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Is It Too Late To Go Back To Juvie? A Griff Wedgie Story

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Summer vacation was coming to a close. Griff McCormick, the name still sounded fresh in the boy's head, was going to an ordinary school. The schools in juvie were constantly hot, underfunded, and movement was restricted. This would be the first time he saw an ordinary junior high school.

"Griff," Xander said, "Remember what we talked about."

"Yeah yeah," Griff yawned, "Don't steal from anyone."


"Don't scam them either."


"No pranks, fights, or talking about juvie." Griff rolled his eyes. He was a twelve-year-old boy who shimmied down chimneys with flat screen TVs. He can handle 7th grade. At least that's what he thought until he got to the worst class, gym class.

This class reminded Griff of the soul-sucking showers of juvie. The locker room smelled of boyish BO, sadness, and a lack of hygiene. He observed two kinds of behaviors. Boys who were taller and had more muscle preferred to strip down to their underwear completely. Boys who were smaller and nerdier preferred to change one article of clothing at a time. Griff may have been small, but he wasn't about to not assert his dominance.

Griff unlaced his shoes and took them off. He pulled his shirt over his head and dropped his pants.

"TIGHTY WHITIES!" A kid shouted and pointed. Indeed, Griff stood in the middle of the locker room in nothing more than a pair of tighty white briefs with a gray waistband, white ankle socks, and a look of shock. Laughter erupted in the room. Did he do something wrong? Why were they calling him tighty whities?

"Let's give the new kid a warm welcome." Griff felt his crotch tighten. A light blush appeared across his face. That voice came from behind him and very few people could sneak up on him that well. "I call this a dodgeball special."

"Dodgeball special?" When the bully yanked Griff's tighty whities, that wasn't the only thing that went high. Griff's voice was going so high that he's surprised the glasses in the locker room didn't break. It took four or five yanks, but the underwear had tried to snap back to its original position. Griff's shoulders were in the way. Griff's crotch and ass burned as bright as his reddened face. "Let's help our new friend get dressed, boys."

The other big bullies in the locker room swarmed Griff. They were incredibly precise and managed to get Griff dressed and ready for gym class in seconds. His shoes were tied to perfect knots which make sense. Griff would need to bend down and exacerbate his wedgie to undo the knots.

"Wear something other than panties next time, new kid," said the lead bully.

It took one class period for Griff to realize that this school would be harder than anything in juvie.