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Our Secret

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Everyone around Hunter Academy knew about the rivalry going on between two certain boys. It entertained many of their classmates and even some of the teachers.

Every time the captain of the basketball team and the student council president crossed paths, they found something to compete over. It could be seeing who could get to class first, beating the other at a word game, or anything that could be competed over.

Well, everything but math. That was the basketball captain's biggest fault.

Everyone knew it was all in good fun and no matter what one of them said, they didn't hate each other. They were friends, after all. Best friends.

Killua Zoldyck, the student council president, and Gon Freeces, the basketball team captain, were the definition of the phrase 'opposites attract'. They were different in almost every way.

Killua was a sassy smart-ass who came from a wealthy family. He was extremely smart and excelled in all of his classes. Most believed he would become valedictorian.

Gon was a kind flirty knucklehead. He had a hard time in his classes due to his ADHD. The only reason he wasn't failing was because of the tutoring Killua gave him every other day. Even with his superb tutor, he only barely managed to scrape by in math.

Maybe it was their similar views that made them such good friends. Maybe it was the fact that they were opposites in most ways. Maybe it was both.

No matter what it was that made them such good friends, it was a good thing. They balanced each other out perfectly, like yin and yang.


It was after school, the sports practices were finally over and all student council meetings were done for the day, it made Gon excited. He could finally meet up with Killua!

Gon rushed to the practice field where the marching band practiced their performances before moving to the football field. There was a roofed platform looking out over the field. The roof kept the sun from beating down on them, and the band never came here after school, so it was the perfect meeting place.

The metal bars of the ladder were hot from the sun beating down onto them. Once he got to the top, he stood on the platform and dropped his bag in the corner, sitting down in the opposite corner near the little balcony.

His day had been quite awful. He had gotten into a big fight with another kid. Since he had protected himself and didn't instigate it, he was let off with a warning. He knew he would be asked questions by close friends and curious classmates, but he didn't want to answer them. He just wanted to fade into the wooden wall behind him until he was his normal happy self again.

As he sat his hand down on his leg, he felt the metal in his pocket, tempting him to do something he knew he shouldn't.

He went back and forth, knowing what he did would have consequences, but it would also take the edge off of his growing anxiety.

Gon reached his hand into his pocket, grabbing the vape he stashed away hidden around a wad of paper. It was kind of dumb, but it's what he always did. He started to regret keeping it with him, though. He promised Killua he would stop relying on nicotine to calm himself down and to use better methods, like stress balls or the bog buckets of bad slime you can get at Walmart for $5. He put the edge between his lips before he started to debate his options in his head.

Once he had finally made up his mind and had taken a deep inhale of nicotine and the artificial flavoring he forgot was in this certain pod, he heard rustling outside by the ladder. Blue met amber immediately. His eyes widened and his stomach fell. Regret seeped into his bones.

'Oh shit, I'm dead,' Gon thought to himself before trying to stash the vape away in his pocket, praying that Killua didn't see the very obvious scene in front of him.

The white-haired boy threw his bag in the corner and marched quickly over to his lover. Killua grabbed Gon's collar and pulled him forward, causing the latter to cough and the vapor to escape his mouth, which blew up into Killua's face. Gon felt guilty about that, along with other things now.

'Yup, I'm definitely dead.' Gon thought to himself before closing his eyes and taking a deep breath. When he opened them, the worst thing possible happened.

Gon felt so much more guilty when he saw Killua's look. The white-haired boy looked deeply hurt and he frowned sadly. "Gon, you promised you'd stop that," Killua spoke quietly, his voice cracking, disappointment and hurt filling his tone.

Gon immediately regretted his decision. He cupped Killua's cheeks, looking him in the eyes. He could tell how upset his lover was. Gon never broke promises. He told himself this would be his last time ever breaking a promise.

He quickly dug through his pocket and slid the vape as far away as he could, and then the extra pod he kept there too. The metal hit the opposite wall, then the pod hit the vape off of the floor and onto the ground below.

Gon pulled Killua into a tight hug, "I'm sorry babe. I know what I said, and...." He didn't know how to continue. All he knew was that he shouldn't have given in.

Killua shifted his gaze upwards, his eyes a little teary, and Gon looked at his lover while his own eyes started to become teary. Gon hugged him tighter, "I... I'm so sorry 'Lua... I should've just- god I'm an idiot... I promise that won't happen again."

"...You won't break that promise... will you?"

Gon felt hurt. Of course he wouldn't! But as he started to think, he understood why Killua felt hesitant to trust him so readily with this same thing again. It was the only time Gon broke a promise. After wiping away a stray tear from Killua's face with his thumb, Gon nodded, "I swear on my life."

Gon felt warm, wet tears rolling down his face as well. He tried to make them go away, he shouldn't be upset when he was the one who caused this. His tears were ones of disappointment in himself, of guilt for hurting Killua, and of regret for resorting back to vaping in the first place. He didn't deserve-

"Hey, stop that." Killua's voice suddenly cut through Gon's thoughts.

He looked up at him, a little confused, "What do you mean?"

"You're doing that thing again, telling yourself to put your feelings aside because you made a mistake. You don't need to do that. You're allowed to cry and be upset, especially in this situation. Just because I'm hurt and a bit disappointed doesn't mean that I'm going anywhere or that I no longer care for you. This is something we'll work through together, ok?"

Gon felt overwhelmed. He was overwhelmed with guilt and disappointment for his relapse, with the anger he felt, but all of that paled in comparison to how much love he felt coming from Killua. He would forever wonder how he got to lucky to have been able to be with a man as amazing as Killua.

So, he cried. He pulled Killua close and cried into his chest while Killua rubbed circles into his back.

The two spent a few minutes calming down, and slowly the hurt and disappointment faded from Killua's eyes. It wasn't that he was no longer hurt or disappointed, but he knew that they cared about one another and holding onto it wouldn't do them any good.

The two then smiled gently. Now that the vape issue was out of the way, they could calm down and unwind from school.

Killua caressed the back of Gon's neck before pulling him into a kiss. It was sweet for a few moments before they got caught up in the heat of the moment.

Like everything else, kissing became a competition as well. Whoever could get the other to submit won, and Killua was very good at this game of theirs.

As their kiss deepened, Gon slowly felt himself start tolosee his usual determination for victory. Killua knew all of his sensitive spots and always used them to his advantage. He wanted to submit, but also wanted to make it a challenge for Killua.

Even as they felt each other and explored, they didn't touch underneath each other's clothes. It was a discussion that they'd already had months ago when Killua told Gon he wasn't ready to sleep together.

Killua gripped Gon's hair, his most sensitive spot, causing him to gasp. That moment's hesitation allowed Killua to finally win their little competition.

Soon after, they pulled away, gasping for air.

Then, Killua got an idea, "Babe." He spoke quietly, almost whispering.

"Yes?" The other boy asked just as quietly. He moved his hands to Killua's waist, rubbing his sides lovingly.

Killua blushed, his whole face turning red, "H.. how about this... Whenever you feel like you need to take a hit, just tell me a..and...." Killua couldn't finish his sentence, his blush growing brighter.

The other boy looked at him, curiosity filling his brain, "And what?" Gon could tell he was embarrassed, it was very obvious, but it made him all the more curious to listen to his idea.

"A-and... we could kiss? Or make out.... or have a-... a quickie?"

Now both of them were bright red.

Gon looked up at Killua, his eyes were wide. He bit his lip a little, thinking, "But you said you weren't ready for that kind of thing. I'd never force you into something that you are uncomfortable with."

The wind picked up a bit, causing a small breeze to pull through the small room.

Hearing Killua's final idea made him happy, and that was because Gon knew that Killua was finally ready to take the next step in their relationship. The only thing was that he couldn't accept his offer, and there were two reasons for that. First, they would be fooling around several times a day, and that was just not something he wanted to do, that's not what their relationship was. And second, he didn't want them to do it quickly. If they were going to have sex, he wanted to make love, not fuck. He wanted them to take everything slow and explore the new experience together with as few expectations as possible. Having a quickie ruined the purpose of that.

"Plus, if we did that, we'd be- uh.... doing it.. several times a day, and that's way too much. Our relationship isn't centered around that kind of thing, and I want to keep it that way. I love being able to do cute bullshit with you, and I never want you to feel like we have to finish a night like that. Like when we were laying in my bed just cuddling and telling stories. The night you asked me to wait until you were ready. We were only in our box-"

"Yes, I remember that, Gon. It... It was the best night of my life.." The white-haired boy spoke honestly and tightened his grip, burying his head into the other's neck. He could feel the heat on his cheeks.

After listening to him, Gon blushed a little and pecked Killua on the cheek. Killua immediately raised his head and pouted, "You missed, green bean."

They looked at each other for a few seconds before they burst into giggles.

"If I'm a green bean, then that makes you cauliflower, doesn't it?"

Killua fake frowned and turned away from Gon, "Absolutely not. Cauliflower tastes nasty and I w-"

He cut himself off after realizing where that sentence was going. His cheeks turned a bit pink and he groaned, pulling Gon into another chaste kiss.

The green-haired boy didn't mind. He savored it, smiling when it was over.

He then realizes that they got off topic and he knew he needed to finish what they were talking about.

"But really, I don't want our first time to feel forced or planned. I just want it to happen naturally when we both feel it's right." Gon spoke solemnly, looking the taller in the eyes with a loving expression.

Suddenly, he was pushed back onto the wall and Killua had tightened his grip, laying his head on Gon's shoulder. Feeling Killua's breath hit his neck, Gon shivered a little, not in fear or nervousness, but in excitement and want. It was a feeling he had only experienced a few times, one he didn't know how to explain any better. All he knew was that what his body wanted and what his brain told him clashed at these times.

"God, I love you. I-"

Both of them froze, having the same realization at the same time.

That was their first 'I Love You'.

They both knew it was true, for a long time now, but they had an unspoken agreement. It would be similar to how their other first times would happen, when the both of them knew and it came out naturally.

Gon hugged him back just as tight, smiled, then rested his head on top of Killua's. "I love you too, you living embodiment of a cat. I wouldn't trade you for the world."

He felt the white-haired boy breathe out a breath of relief. Gon then felt a pair of lips on his neck. He wasn't expecting that from his boyfriend. A small noise slipped out by accident.

Before it went further, Killua looked up at him, "Can... is this fine?" He asked in a low, nervous voice. Gon smiled, that was the shyness he always saw from Killua, no matter what it was they were doing.

"Absolutely. Put it somewhere noticeable so I can see it later." Gon spoke honestly, but also knowing it would fluster Killua a little.

As expected, Killua's face turned beet red, "A-are you sure? What if someone sees it?" He asked worriedly.

They both knew that nobody knew about their relationship, at least not yet. They kept it out of their school lives, for the most part, still wanting to be able to focus on their studies. When it came to the weekends, they were almost always over at Gon's house. The only person that knew about their relationship was Gon's aunt, Mito.

She didn't mind what they did, as long as they were both happy, healthy, and safe. Her only rule was, in her words, 'Don't have sex while I'm home, I don't want to hear it.' It made Gon laugh and Killua flustered.

"I'm 100% positive. If you don't want anyone to see it, I can cover it up." Gon smiled kindly. He didn't want to make Killua feel uncomfortable.

"Ok.. and you don't need to do that. I want to see it on you tomorrow. It's... like a reminder that you're mine, and that I'm yours. I want everyone to know you're off-limits, even if they don't know who you're with."

It was Gon's turn to blush, Killua had never been so possessive before. He liked this side of him, it was exciting. Gon nodded a little with a smile, letting the other know it was ok and that he understood. He then positioned his neck so Killua had more access to it.

Killua gently kissed Gon's neck in several spots before deciding on a spot. He kissed Gon's collarbone gently before working the mark into the other's skin.

Gon didn't expect it to feel so good. He had a hard time holding back the noises that threatened to spill out of his throat. Killua had never given him a hickey, but now he knew he would take them any chance he had. He would likely have to invest in some foundation, or maybe it was concealer. He wasn't sure which one was used for that kind of thing. All those products were confusing.

He felt a bite at his collarbone, which caused him to let out a small moan. He immediately tried to stop it, but Killua bit down harder on that same spot, causing him to do so again a little louder.

His eyes finally complied and opened. It was surprisingly erotic to him to see Killua working on giving him a hickey. The sight made Gon have to will down the small uncomfort in his pants that he hoped Killua wouldn't notice. Thankfully, it didn't seem he did.

When Killua was done, he gave the small patches of blue and purple a soft kiss. Gon's neck felt so sensitive, it was an equally weird and good feeling.

As he looked up, Killua blew lightly on the hickey, causing Gon to shudder a little and for a small, almost whimper-like sound, to escape his throat.

"God, you're such a tease."

"And you love it."

Gon blushed and chuckled, "I love everything you do."

Now it was Killua's turn to blush. At the same time, they leaned in and exchanged a short but sweet kiss. They both smiled, content.

"Hey, Killua?"


"I love you."

"I love you too, you idiot... also, if I'm a cat then you're definitely a dog. I can practically feel your tail wagging behind you right now."


The next day, Gon almost regretted his decision when he was bombarded by questions at his locker by his teammates. Almost.

"Is that a hickey?"

"Who gave you that?"

"You have a girlfriend?!"

"Did you get punched in the throat or something dude?"

Gon looked like a deer in headlights. He had NOT prepared himself for this. The comment he got from his teammate Leorio was probably the one that make him the most nervous.

"Are you and 'You-Know-Who' finally together? Took you guys long enough!"

That simple little statement would cause his teammates to go into a frenzy and started to bet on who his secret lover was.

He tried to get the attention off of himself.

"Why don't we all about how we found Leorio and Kurapika last week instead?"

It didn't work. Apparently his live-life was more interesting than two of their teammates making out in the locker rooms.

Gon looked up for help from Killua, whose locker was nearby. The white-haired boy smiled nervously, mouthing a 'sorry' before trying to help.

"Oh, my god!" Killua let out a loud laugh, catching the team's attention, "Did that weird cat of yours give you another hickey? I swear, it's one of the weirdest things I have ever witnessed." Killua spoke in a very amused and matter-of-fact tone, which was very convincing. Gon almost believed he had a new cat that did that to his neck; the look in Killua's eyes and the way he kept eyeing the marks told Gon what he knew to be true.

"Yeah! But I doubt that anyone will believe such a weird story." Gon spoke, highlighting the last bit more than the rest of the sentence. Apparently, that was enough to deflate the small crowd's interest, for now, so they dispersed.

Gon grabbed the rest of his things quickly, not wanting to be late. He flipped up the collar of his flannel to try and cover the hickey enough that he wouldn't get called to the office later and get questioned.

"I hope I can get some form of payment for that." Killua suddenly spoke in Gon's ear. He could practically hear the smirk in Killua's voice. He froze up for a moment, but then smiled wickedly.

"Don't worry, my love. Mito is gone for the week."

His tone and words were quite suggestive, which made Killua blush.

Seeing the red tint on his lover's cheeks made him smile. He leaned into Killua's ear, letting a small amount of warm air hit the other's neck, "It's up to you what you want to do with that time."

And with that, he walked off.