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Wasn’t Expecting This

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“Come on Wynonna, please pick up.” Waverly waited as the phone rang.
“Shit,” she muttered as it went to her sister’s all too familiar voicemail. Should’ve known better than to try and call Wynonna on a Friday night. Knowing her, she’s probably drank half the whiskey in Shorty’s by now. Waverly took another look at her surroundings from the steps of the library. It wasn’t that she didn’t know where she was. No, she was very familiar with the big public library about a ten minute bus ride away from her apartment, which was just off of Purgatory University’s campus. She usually did her work and studying at the on-campus library, but whenever she had a big project that required more reading material, Waverly came here due to their much more vast collection of books, articles, and newspaper clippings. So, that is what Waverly had been doing this evening. She had meant to wrap up and leave around 7:00, but had gotten so caught up in her work that she hadn’t even noticed the time until it was much too late. When she’d been alerted by one of the librarians that the library was closing and seen it was now in fact 11:00, she’d cursed and began packing her things, knowing it was well past the time the buses stopped running. When she had stepped outside though, she all of a sudden remembered exactly where she was. The public library was fantastic, but there was downside of using it as opposed to using the on-campus one, and that was the fact that it was in one of the more dangerous parts of town. For some reason, whoever had decided to build it, put it right in the spot with the highest crime rate. So, not sure what else to do, she’d decided to try and call her older sister, Wynonna, who had taken up permanent residency there after she’d somehow miraculously graduated from Purgatory University herself. Waverly should’ve known better than to think Wynonna might be able to give her a ride though. Every Friday night, her sister could be found at the most popular bar in the area, Shorty’s, getting drunk and flirting with the bartender. Ever since, he’d started working there, John Henry, or “Doc” as Wynonna had taken up calling him for some reason, had caught Wynonna’s eye. She had once told Waverly that John Henry was perfect hook up material — relaxed and willing to not get super personal. However, what had started as a hook up had turned into friends with benefits, and Waverly could tell that John Henry was now starting to want more than a purely sexual relationship with Wynonna. Wynonna, ever the oblivious one, had insisted to Waverly that he was a no strings attached kinda guy and then had changed the subject to Waverly’s own love life, or rather lack thereof.

The second person on Waverly’s list of who she could call was her roommate, Chrissy. The phone rang one, then twice, then three times before there was a click and a chipper voice that could barely be heard over pounding music.

“Waverly?” Chrissy said, managing to make herself heard over the copious amount of background noise.

“Hey Chrissy! I’m stuck at the library. You know, the public one. I lost track of time and now there aren’t any buses and I’m kind of stranded. Any chance you could pick me up?”

“Sorry Waverly, I would, but I’m at a party and I’m a bit tipsy already if I’m being honest,” Chrissy responded apologetically. Waverly groaned internally. Of course Chrissy too would be getting drunk at this time of night. Chrissy and Waverly got along great, but whereas Waverly was more of the person to spend her Friday nights either studying, reading, or watching movies, Chrissy preferred to spend her weekend nights going out.

“It’s okay,” Waverly assured her roommate, not wanting her to feel bad about being unable to pick her up, “I’ll figure something out.” After hanging up the phone, she returned to her contact list, trying to think of anyone who might be able to pick her up. Jeremy? No, he doesn’t have a car. Robin? Nope, he’s out of town this weekend. Waverly was quickly beginning to realize she really didn’t have that big of a list of people she could call.

“Well shit,” she muttered, “What the hell am I supposed to do now?” That’s when a thought came to her, and next thing she knew, she found herself dialing a number into her phone.

“Hello, you’ve reached the Purgatory Sheriff’s Department. How can I help you?”

“Uh, hi. I’m, um, I’m kind of stuck at the Purgatory Public Library and just realized the buses aren’t running and there is no one I can get a ride from, and, well, you probably already know this particular area isn’t known for being the safest and my apartment isn’t really close enough to walk to, so is there anyway you could send someone to give me a ride?” Waverly winced at how awkward that probably sounded, waiting for a response.

“Yes, we’ll send an officer down right away ma’am. You said the Purgatory Public Library, correct?” the voice responded, and Waverly breathed a small sigh of relief. Finally, she’d found a way home. Perhaps it was a little embarrassing having called the cops for someone to drive her home, but at least now her chances of getting robbed or murdered were significantly lower.

“Yes, that it correct,” she responded, “I’m out on the front steps.” There was a moment of silence before she got a response.

“Alright ma’am. We’re sending an officer your way now.”

“Thank you,” Waverly said gratefully. “You’re very welcome ma’am. Have a good night.”

“You too.” Waverly pocketed her phone, looking out at the street. Someone is on their way. Now I just got to wait.

Within seven minutes, a cop car pulled in front of the steps of the library, and Waverly stood back up from where she’d sat down to wait. She watched as the driver’s side door opened and a woman with fiery red hair that hung just a little below her chin stepped out. A stetson sat on the woman’s head, and she walked over to Waverly with a swagger that oozed confidence. Waverly felt her mouth go dry as the cop came to a stop directly in front of her. Holy shitballs, she’s gorgeous.

“I was told you needed a ride miss?” the cop said. Waverly blushed, shaking herself out of her stupor to answer her.

“Ah, yes. I do Officer…” Waverly’s eyed drifted to the woman’s name tag, “Officer Haught.” Of course that’s her name. Officer Haught smiled at her and good Lord, she had dimples.

Alright, where to?”

Waverly managed to stammer her apartment’s address out, blushing even more when the officer led her over to the cop car and opened the passenger side door for Waverly, giving her a wink and tipping her hat before heading over to the driver’s side to enter the car herself.

“So,” Officer Haught started as she turned the keys in the ignition and pulled away from the library,

“It would be rude of me not to ask such beautiful woman’s name.”

Waverly’s eyes widened. She… did she just… is she flirting with me?!

“If you don’t mind me asking that is,” Officer Haught then continued when Waverly didn’t answer right away.

“Oh! No, not at all!” Waverly quickly responded, “My name is Waverly. Waverly Earp.”

“Well, it’s very nice to meet you Waverly Earp.”

“Likewise Officer Haught.”

“Call me Nicole,” the redhead said, keeping her eyes focused on the road, but grinning, “So, you’re a student at Purgatory University?”

“Yep,” Waverly affirmed, “I’m a junior there this year.”

“That’s awesome. What’s your major?”

“I’m double majoring in history and classical studies with a concentration on ancient greek and latin. Then I’m minoring in linguistics.”

Nicole let out a low whistle. “Damn, you must be super smart to take on all that.”

“I don’t know about that,” Waverly said shyly, “I just enjoy learning new things.”

“I’d still say you’re super smart. But, that’s a pretty damn admirable trait. A person who is willing to branch out and learn new things is the type of person who will be very successful in life.”

“What about you? Did you go to college anywhere?” Waverly asked, turning the subject towards Nicole.

“Believe it or not, I graduated from Purgatory University two years ago,” Nicole admitted, “Graduated with a degree in Criminology. Then I headed to the academy, and after I graduated from that, Sheriff Nedley offered me a job here.”

“Oh shit!”

“What?” Nicole said, pulling over and bringing the car quickly to a halt, “Is something wrong?”

“Oh, no. Nothing’s wrong, sorry. I guess I just forgot Nedley would be your boss,” Waverly said, chuckling nervously. Shit, Chrissy is never going to let me live this down if she finds out one of her dad’s officers took me home. Let alone a flirty, attractive woman cop. She’ll never stop asking me questions about it.

“Do you know him well?” Nicole asked, her brow furrowed and the car still stopped. Waverly hesitated, wondering if she should tell her before making a decision.

“Yeah. I um, I actually live with his daughter,” Waverly said sheepishly.

Nicole raised her eyebrows. “Seriously?”


“Well then, the sheriff’s daughter is one heck of a lucky girl to be living with someone like you,” Nicole declared.

“Oh, she isn’t my… we aren’t dating if that’s what you were thinking. We’re just roommates. She is very straight,” Waverly stammered out suddenly aware of the fact Nicole may have taken it that Waverly was dating Chrissy.

Nicole smirked at her. “And you aren’t?”

“W-what?” Waverly was getting more flustered by the minute.

“You said she was very straight. Are you not?”

“That’s… I, uh…”

“I’m just teasing,” Nicole said, laughing a bit, “Don’t feel like you got to answer that question. I’m not one to force someone’s sexuality out of them.” Waverly was quiet for a moment, taking notice of how Nicole had still not put the car back into drive.



“Is there a reason we aren’t moving?”

“Oh! My bad,” Nicole said sheepishly, blushing a little bit and shifting the gears so that they began to move again.

“And Waverly?”


“I didn’t think you and Sheriff Nedley’s daughter were dating just so you know,” Nicole chuckling, “But it’s nice to know you’re not taken. Well, at least not taken by her.” Waverly gaped at her. Yep. There is no denying it now. She’s definitely flirting with me. I’m being flirted with by a smooth and stunning ginger cop.

“Yep, not taken by anyone,” Waverly decided to confirm for the officer, wanting to see what she would do. However, Nicole remained silent, the only sign of her having heard Waverly being a large smile slowly spreading across her face.

Soon, they were pulling into parking lot of Waverly’s apartment complex. Nicole pulled into one of the spaces, and put the car into park.

“So,” the redhead began as Waverly fiddled with the hem of the jacket she was wearing.

“I’m not,” Waverly suddenly blurted out.

Nicole frowned. “You’re not what?”

“Straight. I’m not straight just so you know. And I could be reading the signals here totally wrong, and if I am, I’m so sorry, but do you have time to come in for a quick cup of hot chocolate before you have to head back to the Sheriff’s Department?” Waverly cringed at how quickly the words spilled out of her mouth, blushing profusely.

“I’d love to,” came Nicole’s soft voice. She looked up to see the cop smiling gently at her.

“R-really?” Waverly squeaked out.

“Yes really. And Nedley actually told me I’m off the clock after I finished running you home, so I actually don’t have to go back any time soon. I worked extra hours today which is why I was still there when you called. And boy am I glad I chose to work those extra hours now,” Nicole said, winking. Waverly stared at her for a moment before a shy smile crept its way onto her face.

“Alright, why don’t we go inside then and I make you that cup of hot chocolate?”

“Sounds perfect.”

Waverly led Nicole into the apartment, giving a her a small tour before telling her to make herself at home while she prepared their drinks. Instead of settling down on the couch as Waverly expected she might, Nicole followed Waverly into the kitchen, leaning against the counter as she watched Waverly work.

“Is your roommate out tonight?”

“Yeah, and if she’s at the party being thrown by the frat Perry Crofte is in, then she most likely won’t be home tonight.”

“Gotcha,” Nicole nodded, “So she’s the party on the weekend kind of student?”

“Yeah, I suppose so,” Waverly chuckled, “But don’t tell her dad I told you that.”

“My lips are sealed.”

“Do you want whipped cream?”

“That’d be great, thank you,” Nicole replied, “So, what do you like to do on the weekend then besides getting stranded at libraries and inviting random cops into your home?”

Waverly looked over to find Nicole smirking at her. “Well, for you information, this is the first time I’ve gotten stranded there.”

“Ah, so it’s just inviting cops into your apartment that you do on a weekly basis,” Nicole said, still grinning.

“Nope,” Waverly said, rolling her eyes good naturedly, “First time doing that too. And be careful, or it may be the last time I invite a cop into my apartment.”

“Well then, we can’t have that, can we?” Nicole took a few steps closer to Waverly, and Waverly felt her heart speed up. “If that happens I may just have issue a search warrant.”

“A… A search warrant?” Waverly gulped as Nicole came even closer.

“Mhmm. A search warrant.”

“For what?” Nicole leaned in close, and Waverly closed her eyes, expecting to feel Nicole’s lips on hers. Instead, she heard Nicole whisper into her ear, saying

“My breath because you seem to have taken it away.” Then Waverly felt Nicole pull away and opened her eyes to find the tall cop grinning down at her. Waverly drew her mouth into a pout and Nicole raised her eyebrows.

“What? Were you expecting something else?” Nicole said innocently. Waverly huffed and rolled her eyes again.

“You’re really cheesy, you know that?”

“Oh, I do know that, and I’m proud of it.”

“Whatever you cheeseball. Here, take your hot chocolate and how about we move this to the living room,” Waverly said, unable to stifle her smile any longer. Nicole smiled back at her and nodded, letting Waverly lead her to the blue couch that sat in the main room of the apartment.

An hour later, the mugs were empty and the two girls were sitting on the couch watching a movie. Well, they were pretending to watch the movie at least. In the span of the last thirty minutes, each of them had been trying to move subtly closer to the other until Nicole had just thrown the act of being subtle out the window and slipped her arm around Waverly’s shoulders. And that’s how they sat now, Waverly leaning into Nicole’s side as Nicole’s arm rested behind her. Waverly could not seem to focus on what was happening on the TV screen, her mind instead zeroed in on how comforting the weight of Nicole’s arm around her felt, how warm the redhead was against her side, and how she smelled like vanilla-dipped donuts, Waverly’s favorite. She instinctively leaned further into the warmth of the officer’s body, her head finding a place to rest in the crook of Nicole’s shoulder.

“You sleepy?” Nicole asked quietly, her hand coming up from where it had been resting against Waverly’s shoulder to run through Waverly’s long, honey brown locks.

“No,” Waverly murmured, “You’re just warm and comfy.” Nicole chuckled softly.

“Glad I can be of service then.”

Silence fell back over the two as Waverly pretended to turn her attention back to the movie, while really focusing on how right it felt to be cuddled together like they were. This is weird, right? Waverly thought to herself, I’ve only just met this woman, yet it just feels… right. Wynonna has used to always make fun of Waverly for being what some might call a “romantic,” telling her to “get her head out of the clouds” because real life was no fairy tale. There were no dragons or knights in shining armor in the real world. But while Waverly definitely didn’t consider herself a damsel in distress, Nicole had sure seemed like a knight in shining armor tonight when she had pulled up to the curb outside the library to help Waverly get home. Just, instead of the armor, she’d been wearing a police uniform, and instead of a horse, she’d come riding along in a cop car.

“Whatcha thinkin’ about?”

Waverly startled, lifting her head from Nicole’s shoulder to look at her.

“Oh, uh, nothing really,” she stammered out awkwardly, blushing at having been caught.

“Mhm, sure,” Nicole drawled out, grinning, “You most definitely were lost in thought over nothing.”

“Yeah, definitely…” Waverly said, her voice trailing off into a whisper as her eyes drifted down to Nicole’s lips. Suddenly, it seemed like Nicole was even closer than before, the air around them feeling a few degrees warmer. Waverly licked her lips.

“What were you really thinking about Waverly?” Nicole murmured. Waverly’s eyes moved away from Nicole’s lips for a moment only to see smoldering brown eyes looking at her own. She couldn’t stop the next word that came out of her mouth even if she tried.


Then Waverly couldn’t take it anymore. Without further preamble, she closed the remaining distance between the two of them, pressing her lips to Nicole’s. Nicole responded by pulling Waverly closer so that she was practically in the redhead’s lap. Nicole’s lips were soft, very different from the chapped lips of Waverly’s ex-boyfriend from high school, Champ. She tugged at Waverly’s bottom lip lightly with her teeth and Waverly couldn’t help but let out a small moan. Waverly slipped her hands around to the nape of Nicole’s neck, tugging at the hair that hung there. She adjusted herself so that she was properly straddling the police officer, running her tongue along the seam of Nicole’s lips and when Nicole parted her lips, slipping it inside. Nicole’s hands, which had started off resting on her hips, began to grow restless, running up Waverly’s back, then back down again, dipping lower to grip at her ass and cause her to groan into Nicole’s mouth. Waverly’s body felt like it was catching fire as the officer greedily drank from her lips like she was the source of eternal life itself. Her tongue traced the contours of Waverly’s mouth, as her hands continued to trace the contours of her body.

“Waverly,” Nicole whispered breathlessly as she pulled back for a moment, her hands stilling, “Are you sure this is all okay?”

“Yes,” Waverly panted, her skin feeling like it was on fire, “Fuck yes, Nicole.”

“Okay,” Nicole breathed out, the arousal evident in her voice. She then dipped her head down to press an open-mouthed kiss to Waverly’s neck, and Waverly just about turned into molten lava when Nicole’s lips touched her heated skin. She let out a slightly pathetic whimper, casting aside her dignity and letting the burning desire and need she felt inside take over as Nicole nipped at her pulse point, her hand coming up to caress one of Waverly’s breasts. Waverly’s hips began to move, craving friction. Nicole, reading her need, pulled away from her neck, her eyes looking into Waverly’s, searching for any signs of her wanting to stop.

“Do you want to go to your room?” the officer murmured.

“Yes,” Waverly responded, shameless in the need present in her voice. Nicole just studied her for a moment, a smitten, lust drunk look in her eyes, before she suddenly stood up. She hoisted Waverly up with her, causing the smaller woman to let out a yelp of surprise and tightly wrap her legs around Nicole’s waist. Nicole then carried her to the bedroom that Waverly had pointed out as hers during the tour earlier. She gently laid Waverly down on the mattress, before crawling over her and pressing her lips back against Waverly’s.

“God Waverly,” Nicole mumbled between kisses, “You’re so fucking beautiful you know that?

“Charmer,” Waverly tried to reply, but it came out rather garbled when Nicole cupped her breast and caused her to moan loudly. She arched into the touch instinctually, trying to press herself more firmly into Nicole’s hand. Her clothes were beginning to feel slightly suffocating as she realized just how much she wanted to feel Nicole’s naked body pressed up against hers. The thought only made her wetter. Nicole was busy mapping out every inch of her jawline and neck with her warm and relentless mouth, and Waverly honestly thought she might burst into flames at any moment — that’s how turned on the officer had her. Hell, she had never felt such a need to be touched in her life! Her body squirmed and arched as she mewled in pleasure.

“Fuck, Nicole.” She just couldn’t get enough of the woman, her kisses and touches quickly becoming like a drug to Waverly. She finally tugged at Nicole’s shirt, untucking it from her police issued khakis, and giving into the carnal desire to feel the warmth of Nicole’s skin. Waverly slipped her hands underneath the material, running them up the redhead’s smooth back and raking her nails lightly against soft skin as her fingers traveled back down until they reached the waistband of Nicole’s pants. She couldn’t help herself and tugged on the belt loops, bringing Nicole’s hips forward to press more firmly into her own. Nicole groaned and the sound sent a jolt straight to Waverly’s core. God, she wanted to hear it again. She removed her hands from under the shirt only to impatiently begin to undo the buttons of it, craving easier access to Nicole’s skin. When she finally pulled the last button free, she watched as Nicole sat up and shrugged the material off her body and tossed it somewhere on the floor. Waverly swallowed thickly at the sight of Nicole’s sleek torso and sculpted upper body, the heat between her legs growing at the sight of all that smooth, pale skin.
God, it just makes me want to touch her more. Waverly licked her lips as Nicole grinned down at her.

“Don’t tell me I’ve rendered you speechless already?” Nicole husked as she bent down to nip at Waverly’s bottom lip, eliciting a low moan from her. Waverly ran her hands up Nicole’s back, pulling her closer. As their lips reconnected, Waverly felt one of Nicole’s thighs slot between her legs, and Waverly instinctually began to grind against it, the friction feeling heavenly to her needy body.

“Waverly,” Nicole husked, Waverly chasing her lips as she pulled away, “Can I take these off?” She tugged at Waverly’s clothes, demonstrating what she meant, and Waverly nodded so quickly she could’ve given herself whiplash. Nicole grinned before slowly lifting the fabric of Waverly’s sweater up and pulling it off of her. The sheer tank top Waverly had on underneath the sweater quickly followed, leaving her upper body clad solely in a lacy light blue bra. Then, Waverly felt Nicole’s fingers deftly undo her jeans and tug at them, Waverly lifting her hips to aid the officer in shimmying then down off her legs.

“Fuck,” Nicole whispered seeing the matching lace panties.

Waverly blushed, before grasping for Nicole’s belt buckle, murmuring, “I wanna see you too,” as she undid it with slightly trembling hands. Nicole’s breath hitched at the click of it being released. Waverly unbuttoned the uniform trousers next, and Nicole stood to finish stripping herself of the pants, so that she only remained in a pair of Calvin Klein underwear and a plain black Nike sports bra. When Waverly beckoned her to come back closer again, she crawled back onto the bed, once again hovering over Waverly. She closed her eyes at the light touch of Waverly’s hands running up her back and taking hold of her bra, Waverly watching her face for any signs of wanting to stop as she pulled the garment off of her. Waverly’s breathing sped up when Nicole opened her eyes again to look at her, then sped up even more when she finally looked down at Nicole’s now uncovered chest.

“God….you’re beautiful,” she whispered. It was true. Nicole’s body was the most beautiful thing she’d ever seen. Her skin was light and dotted with a few random freckles here and there. Her breasts were round and full, her pink nipples contrasting against her pale skin and hardened by arousal. She was toned but not chiseled, her body still curvy and soft in all the right areas. It was obvious she took good care of herself. Waverly could have stared at Nicole’s almost completely nude body all night if it weren’t for Nicole replying and snapping her out of her enraptured state.

“I’m beautiful? That’s all you,” Nicole had murmured back as one of her own hands tugged at one of Wavely’s bra straps. Waverly sat up as best as she could to help Nicole undo the clasps of her own bra, letting Nicole slip it off of her and watching the redhead’s eyes grow hazy with lust.

“Holy fuck, Waverly.” Waverly cheeks flushed pink at Nicole’s obvious desire, biting her lower lip as she looked up at Nicole through her lashes. Nicole’s face was also flushed, her pupils blown as she looked down at Waverly. Then Nicole leaned down and kissed her — a long, absolutely sinful kiss, with the hot cop sneaking her tongue into her mouth, causing Waverly to moan against her lips. She could feel Nicole’s hand sneaking up her body to come up and caress her breast once again, but this time without the barrier of clothing. Waverly swore, arching her back as pure, unadulterated need ran through her. As Nicole began to languidly kiss down Waverly’s sensitive neck once again, her fingers went from caressing, to lightly tugging and pinching at her nipples.

“Fuck, Nicole,” Waverly uttered, gasping and moaning at the attention to the sensitive peaks. Nicole continued the trail of open mouthed kisses beyond Waverly’s neck, nipping at her collar bone, then making her way down to Waverly’s breasts with her lips. As Nicole used her fingers to continue to play with one nipple, Waverly’s other nipple became enveloped in the warmth of Nicole’s mouth.

“Ah, fuck,” Waverly moaned out loudly at the feeling of Nicole’s tongue lapping at the hardened bud. Her whole body felt so hot, like liquid fire was running through her veins. Her pussy throbbed and clenched with the sensations, and she was on the verge of begging Nicole to touch her, to give her more, when the redhead lifted her mouth from Waverly’s breast and looked her dead in the eye with so much hunger, that it sent another rush of wetness flooding Waverly’s now ruined panties.

“I wanna taste you,” Nicole said, her voice a bit rougher than before due to the level of her arousal. Waverly’s cheeks flushed pink, and she found herself nodding quickly and desperately.

“Yes,” she managed to get out in reply, “Please!”

As Nicole stripped them both of their underwear, and made her way down the bed to lay between Waverly’s thighs, Waverly decided she had never been so turned on before in her life. She didn’t just want Nicole anymore. She needed her. And then Nicole’s tongue made contact with Waverly’s wet folds, and Waverly was set ablaze. She couldn’t stop the flood of curse words mixed with moans that came out of her lips as Nicole worked at her clit with her tongue. The taller woman moaned, pulling back only for a second groan out,

“You taste so fucking good.” That only made Waverly moan louder.

She never knew sex could feel this good, and the ungodly things Nicole was doing with her tongue was quickly sending Waverly hurtling towards the edge of an orgasm. Her hands reached down and gripped red locks of hair, tugging lightly. Nicole moaned into Waverly’s pussy once again in response, the vibrations from the sound teasing her clit even more. Waverly tried to grind herself more firmly against Nicole’s face, but she found her plan thwarted when Nicole threw arm over her hips to stop them from moving. The pleasure continued to grow and grow, like a wildfire spreading through a forest, and Waverly knew she wouldn’t last much longer. Then Nicole sucked her clit between her lips and that was all it took for Waverly to finally fly over that cliff. Waverly was vaguely aware of crying out Nicole’s name as she came, her eyes rolling back into her head and her vision burning white for a moment. Her entire body tensed up, her back arching, and she gripped onto Nicole’s hair like it was the only thing that would keep her from exploding into a million little particles. She didn’t know how long she came for, but once she did finally come down, her body and head felt all floaty.

“Holy shitballs,” was all she could manage, still trying to catch her breath as Nicole climbed back up her body to lay beside her.

”Yeah,” Nicole said breathlessly. When Waverly turned her head, she swallowed another moan at the sight of Nicole’s wet mouth and chin. That’s from me, Waverly thought hungrily, and like a moth to a flame, her lips found Nicole’s once again. The erotic taste of her own wetness on Nicole’s lips sent her back into overdrive, the fire lit anew, and she climbed on top of the police officer, drawing a moan from the woman’s mouth.

“Waverly,” Nicole began, “Just so you know, you don’t have —.”

“Shhhh,” Waverly murmured, “I really, really want to fuck you right now. Okay?” She was met with a speedy nod, and smiled seductively, pushing Nicole’s shoulders down so that she lay flat on the bed beneath Waverly.

“God,” Waverly groaned, her appreciative gaze mapping out every inch of the body beneath her, “You’re so damn hot. How are you so gorgeous?”

Nicole’s reply caught in her throat, whatever she was going to say now unknown to Waverly because it was at that moment that Waverly finally did what she had wanted to do since she’d uncovered Nicole’s absolutely captivating chest.

As she cupped Nicole’s breasts in her hands, she marveled at how soft they felt and how the weight of them settled perfectly in her hands. She could feel the redheads erect nipples against palms and was filled with the sudden urge to take them in her mouth. So she did. Nicole cried out with gratification as Waverly’s lips covered her right nipple, Waverly teasing it with her tongue. The sound only served as encouragement for Waverly, and she switched to the other nipple after a moment, giving it the same attention while her hand found itself on Nicole’s inner thigh. Waverly dragged her fingertips along the soft skin there, delighting in the shudder it sent through the woman’s body. She moved her hand higher and higher, pulling back from Nicole’s breasts to watch her face as she got closer and closer to where Nicole needed her most. Waverly could feel the cop trembling with anticipation as she reached the apex of her thighs, and she paused for a moment, waiting for Nicole to tell her it was alright to continue. Nicole choked out a desperate “yes” and then gasped as Waverly wasted no time in running her fingers through Nicole’s soaked pussy.

“Fuck, you’re dripping Nicole,” Waverly said, a little in awe over how obviously turned on the other woman was because of her.

“Fucking hell,” Nicole groaned out, “I don’t know Wave, you just do something to me.” She followed her statement with a moan as Waverly began to rub small circles on Nicole’s clit.

“Fuck, yes, right there Wave.“ Waverly kissed Nicole, their mouths devouring each other like they just couldn’t get physically close enough. Waverly’s fingers eventually drifted from Nicole’s clit down to her entrance, and she pulled away from Nicole’s lips just long enough for consent, then went right back to kissing her like her life depended on it as she slowly sank two fingers into the cop’s drenched pussy.

“Holy fuck Waves,” Nicole moaned out, her body arching and her hands clawing at the bed sheets.

“You like that?” Waverly breathed out, finding Nicole like this to be the most sexy thing she’d ever seen.

“Ye—ahhh fuck!” Nicole trailed off, unable to finish what she was saying as Waverly curled her fingers deep inside.

“God, you look so hot like this Nicole,” Waverly moaned unable to contain how turned on she was by watching the other woman be overcome with pleasure that she was the cause of. Evidently, hearing the desire in Waverly’s voice only increased Nicole’s own arousal, and her hips started to move more quickly, trying to speed up the rhythm of Waverly’s fingers. Waverly obliged and also began to use her thumb to rub Nicole’s clit as she fucked her, causing Nicole to gasp out and buck her hips.

“God, don’t stop,” the officer cried out. Waverly felt a hand grip onto the arm she was using to prop herself up.

“Fuck,” Waverly breathed out, mesmerized at the sight of Nicole slowly losing control, moans continuing to stream out of the redhead’s mouth. She felt Nicole’s thighs begin to tremble as she continued to pump her fingers into her and realized she must be getting close. Sure enough, a moment later Nicole gasped out,

“Fuck, Waverly, I’m gonna come.” Those words did something to Waverly and she increased the pressure of her thumb against Nicole’s clit while simultaneously adjusting the angle of her fingers so that the next thrust took her even deeper than before. And that did it. Nicole came with a loud moan, her eyes squeezing shut as she gripped onto the bed sheets once again, this time almost tearing them clean off the bed. Waverly watched in awe, as she felt the other woman’s pussy clench down on and spasm around her fingers that remained deep inside. As the orgasm tapered off, Nicole looked at Waverly with a dopey grin.

“Wow.” Waverly laughed and laid back down beside her, snuggling up and lazily throwing a leg over the redhead’s hips.

“Wow indeed,” she replied. They laid there for a moment, both women taking a moment to catch their breath and process what just went down, then Nicole rolled over, facing Waverly.

“Can I take you out for dinner tomorrow?”

Waverly grinned at the question. “Aren’t you supposed to do that before doing what we just did?” she teased.

“Well,” Nicole drawled, “Perhaps, but maybe I don’t want this to just be a one time thing. It’s not every day you meet a smart, kind, funny woman who also happens to be the sexiest thing you’ve laid eyes on.”

Waverly giggled and blushed.

“Seriously, let me take you on a date. I really would love to get to know you more,” Nicole said, propping herself up and looking down at Waverly. Waverly smiled at her.

“Alright. I’d love to go on a date with you, Nicole Haught.”