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The day the dream changed

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Blood was everywhere. On the tiles, on the walls, on his clothes, on his skin, and the stench was filling his nose and throat. But still, Porsche didn’t feel a damn thing about it. He was too busy staring at Kinn, too far away for his liking.

It wasn’t right for an omega to react that way, but again, Porsche had never been ordinary. He was too muscular, too tall and too stubborn for his own good, all qualities that made him a good bodyguard. It was because he wasn’t the stereotypical omega that he was alive. He should’ve been glad.

He wasn’t.

«-rsche?» Pete put a hand on his right shoulder. «Are you okay?»

«Yeah, I’m good.» His lower lip was wet and throbbing. Probably split, but it was nothing. «What about the newbies?»

Pete grimaced. «Two of them are dead. One is still breathing, the others are doing fine, considering…» his voice trailed off, then he shrugged. The first carnage was always difficult, after all. «We should go.»

«I’m waiting for Kinn.» His eyes went back on their boss and he was sure that Pete was doing the same. The Alpha seemed to sense their gaze almost immediately, tilting his head, and when their eyes met, Porsche fought hard not to shiver. He stilled, pressing his lips together to stay silent and choke down a silly distressed noise. He wasn’t a wimp; he’d rather die than behave like a weak omega in need. So what if the adrenaline had left his body, leaving him unsettled and unstable? So what if his instincts screamed to march there and scent the Alpha, just to make sure that his boss was really okay?

He was an adult, for fuck’s sake. So he forced out a cocky smile.

It was then that Kinn narrowed his eyes and muttered few words. He started walking towards them, while Porsche felt something flutter in his stomach; his omegan side was pleased.

Yes, yes, Alpha is coming!

Disgusting. And yet, an unavoidable reaction.

He didn’t move a muscle when Kinn nodded at Pete and gestured him to go out, but Porsche’s shoulders dropped as soon as he felt a big, strong hand squeeze one of his hips.

«Were you waiting for me, doll?»

After their brief adventure in the forest and getting shot, something must’ve clicked inside the Alpha’s brain, because that incessant flirting has started since they woke up in the hospital, along with a rather peculiar courting. Porsche was now the owner of a sizable collection of jewellery, and he didn’t even like that kind of stuff. But his omegan side was just as insufferable as Kinn’s Alpha, because he looked at all the necklaces, bracelets and stones every single fucking night. Like an obsessive dragon with his precious hoard.

«I just wanted to make sure you were alright, old man.» He bit back. A pinch on his left side almost made him whimper.

«I’ll show you old.» Kinn muttered low, pushing him towards the exit. All the other bodyguards were already out and the cleaning service was probably on its way. In few hours, all the blood and the bodies would be gone, erasing what had just happened from anyone but the few survivors.

Kinn’s car was waiting outside; Porsche was the first to enter and he didn’t have to wait more than few seconds: the Alpha was on him, groping and squeezing everywhere. It was hot, and rough, and Kinn’s teeth found his neck and started biting. It hurt, but it was the right kind of hurt. The one that meant dark bruises and no guilty conscience, because they both knew now that Porsche was oh so into it.

«Fuck,» Porsche tilted his head, giving Kinn more space, and his busted lip chose that moment to throb again. A single drop of blood slid down on his chin, making the Alpha still. «It’s nothing.»

Kinn’s eyes were dark and dangerous. A flash of something that Porsche didn’t quite understand passed on his face.

«The guy who did this…» The Alpha wiped the blood with his thumb, then he licked the skin and a slight growl filled the car. «Is he alive?»

«No, I shot him in the head.»

The growl became a soft purr and Porsche – not for the first time that day – felt himself flush bright red.

«Good boy.» Satisfaction, adoration, admiration, a myriad of things could explain the weird tone of voice that Kinn was using, making his legs turn to jelly. Making him a fool. Because Porsche knew, deep down in his bones, that it would never last. He wasn’t made for happy endings and a besotted mate right by his side.

But right now, it didn’t matter. It was his turn to attack Kinn, biting his mouth, asking, no, demanding a kiss, something that the Alpha was always so hesitant to give him. Kinn’s tongue swirled against his, stealing a tiny whimper from Porsche.

Mine. God, please, give him to me. Let me have this at least. Haven’t I suffered enough already?

It was kinda ridiculous how his dream had changed.