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The Date

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Ga Eul wasn’t as stupid and naïve as Yi Jeong seemed to think. She’d asked him out honestly, wanting to make up her mind and settle her stormy feelings about this confusing man. It wasn’t her first time in a club. She may have preferred not to drink but it wouldn’t be her first time either. Her friendship with Jan Di had actually cooled her wilder side rather than her always being the country bumpkin Yi Jeong thought her. She sipped at her drink, her temper steadily rising as girl after girl pushed their way past her to sit with Yi Jeong. The smirk on his face, the taunting curve of those beautiful lips was the last straw. Draining her drink, she set her glass down firmly at the table and rose to her feet.


“I will be right back.” She announced, staring right at Yi Jeong, ignoring the snickering from the girls around him. She headed for the bathroom, bag in tow and heaved a deep breath as the door swung shut behind her. She splashed water on her face and looked into the mirror. “Are you going to let another arrogant ass play with you, Chu Ga Eul?” She shed her thick coat, and eyed the plain white dress beneath. It was rather virginal, but these were her older clothes from high school and that was what she had. She took the alice band off her head and ran water-damp hands through the thick mane and shook it out. Eyeing herself critically, she opened her purse and took out her emergency measures. She’d kept the coat on because the straps of her dress kept slipping over her shoulders and she hadn’t known where they were going. She pinned one shoulder to her bra strap with a jeweled flower barrette and let the other fall, baring smooth skin. She took off her leggings, and with her short leather boots, her long legs were immediately on display. A simple plain black leather stretch belt cinched in her waist. Someone else pushed into the bathroom and she heard the music that was thumping outside. A slow smile spread across her face. She knew this song. A touch of lip gloss after biting her lips and pinching her cheeks a little and she was ready. Yi Jeong was not going to ruin her night.


Yi Jeong kept an eye on the corridor where Ga Eul had vanished. He wondered if the country girl had gotten the message yet. If this didn’t work, he was going to have to do something drastic. A moment more and he would have to go see that she didn’t leave. There was movement in the corridor and someone walked out. His attention was caught by the bright broach at her shoulder and the miles of pale skin revealed by her short, floaty white dress. She walked towards him and he couldn’t see much more than long dark hair and gleaming dark eyes and those bruised lips. Then she got closer and he sat straight up, heedless of the picture he made. It was Ga Eul! Her bright coat was over one arm and she was moving entirely differently than when she had left.


The familiar stranger tossed her head as she reached the booth, dark hair cascading in riotous curls down one shoulder as she leaned over the table, a hint of cleavage showing through the scoop neck. “Please keep an eye on this for me, sunbae. It looks like you’re a bit busy so I’m just going to go and dance for a bit, ok?” She pitched her voice to carry over the sound of the music and the slightly throaty sound sent a jolt clear down his spine. Then she pushed her coat and purse over the table to fall over his lap and turned and stalked away without a backward glance, hips swaying slightly with her stride despite the fact that her boots only had a slight heel.


He watched, mesmerized, completely ignoring the girls who had been trying to get his attention. Who was this Ga Eul? She got to the dance floor and moved onto it like she owned it. Ignoring the evaluating looks aimed her way, she dodged people until she reached a clear spot. Then, as the music changed, she raised her hands and started to move, body following the pounding beats. Yi Jeong could not believe his eyes. She wasn’t copying anyone, just swaying in time to the beat and clearly losing herself in the music. She made a dance out of avoiding the men who came up to dance with her, playfully stepping just out of reach and twirling with all the grace of a ballerina. She would allow some a moment or two to hold her but ultimately, she danced alone, her enjoyment so infectious that no one really got offended. As others started joining the growing group around her, mirroring her moves, she began changing things up, demonstrating what were clearly ballroom dance steps and inviting others to try them. Yi Jeong didn’t miss a moment, something coiling in his belly as he watched her share her warmth with others and not him. When she broke away, laughing to lean against the bar, clearly smiling at the bartender, Yi Jeong snapped out of his frozen stillness. He stood abruptly, brushing off the clinging hands of the more persistent barflies, scooping up Ga Eul’s coat as he went.


She startled when something fell over her shoulders, the warmth unwelcome against her heated skin. Turning her head, she found Yi Jeong, eyes hard and that stupid fake smile on his face. “Don’t you think you need to keep this? I am not a coat rack.” Her brow furrowed at the irritation in his voice. “Wah!” she exclaimed teasingly, “Casanova has lost his touch. Is that real feeling you are showing me?” She grinned fearlessly up at him, heart still pounding from the dancing and the music still thrumming around her. “Sorry sunbae! I still feel like dancing!” Those dark eyes flashed and for a moment her breath caught at the glimpse into the real Yi Jeong, the possessive child. “We have a reservation elsewhere, Chu Ga Eul, so I suggest you tell your new friends goodbye.” Then he grabbed her arm and pulled her away. With a laugh at his uncharacteristic brusqueness, she went unprotesting, throwing a smile back at the somewhat abashed bartender who had been waiting for her order. Then they were outside and the cold air hit her in the face, slashing through her thin dress like it wasn’t even there.


Yi Jeong turned back when he felt her shiver and then froze, stock still. The sudden cold brought a flush of warmth to her skin and had pebbled her nipples through the thin fabric that had been plastered to her body by the chill and her sweat so that he could see every curve, her hair still tumbling around her face. She looked like some half-forgotten morning dream, fresh out of his bed with her red lips and flushed skin, hair a tousled, inviting mess begging for his hands. “What’s the matter? Why have you stopped?” A blush rose to his face as he was reminded abruptly of his plan. And the jealousy that had him rushing her out of the club. “Just put on your jacket country girl. It’s cold.” He snapped to hide his embarrassment. “Don’t you know enough to even dress right?” Her eyes flashed warning of her anger. “I would perhaps have dressed better if a certain person had told me what to expect on our date. And carried entertainment for when he got distracted.” She retorted. She tugged her arm out of his grasp. “Your car is here, sunbae.”


They drove in silence to the restaurant. She used the barrette from before to pin her hair up in a simple twist and spent the rest of the drive staring out the window. He couldn’t help but keep glancing at her, distracted by the pale and vulnerable curve of her neck exposed by her upswept hair and her pose. This was dangerous. He hadn’t thought that she could be so seductive without even really doing anything! Who would have thought the country girl would be so…alluring?