol is as talented, gorgeous, charming, and charismatic as they come. 


Jongin keeps hearing about Kiyong from Chanyeol. 


Kiyong this and Kiyong that… Kiyong said this funny thing and oh my god, Jonginie, Kiyong is even bigger than me! Can you believe he can lift me? 


Jongin pushes his nails into the flesh of his palm through all of that. Kiyong is not a whiny little dongsaeng that pouts and cries if he doesn't get kisses and cuddles. Kiyong is Chanyeol's age. He's big and strong. Bigger than Chanyeol. 


Jongin rolls his eyes in the privacy of his own house. 


"I love you, hyung," he mumbles into the phone. 


"I love you too, baby," Chanyeol laughs. 


"Do you?" 


"Of course I do. My one and only Nini." 


"Do you love Kiyong-ssi too?" The words are out of his stupid dumb mouth before he knows it. 


"I like him as a friend, baby. Where is this coming from?" 


Jongin shakes his head then. He pouts but Chanyeol can't see. He can hear Jongin's sobs though. 




"I'm going to Germany in May," Jongin says over the phone, "it's a festival. They want me to host." 


"Oh my god, baby, that's amazing! I'm so proud of you," Chanyeol says happily. "Your very own show. That's huge." 


"It is." 


"What's wrong, Nini?" His hyung sighs, voice worried over the phone. 


"Did you know we can get married there?" 


He can hear Chanyeol's endeared laugh. "You want us to go to Germany and get married? City hall in the morning, concert in the afternoon?" 


Jongin shrugs. "I want to be with you." 


"I do too." 


"Do you?" 




"No, I'm sorry." 


"I don't want you to be sorry. I want you to know how much I love you and want to be with you," his hyung sighs again. 


"I'm sleeping in your house tonight. In hyung's bed, ok?" 


"Jongin, I miss you. I hate that you're gonna be alone in my bed," his hyung's beautiful voice is thicker than usual. 


"What would you do if you were in bed with me?" Jongin asks. 


"I'd slowly peel off your clothes and kiss all over your beautiful body. My sweet peach, I'd make love to you until I'm ingrained deep inside of your skin," his hyung rasps, making Jongin take a shuddering breath. 


"You already are ingrained in me, Chanyeol," Jongin says, reminding him of their promises. 




"How's Germany?" 


"Foreign? It's nice. I have five minutes before I have to leave for the rehearsals," Jongin says, trying to pick out an outfit. 


"And you decided to call me during these five minutes?" His hyung's chuckle is delighted, like he’s honored Jongin has called him. 


"Always thinking of you, husband hyung." 


" Husband hyung?" Chanyeol laughs so loudly that Jongin feels the vibration inside his belly. 


"I love that you're always thinking about me, husband baby," he adds and Jongin giggles. His giggles turn bashful as his hyung cooes at him. "My cutie little husband," he says. 


"I have to go, hyung, but I love you," Jongin says. 


"I love you more, baby boy, and I'm so proud of you. Call me after the show if you can?" 


"I will!" He says like there's no other scenario but to call his hyung. 




"Sorry, I'm calling so late, it's been crazy," he mumbles into the phone. The hotel room is dark and Jongin is naked under the soft blanket, still a little jittery from the adrenaline. 


"I saw some clips on twitter. You were amazing, sweetheart. Gorgeous, beautiful, everything," Chanyeol says excitedly. 


Jongin hums, satisfied, "did you like vanilla choreo? I danced thinking about you," he admits. He wanted Vanilla to be for Chanyeol because those lyrics are exactly how he feels about his hyung and his love. 


"It was beautiful, Jongin, you were… are beautiful. I wish I could see you perform up close," Chanyeol says, voice full of emotions. "I wish I could dance to that song with you," he adds as an afterthought. 


Jongin feels a lump in his throat, "even the air is sweet when I'm with you," he says the lyrics. 


"I want to kiss your sweet taste," Chanyeol replies.


"My heart is filled with you," he murmures. 


"My fingers are filled with you, my sweet vanilla baby," Chanyeol says, his voice wet with emotions, just like Jongin's eyes. 


"Hyung, please come see me when I get back home?" He begs. He's starting to combust without Chanyeol. 


"I will, my love. No matter what, I will see you the night you come home. That's a promise," he says firmly and Jongin knows his hyung always keeps his promises. 




The plane lands in Seoul and Jongin's core is still shaking from excitement. He hasn't seen his hyung in months. That's so long. Too long without the love of his life. He doesn't like breathing the air that Chanyeol hasn't breathed in. He doesn't like to be engulfed in any scent that isn't his hyung's.




It's better than a wet dream later that night when Chanyeol does as he promised. He peels off Jongin's clothes and bathes him to take the smell of everything that isn't him away. He lays Jongin in bed oh so carefully like he's a breakable doll, he swallows every little whine and moan, kisses every inch of skin like it's sacred, spreads him open on his long thick fingers… while Jongin begs and begs like his hyung grants wishes, and he does. Jongin's slim waist has always looked even smaller between Chanyeol's large fingers, so malleable, so pliant, so good , the boy so in love, he'd let himself be moved around into every single position his hyung wanted him to, just to have every nook and cranny of his gorgeous tanned skin kissed and worshipped. 


Just to have his hyung ingrained inside of every ridge of his being. 


He cries in silent ecstasy once Chanyeol is inside of him, his rightful place, where he has owned and marked. 


My sweet property, 


My gorgeous territory, 




Jongin arches into the large cock inside of him, splitting him open and putting his bleeding heart on display, making him cry and fall deeper into the lovely pit of pleasure. He begs to be held, begs to be marked, begs to be owned and taken. 


Jongin begs to be loved forever by Chanyeol.


And who is Park Chanyeol to not grant him his wishes as he makes his beloved climax into the dark of their night?