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Just chatting stream feat. My ex

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George couldn't believe his eyes when a familiar yet somewhat strange set of hazel eyes looked back at him, “Jace what are you doing here?”


“Oh wow, not even a hello?” The curly-haired boy asked sarcastically. George frowned his brows, crossing his arms over one another, “I'm kidding sorry, I'm in London for this month. I just thought it would be fun to stop by-”


“Fun?” The brunette repeated a bit annoyed, “Yeah, Georgie come on we used to have so much fun together.”


The little hairs on George’s arms stand up at the mention of his nickname, “Don't call me that-”


“Why? Does it still turn you on,” He whispers, George is debating if he should slap the door in his face, “No, we broke up so you don't get to flirt with me anymore. Especially if you show up unannounced at my doorstep.”


“Well, I'm not the one that broke us up, and if I'm correct we are both single. So why shouldn't I be able to flirt with you?”


George rolled his eyes, “Why are you here? Jace.” He hisses at his ex ready to close the door on him.


“Because- I wanted to see you again,” Jace steppes closer coursing George to fumble back.


“Whoa! Careful there,” Jace's hand catches George's wrist.


“I am,” That's when George feels a buzz coming from his sweatpants, the brunette frees his hand, to fish his phone out of his pocket not paying attention to his unwelcomed guest.


“Dream?” George answered.


“So he's still a thing-” Jace comments in the background.


“George? I was asking if you're coming back to Karls stream, who was that?”


“-No one!” George answered a bit too quickly, and Jace pouts his lips over dramatically.


“You sure? They sounded kind of familiar, I thought you were just getting the doorbell?”


“Yeah, I was- it was nothing.”


Nothing?” Jace whisper-screamed, smiling as he saw the annoyance glimmer in Georges's brown eyes.


“Okay, I heard that one, who is on the door George?” Dream pressed not believing a single word the brunette said.


“Are you still live?” George asked instead of answering his best friend’s question.


“Yeah, but I'm muted I told the others that I was going to check on you. George are you okay?”


George’s eyes met Jace’s, “Yeah I'm fine, my ex was at the door-”


“That's all I am to you, just your ex, wow Georgie I expected better of you-” Jace spoke sarcastically which earned him a light slap on the arm from George.


“Shut up, Jace-” The brunette hissed.


“Make me-” George drags the boy inside, stomping upstairs, Jace follows him inside.


“I’m sorry you had to hear that,” He apologized to Dream, the other just laughs.


“It's okay George,” Dream words sound a bit unsure maybe even with a hint of jealousy, “Are you going to join the stream again?”


“Yeah,” George watches as Jace takes his shoes off, “I'm coming back in a second.”


“Okay, I'm going to tell the others. Oh, and George if you need anyone to talk to I'm here for you, I know that waiting on the visa has been hard on you- just know that you can always talk to me,” George smiles at Dream's sweet words, “Thanks, Dream, talk to you in a sec-”


“You two still have so much tension between each other,” Jace comments as he placed himself on George’s couch, the brunette scoffed at his words.


“I have always told you that you two just need to rip each other's clothes off, to check if you have chemistry. Because, if this tension keeps going on then everyone will be the third wheel around you-”


George rolls his eyes, “You’re acting as if I could just text him to come over, you do know that there is an ocean between us-”


Jace smiles, “This is the first time you didn't deny wanting to fuck Dream, wow if that isn't character development-”


“Fuck off Jace, if you're just here to start an argument-” The curly-haired boy tugs on George's shirt, “I'm not,” He says with his eyebrows raised.


“I have to go back to Karl’s stream, just stay quiet we can talk afterward,” George was ready to move back to his setup when-


“Karl? Isn't that the guy you kissed while he was here?“


George‘s eyes snap back to his ex, “Have you been keeping track of me?”


Jace licks his lips, “Don't say it like that, I was on Twitter and it was trending. You make it sound like I was stalking you,” He tugs George even closer, almost making the brunette fall on top of him.


“Do you like playing with people's feelings, Georgie?” He whispers into George's ear, “I feel with Dream I would have been extremely jealous too, was that your goal? Make Dream jealous.”


He meets George’s dark brown eyes, the brunette doesn't know what to say, “I can help you with that, I can make him want you. How touch starved are you, Baby?” Jace’s fingers travel up George's arm, and the brunette looks away, “All you have to do is ask, was Karl the last one that kissed you? Was I the last one that satisfied you?” He smirks at George’s struggle to answer him.


“I-I have to go back to the stream,” And to George’s surprise, Jace lets him go. Why does he feel disappointed about that?






“George!” The blonde’s voice rings through his headset, the brunette can't help but start to smile immediately.


“Dream!” He said back, with a big grin on his face, “Sorry it took me so long,” George apologizes to the rest of the call and chat, it was just a chill stream they were talking about the meet-up that happened a few weeks ago, and avoiding all the questions that had to do with the kiss between Karl and George.


They had a great time in the UK, yeah they didn't do much, and mostly just enjoyed each other's company, but for someone that was/felt lonely for a long time, it was more than enough.


George felt depressed as he waited and waited for his visa to be excepted. He felt like his life was on hold, the apartment he lives in was supposed to be temporary a quick stop before moving to the US. So it has no decorations, and still moving boxes laying around. No wonder he doesn't feel motivated to do shit, all he does is wait.


But he is missing life at the same time, maybe it is time just to live? His eyes fall to his couch way more than he likes to admit to it. What would Dream do if he knew Jace was here on his couch?


Jace and George dated for five years, from 2016 to 2020. Dream and Jace hated each other, at the beginning you could say that George was naive or blind. But both of the boys were constantly fighting for his attention, it became so bad that at times they even tried to make each other jealous like some sick game.


Jace would be way more touchy when George was on a call with Dream, and Dream would flirt with George more than normal even talking in his soft voice and calling George nicknames because he knew it would make the other flustered.


It got to a point where the only argument between Jace and George was Dream, so George broke it off in a screaming match. To be fair, Jace made him choose between himself and Dream.


George didn't choose Dream, not in the way Jace thinks he did. The brunette began forming a crush on the blonde only after the breakup. He constantly daydreams about the blonde, even if he is on a call with him.


“George, do you still want to stream after me? I could raid you,” Karl asked with a smile on his face, “Yeah sure, I will probably also do a just chatting stream.”


“Okay, cool-” They continue to talk, George excused himself to get his stream ready, “I think that I'll be leaving as well,” Dream spoke only a second after the brunette.


“Of course, you would,” Karl giggled the other people in the call joining him.


Dream only tsks at his answer, George thinks he's probably rolling his eyes. Yet George doesn't say anything he leaves the call, he puts his headset down as he stands up from his chair.


He stretches out his limps, feeling his t-shirt run-up exposing his belly. Georges's eyes wander to his couch where his unwanted guest is seated, Jace is already looking at George a blush forms on his nose as the brunette caught him staring.


“Enjoying the view?” The brunette mocked walking over to the curly-headed boy, “Yeah,” Jace answered cockily, “Why’d you agree to stream, Georgie?”


“Why not? I thought hanging with me was fun? Or did you have something else in mind we should do?” George enjoyed bantering with Jace, even though they fought a lot at the last breath of their relationship, Jace and George stayed friends.


They called or texted here and there, catching each other up on what is happening in their lives. The two of them know each other since college, they were best friends before lovers which is one of the many reasons Jace was so jealous of Dream.


“Should I join your stream?” Jace asked with a smirk on his lips, “We could do the boyfriend tag.”


George blushed, raising his brows, “Ex-boyfriend tag, and I'm not even out yet-”


“I could be your platonic bestie, I bet that would make Dream jealous,” George can't believe he is actually thinking about this, Jace is right Dream would be jealous or at least protective over George and his title as the brunette best friend. But at the same time, George doesn't want to hurt Dream, he knows that the tall blonde isn't a fan of his ex.


Jace likes to play dirty, his personality is petty and he loves to challenge people to prove a point. Dream didn't like that, always telling George to fight back and not let the other boy win all of the time. Which automatically ended in the downfall of their relationship, George cried to Dream a lot. So much so that the blonde started to say sorry. Something that the brunette didn't get at the time is, why Dream apologized to him.


“Fine, but I'm not planning on coming out today so keep your hands to yourself!” George warned. Jace, puts his hands in front of himself, “Always,” He smiles.


George started his stream, he was only playing some music his starting soon screen still resting on his display. George walked into the kitchen to get a second chair, he was stopped by firm hands taking the chair away from him to carry it to his setup.


He smiled at the helping hand, and they both sit down on their chairs. George’s eyes stare at his streaming title

just chatting

,he opened Twitter to send out the notification that he was life. Yet his fingers stop, maybe he should tease his guest?


So the brunette decided to tweet out:


just chatting with a special guest


He smiled as he pressed send hearing a ting next to him. Brown eyes met hazel, “You have my notifications on?” George almost choked on his words, “And you said that you didn't stalk me,” He smirked.


Jace blushed but returned the smile, “Maybe I'm just a die heart fan, can't I support my bestie?”


Before George could answer him his own phone started ringing, he looked at the caller ID- Dream, of course, he is the only number that goes through his do not disturb.




Jace rolled his eyes.


“Is he in your house?” Did dream sound angry? No, he wouldn't be angry with George over that, would he? “I don't know who you mean with ‘he’, but if you mean Jace then yeah he is here-”


“Why would you let him in, I thought you told him to piss off at the door-”


“Dream, your acting like I let in a mass murderer. Jace is not a stranger-”


“Oh come on, George you can't be that naive you know exactly why he is

there,” The blonde critic’s, now the brunette rolled his eyes, “I have to start streaming now, Karl already raided me-”


“You can't stream with him! George he is going to out you, he is only getting a kick out of this- it was probably his idea wasn't it?” Dream pressed.


“Stop being so bitchy, Jace is my friend. He doesn't have any other motive-”


“Yeah- Dream I am his friend,” Jace spoke up, pronouncing the friend a little weird.


“-There!” Dream shouts, “Do you not see my point, George he just wants to get with you-”


“Okay stop, I don't want you two to fight again. Bye Dream I'm going live now-”


“-Don't you dear hang up!-”


“Well someone was in a mood,” Jace commented with a grin on his face, George shook his head, “Stop, I'm going live now, okay?”


“Yeah-” The curly-headed boy smiled.






George unmuted his mic first, “Hello chat,” he greeted his stream, “Thank you Karl for the raid, and hey to all the others. If you are wondering why my face cam isn't on yet, as my Twitter followers may know I am not alone-”


Jace smiled watching as George did his intro like he used to do when they still lived together-


“I have my irl friend with me today,” With that, he turned on the camera smiling and waving at the viewers, “This is Jace,” George turned to face him with a smile plastered on his face, “Say hi-”


Jace smiled back at George not breaking eye contact, “Hi-”


The brunette laughed, “No, not to me. Say hi to the stream-” He pointed to the camera, Jace slowly turned to look at the lens, “Hi, stream!”


They began some small talk, explaining how and when they met. It was George’s first year at UNI and Jace’s second year.


“George was a proper nerd,” Jace laughed,


“-Was not!” The brunette gasped, hitting Jace lightly on the arm.


“Yeah, you were! You graduated as an honor student and you were top of the class,” George blushed at Jace’s comments, “And look what you do now, you're playing Minecraft for a living!”


Now George was laughing as well, “Yeah, do you remember my professor that kept saying that I would become something big-”


“Oh my God! Yes, he was right though. You are a big deal now-”


“-Well I bet he didn't mean it like that-”







It didn't take long before donations came flying in asking more spicy questions-


One dono, in particular, started the dumpster fire.


“Do Dream and Jace know each other-” George read out loud, the curly-headed boy next to him smiled immediately, “Of course, I know Dream! We used to fight for George’s attention all of the time-”


The brunette rolled his eyes, hitting Jace with his foot under the table, “Yeah and it was annoying, I can be friends with both of you-”


“Oh no I totally agree, Dream would say something different though,” Jace smirked at George, who just shook his head, “Okay, stop,” The brunette warned with his finger pointing at Jace.


The curly-headed boy moved closer, “Make me-”


“-No,” George shoved him away, he returned his attention back to chat, “Thank you

dnfsupremacy?’ does Jace ship dnf?” The brunette laughed uncomfortably, “I don't know-”


“Well, I definitely understand the shippers. You two are insufferable together, you can make anyone the third wheel. I bet if you two had partners, that even they would third wheel-”


“That is not true, don't believe him!” George warned his chat, “He is just jealous-”


“Jealous?! I?” Jace exaggerated, “How would I be jealous, Dream can't even touch you right now-” He places his hand on George's shoulder, smirking at the brunette as they made eye contact.


The chat was going wild, George's eyes could keep up with it. Jace noticed George’s struggle, so he read out the next question, “Can you guys do a height check?”


“No!” George answered immediately, knowing that Jace is way taller than him-


“Aww, why not, Georgie?” Jace teased, “I’m not giving you the victory of being taller than me-”


“-But I am taller than you, I might be even taller than Dream, isn't he like 6’3? last time I checked I was 6’5 or so-”


“-Okay stop, he is not that tall!” George explained to chat while hazel eyes stay on him, “There is only one way to find out,” Jace grinned.


“Fine!” The brunette scoffed, and they both stand up from their chairs. George zooms out his camera, knowing that Jace is in fact pretty tall. They stand against George’s height check wall, Jace looks down at the brunette smiling, “Look I am tall,” He smiled placing his hand on George’s head.


“Okay stop! That is enough humiliation for today,” George laughed walking back to his PC, “Okay, bye chat. Say bye Jace!” George smiled in his direction.


“Bye, chat!” Jace was standing behind George with one hand on the brunette’s waist, his other hand was waving goodbye to George's stream.





Social media was going to be hellfire.


It didn't take long for Dream to call George again...


“Is he still there?” Dream’s voice still sounded pissed off.


“Yes? I mean I just finished streaming with him, he can't just disappear once I'm done-”


“-I wish he would,” Dream sighed, George rolled his eyes, “I don't see your problem with him, he is my friend-”


Your friend?” Dream scoffed, “George seriously, you two are already trending on Twitter, and you're missing the detail where he is your ex!”


“What do you mean we are trending on Twitter?” George questioned a bit shocked, he didn't really think about that, “People are having debates on what the better ship is dnf or Jacenotfound-”


Suddenly the phone left George’s hand, “Fuck off Dream, at least me and George happened before. You don't have enough balls to say that you obviously have a crush on Georgie, you don't get to bitch about who he hangs out with-”


“-Why? Didn't you do that to me too?” Dream hissed angrily.


“-Yeah! Key differents was that we were in a relationship, it's not so fun when rolls are reversed is it Dream?”


“Okay, both of you stop!” George finally spoke up, taking his phone back into his hand, “I am my own person! And you both are my friends, the two of you need to deal with that-”



“George he hurt you in the past I’m not letting that happen again!” Dream spoke up.


Jace rolled his eyes, “Bullshit! You just can't handle the fact that Georgie might give his attention to other people besides you. At least I have the balls to tell him that I'm interested in him, you just stay silent and get jealous when people flirt with him-”


“Jace, stop!” George stepped closer to the curly-headed boy, “Don't talk to Dream like that.”


“Yeah shut up Jace!” Dream voiced from the phone in George’s hand, the brunette's eyes fall from Jace to his phone.


“Okay fine,” Jace hissed back, George raised his eyebrows in surprise, “Have your moment Dream, but remember that after all your banter I'm still next to Georgie, and you will always be an ocean apart. I can touch him, you can't!”


George felt his eyes getting watery and his vision turning blurry, that is one way to put it. He was supposed to be in the US since last year's Christmas, actually even longer than that. And yet he is still here, stuck in the UK.


“-that is not true!” Dream spit back, “He is literally moving in with me, to a completely new country at that!”


“And yet you still can't touch him, all I have to do is hang up, and you're gone!”


“-Stop talking to George like that!” Dream snapped.


“-Stop acting like you're his boyfriend!” Jace voiced, “Stop acting like he is yours! You always have, even when we were dating. It is your fault that we broke up!”


“Stop it-“ The brunette whispers with worry in his tone. Hazel eyes land on him, Jace rolled his eyes pushing the phone out of his hands. It lands on the carpet with no harm.


“George are you okay? George?” You can hear Dreams voice in a distance coming from his phone.


Baby why are you crying?” Jace asked stepping closer. He puts his hands on George’s face pushing the tears away from his cheeks, but they keep rolling from his eyes.


“Jace, I want you to leave-“ The brunette answered with a shaky tone, the curly-haired boy shakes his head.


“Shh,” He shushes, “Everything is fine you are fine Georgie-”


“No, I want you to go. You're hurting Dream and me- I-I don't want that-” George reassures but is only met with ignorance.


“You don't know what is good for you George. Dream can't make you happy I can! Have you seen yourself the past couple of months you have been miserable! You haven't even uploaded since last year!”


“-How would you know that, I didn't tell you that-” George steps back from his ex.


“Oh come on now, don't look at me like that-” He spoke so softly it was scary, “Baby, you can't expect me not to check in on you. I was not stalking you!” He defended stepping closer.


Go!” George points to the stairs that lead out of his apartment, “I don't want you here!”


“Fuck you, George! Everything was fine until Dream got in your head! You wanted me, I saw it! You wanted me to fuck you!”


George squeezed his eyes shut at his tone, memories of Jace’s outbursts coming back into his mind. He would always escalate like this.


“Don't play dumb! You know that you are a whore!” Jace hissed at him, George kept his eyes closed letting the insults rain down on him. How come he always forgets how toxic Jace can be?


“Don't look at me like that!” He scoffed, “Stop looking like you're scared, that is so messed up!”


Brown eyes snap open, “But I am! I am scared of you Jace!”


The other keeps shaking his head, making his curls fall over his eyes, “No you are not! You only listen to that son of a bitch, baby you are mine-” He raised his hand wanting to place it on his cheek when he is stopped by someone else.


George’s eyes land behind his ex-boyfriend seeing Wilbur holding Jace’s hand, “You're leaving mate,” The taller brit states taking Jace’s hand into a firm hold and dragging him downstairs.


George stays behind, feeling paralyzed in his spot. He has no real feeling of time, no idea how long he dealt with Jace without Dream on the other line defending him.


Wilbur comes back up the stairs, he sends a worried smile to George, and the brunette lets himself fall to the ground onto the carpet next to his phone. Dream is not on the other line anymore he hung up, it makes George sad until his eyes land back on Wilbur, who squads down in front of him.


“I was in London for that shoot, you know the one for Lovejoy. Anyways, Dream calls me out of nowhere and he was freaking out, we probably should call him back, but he told me that you were in danger and how he can't do anything, and so I remembered from the last time I was here where you keep your spear key. And so I ran-”


Wilbur rambled like a mad man, probably from the adrenaline rush he got from fighting back against Jace just a second ago. It was weirdly calming George down from the anxiety trip he was on.


He looked at the still rambling Wil and pushes him into a hug. The taller brit stills for a bit confused by the sudden physical contact from the normally shy George but accepts the embrace in seconds.


“It's okay George, that fucker is gone,” He reassures the brunette, George lets out a sigh of relief.


“I have to call Dream,” He chuckled through his tears that still haven't left his cheeks.


Wilbur nodes, getting up from the floor to walk into the kitchen, “I'm making tea,” He announces as he disappeared.


George pressed quickly onto Dreams' number, his heart beating fast in his chest. What is he going to say?


He didn't have a lot of time to answer that as Dream's voice already ringed through his phone.


“George! Are you okay! Oh my God!”


The brunette smiles at his worried tone, but his heart aches in sadness to be the cause of Dream's distress.


“I'm so sorry Dream, I should have listed to you I am such a dumbass for letting him stay. I- I just was so lonely and I thought he was my friend-”


“-George,” Dream’s soft voice interrupts the brunette, it makes butterfly’s bloom in his stomach, “It is not your fault, I- I wish I would have been there I felt so helpless hearing him talk to you like that-”


“Dream, you are not helpless. Because of you, Wilbur came, because of you Jace is finally gone and he won't be coming back!”


“But what if he does?” Dream questioned making George’s skin crawl, “What if he does, Wil being in London was a coincidence. Next time he won't I can't let that happen-”


George swallows, “What do you mean?”


“I love you, George, as much as I hate that dick- he was right about one thing-”


“Dream?” George felt his face heat up.


“I bought tickets for the UK-”


“You did what? Dream you can't do that!” George voiced in shock.


“I can and I will, I'm waiting with you for your visa-” George couldn't believe his ears, he wanted to slap and kiss Dream at the same time.


“I love you, Dream.”