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The vast world of Miitopia

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As she slowly opened her eyes and regained her consciousness, she could feel the warm sun shining down on her. She felt the soft grass underneath her body, caressing her like a comfy mattress. Her vision started to focus itself and make out the environment in front of her. But she saw something quite unexpected, it was a person in clothing similar to what an archer would wear. This person had pointy ears and flowy aqua hair, as well as an eye patch covering their left eye.

“Ah, you’re awake.. Are you ok?” The blue haired elf said in a soft tone as they leaned down a bit closer to her. Her eyes widened and she quickly snapped back up from the ground. “Sorry, did I startle you? I really didn’t mean to.. My name is Sayo Hikawa. I’m part of the royal force, I just happened to have found you while I was about my morning patrol. What’s your name?”

She hesitantly responded. “My name is.. Yukina. Yukina Minato..” Her soft coloured purple hair in between her horns on both sides of her head and her dark cloak covering the lower parts of her body gently moved with the wind, her lemon coloured eyes moved away from Sayo as she spoke.

“Yukina huh..” Yukina looked back at Sayo with a tense expression on her face, which then Sayo giggled and a tiny bit of blush formed on her face. “What a nice name.. I like the way it sounds, it’s nice.” Sayo smiled softly at Yukina as the tense expression on the demon’s face disappeared and was instead replaced with a small smile.

“Why did you want to talk to me though?” Sayo responded with a confused expression. “Like, what about me caught your attention?”

“Well I see potential in you. You seem capable and strong.” Yukina’s expression widened as she heard those words come out of the elf’s mouth.

“I think.. you got the wrong person. I’m not strong or capable at all..” In reality Yukina is actually very strong, having abilities no mere imp has. But she’s afraid of ever getting in combat again.

Sayo huffed and smirked at the demon in front of her. “C’mon now, you can’t lie yourself out of this one.” The elf let a small laugh out as she smiled a bit more, causing her eyes to squint softly. “I know you’re strong, I think you’re just scared. And I know you want to use your power for good. That’s why, I want you to join the royal force with me.” Yukina looked at Sayo with a shocked expression on her face, her eyes widening and internally questioning why out of all people, Sayo chose her. “Please Yukina, you’ll be a great addition to our force. I also think you’re important to me cause, I saw you in a dream once. You were powerful and you were able to take down several enemies in one foul swoop.”

Yukina hesitated a bit as she heard Sayo’s mini-speech, but decided to join Sayo in the end. “Alright. I’ll join forces with you.” She took Sayo’s hand that was already in front of her, and finally stood up. She made sure to hide the rest of her arm with her cloak.
“I knew you would agree to join us.” She gave Yukina a soft smile. “Follow my lead, I'll guide you to the castle. You’ll meet everyone else there.” Yukina nodded and while still holding the other’s hand, she walked over with Sayo to the castle.