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I turned around from the mess of paperwork, standing up intending to get a Falstaff for me and my friend Joe. When I stood up though, I knocked into Joe’s frame which had magically appeared behind me and felt something warm on my mouth. I saw his blue eyes beneath his glasses and realised we were kissing. I pulled back, pressed my fingers to my lips and could not help but notice that his were quite soft.

Maybe I should tell him that? Nah. I decided against it and rather laughed and said, ‘Gee, sorry Joe.’

His mouth twitched, ‘I’ll live.’

Embarrassed that he may see the blush I found rapidly tickling my face, I continued to the kitchen. Before I could reach the door, however, Joe called after me, ‘Elvis?’

‘Yeah?’ I replied as I turned around and saw his mouth twitch again, he’s probably thinking of becoming a comedian. He then said, ‘You have soft lips.’

Damn. I knew I should have said it first.