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Bridgerton girls

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James mother was getting married again, he found out when the wedding invitation came, he didn't even know she was dating someone, ever since she went back to England she rarely called or wrote, at first he thought she was upset cause he chose to stay on Derry, but when he thought about it he realized, it wasn't any diferent than before, he was just starting to be conscious of how little his mother actually cared about him. But he rather not to think about it.

The invitation was meant for him, Michelle and aunt Deirdre, however his aunt decided to decline.

"Why should I bother?" She said. "That marriage is going to last 3 months top."

So it was just him and Michelle in that flight... and Erin... and Orla... and Clare. James hoped his mother wouldn't care, in Derry all the parents knew that if they invited one of them to some event, the rest would go as well, they were a package deal, but his mother were a different case, he wasn't sure how would she react.

While he was lost in those thoughts Michelle was winking at the male flight attendant who was smiling politely, yet clearly uncomfortable.

"I'm telling you he's obviously into me. I'm gonna ride that fella."

"Please Michelle" Erin said. "At least wait until we land to find someone to ride."

"There is no way I would do that with some wee english fella. I have my values."

Orla interrupted that conversation when she returned to her seat with a bag full of candy.

"Where did you get that?" Erin asked.

"I found it in a drawer near the bathroom."

"I don't think you're allowed to take that." James said.

"Then why was the drawer open?" Orla replied.

James was about to tell her that it was probably open so the flight attendants could take it to sell it, and that she should return it, but in that moment Michelle noticed Clare seemed more panicked than usual.

"What the hell is wrong with you?"

"It's just... last night I watched a movie where the plane crashed with a montain and passengers had to eat each other to survive, and I can't help to think, what if that happens to us."

"Don't be ridiculous Clare, that was just a movie."

"It was based in real life events. It was said in the beginning."

"Why would you watch that kind of movie the night before you were taking a flight?" Erin asked.

"It was the only thing on tv."

"It's ok Clare," James said "It's practically impossible for something like that to happen in this flight."

"Yeah because there are not mountains like that in London." Orla interrupted "The worst that could happen in this case is that the plane just stops working and then we would fall from the sky with no survivors"

"You're not helping."

In that moment the plane started to shake.

"What's happening?" Clare asked terrified.

"It's just a bit of turbulance" James answered "Nothing to be worried about."

But the plane was shaking more violently than before.

"WE ARE GOING TO DIE!!!" Clare kept screaming.

"No, we wont" James respited "It'll pass in a few seconds, we're going to be fi..."

He couldn't finish that sentence cause in that second the oxygen mask were dropped.

"Maybe we wont be fine" Erin said.

Before anyone could stop her Clare stood up and walked towards the plane doors and took a parachute.

"Clare, what the fuck do you think you're doing?!" Michelle asked.

"I'm sorry girls, but I. WON'T. BE. EATEN."

With that being said she opened the door and jumped.

James, Michelle, Erin, Orla walked to the door in complete horror.

"Oh my god! SHE JUMPED!" Erin screamed "SHE JUMPED!"

"What are we going to do?" James asked.

"What do you think we are going to do?" Michelle answered. "We're pack animals, remember?"

And she took another parachute and jumped out of the plane.

"Ive always wanted to try one of this" Orla said before following Michelle.

James and Erin took their own parachute and in a 'what the hell, we're gonna die anyway' moment they kissed before steping into the unknown.


When James recovered his concisenice he was trapped under his parachute, unable to get out he started to ask for help.

"Hello? Is anybody out there? Erin? Michelle?"

Then a figure approached him and suddenly, a knife went through the tent, it took all his physical strength to stop him from screaming.The knife opened the tent and in the other side it was Orla.

"Are you alright James?" She asked.

"Orla, thank god, Where did you get that knife from?"

"I always carry a knife with me to protect me from the bears."

"That doesn't make any...Nevermind I won't complain about this, Where are the girls?"

The rest were standing behind Orla, James felt relief, at least nobody got hurt.

"Does anybody know where are we?" Erin asked.

"Oh my god, what if we are in a deserted island" Clare started to panic again. "It could take years before someone could find us."

"Well Clare." Michelle intervened "Maybe you should had thought about it before jumping out of the fucking plane."

"Maybe you should had thought about it before you make me take the aisle seat."

"Enough." Erin interrupted them. "this is not the time to blame Clare."


"It would be plenty time to do that after we find refugee." Erin continued.

Orla raised her hand.

"Yes Orla?" Her cousin said.

"Maybe we could go to those buildings."

She pointed out to a lot of buildings that could be seen beyond the forest. The rest of them felt really stupid for not noticed it before. Without saying a word they began to walk towards the civilization.


When they finally got out of the forest they found what James could only describe as a scene of period drama movie, the women were wearing long dresses, and the men had those top hat that he had seen in pictures from like two centuries ago.

"Where are we?" He asked and then considered that a better question would 'When'

"Let me ask." Erin approached the first person she saw, a man in a purple suit who stared at her like she was some alien. "Excuse me sir, where are we?"

"London?" The man replied politely and confused.

Erin walked back to them with a big smile on her face.

"Good news we are in London, so we didn't fall far from we were suppose to land."

"Great," Michelle said. "Now we should go to aunt Cathy's house and see if we can get back our stuff from the plane, come on James, you lived here, where do we go?"

James looked at the girls unable to understand why neither of them seemed to notice the elephant in the room.

"No Michelle," He said slowly "I don't think I can take you to my mother's house."

"Why not?"

"Is too far?" Clare asked. "Do we need to call a cab?"

"You seriously don't notice?"

"Notice what?" Erin inquired.

"There are carriages on the street, people are wearing clothes from like two centuries ago," James said "Don't you think that's… odd?"

"Of course it's fucking weird." Michelle replied "But it's England so we were expecting it."

"Wait, this is how you think England is like?"

The four girls nodded.

"Why would you think that?"

"Every movie set in England looks like this." Orla said.

"What about James Bond?"

"Well, James Bond is a secret agent." Clare replied. "So all his missions and all his gadgets must be secret."

"What about Doctor Who?"

"Nobody watches Doctor Who." Michelle said.

"Please tell me you're jocking."

Before they could continue with the discution, a young man approached them.

"Penelope?" He asked confused. "What happened to your hair? What are you wearing?"

"Who are you talking to?" Michell questioned.

"I was talking to her" He pointed at Clare.

"I'm sorry," She said "but I don't think I know you."

"What are you talking about? and why are you talking with that accent? Who are this people? Are they threating you?"

"Hey, she said she doesn't know you so back off." Michelle intervined.

"I am not leaving her alone."

"Help, he wants to kidnap her!" Erin started screaming.

"I have a knife." Orla told him.

"Girls I don't think this is the moment to do this." James tried to stop them.

"Colin?" Someone said behing the young men.

All of them looked at her, she had a long, curly, red hair, was wearing a yellow dress with embroidered flowers and talked with english accent. Also she looked exactly like Clare.

"Holy shit." Michelle put on words what everybody was thinking.

"Hello, I am Penelope Featherington."

"What's going on?" Erin inquired.

"Maybe she is an ancestor of Clare?"James suggested.

"Ancestor? They are the same age."

"Is this your relative Penelope?" The young men, Colin asked, pointing at Clare.

"Why are you asking that?"

"Because you are identical."

Clare and Penelope looked at each other for a second.

"I do not really see the resemblance." The redhaired said.

"Yeah, me neither." The blonde agreed.

The rest of them stared at them incredulous.

"Maybe my mother knows about them, we should go to my house and ask her."

"You can use my carriage." Colin offered.

"Can you give us a minute." Erin asked, and the Derry girls walked away.

"Girls I don't think this is a good idea." Clare said. "They're strangers, we are not supposed to go with strangers."

"She's not a stranger," Orla replied "She's your twin cousin."

"Plus, it's not like we have much of a choice," Michelle added "we don't have any clothes or money maybe they could borrow us some, and help us to get to aunt Cathy's house."

"Again, I don't think that's possible cause my mom lives in 20 century England."

"We don't have time for your stupid games James, now let's go."


The ride in the carriage was silent, everybody was uncomfortable, except Orla, she was looking at the window, pointing at everything she saw until they arrived at the Featheringtons house. Inside there was a woman in her mid forty who was taking the tea with a young lady, both of them were redhair with a similar hairstyle than Penelope.

"Mother, do you know if we were suppose to recieve any visit?"

"What are you talking about Penelope?" Her mother asked without looking at her.

"I have reasons to believe this young lady is our cousin." Penelope pointed at Clare.

"Hello is nice to meet you."

Penelope's mother raised her gaze and became speachless the second her eyes laid on Clare.

"How is this possible, who are you?"

"My name is Clare Devlin, I'm from Ireland."

The older lady's face went from surprise to indignation.

"Well that explains it all, only an Irish relative would come to visit unannounced in this time of the year and with companion." She looked at Erin, Orla and Michelle. "Is any of you young ladies married?"

The four girls looked at the woman in horror.

"No." They said horrified.

"So it is going to be four debutants, Oh god there so much to do, we must go to the dressmaker to see if we can get you something for tomorrow to be introduced to the queen."

"We don't really need to see the queen, we just want go to James mother's house." Clare tried to clarified.

"Yes, yes, you can do that after your presentation, now hurry up."

The woman leff the room, calling for the housekeeper and the rest of them remained in silent.

"It's like she can hear the words I say" Clare finally said. "But she doesnt understand what they mean."

James looked at her.

"Welcome to my world."