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Anthony Topaz was a handsome young man. He was 14 years old, and just got into the football team. Not like Toni, he was tall for his age. Apparently Toni's dad was 6 feet tall so he probably got that from him. He had caramel colored eyes, dark curly hair and dark skin. He was basically Toni's twin. And just like his mother he was quite popular with girls. Only one girl had caught his attention though. Adrianna, Archie and Veronica's thirteen years old daughter. She had blue eyes and red hair. Having a thing for redheads might be genetic in the Topaz Family.

Toni was drinking green tea on the couch while watching a documentary about animals on Discovery Channel when her son arrived home after his date night with Veronica and Archie's daughter. "Hey Bud! How was the movie?"

"It was nice. We saw the last Fast and Furious movie." He said as he entered the living room.

" How many are there now? 20?"

" No mom, like 12." He sat next to his mother.

"I'm glad you had fun."

" Mama, Can I ask you something?" He asked. His tone seemed serious.

Toni turned off the TV and positioned herself to look at her son. She always wanted to listen to her son and for him to be always open with her "Of course. What is it?"

" How was your First kiss with mom?"

"Amazing, probably the best kiss I had at that time." She smiled.

"I mean.. How did it happen?"

" Oh.. well it's a long story."

" When we first met, your mom hated me. She hated the serpents in fact. Our first encounter was less than pleasant." Toni remembered so well the first time spoke to Cheryl. She saw her for the first time at the drag race. But their first conversation was when the serpents transferred to Riverdale High.

"She called you Queen of the buskers? Wow she was mean."

"Yep she was not very nice at first."

"You know I think I was in love with her when I saw her at the drag race. Her long red hair, plump lips, attitude.." Toni remembered so well how close Cheryl was with people. But she could feel that Cheryl was so much more than a bitch.

"Your mom was a hard shell to crack, you know? And I wanted to crack the shell and get to know her better."

" Was it long before you were friends?" He was very interested in the story.

" We were never really friends, we tolerated each other at first but once we started talking more it wasn't long before we were dating."

"So you were never friends?"

" I mean, she's my wife, the love of my life. My best friend in the whole world. But we didn't do the friends to lovers arc. We were more enemies to lovers back then."

"Okay, so when did you kiss her?"

" Patience buddy, I'm getting there."

" So one day, I caught her on the phone with Jughead, telling him about how Betty and Archie kissed. She loved chaos at that time." She thought about how she put her hands on her arm and how scared the redhead looked. " I think she was scared. I think she had a crush on me from day one and she wasn't out yet so she was scared."

"You think she was ? But she is so open now."

" Mom had a hard start in life, but that's a story for another time." He nodded and listened carefully.

" So the same day of our encounter in the bathroom, I went to the theater with your dad. But after the Movie I saw her alone drinking a cherry cola. It was my chance to be alone with Cheryl Bombshell, so I needed a good pick up line."

"Mom ' a Cherry Cola for Cheryl Bombshell.' This is such a lame pick up line. " He laughed.

"Hey! She liked it okay. We went to the movies after that."

" So during the movie our hands touched and I felt the electricity in my body. I never felt anything like that before. We went for milkshakes afterwards. We had such a good conversation. She talked to me about how horrible her mother was and she told me about her first crush. A girl. " Just thinking about everything Cheryl went through, Toni was emotive. " She was so strong, she still is. After her confession, I took her hand and told her she was sensational."

"You're such a romantic mom."

"I am and I was madly in love with her. I still am." She smiled.

"We stayed at Pop's until midnight. Then we walked back to the Bijou. It was close to Pop's so we let her car and my bike there. I walked her back to her car. And I didn't want to kiss her on the lips. I just wanted to kiss her cheek. But at the last second she turned her head and I kissed her. And she deepened the kiss. You know when they talk about fireworks? Well that's exactly what I felt. And I still feel that every time we kiss."

"Are you telling a lie to our son Antoinette?" Cheryl said as she entered the room in her red bathrobe.

"Why are you fully naming me? I did not do such a thing."

She kissed Anthony's cheek and sat next to him. " I turned my head to talk to her and she took the occasion to kiss me."

"Babe come on. This is not true. You were so embarrassed about the kiss that you ghosted me for weeks."

"I never ghosted you. I was just busy with the Vixens. " Cheryl knew that Toni was right. She was indeed embarrassed about that kiss and she wasn't ready to be out with a girl at that time.

"What did you do mama?"

"I auditioned for the Vixens obvi."

" And then you were Together?" He asked " It was a little more complicated than that." Cheryl said.

"I wanna know mom. Please."

"Well, after that Mama and I were friends."

They never spent time with just the two of them though they were always hanging out through Vixen's activities. " We spent time together with the Vixens. Then One day I disappeared. And Toni looked out for me. She knew that what my awful mother said was false, so she investigated."

"Yeah and thanks to your Dad. I found her in a conversion camp." They looked at each other with only love in their eyes.

" You save me T.T"

"Did you kiss again?"

" We did Buddy."

"When I found mom, we kissed in front of all those kids in conversion therapy."

" Then, my T.T took me home and we were girlfriends. We dated for 2 years."

" What? But that was years ago. You broke up?" "Let's say we went separate ways in college. And we got back together 8 years after the break up." Toni said.

"You were a little baby when I came into your life. And we have always had a special connection since then." Cheryl smiled.

"Probably because you were there when he was born."

"You were?" Anthony looked at her impressed.

"Yes Buddy I was. Now can we know why you wanted to know about our first kiss?"

"Because.. I think I want to kiss Adrianna."

"Wow. That's a big step." Toni realised that her son was really growing up.

"Well, honey you have to make sure that she wants it too. And I know you already are, but always be respectful to her." Cheryl was proud of the young man they raised together.

"Always mom. I wanted to know about yours because I want it to be special for her."

" If you both like each other a lot it will be special."

" You think so?"

" I do. And I think she likes you a lot."

"Thanks moms. It's getting late, so I'm gonna take a shower and head to bed." He got up, kissed his mom and went to the bathroom.

"He's growing up to be an amazing young man. We are doing great." Toni said proud of him.

" We are T.T. We are."