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Good Colleagues Help Each Other

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Good Colleagues Help Each Other

It could've been a pretty lovely evening, that one. The music was pleasant, if a bit trite. The beer tasted nice, although it could've used a little more spunk. The lights weren't too bright, too bad they had an horrible color. Seriously, whose idea was it to use fuchsia for neons hanged in front of plain wood? What a terrible contrast. Oh, there weren't many people around, though the ones present did still manage to make quite the rucus. Yeah, that was just short of being a perfectly enjoyable evening.

"Aahh, they don't have umbrellas here I bet" Roy mused as he downed another half glass of beer.

The rain hadn't really caught him by surprise, no. He just so happened to have forgotten to bring along an umbrella, probably because things at work had been pretty hectic lately. Not that he hated his job, no, but it could get pretty overbearing at times. On the bright side, most stuff had finally been taken care off, enough to let him have a night all to himself.

To his lonesome self.

Not like he really minded that. Proper relationships of any kind, barring the professional one, were kinda hard to come by for someone in his position, people just came and went too quickly for his tastes, and he'd gotten used to it a long time ago. Or maybe he simply never much cared about such things in the first place.

Maybe I need an hobby. Or not, don't really have that much free time.

He lifted his glass to drink again, filtering out the pointless chatter coming from both the television and the other patrons, when his phone rang. He had already gotten in his slack-off mood though. Not picking up wasn't an option, granted, but maybe it was something he could push onto someone else. Was Platinum free?


The name displayed on the screen surprised him, if only a little.


Roy had had quite a few partners over the years, the feline wasn't the first lazurite he'd paired with and, to be frank, he doubted she'd be the last. He had to say, however, that she was quite fun to have around. She didn't seem to think of him the same way but, then again, it hadn't been that long since they started working together. Maybe she'd warm up a bit?

"Roy here. Need something?" he spoke as he answered the call.

"Is that music? Are you slacking off again?" she asked back, and he could picture her annoyed face almost too clearly just from her tone.

"Come on, Monique dear-"

"I'm not your dear" she cut him off coldly.

"I'm all done with work on my end. Want to tag along for a beer?" he asked, as upbeat as ever.

"I need informations" she said, blatantly ignoring his offer "And you're more familiar with Kawalerielki than me"

Strange, her voice sounded somewhat off. Her breathing. Her breathing was a bit heavy, yes. A normal person probably wouldn't even notice it, but normal was not a word that could describe Roy, for better or for worse. Was she tired? No, he'd heard her short of breath once before, and the sound was a bit different.

"I think I am, yes" he replied as he chucked down some more of his beer.

Weird. Was that something she expected him to be more knowledgeable about than their intel division?

"I need a brothel"

He nearly chocked on his drink, his sudden coughing fit luring the eyes of some of the other patrons for all of five seconds, perhaps six.

"You need what?"

"A brothel. You know what that is, I believe"

"Of course I know" he replied, not too ecstatic about the undertones of that last remark.

"A clean one. Discreet. Good services. Not too expensive"

What the hell?!

"Ehm, Monique dear- "

"I'm not your dear" she repeated, almost hissed back.

"Alright, Monique. I, uh, don't really frequent those places? Oh, I'm not judging you for- "

"I don't care what you think, I just need the information. Quickly"

"I get it, but I don't have what you're asking of me. I've seen some along the roads here and there but I don't know enough about them to recommend any"


"I appreciate the confidence you're- "

"Don't" she cut him off.

"Alright" he continued, leaving his previous remark unfinished "If a target went to hide in a brothel you'd better ask the intel division, no?"

That... probably wasn't the case, but that question had come so abruptly it was taking him a while to mentally recover.

"Or what, your season came early?" he joked.

Aagh, that was lame.


"... hold on, what?"

"I'm in heat" she stated, so matter-of-factly it almost sounded like a joke.

Though Roy couldn't recall having ever heard Monique joke about anything.

"Uhm... that so. There are suppressants for that, you know?"

Were they seriously having that conversation? And over the phone too.

"I've already skipped five cycles. Abusing the suppressants can lead to complications later down the line"

"Hold on, for real? What kind of complications?" he asked, suddenly worried about his own health.

"I'm not your medic"

He sighed, albeith silently.

"I don't know any places, sorry"

"You're useless"


"How come you didn't look it up beforehand though? You're not this careless"

"It came earlier than expected, you said that yourself. It should've started in two weeks. This city's messing with my metabolism"

Really? Wait, I think I've heard stuff like that does happen sometimes when moving into the big cities from smaller places. Maybe?

"I can look into some of them for you"

"Don't bother, I'm in a hurry"

"Hey now, if you want to sort it out quickly I can always help you out myself" he joked.

That... came out badly too. Maybe he had drunk too much? Unlikely, but perhaps possible. He pondered that as he drank what was left of his beer.

"... fine"

Or as he tried to, since that answer made him choke on that mouthful as well.

"F-for real?"

"Quit acting like a prude. You offered, so let's get this done. Quick and professional, so that I can go back to my assignments"

"Professional how? I mean... sure... ? So, what? My place?"

"I can't think of anything more unpleasant than visiting your place"

Jeez, chill down a bit, lady.

"Yours then?"

"I take it back, I can think of something more unpleasant"

"Ohy, give me some slack here"

"The mall between the abandoned warehouse and the parking lot, on plate five, seventh district. There's a small hotel in front of it"

"Pretty close, how lucky. Alright, I'll be there in ten minutes"

He looked at his beer. He had pretty much wasted half of it, thinking about it.

"Maybe fifteen"

Monique hung up the phone, and Roy found himself staring at his. How long had it been since something had left him that startled?

"Professional, she said. What about this is professional, exactly?" he wondered, admittedly somewhat amused as he ordered another beer, chucked it down not too quickly, paid the tab and left, walking swiftly and sticking to the buildings to get as much respite from the rain as he could.

Monique hadn't given him the name of the hotel, but there was only one in sight anyway at the place she'd directed him to, so he walked in, finding the feline already waiting for him inside. She was standing right by the staircase, and the only other person in sight was an old kuranta sitting behind the counter, so old he honestly seemed a bit out of place there.

"Took you long enough"

Yeah, something was off. Her lips were slightly open, not something he was used to see. Her ears were bent at a slightly sharper angle than usual too. She had one leg bent slightly at the knee while the other one was straight , which caused her hips to stick out a fair bit, with one hand resting on said hips. Maybe that was all in his head, maybe that's just how she always posed herself and he had simply never noticed, but... maybe not.

"I was pretty close by already" he smirked back as he shrugged a bit of raindrops off his clothes, which thankfully were rather waterproof. And the rain had almost stopped anyway, he was pretty much dry.

She didn't reply, turning around instead and going up the stairs without even dropping by the reception. Then again, if she really was in such an hurry she had probably taken a pair of keys already. Roy followed behind her, humming softly while wondering if they were seriously going through with that and trying to recall the last time he had actually gotten intimate with anyone.

... ohy, for real? he thought as he found his mind going much, much further back than he had expected Kinda depressing.

"What?" Monique asked upon hearing him sigh.

"Are you serious about this?"

"If this is your first time then just leave" she almost threatened as she opened a door on the third floor.

"Well, this would be my first time with a colleague, yes"

Honestly, he was a bit nervous. Or rather, that sounded like a... maybe not a bad idea, but at least not a good one either. Then again, pulling out at that point would've hurt his pride a bit. That, and he kind of wanted things between him and Monique to work out nicely, at least as long as they remained colleagues. He didn't really know how long they'd work together for, but a bad relationship would've definitively made for a pretty unpleasant time together. Then again, was that actually the right way to build a nice relationship? Maybe? He was quite confused, a feeling he had admittedly almost forgotten. Whistling softly, he followed the feline inside and took a look around as she locked the door.

The room was... not spacious. The bed was on the small side, and meant for one too. The couch seemed more comfortable honestly, kinda large and placed in front of a television that wasn't likely to see any use. There was a wardrobe tucked in a corner of the room, a nightstand by the bed, a plastic circular table with a couple of chairs and even a mini-bar. And a second door that probably led to a bathroom. The wallpaper was quite pleasant though, soft colors and a simple but nice looking pattern on it.

"So... " he began to say, only for the sound of shuffling clothes to cut him off.

He turned around to see Monique undressing unceremoniously, casually throwing her cape on the floor and beginning to take her dress off as well.

"Hold on, wait" he said "Let's take it a bit more slowly maybe? Like, you know, enjoying things a little?"

She looked at him with all the usual annoyance and maybe more but, just like with her voice, something about her face was a bit off too. The faintest shade of red on her cheeks, a vague heat deep inside her blue eyes.

"No" she replied coldly -not quite as coldly as per her usual, maybe- as she took off her dress and tossed it next to her cape, quickly followed by her upper undergarment.

Oh, so that's what she wears he thought as he looked at the corset she had just thrown on the floor, a somewhat odd design with a surprising amount of frills, and straps only at the low and upper end to leave the sides bare.

Had she not taken it off so unceremoniously -or, at least, had she not been basically staring daggers at him- he might've almost thought she put that on just to give him a bit of eye candy.

His eyes didn't remain on that garment for long though, naturally dragged to her breasts instead, which appeared a bit larger without anything to restrain them. Guess she liked tight clothing.

"Come on, you too" she almost scolded as she took off her pants.

"Right" he snapped himself out of his daze.

With his eyes still on her, he started to disrobe as well. Perhaps because he was rather distracted, Monique finished a good minute earlier than him, her naked figure staring with annoyance at him, a stare that, in that situation, sent an odd mix of feelings up the kuranta's spine.

Well, damn.

He checked her out without trying to hide it, it wouldn't even have made sense given the circumstances. She was a bit short, especially without her heels, but slim. Toned body, quite muscular even, which in hindsight wasn't surprising at all. Her hips were thin but not overly so. Slender legs. A few scars here and there, probably from her time in the army. Some looked like bolt wounds, a few clearly came from a blade, one he honestly couldn't associate with anything.

"Get on with it, Roy" she hurged him, tapping her feet on the ground as she did so.

"Right, right"

What was it that got him so agitated? Well, so agitated by his standards, at least. Was it the fact that a woman was staring at his naked body for the first time in honestly a bit too long? The fact that said woman was, to tell the truth, pretty damn pretty? Perhaps even a bit gorgeous, yes. Or the fact that they were coworkers? He liked to think it was only the latter, but he couldn't entirely rule out the first two either. Damn it, had it really been so long that he was no longer comfortable being naked with a woman he was about to lie with?

Monique, on her part, was doing her fair share of staring too. Roy was well built, more than she'd expected to tell the truth. But he wasn't overly muscular either. A bit too tall, maybe. She liked the way his dark hair framed his head, though torture alone wouldn't be enough to make her admit that. He didn't have much in the way of scars, though looking at his chest she got the feeling that he was missing a rib. Well, that didn't concern her in the slightest. Her gaze then traced down, and she made a conscious effort to keep her ears and tail in check when she looked at his half-erect member.

"That's hideous"

"Hoy, I'm not deformed or anything you know? This is just how kurantas looks. Are felines different?"

"Theirs is more pointy. Less cilindrical. And barbed"

"It's what?"

"It's irrelevant, that's what it is"

"Fine, fine" he complied, scratching the back of his head while his gaze wandered between her legs.

She was shaved, which honestly startled hi -no, wait. There were some marks on one of her legs, starting from the knee and going up to her crotch, almost reaching her slit. Old burn marks, by the looks of it, chemicals too if he had to guess. Some of her pubic hair had gotten burned off at the root, while the rest was indeed shaved.


"Oh, nothing" he replied as he reminded himself that everyone had their own fair share of stories and kept staring.

And, well, she was soaked. All the way to her knees already. That did make sense if she was really in heat -everything suggested she indeed was- and, honestly, something about the contrast between the state of her sex and her expression really got him going. Much to his surprise too, he never thought himself to be into such things.

"Do you have a condom?"

"You've got any illness?" she asked as she walked up to him and grabbed his shoulders.

"No, no"

"Me neither"

She pushed Roy down, making him sit on the bed. His face ended up at just the perfect height to stare right at her chest. His pulse quickened. They looked pretty soft, and the little buds on each one were stiff already. She noticed his stare, and he noticed the way that caused her tail to wave softly, its fur standing straight up. His own tail probably wouldn't have been still either, if not for the fact that it'd gotten caught beneath him when she pushed him down. A bit uncomfortable, but nothing he couldn't deal with, especially with such a sight to distract him.

"You sure?"

"I took a pill"


She straddled him, and he felt himself grow stiffer. Things were going too quickly for his tastes, to tell the truth, and he wasn't sure how to feel about the fact that he was reacting that way despire the complete lack of foreplay, or even just of build up really. Was he actually desperate?

"Alright, alright"

He grabbed her hips, feeling an ever so weak jolt run through her as his hands touched her to help her properly position over him. There was a thin, very thin layer of fat beneath her skin, and right beneath were firm muscles, a most pleasant sensation under his fingers. Then, seeing how he wasn't taking said fingers off her, she grabbed his member herself and alined it before lowering her waist.


Which one of them thought that, well, that was hard to tell. After having properly placed the tip, Monique had dropped herself all the way down in a single, swift motion accompanied by a wet sound, and that act -or the reaction to it- seemed to have caught both by surprise, a soft gasp escaping the two lazurites.

Are all felines like this? I kind of hope not he wondered as he felt her contract against him almost viciously, the mere penetration having sent an unreasonably strong jolt of pleasure up his spine and down his tail.

Tsk, still not done yet? she thought, somewhat annoyed, as she felt him still growing stiffer within her.

He was bigger than she was used to, but the shape -albeith rather unusual to her- was more regular. With no barbs, the pressure was applied more evenly, but it was also overall less intense, or rather less stimulating. It did reach deeper than she might've been comfortable with if not for her current state but, for that same reason, that consideration didn't quite cross her mind.

"What, panting already?" she asked as she felt his heavy breathing against her face, his scent causing her ears to twitch despite her best efforts at keeping them still.

Her tone was almost as cold as ever, but that "almost" made for a world of difference.

"You sound pretty into it too" he smirked back.

Kurantas weren't renowed for their sense of smell and, in that regard, Roy was painfully average. From so up close, however, he could take in her scent without even trying and damn, was that a pleasant scent. Something about it gave him goosebumps. He traced his hands along her skin, reaching her hips and pulling her further in towards himself just to get a better feel of her aroma, the small gesture making his member grind around within her, and he could've almost sworn he had heard her whimper in response. Monique, on her part, seemed to have misunderstood that gesture as she leaned back. Only with her face though.

No kissing, uh he mentally took note, though he wasn't surprised in the slightest by that.

Then, without a word, Monique pulled herself up, enough for him to almost slip out of her, and then back down, swiftly, the sound of flesh against flesh briefly filling the room. Then again, faster. And faster. And faster still. She kind of missed the feeling of barbs rasping at her insides, though his preputial ring sort of made up for that to an extent. All things considered, that didn't feel quite better nor worse, just different. She had no intention of saying that though.

"Oh-ohy, Monique, slow down -ah- a bit" he said between heavy breaths, taken by surprise by her aggressive, almost violent pace.

"I said... quick. And professional" she replied, bouncing up and down on him, her body trembling with every motion, her sensitivity heightened by the heat, warm pleasure running to the tip of her fingers, her toes and even her tail only to then rebound back, reverberating within her.

Much to her chagrin, not moaning was taking all of her willpower. She wanted to bite her lip just to make sure she wouldn't let out any sound but, at the same time, she didn't want to give him the satisfaction of seeing her like that. But damn, was it getting harder. She gripped his shoulders, her nails basically digging into his skin -the "ouch" he let out was surprisingly pleasant to ear- and kept moving up and down, trying to quench the fire deep within her as quickly as possible. Roy seemed to be enjoying it too, but she didn't really care about that. That was about her, not him. At the same time, however, she could see that he was trying to keep himself in check, to hold on, and the fact that she had gotten him into such a state, and so quickly too, was elating.

She kind of hated herself for feeling like that.

Roy, on his part, was really trying to not reach his peak too early. Sure, it'd been quite too long since his last time and he wasn't exactly used to the feeling any more, but... holy damn, the way her insides clenched and squeezed him was unreal. He was actually glad that his tail had ended up beneath him, since the light discomfort helped with keeping himself under control. He stared at her chest, at her firm breasts moving up and down with the rest of her body and, taking advantage of the fact that she was holding on to him -a bit too strongly at that- he moved his hands over her skin, cupping her breasts, sinking his fingers into them, stroking and pinching her stiff nipples. Oh lord, that felt better than it had any reason to. He brought his gaze up and their eyes met, wildly different emotions behind them. Monique continued to move her hips, his hands on her chest sending another warm tingle deep within her, a feeling that grew stronger and stronger the longer he kept groping and teasing her.

"H... hey, Monique -ngh- I'm -!"

Before Roy could finish his warning, however, the feline sunk her nails deeper into his shoulders and even dragged them along, leaving red marks on his skin as she slammed herself down on his member with even greater vigor, her insides contracting around him with unprecedented strength as every muscle in her body went stiff, her eyes closing and her ears lying low, her breathing alted for a few moments. Roy, who was on the verge of his own climax, got caught by surprise by that and found himself reaching his peak suddenly, his sentence turning into a grunt, his hands squeezing Monique's chest with more strength, sending another jolt through her. She felt him twitch and pulsate deep within her, hot seed releasing inside her and filling her to the point of overflowing, her body heating up even more in response, pleasure and something else threatening to take over.

Then, however, her lungs got back to work. Air flowed in, and she started breathing once more, just like Roy. It was hard to tell which one of them was more out of breath, both panting heavily and holding on to the other, staring at their partner but not quite exactly at their face, basking in the afterglow, sweat running down their skin and accentuating their figures.

Do all kurantas... let out this much?

"D-damn... " he spoke first, pulling a few strands of his dark hair away from his face "You're quite the ride, Monique dear"

She basically hissed in his face, but at the same time he felt her clench down on him harder in response to those words. On his part, he found the not exactly mild pain of her nails into his flesh, well... surprisingly pleasant, which did raise a few questions about himself in his mind.

"I said quick" she replied, panting "Not premature"

"Oh, come on, I didn't even come first"

"Just shut up" she cut the conversation short as she pulled herself up.

And then slid back down again, their hips meeting once more.

"Hold on"

"Out of commission already?" she taunted as she continued to move, quickly picking up the pace.

And, somehow, Roy found the almost-smirk on her face incredibly hot.

"Ah, not quite, no" he replied, though keeping his smile straight required a considerable effort.

Maybe not at this rhythm though... needy as hell, are we?

He let out another gasp when Monique dragged her nails further along his skin but, surprisingly, that pain did little in the way of distracting him from the pleasure, made even greater by the fact that his recent orgasm had left him more sensitive. Her body language, however, suggested that she was feeling it just as much as him and probably more, which in itself was really pleasing.

With that said, however, he had to do something, or he'd seriously get dried up too quickly. He was quite pent up, more than he probably wanted to admit, but he could only last so long under her pace. And so he moved his hands down to her rear, getting an ample feel of her firm, surprisingly round cheeks, which caused her tail to wave left and right wildly, hitting his fingers a couple of times. Then, just as Monique lifted herself up, Roy firmly grabbed her and sprung to his feet, startling the feline for just the split second he needed to close the distance to the couch and drop her down. Her hips fell on the padded armrest and Monique, having lost her grip on him for half a second too long, found herself falling backwards and ending up lying on the seats, hips raised and legs sprawled out at Roy's sides.

That little maneuver of his, done without pulling out of her, had hit just the right spot inside her, and the position she was in now made his member push exactly against that same spot. She loved that, she kind of hated to love that, and she'd gotten too damn close to letting her voice out.

"Now this is quite the view" Roy commented, his usual wretched smile back on his face as he relished in the sight of Monique naked and lying in front of him.


"Aaahh, we're assassins after all"


He held her hips firmly and started moving, keeping her in place as much as he could while moving at a slower pace compared to the one she'd been dictating earlier. The way she squeezed him was unlike anything he'd ever felt before, and the look on her face as she tried her hardest to not let out any moan -a vocalization Roy was perfectly comfortable with producing himself, to be honest- was... god damn it, just when did she get so sexy?

"Is this -mh- all you got?" she asked as she propped herself up on her elbows.

It felt great -he felt great within her- but not enough, too slow, that wasn't enough. He was hitting her right where she loved it, but that pace just couldn't cut it, she was still burning up and all they were doing at the moment was stoking the flames, not putting them out. So she tried to move her hips, to add something to the stimulation, but the position she was in was a terrible one in that regard, and the way he held firmly to her only made it harder. His solid grasp on her sent more than a shiver up her spine, but it also didn't help, no, not at all.

For a moment she considered touching herself, groping her breasts or even playing with her clit. But no way in hell she'd give Roy the satisfaction of seeing her like that, of getting her to act like that, heat or not. No. Never.

As for Roy, he kept moving his gaze between Monique's face and the drops of sweat rolling down her breasts, fully enjoying the view from his vantage point as he moved his hips back and forth, each motion firm but not too quick, his tail waving behind him without any restraint. He could last quite a while longer like that and, while he was sure she'd have liked it rougher, she seemed to enjoy that pace too, though not as much. That did sour the mood a bit, but he still had every intention of seeing that... whatever it was that they were doing, through. He just wanted to properly enjoy it as well. Actually, talking about Monique, her tail was waving too, hitting his legs more than a few times as it did so. Her fur was rather short, but cool and pleasant. Still, the fact that it kept bumping against him was a bit annoying. And so, maybe more out of reflex than conscious choice, he grabbed her tail.

And Monique meowed.

For a second, everything stopped. No, it'd be more accurate to say that, for a brief moment, everything seemed to have just died. Not a single sound could be heard within those four walls as they stared at each other in disbelief, pure shock on their faces. Then Roy's lips curled into a smile, that wretched smile of his, and he resumed moving his hips, the wet noises produced by their pelvises meeting and parting once again echoing in the room. She held on to the couch, tearing the fabric off it, and meowled again when Roy squeezed her tail a second time, she meowled despite all her efforts at staying quiet. How embarassing. No, how disgraceful. He squeezed again, and she felt her inner walls contract against his member, sending up her spine a wave of pleasure strong enough to knock her off her elbows.

Aahh, fuck it. Fuck her, for having phoned Roy in the first place. Fuck him, for everything he was. Fuck her heat, for having gotten her into that situation. And fuck her, especially fuck her, because dear gods she needed that.

"H-hey?" he asked as he suddenly felt her legs closing around him, her ankles intertwining behind his back to get a better hold of him "Woah!"

She pulled him towards herself with her legs, just enough to make him lose his balance. It lasted only a brief moment, but that was all she needed to reach forward, grab him and roll around. They fell off the couch with a loud thud, and when Roy opened his eyes again he found himself lying face-up on the cold, not too comfortable floor, with Monique straddling him.

"Wait a second, Mon -ughh!"

She leaned back, sinking her nails behind his knees and her thumbs in front to keep his legs down, then quickly adjusted her hips and started bouncing up and down along him again, almost twice as fast compared to the rhythm he had dictated until a few seconds earlier.

Still, Roy had managed to hold onto her tail through all of that, and he'd been squeezing it the whole time. Combined with everything else, that made Monique lose control over her own voice. And while Roy'd been pretty vocal up to that point, the feline was loud. Really loud. Once the first moan managed to escape her lips, all the others followed like a crashing wave breaking through a dam, her cold yet sweet voice echoing in his ears almost as much as it did in hers. He tried to get back up, but the moment he did so he felt her nails dig even deeper into his flesh, threatening some serious damage.

The hell's wrong with me?! he wondered as he found himself even more riled up by that thrill and by the pain.

Still, with how aggressively she was shaking her hips on him he had no way of lasting long. Honestly, he was kind of praising himself for having gotten that far in the first place because the pleasure was just unreal, every hair on his body standing up as more and more sparks flew through his mind. But he didn't want to risk finishing before her, so he reached for her clit with his free hand and flicked it. And, even though he'd braced himself for it, the way she tightened up in response nearly got him over the edge right there and there. And heavens, the way her whole body trembled. He was going to see that in his dreams for a long while, he was sure of it. He kept squeezing her tail with his other hand, making sure to not follow a regular pattern to prevent her from getting used to it -though in truth he simply decided at random when or how much, simply because he could no longer muster that much concentration- while poking her clith with the other, rubbing, squeezing and flicking her little, sensitive nub, every touch making her grown even more vocal, the fire within her burning with such intensity it had completely overshadowed everything else, and -

God, she's purring!

Shit! Fuck, no! Shit!

"Shit, Monique, have you always been this wild?!" he panted.

"Fuck me!" she shouted back, utterly shocking him "Shut your fucking mouth and fuck me, you bastard!"

"I'm trying!"

But, despite his best efforts, Roy found himself outmatched. He tried as hard as he could to hold back, to last a bit longer, but she was just out of this world. The kuranta released his seed within her once more and, in reverse to what happened before, his orgasm tipped Monique over the edge too, the feline suddenly turning silent as he came deep inside her, his member pulsating several times over to push its content out, the warm feeling sending her over the edge, her body turning stiff again. And then, just like before, they slowly rolled off their high, completely out of breath, utterly covered in sweath -and other fluids too around their hips- cheeks as red as they could get, ears twitching and tails waving, any trace of hairdo they might've had completely gone.

"Ah... ah, damn... I'm spent... "

"... not yet"

"... what"

Monique didn't reply. But their gazes met, and he could still see a fire burning behind her deep, blue eyes.

"Come on" she said between one ragged breath and the other "Where did your smugness go, Roy?" she mocked as she started moving again.

Bloody hell!

He didn't really think he had anything else to give, honestly. Damn it, she was overflowing already, what more was he supposed to do? But letting her down -letting her win? No, no no no, that wouldn't do. He just had to get back on top, set the tempo himself, grit his teeth and made another last push. He was exhausted, but so was she, he could tell. And so, taking advantage of the fact that her grip on his knees had grown much too loose, he grabbed her and pulled himself up again, as quickly and as suddenly as he could. Monique tried to push him back down but failed to match his momentum, and the two ended up falling back on the bed, only this time the one on top was Roy, who managed to grab hold of her wrists before she could recover and pin her down with his full weight.

"Fucker" she said, shouted almost, and nearly directly into his ears too given their position.

"That's kinda the point, isn't it?"

He started moving back and forth inside her again, but in that position Monique could still shake her hips to a degree, forcing him to slow down to not overload himself. Honestly, he was so overstimulated by that point that it was starting to feel kinda painful, but yet again that pain sort of kept him going too. A bit of a shame that he couldn't look at her face properly while lying on her like that, but the feeling of her breasts pressed beneath his chest sort of made up for that.

"Is this your idea of fucking?" she taunted as she pushed against his arms.

But, while Roy wasn't exactly in peak condition anymore, the same went for her, and she couldn't muster enough strength to shake him off.

"Not my fault you feel this fucking awesome!"


Her ears twitched, they twitched wildly. And she pushed her hips up, as much as she could, up and down trying to match his tempo, but he just kept changing it up to make her life harder. The end result, however, was surprisingly pleasant, her muscles trembling as her previous orgasms had left her way more sensitive than normal. And she bit him, she bit his shoulder hard, her fangs sinking deep into his flesh, almost making him scream in surprise and pain and oh god, what a lovely scream that was. She bit hard to try and silence herself, but not even that could stop her from purring, and she hated that, it felt so damn good but she hated her lack of self control. As for Roy, he tried to hit her where she felt it the most, adjusting his aim based on the intesity of her contractions and her purring. But he was way past his limit by then, and it didn't take long for him to reach another climax. She felt him pulsating within her a third time, pushing what little he had left to offer as deep inside of her as he could before collapsing on top of her, exhausted.

"Ah?!" she shouted again as she let go of his shoulder to roll around once more, the two of them just barely remaining on the bed as the feline switched their positions again.

"H-hey, Monique! I'm all spent here, seriously!"

"Shut up, you fucking handsome idiot!"

"I'm what now?!"

She didn't reply and simply started shaking her hips again. She was close, so damn close, she just needed a little more, and the fucker stopped just shy of the end? No way, no way in hell.

"For real, Monique, that hurts!"

"Fuck you!"

"I'm saying that's the problem!"

The sight of the bleeding marks she had left on him excited her. It nearly made her weak on the knees. She loved that, she loved that bit of pain showing on his face. More, she wanted -no, she needed more of that. She leaned forward, slamming herself against him over and over again with all the strength she had left while clawing at his chest and oh god, he bit his lips, she got him bleeding and he bit his lips to stay at least somewhat quiet. She kept clawing at him and she was close, close so damn close, she could feel herself quiver and shake, her throat letting out all the sounds her mind wanted to hold in.

Roy, on his part, was in as much pleasure as he was in pain by then.

Shit, how's she so hot!? he asked himself as he found the sight of blood -his own damn blood- falling from her teeth and lips down along her chin beyond erotic.

Driven equally by instinct and desperation, he reached for her chest and fondled her breasts as aggressively as he could, groping her while poking and pinching her nipples, their ragged breaths and their moans and their whimpers and his pained grunts and her purrs mixing together. Then, just as Monique pushed herself down against him, he lifted his hips as far up as he could. Not much, admittedly, but combined with her own motion that got him deeper within her than he'd ever gotten, the sudden shock tipping the feline over, her body tensing up, her fingers threatening to ball into fists and tear off bits of flesh off his chest, her ears dropping down against her head as all her vocalizations stopped. She felt him pulse again, an orgasm equally pleasant and uncomfortable coursing through him as his member tried to push something he was all out of inside of her.

Then, at last, she fell down on Roy. She was panting heavily against him, almost as heavily as he was but, other than that, she was once again in control of what kind of sounds her body would or wouldn't produce.

At least until Roy brought an hand on her head and started patting her between the ears, which caused her to resume purring.


"B... bloody hell, Monique... are you... aaaahhhh... are you satisfied now... ?" he asked, and the vague hint of pleading she could hear in his words almost felt better than everything else they'd done that evening.

Almost. For better or for worse. For worse, if she had to say.

Roy. Roy of all people. What the hell was I thinking?

She should've just bottled it up for a few days while looking for a -no. No, that wouldn't have worked. She knew how intense her heat would get if ignored for too long. Taking care of it right away had been the right choice. An horrible, horrible choice, but the right one nonetheless.

"Why? Too tired... to keep going... ?"

"Yeah... damn, you're intense... "

She pushed herself up, breaking their connection for the first time in... how long had they gone at it for again? Whatever. She broke away and got off the bed, standing on trembling legs, her fluids and his seed still dripping down along her thighs. She turned around to head to the shower -he assumed so at least- and, had he not been so utterly spent, the sight of her rear swaying as she held herself up on unsteady legs by sheer force of will would've gotten him riled up for another round. Then she disappeared behind the door, the sound of running water quickly following.

"... damn, I needed that too I guess"

He gave himself a few moments to catch his breath, and checked his wounds, because Monique had downright wounded him. The claw marks would take a while to heal but they were unlikelyto leave a mark -probably- but the bite? Forget about scars, that bite might require some actual medications for how hard she'd sunk her fangs into him. Damn, he got more injuries that evening than he did the past, like, twenty months combined. He dragged himself to the mini-bar and opened it, looking for something fresh. And much to his delight, there were a few energy drinks inside there. He took two out and chugged one down, perhaps more quickly than he had meant to.

"I think I'll have cramps tomorrow... well, can't fret over all the details, now can we?"

It didn't take long for Monique to come out of the shower, and when she did Roy turned around to give her his back. Not out of shame, embarassment or anything like that, he just wanted to give himself some respite from... her.

"Say, Monique" he said, still rather short on breath.

"What?" she asked back.

Her breaths were heavy but, other than that, her voice had returned to her usual tone.

"My rut's not too far. Can I count on your help for that?"

She sighed.

"Just deal with it like you always did, however that was"

"That'd have been with suppressants, but a certain someone recently informed me of potential dangers that come from abusing them"

She groaned, which equally hurt and amused him.

"I won't change my schedule to fit you"

"Let's cross our fingers then"

"... quick and professional" she concluded as he heard her getting dressed.

If this is professional to her... what the hell goes for "passionate" in her mind? he wondered, thrilled but mostly scared at the thought as he turned around and threw her the other energy drink, which she caught mid-flight and drank.

"Quick and professional" he agreed, his usual smile back on his face.

They stared at each other for a few moments, in silence, then she gave the room a quick glance.

"I'll pay the bill"

"Oh, thanks but that was a free service"

She glared at him, with such intensity he felt almost threatened. And then she left the room before he could say anything, almost slamming the door behind herself. As she walked down the stairs, however, one of her legs gave out for a moment, nearly making her fall down.

"Tsk... I guess he's good for something after all" she begrudgingly admitted as she pulled herself back up and left.