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The vast world of Miitopia

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The castle towered over the entire land, or so it felt that way to Yukina. She’s never seen a building this big, she tilted her head up to take in the entirety of the giant castle in front of her, while still walking with Sayo.

“Hey, we’re approaching the entrance. The guards will be a bit sceptical of you since you don’t look exactly like a normal imp. Just act natural.” Yukina was again reminded she doesn’t exactly belong here, even if there’s imps that could be classified as demons, she looked nothing like them. She wasn’t supposed to even be here. So she pulled up her hood to hide her horns and made sure to still cover her arms with her cloak.

As soon as the guards saw Sayo they straightened their posture, they looked so professional.
“Greetings ms. Hikawa.” They all said in perfect unison. “Did you end your patrol early? Usually you don’t come back here this early.” One of the guards mentioned. “Also, who’s this you have with you ms. Hikawa?” Another guard mentioned.

“Yes, today’s morning patrol is finished for today. About this person, I found her out in the forest while looking around.” Sayo responded, turning her head towards Yukina. The demon turned her head down, trying not to seem noticed. “This is Yukina Minato, I saw potential in her. I want her to join our forces.” The guards all looked at eachother, all with slightly concerned faces. “It’s fine, we’ll just see what the others think of her.” As Sayo said those words, still holding onto Yukina’s hand, she pulled Yukina into the castle.

As they were walking Yukina looked around at all the regal furniture beautifully placed around the castle, how clean it all was. She’s never seen anything like this, it’s a new experience for her, seeing something so amazing. Sayo stopped walking and let go of Yukina’s hand as she stood in front of two big doors. “Behind here is the dinner room. Everyone else is in there. Are you ready?” Yukina nodded her head, but she felt nervous. Sayo opened the door, and in the room there was a long table with dishes of food spread out all over the table. The people sitting there definitely looked worthy of being part of a powerful force.

“Hikawa-san, welcome back..” A soft voice spoke, it came from a girl with long black hair, and a sun on their cheek. They looked like a shy person, especially based on how soft they spoke.

“Hm? Who did you bring along with you? Is it a fifth member?” Another voice spoke up, it sounded very bubbly and upbeat. The person who spoke definitely caught Yukina’s attention, they have flowey caramel hair that has some of it in a high ponytail, their left eye is green and the other eye is purple. They also have two purple stripes on both sides of their face.

Sayo gave everyone a welcoming smile. “This is Yukina Minato. I found her in the forest while on patrol. I think she’ll be a good addition to the royal force.”

The third person stood up from their chair and raised their hand. “Wait wait! What job does she have?” The voice sounded very chuunibyou-like, it came from a short looking girl with purple hair put in pigtails on both sides of her head. She definitely seemed to have more detail than anyone else there. She had two red stripes coming down from her left eye, and on her right cheek they had a little silhouette of a purple bat. She had demon-like eyes and tiny red horns on her head.

“Well, I'm not sure.” Sayo turned her eyes away from the others.

“Uhm.. Maybe we can see the powers Minato-san possesses..?” Said the soft voice once again.

Sayo looked at Yukina, serving as Yukina’s cue to show everyone what powers she has. Yukina closed her eyes, a holographic pentagram formed underneath her onto the floor. Then she sharply opened her eyes and a small gust of wind was summoned, and the pentagram disappeared. The caramel haired girl seemed impressed, like she had sparkles in her eyes. She began to clap softly. Everyone else looked surprised, but also amazed at the same time.

“With powers like that, you’ll definitely be an amazing addition to the force! I say we add her in!” Her multi-colored eyes sparkling. The other two nodded in agreement.

“Then it’s decided. Welcome to the royal force Yukina.” Sayo looked at Yukina with a smile. Yukina smiled back, she’s never had anyone admire her powers, it’s a nice change. “Come here, have a seat.” Sayo walked over to the table and pulled out a chair next to everyone else. Yukina walked over to the chair and made sure to slowly sit down to not seem impolite. “Oh right, you guys haven’t introduced yourselfs.” Sayo said as she sat down in her chair.

The long black haired girl spoke up first, slightly raising her hand as the other one was placed on her chest. “I’ll go first.. My name is Rinko Shirogane.” She smiled softly and slightly tilted her head to the side.

“Ooh! I’ll go next then!!” The other demon in the room exclaimed. “Hehe.. I’m Ako Udagawa!!”

“Guess that means I'm last! My name is Lisa Imai! It’s really nice to meet you, Yukina!”

Yukina looked at everyone once again and smiled softly, she really felt welcomed. She took off her hood, showing her horns.

“Woaaahh!! Those horns are so cool!! Wish I had big horns like that!!” Ako exclaimed, putting both of her hands on the table and leaning forward. Yukina laughed.

“I guess they are pretty cool.. I’m glad you like them, Ako.” Yukina looked at Ako with a happy expression on her face. Sayo suddenly put a plate of food in front of Yukina. “Ah, thank you.” Sayo smiled and returned to her seat. Yukina stared at the food on her plate, she was given scrambled eggs and some toast, it was still the morning after all and Sayo wanted to give Yukina a light meal first. Yukina took her fork and ate some of the eggs, her eyes suddenly started widened and the shine in her eyes got bigger.

“D-Do you like them? I made them myself..!” Rinko had a proud smile on her face.

“They taste amazing!!” Yukina responded as her lemon eyes sparkled.

“Thank you.. Ive gotten my cooking skills from the famous chef, Ran Mitake.. She’s an amazing chef known all around the world, have you heard of her?”
“No.. I don’t know much about the popular things going around here.”

“That’s ok..!” Rinko gave Yukina a warm smile. After a bit more chatter between the five of them, Yukina stood up from her seat.

“Is there somewhere i’ll be staying for.. the remainder of the time i’ll be here??” She said, trying to sound respectful to the others.

“Mhm. I’ll guide you to it, follow me.” Sayo pushed her chair back and stood up. As the two were leaving the dining room Lisa smiled and waved at Yukina, the demon smiled back leaving them both with a nice warm feeling.

Sayo and Yukina exited the room through another door just across from the door they initially went through at first. The other door led to a hallway with a bunch of different doors, some with patterns on them, some were different colours. But they seemed to stop at the very end of the hallway at the entrance of what seemed to be Yukina’s new room. Sayo turned the golden door knob and opened the door to a neatly decorated room. It was very roomy but still looked very inviting, most of the furniture was quite dull coloured but it gave it a more calming atmosphere. Sayo glanced back at Yukina. “This will be your room. Do you like it?” She said with a faint but very noticeable smile.

Yukina nodded. “It’s very nice. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome, I'm glad you like it. Make yourself at home for today, tomorrow you’ll start learning the basics of being in the force and we’ll discuss the schedules.” Sayo then walked out of the room, closing the door behind her. Yukina was grateful to be in such a nice place, she couldn’t help but feel a bit guilty for having such nice things all at once without any way to pay them back. She just hopes everything will be ok.