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“I just fail to see why I, the Yuheng, should be the one to go to Inazuma. These talks are going to be about Trade and Governance—topics I’m sure the Tianquan is more familiar with.”

“According to the invitation we received, they will be hosting a variety of topics but for the most part, yes, you are correct. Trade will be their main focus. They did just open up their borders, they probably want to get into the thick of it right away, so to speak.” And this is why Uncle Tian has always been Keqing’s favorite Qixing member. Good old, reasonable Tianshu. She nods along to every word he says, completely agreeing.

Ningguang sets the group of files she was reading down, noisily, attracting everyone’s attention. Keqing already feels annoyed just by the gesture alone, knowing whatever will be coming out her mouth is going to be something that would piss her off.

“As you’re all aware—especially you, our dear Yuheng—Liyue is still feeling the sizable void left behind by Rex Lapis’ passing. Even with the changing seasons and even with the successes of both our Moonchase Festival and the recent Lantern Rite Festival , more work needs to be done. I’d be more useful here than anywhere else.” Before Keqing could open her mouth to rebut, Ningguang raises an eyebrow and holds a palm up, somehow managing to shut her up. Ningguang continues, “Besides, don’t tell me you’re not at least curious about the architectural wonders offered by Inazuma, hm? There’s also the fact that you will finally be able to visit the Kamisato Clan and witness their own distinguished style of swordsmanship. My sources tell me you’re quite beholden by their technique, which seems to be on par with the Yunlai style you practice.”

She pauses. She hates how Ningguang can see right through her. She had been researching Inazuma—and all of Liyue’s neighboring nations, really—since before she even became Yuheng. At this point, it wouldn’t surprise her if the sources she’s alluding to are actually her own family members. The depth of Ningguang’s connections never fails to both impress and frighten her.

“Fine.” She sighs, in the end, further acquiescing. She doesn’t really have any other excuse aside from not wanting to do it in the first place. “I’ll take this as a valuable learning experience. It’s been a long time since I've been on a business trip purely for diplomatic matters. And, in that vein, the last time I ventured outside Liyue wasn’t even through my own volition. I, at least, have a say this time.” Well, sort of.

“Good.” Ningguang says, smugly, as if she just won a business deal in her favor. Keqing fights the urge to roll her eyes. “And no need to thank me.”

“And why would I thank you for basically obliging me to do your job?”

“For convincing the rest of the Qixing to lend you our valuable General Secretary’s services for this trip, of course.” Keqing immediately turns to her side, to where Ganyu has been sitting since the start of the meeting. Ganyu, for her part, looks visibly startled, her eyes wide and her gaze switching between Ningguang and Keqing. She’s been dutifully taking notes even as they argued, probably not expecting to be suddenly involved in the topic of discussion. “But we all just knew neither of you could function properly being apart from each other, so there wasn’t much convincing needed anyway.”

Keqing coughs, apparently choking on nothing while Ganyu hides her face behind the pieces of parchment she had been writing on. Their relationship is new, yes, but they’ve always been so easy to fluster even before—like any attention from their peers can make the both of them suddenly awkward, more conscious of their actions. Ningguang always uses this to her advantage and Keqing hates it.

She recovers fast enough this time, denying Ningguang’s words immediately, “T-that’s not true.” It is, but still. Ganyu, on the other hand, remains red in the face, but there’s a quirk to her lips that tells Keqing that she really doesn’t actually mind as much being teased like this at all.

“Wait a minute! Is it just going to be the two of us?”

“I mean, you’re aware Ganyu is worth a dozen of our secretaries, right?” Ningguang supplies, almost nonchalantly, before addressing the rest of the secretaries, “No offense.” The secretaries giggled amongst themselves and Baishi— bless her, Keqing thinks—replies with, “None taken, Ms. Ningguang.”

“With just the two of you on an overseas trip, you may also consider this as an advance honeymoon gift from everyone here at Yuehai Pavilion.”


“Ah, young love.” Uncle Tian says, laughing heartily, “It’s so nice seeing Ganyu-jiejie in love. I never thought I’d be able to see it in my lifetime. Little Yuheng, be good to our jiejie, will you?”

And with that, Keqing’s face flushes yet again. “Of course, what do you take me for?!” Uncle Tian just smiles at her, mirth clear in his eyes. The rest of the Qixing look as if they are stifling their chuckles and she swears she heard one of the secretaries—Huixin?!—call her cute, of all things. She wants to take back what she said about the Tianshu earlier. This uncle is obviously mean.

The meeting ends soon after that (—after each of the other Qixing members got to take a dig at her, but Keqing refuses to acknowledge this detail, of course).



The trip to Inazuma, itself, was uneventful. Ningguang had commissioned the Crux Fleet’s services in transporting them. (She managed to keep her tongue from commenting how Ningguang seems to have the Captain of the fleet on a leash, releasing her only when needed. She didn’t want to have to swim to another nation.) Fortunately, the lightning storms that used to plague the seas to Inazuma in the past year have tapered off and whatever natural occurrences the ocean would throw at them, Beidou and her crew were quick on their feet in protecting their flagship to the best of their abilities.

(She’s always thought of Beidou as a loud and raucous person but, when it comes to doing her job, Keqing would concede that Beidou is definitely worthy of the praise she gets. After all, not very many people would be able to stand up to a sea monster alone and win.

And Ningguang and Ganyu may or may not have also influenced her to see the pirate’s better qualities, but she’s never going to admit it.)

The Alcor lands on a village island called Ritou at first dawn, which is earlier than expected, giving them almost an entire day ahead of their schedule. In her mind, she decides to ask Ganyu later for ideas on what they will be doing on their unexpected but welcome day off.

They disembark from the ship with Beidou at the front, saying she can guide them to their next destination. Keqing holds the handles of her luggage on one hand while holding Ganyu’s hand on the other, grasping both firmly. She only lets go once their feet finally touch solid ground, albeit reluctantly.

Beidou, true to her word, escorts them around the pier, introducing them to acquaintances and bystanders alike. If Keqing hadn’t known Beidou beforehand, she would have thought she was a local with how familiar she seems to be with both the place and the people.

“Ahoy there!” A blond man suddenly steps up to greet them, an easy smile on his face, his red garb radiating lightly against the rays of the sun. “Glad you didn’t keep me waiting too long this time ‘round, Captain.”

“Well, thank your Almighty Shogun for that and I mean it sincerely this time. Without the tempests raging around Inazuma now, it’s business as usual for the fleet.” Beidou replies, her tone even friendlier with the guy in front of them compared to ones they happened to pass by earlier. “Now then, let me introduce who I brought for you today.” She turns around and gestures a thumb in the direction of the man. “This guy’s Thoma, one of the fleet’s trade partners and, more importantly, the only guy you’ll probably need throughout your stay here in Inazuma.”

Keqing wants to ask for a better introduction, because honestly, but Ganyu beats her to it. “Beidou, what kind of introduction is that?” she says kindly, with only a hint of chiding. Beidou simply shrugs in return, turning her body to face all three of them at once.

“Thoma, these two ladies are—”

“Lady Yuheng and Lady Ganyu of the Liyue Qixing.”

“You keep doing that.” Beidou sighs at the interruption, despite looking more amused than annoyed.

“Well, it’s true. Their reputation precedes them, after all.” Thoma explains, hands on hips, apparently proud of his knowledge. “And also, everyone’s favorite traveler has told me all about her adventures in Liyue, prominently featuring gods, adepti, and humans alike.” He puncuates adepti and humans by looking at Ganyu and Keqing respectively.

“Anyway, if this guy here ever tries to put the moves on either of you, I’ll be sure to deal with him personally before we head back home to Liyue.”

“Now, now, there’s no need for that.” Thoma raises his arms up in mock surrender, aware that Beidou probably isn’t one to joke about causing bodily harm. “There’s nothing to worry about! Hehe, I’m sure we’ll get along just fine.”

“Good, then if it’s all settled, I’ll be going now.”

“Bye Beidou!”

“Farewell and thank you for your service, Captain.”

Beidou grins widely at both of them, wishing them good luck on their work. She turns to leave, but not before smirking and winking at Ganyu, who blushes and rolls her eyes playfully. (Keqing wants in on whatever inside joke they were keeping, but something tells her she’s better not knowing.) She finally leaves together with the Inazuman guy they met on the ship, Kazuha, mentioning offhandedly about some port business or other that Ningguang personally asked her to do.

“Once again, welcome to Inazuma, Lady Yuheng and Lady Ganyu. Let me just reintroduce myself: I am Thoma, the Chief Retainer of the Kamisato Clan.” He bows politely, then signals for the two men who had apparently been standing at the side all this time to come forward. “Honored guests, please allow my subordinates to handle your belongings, then follow me to get you registered with the border checkpoint. I will be escorting you to the Kamisato Estate shortly afterward.”

They give their bags away as instructed. Then, they follow Thoma to whom she assumes to be a port authority figure, the one in charge of registering them as official visitors. Despite the Sakoku Decree being abolished, registration remains the standard operating procedure at the port. Keqing notes that, in truth, it isn’t really all that different from entering and exiting Liyue Harbor. The process is even more efficient, if she were to be honest, but she thinks that it’s mostly because Thoma had apparently prepared everything for them ahead of time.

(Keqing decides that this Thoma person seems dependable enough. If he ever finds himself in Liyue and in need of a job, well, she is sure to have an assistant position always open for him.)

They trek leisurely to the Kamisato Estate, her hand entwined with Ganyu's since earlier, when the particularly rough road from Ritou to Konda Village—a quiet village they needed to pass through, one that reminded her of their very own Qingce Village that's almost devoid of the younger population—made Ganyu lose her footing.

They have been walking for a few hours since they exited Ritou, the sun now higher in the sky than earlier when they had first arrived at the docks. Keqing is sure that their current trek to the estate would have been faster were it not for both Ganyu and Thoma stopping to greet every stray cat and dog they happen to pass by.

“Ah, we’re almost there. If you take that path over there, it will take you to The Grand Narukami Shrine and the other to Inazuma City.” Thoma tells them, acting as their tour guide. “Meanwhile, this path over here takes you to the Kamisato Estate, the clan which heads the Yashiro Commision.” He proceeds to tell them a bit about the Tri-Commission and how they govern over Inazuma, their authority second only to the Raiden Shogun. And, after only a couple more steps, a gated estate comes into view, one that is complete with guards patrolling its perimeter.

They’re led into the spacious residence and Thoma asks them to wait by the entrance hall as he leaves to inform the Lady of the household of their arrival. He brings along with him their things as well, relieving the other guards who escorted them.

Finally alone with just the two of them, Keqing closes her eyes and lets out a long, drawn-out sigh. She feels tired from not only the long walk getting to the Yashiro Commission Headquarters, but also from all the formalities. While they do have nobles in Liyue, her own family being one of them, it’s usually Ningguang who would deal with them. She prefers interacting with the common folk, which is the majority of the people she serves.

She feels Ganyu squeeze her hand and she squeezes right back, a simple sign to tell her she’s alright. When she opens her eyes, she’s blessed by the sight of her lover’s tender smile—a smile she knows Ganyu only reserves for her. Ah, she thinks, thank you, Rex Lapis, for Ganyu’s existence.

Their moment is eventually broken by Thoma loudly clearing his throat, a bit sheepish, averting his eyes from Keqing’s unwitting scowl. She feels another squeeze on her hand and it diverts her attention back to Ganyu, her features immediately softening. “Behave,” she whispers to Keqing, who only grunts in response.

“Honored guests, I present to you the Shirasagi Himegimi.” From behind the folding screen, a woman covering her face with an open fan starts walking towards them. She only reveals herself once she’s standing before them. Keqing is only slightly surprised to see a young, almost innocent-looking face staring back at her. “Lady Ayaka, these are our guests from the Liyue Qixing,”—Keqing moves forward, finally letting go of Ganyu’s hand, to bow slightly in greeting and Ganyu follows suit—“The Yuheng, Lady Keqing and the General Secretary of the Qixing, Lady Ganyu.” Ayaka greets them back in a similar manner.

Ayaka speaks first, her voice soft yet business-like. It reminds Keqing of Ganyu’s when she’s in her secretary mode. “As discussed in our invitation letter, the trade talks and other affairs related to it will be presided over by the Kanjou Commission while the Yashiro Commission will handle the welcoming and accommodation of distinguished guests such as yourself. Of course, the Tenryou Commission will perform their regular duties, ensuring the safety of everyone.”

“Then thank you for accommodating us, Lady Ayaka.”

“It is our duty and privilege to do so, honored delegates from the Liyue Qixing.”

Awkward silence fills the air after the exchange. Keqing doesn’t mind. Much. After all, she’s used to dealing with people who think she’s difficult to talk to.

“Uhm…” Ayaka, thankfully, breaks the standstill. “In her reply letter, the Tianquan told us that you were interested in sightseeing, as well as learning firsthand about the Kamisato Art Tachi Jutsu, is that correct Lady Yuheng?”

That Ningguang. “Yes, that is correct. I’m from a family of swordsmen, so I’m always interested in learning what I can from other styles.”

“I’ve been informed that you practice Yunlai Swordsmanship, yes? I’m quite curious about it myself, perhaps we can compare?” Ayaka confesses, a tinge of red on her cheeks for some reason.

Keqing nods her head, agreeing. She belatedly adds, “And if they’re available, I would also like to visit the Yae Publishing House or to visit Guuji Yae herself. I want to commend them for their efforts in spreading a plethora of stories, especially fictional ones. Liyue Harbor is always abuzz now with their bestselling works.”

“Excellent. We can visit the dojo after you’re fully settled.” Ayaka does a little clap and, as if remembering herself, she clears her throat again. Keqing raises an eyebrow but doesn’t comment. “As for Yae Publishing, I will have Thoma personally pass on the message to Guuji Yae at the Narukami Shrine before we head out to Inazuma City later today.”

Keqing sees Thoma blanch hearing Ayaka’s words, visibly shivering at what she said. He gulps a lungful, before composing himself and, when he realizes Keqing staring at him, returns to his smiling self.

“Yes, Milady, I will do so after I escort our guests to their rooms,” he says eventually, then mutters, “...and after I mentally prepare myself for an encounter with the Guuji.” Keqing chooses to ignore that last part, half wondering if Narukami’s Head Priestess is actually a scary figure in Inazuma, contrary to her knowledge. Inazuman people are weird, she thinks to herself instead.



Keqing and Ganyu can’t help but gawk at the incredible expanse of the Kamisato Estate as Thoma escorts them to their rooms. The only other building they could compare it to is their own place of work, with its well-maintained courtyard, long corridors, and open spaces.

“And right around this corner will be Lady Keqing’s room.”

“Ah,” Ganyu says softly—so softly that Keqing would have missed it if she hadn’t been looking at her when she realized the same thing. Keqing wishes nothing more than to kiss the pout that appeared on her lover’s lips.

It’s only when Thoma realizes that both guests have stopped in their tracks does he comment, “Is there a problem with the room arrangements?”—and looking at Ganyu’s worried expression, he addresses the question to her—”Lady Ganyu?”

“No, it’s fine—”

“—Actually, and I apologize for imposing, but I would highly appreciate it if Ganyu and I were to room together. I would constantly be in need of Ganyu's assistance for the following days’ meetings, after all. Her presence close to me would be most efficient.”

She steps in front of Ganyu as she makes her request and Thoma just stares at her blankly. Keqing tries her best to be patient with the guy, considering how she did just throw the request at him at such short notice, but Thoma seems to be thinking it over for a longer period of time than what she deems necessary. So… she raises an eyebrow, daring him to reject her.

“O-o-of course, Lady Yuheng. I’ll bring Lady Ganyu’s things over right away. I’ll also have an extra futon prepared right next to yours.”

She doesn’t have the heart to tell him the extra futon won’t be necessary.



After settling in, their first stop is the Kamisato Estate’s dojo, which also currently houses the sword Ayaka wanted to show her guests. She picks up a somewhat unassuming sword from one of the racks, but the minute Ayaka touches the handle, Keqing could already see the quiet glow the sword seems to be emanating.

“A blade is like a tea-leaf. Only those who sample it many times can appreciate its true qualities.” Okay? Not really knowing how to respond, Keqing remains silent, observing the minute details from where she stood. Ayaka turns to her, handing out the weapon for her to scrutinize. She then narrates to her the story of Takamine the Mistsplitter, how the sword inherited the name and how it was supposedly reforged after breaking into a thousand pieces.

In return, Keqing shows the Kamisato Princess her own sword, the Lion’s Roar, explaining its history and significance in great detail, not forgetting to point out that it is rumored to be a legendary sword in Liyue. Ayaka touches it reverently, admiring the craftsmanship poured into it, lightly tracing the gold in its carvings from blade to hilt.

They continue to talk about their swords and their art, even testing out each other’s styles using the other’s weapon.

“Is something the matter, Lady Ganyu?”

Thoma joins Ganyu on the bench she’s sitting on. He just returned from his task at Narukami Shrine and is in dire need of rest from the physical, mental, and emotional stress he seems to get with every encounter with Guuji Yae.

“It’s nothing, Sir Thoma, just enjoying the view.”

Thoma scans their dojo, knowing there's nothing special about the place at all. He looks back to Ganyu—her face devoid of emotion, her line of sight shifting between the two swordsmen who were busy exchanging techniques—and thinks that she is not, in fact, enjoying the view, but he keeps it to himself.

“Uhm... We have an array of bows over here, Lady Ganyu.” He gets ignored, of course.

They go to Inazuma City afterwards, with Ayaka bringing them to her favorite restaurant. The owner teases Ayaka for having more friends now and she blushes. After hearing the word “friend” Keqing can’t help heating up as well, not used to having many of them herself.

Ganyu accidentally breaks her chopsticks in the middle of their talk, apparently having gripped them too hard. She chuckles, apologizing for the disturbance, but Keqing immediately fusses over her and offers her her own unused ones, even volunteering to feed the secretary herself.

Thoma stares at them, simply praying he gets through the day in one piece.



The moment they step into their room, Ganyu immediately holds Keqing in place, her arms around her partner’s body and her front flushed against Keqing’s entire back. She starts nuzzling into the crook of Keqing’s neck, her grip imperceptibly tightening with each whiff of her scent.

Despite the awkward angle—the hug turning almost painful with the way Ganyu’s horns would sometimes graze her skin unintentionally—Keqing just lets her be. Their relationship is relatively new, but she knows enough that this behavior is simply something Ganyu needed to do to calm herself down.

“Do you like her more than me?”

It takes Keqing a few seconds to process the question Ganyu asked. “Who?”

“Lady Ayaka.”

“Lady Aya—” Keqing closes her mouth abruptly, confused. That’s weird. She met Ayaka for the first time earlier today and they quickly bonded over their love for swords and swordsmanship. Also, Keqing may or may not have her eyes set on Ayaka’s sword, with its bewitching amethyst color that complements her own aesthetics perfectly. And she may or may not have thought to buy it from the hands of the clan at whatever price they may name or, at the very least, have their permission to have the same sword forged for herself. But— but, that is all, really. “No. Why would you think that?”

“You spent all your time with her today.” Ganyu’s hold on her loosens a little and her voice fades into a whisper. “And… we have similarities.”

“Similarities…” Frankly, she doesn’t see it but it hits her right then: the way Ganyu had been hesitant to join in with all the activities earlier; the way she coldly but politely addressed Ayaka during conversations; and the way she looked like she wanted to be anywhere else but there.

“I wanted…” Ganyu continues, “I wanted today to be only for us, but I should have taken into account the big possibility of you working straight away despite being ahead of schedule.”

She leans back into Ganyu, welcoming the embrace she had on her again. “Did you have anything planned for us today?” She wraps Ganyu’s arms firmly around her, keeping them comfortably in place.

Ganyu simply hums softly against her.

Keqing feels like a bad girlfriend for not noticing. Like an absolute idiot for not only making the love of her life jealous, albeit unintentionally, but also ruining whatever plans she had prepared for their day.

“I’m sorry. I should have asked you first before agreeing to spend today with Lady Ayaka. It was selfish of me.”

“No, you did nothing wrong. My mind is aware that you’re simply being the Yuheng, doing your job and forging relationships with other nations.” Ganyu finally lets go of Keqing, her shoulders slumping and her head down in shame. “This big part of me is just… overpowering sometimes.”

Keqing knows. She’s witnessed firsthand how feral Ganyu can actually be when her instincts are pushed into a situation she’s unable to control. (So feral, in fact, that they had to visit Cloud Retainer to ask if she knew anything about what was happening with Ganyu. Something about mates and instincts that no mere mortal like Keqing could ever comprehend—Cloud Retainer’s words, obviously.)

“Ningguang is never going to let me live it down if ever she finds out I brought certain… personal paraphernalia during this business trip, but...” Keqing takes a deep breath, resolute in making it up to her girlfriend. She goes to her luggage and opens a small, secret compartment that holds just two of the things she needed. “It’s an emergency.”

The first item is a choker, a collar of sorts—not unlike Ganyu’s bell but instead of the bell, a small emblem was attached. (Cloud Retainer gifted it to them when they first presented the problem to her. She stated that although qilins were quiet and benevolent in nature, it’s not unheard of for their kind to show possessive behavior especially when it came to their mate. Keqing’s face turned beet red at the implications.)

“Ganyu, look at me.” She lightly pushes Ganyu to the futon the Kamisato Residence had prepared for them, silently asking her to sit down. Keqing hovers over her lover, touching her face with great care, before seating herself onto her lap. She brings up the collar between them, letting Ganyu’s eyes trail over it. “This was made specially to show your ownership of me.”

She removes her own choker, the simple everyday accessory she uses together with her work clothes, throwing it to the side. She places the collar in Ganyu’s hand, leaning close and whispering, “Go ahead, show me who I belong to.” A sound, not unlike a growl, escapes Ganyu’s lips after hearing Keqing’s words.

With shaky hands, Ganyu somehow manages to place the collar on Keqing’s neck. She grasps Keqing’s hips at once, already eager to attach her lips to every inch of skin surrounding the collar, but Keqing’s hands stop her from advancing, earning another guttural sound from Ganyu.

After Keqing is satisfied that the collar is secured in place, she stands up, walking to her luggage once more. Ganyu can’t help but whine, missing the weight already. Keqing smiles to herself, secretly pleased at the effect she has on the qilin.

The second item from her secret compartment is a phallus secured to some leather straps—the overall workmanship is so meticulous that it’s said that this ingenious contraption was apparently designed by a student from Sumeru a few years back, their brightest student in the last two hundred years.

She turns around with the item on hand and sees Ganyu’s eyes dilate almost immediately. This time, it’s Keqing who whimpers involuntarily. The sight of Ganyu’s obvious desire unexpectedly leaves her weak, her legs trembling in anticipation.

Ganyu undresses herself haphazardly, almost tearing fabric with the urgency she’s employing. Keqing, reliable as always, helps Ganyu wear the leather harness, mindful not to fasten it too tightly. Ganyu, in turn, helps her girlfriend remove her own clothing as well, gingerly folding both of their clothes in the corner of their room as Keqing rushes to push their futons together, giving themselves a bigger space to work with.

They settle in the middle, with Ganyu opening her legs wide and Keqing crawling in between them, her face aligned with the fake cock.

Keqing takes the toy into her mouth, lubricating it as best as she can. She can already feel herself dripping on the futon even without being touched but, she knows, there’s no harm in being prepared. She stops only when Ganyu grabs her by her collar, pulling her to sit back up and letting the phallus slide between her folds.

Ganyu finally relaxes, her demeanor changing and becoming more manageable now that she’s seeing Keqing on her lap wearing nothing but her collar. (That and that she’s being stimulated in another way—Keqing hasn’t stopped rubbing herself on the cock.)

Ganyu resumes her intentions from earlier, grabbing Keqing’s hips roughly. She kisses Keqing fervently and Keqing reciprocates eagerly, a willing participant to her lover’s every whim. Ganyu starts tweaking one of Keqing’s nipples, one that is slowly hardening both from the touch and the cool air. Keqing has to break off their kiss to moan loudly at the adept fingers working on her breasts. Ganyu takes this opportunity to focus on the vast expanse of skin available to her, releasing a satisfied hum before attaching her lips to Keqing’s neck.

With Ganyu too busy doing her own thing, Keqing takes it upon herself to align the recent appendage to her core. She sheaths herself unreservedly, her crotch almost completely connecting with Ganyu’s with a single impatient move. Her eyelids flutter and she quickly bites on her thumb to muffle the sounds that were on their way out of her mouth. Ganyu, seeing this, becomes annoyed and tries to swat the hand away with her free hand.

“I want to hear your moans.”

Keqing shakes her head, opening her eyes wide, biting onto her thumb more firmly. The walls are thinner here than our office, Ganyu, she thinks, hoping Ganyu would take the hint.

Ganyu growls—actually growls this time—displeased at being denied. She repeats, “I want to hear you,” and, she adds on, “Keqing, please, I want to hear your every moan—every sigh— everything.” She punctuates her words by thrusting her hips up and slamming Keqing’s body down at the same time.

Keqing, weak from hearing Ganyu plead, coupled with the intensity of their lovemaking, yields. She grabs onto Ganyu instead, trying to hold on dearly, her fingernails leaving crescent indentations as she tries to pull her lover impossibly closer and deeper inside of her. In the back of her mind, she’s aware her voice is gradually growing louder now that she has stopped suppressing it in, but she’s past the point of caring, especially with the way Ganyu seems to be determined on railing her into oblivion.

Ganyu flips them over not long after, laying Keqing on her back. She rests her head on Keqing’s shoulders, sucking and biting on the skin lightly while continuing to pound roughly into her, hips rolling against the other as she always does her best to drive all eight inches of their favorite toy deep inside Keqing’s pussy with every thrust.

She eventually feels Keqing’s body tense, the push and pull of the fake cock suddenly requiring more effort with the way Keqing seems to clench on each movement inside of her. She knows Keqing is close to her first climax of the night—the way tears are starting to form in her eyes and the way her mouth has been hanging open in the past few minutes were indications of Keqing’s impending height of pleasure.

“Tell me you’re mine.” Ganyu says, her voice straining due to the force she’s exerting, her lungs seemingly starting to burn. “My love, tell me you’re mine.”

“Yours! Ganyu, I’m yours!” Keqing swears, wrapping her legs around Ganyu’s waist as she claws on the girl’s back. At this point, she would declare anything Ganyu would tell her to as long as she keeps doing what she’s doing to her body.

Spurred on, Ganyu lifts Keqing’s legs, hooking them over her shoulders, and tries to double her pace. Keqing interlocks her fingers with Ganyu’s, wanting all of the intimacy Ganyu can afford to give. The new position adds fuel to their inflamed desires, an inexplicable urgency to mate engulfs both of their senses.

And when Keqing finally comes—a shocked, sharp cry racking her whole being, tears finally spilling over—Ganyu rushes to cover her mouth with a long, passionate kiss, leaving her a shuddering mess even more. She doesn’t stop rocking her hips, albeit gentler this time, riding out Keqing’s first orgasm of the night.

Ganyu only pulls out after the girl beneath her stops trembling. (She wishes she could have felt Keqing's tight wet hole, her warm walls enveloping her as she rams her dick in and out of her pussy; wishes she could have felt the tip hitting her womb every time she’s buried to the hilt. She vows to bring it up to Keqing when their trip is over. For now—)

She slides her body down, pushing Keqing’s knees, spreading them apart and positioning herself between them. This time, she hooks her arms under Keqing’s legs and then proceeds to kiss and nip along Keqing’s inner thighs, leaving a trail of marks. She then dives nose first into the wetness before her, eager to smell and taste her chosen mate’s slit.

She feasts on Keqing’s core, sliding her tongue in and out with every few licks. Meanwhile, her fingers play with Keqing’s already swollen clit, tweaking her well-loved nub as she pours her attention to the girl’s lower lips. Her arms begin struggling to lock the legs she’s restraining as Keqing starts jerking around, trying to close her thighs, embarrassed at Ganyu eating her out.

At this, Ganyu decides to shift her attention to her girlfriend’s clit and sucks harshly while inserting three fingers knuckle deep into her sopping pussy. At a particularly hard thrust, tongue pressing flat against her clit, Keqing instinctively tangles her hands into blue hair, subconsciously mindful of horns she’s grown to adore. She easily comes for the second time that night—with a low moan and her body tensing, grip tugging on hair and thighs trapping Ganyu’s head in place. (Ganyu doesn't mind, of course.)

Ganyu laps up the slick from Keqing’s thighs, letting her break this time around while she cleans up the mess they made together. After doing so, she kisses her way back up her torso—back up to caress her lover, cradling her face against her ample chest as she rests.

When she feels Keqing’s breathing even out again, Ganyu wordlessly asks her to roll over—which the girl complies with a bit of struggle after having just recovered—and she moves behind her, kneeling and holding Keqing up from her hips. She silently takes in the sight of Keqing’s butt sticking up in the air. This position feels the most natural to Ganyu and she loves it wholeheartedly. She gently inserts the phallus again and sighs, as if feeling the member in all its sensitive glory.

She pulls on Keqing’s collar, bringing her ears closer. “I love you,“ she whispers, “I love you so much.” In return, Keqing moves her head for a kiss, mouthing the words right back.

Ganyu glides one hand to tease Keqing’s clit for another round while her other hand travels upward to tease sensitive, pebbled nipples.

They make love slowly, softly, now that Ganyu has regained all of her senses—jealousy quelled and continues to further dissipate with every thrust of her hips. Keqing’s moans also grow a bit subdued, but not any less desperate. They both leave a mantra of I love you’s and so good's before sloppily occupying their mouths with each other’s. The orgasm that soon follows Keqing racks through her body, leaving her shaking and screaming Ganyu’s name, her arms threatening to give up on holding her weight.

Ganyu continues to fuck her, steady and unhurried, riding out Keqing’s most recent climax. But as Keqing finally ebbs from her high, Ganyu bites down on her shoulder, hard enough to break skin and draw a little blood, leaving a mark that Keqing is sure is going to remain in the foreseeable future. The possessive and primal action tips Keqing over the edge once more—the fourth for the night—the strength in her arms leaving her for real this time, making her fall face into the pillow below her.

She’s only half aware of Ganyu maneuvering their bodies to lay on their sides, her senses still overwhelmed with the unexpected orgasm brought on by the bite.

She feels Ganyu tracing the tender area with her tongue, most likely intent on lapping off the trickle of blood until it stops. Keqing thinks it’s as if the collar isn’t enough anymore and Ganyu wants a claim that is more permanent and irremovable.

Before long, Ganyu’s hands start wandering again, caressing every inch of skin they pass by lightly. Eventually, one hand grasps an overly sensitive tit, pinching the nipple, and Keqing lets out a pained moan.

“No more.” She sobs, almost sounding pitiful. She taps Ganyu’s arm repeatedly, their absolute safe signal, the one gesture that her lover would never ignore no matter how into it she is. “Ganyu, please, no more.”

“Okay.” And Ganyu, despite her baser instincts, is still nothing but the most attentive girlfriend—she tries so hard to be, anyway. She slowly moves her hips away from Keqing, letting the phallus slide out gently, a trail of slick following after. “Okay, I’ve got you. No more. I’ve got you.” She carefully removes the harness from her body, making sure not to jostle Keqing as much as possible, and throws it to the pile where their clothes are, leaving them aside for their future selves to clean up.

Keqing looks down to see the mess across her thighs and all over the sheets. She blushes, covering her face with both hands, and closes her legs tightly, as if to hide the evidence of their coupling. (And yet, not for the first time, she wonders what it would be like if Ganyu could actually impregnate her. She pockets the thought for a later time.)

She takes a peek at Ganyu to see how she’s doing only to be met with the most tender and serene-looking smile, a sight kept only for her. She still asks, “Are you okay?”

“I should be the one asking you that, Keqing.'' Ganyu nuzzles into her hair, breathing in the scent of her lover—the mild, sweaty scent even more enticing to Ganyu’s nose knowing the cause of it. She then proceeds to kiss Keqing’s shoulders once more, around the area where she bit down and marked her. She’s feeling somewhat guilty, but she also can’t help feeling the slight spark of joy that shoots through her veins at seeing her claim on her. “This must’ve hurt a lot. I’m sorry.”

Keqing turns in Ganyu’s arms, fully facing her. They made sweet love just minutes prior but, somehow, the way their faces are so close—eyes shining, breaths intermingling, cheeks tears-stained from emotions that spilled over—feels just as intimate. “I could have stopped you any time and I’m sure you would have done so immediately, which you did.” She gives Ganyu a peck on the lips, both as a reward and as a thank you for staying in control. “I also didn’t stop you earlier than when I did because I trusted you. I trust you, always.” Another peck for emphasis. “In fact, I’m more than okay, thank you.”

They go back to staring lovingly at each other, until Keqing finally breaks eye contact, clearing her throat—well, as much as she can with a throat that has gone dry from… heavy activities.

“But I meant, were you able to get off?“

“Colorful language, your eminence.”


“Yes, my love, you were wonderful. Remind me to look for whoever designed the toy and personally thank them for thinking about the giver as well.”

Amused, Keqing simply indulges Ganyu, replying, “Okay, I’ll be sure to inquire with the vendor who sold it to us.”

She turns around again, securing herself into Ganyu’s hold, pulling along Ganyu’s arm to wrap around her. Ganyu’s palm is warm on Keqing’s belly, the gentle warmth spreading and settling deep in her chest. Their breathing synchronizes—the rise and fall of rib cages lulling them to sleep.

“Ganyu? For the record, my type is not light-haired cryo vision users,” she says drowsily, remembering Ganyu’s comment from earlier and finally realizing what she meant. Her words are muffled into the pillow as she snuggles deeper into Ganyu’s embrace, enjoying being the little spoon in moments like these. “My type is simply you.”



They had an early meeting with Guuji Yae that morning, a few hours before their scheduled appointment with the Kanjou Commission at the Tenshukaku—and quite possibly with the Shogun herself, but Keqing is hopeful their Archon would not appear.

She’s sore all over and, of course, all the marks Ganyu left on her body has yet to fade—especially the biggest one near the base of her neck, complete with teeth indentations and a colorful hue. Despite her disagreeable views on gods and divine beings—she’s working on it, her mind’s world opening up after trying so hard to fill in the shoes of their own god and, now, especially with her relationship with Ganyu—she still doesn’t want to make a fool of herself in front of them. She adjusts the piece of fabric around her neck—the one she bought from a gift shop in Ritou, its pale blue color reminding her of her lover—careful not to reveal what’s hidden underneath.

At least, Keqing thinks, Ganyu isn’t faring any better. They admittedly only noticed during their morning shower. Keqing saw all the scratch marks she made—some still angry red and bruising—while washing Ganyu’s back. Ganyu had to forgo wearing her usual work outfit in lieu of one… less revealing. (Ganyu actually did try to use her usual attire, but seeing Keqing’s mortified expression made her reconsider.)

Thoma and Ayaka are in the middle of exchanging pleasantries with who she assumes to be the Chief Editor of Yae Publishing House, Guuji Yae. She stares awestruck at such a dominating figure, noticing how Thoma appears to be shaking under the Guuji’s gaze whereas Ayaka looks as though she’s thriving from the flirtatious undertones their conversation seem to have taken a turn to.

Finally, their attention diverts to Ganyu and her, with Thoma once again introducing them. She moves forward to greet Guuji Yae but, as luck would have it, she trips while thinking about not embarrassing herself—her legs still a little weak and wobbly. She’s not even sure if she has full control of her lower limbs yet. Her thighs and her pussy definitely feel the most tender, her tights almost constricting and unbearable.

Ganyu catches her before she can fall face first into the ground, her grip around Keqing’s body strong and firm. The muscles under Keqing’s fingertips ripple and just remembering how hard Ganyu worked last night to pleasure her, those same muscles flexing with every movement—well, it’s already making her wet.

“Are you feeling unwell, Lady Keqing?” Ayaka asks her, her face filled with concern, snapping Keqing out of her lewd thoughts. She feels just a tiny bit guilty for making a seemingly innocent soul worry when, in fact, she’s never felt better in her life. “Were the futons we provided too uncomfortable last night?”

In her periphery, she notices the Guuji subtly sniffing the air, smirking and looking at her, a glint in her eyes, as if— as if she can smell the dampness slowly trailing down Keqing’s thighs, smell her arousal and—oh.

She’s suddenly feeling warm, feeling like—like she’s been caught red-handed, and by a head priestess no less. She tries to regain her balance, moving away from Ganyu’s hold with great reluctance.

“Oh, princess, I’m sure our guests had had the most blissful sleep they’ve had in ages.” The Guuji says, ever mischievous, a sly grin on her lips. Keqing already knows what she’s going to at least imply, dreading the next half of what she has to say. “But, before anything else, I do suggest you ask Thoma to wash their sheets right this very moment.”

And Thoma’s legs finally give out and collapse under him.