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The Sun must rise tomorrow

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 Early in the morn, before the sun had risen above the horizon to grace the town with its warmth and protection Django laid staring out the window at the now lighter sky. His covers were woolen and left little option for cool to disturb, ordinarily he assumed this would be desired. But in the passing days the heat had been intense to the point he'd regretted purchasing them to replace the covers that he'd given to Sabata as a welcoming gift. Matters like this weren't helped by his brother's recent gloom he refused to speak on. Django knew why he was saddened, wished he could aid his brother all the same this however was something he couldn't fix. He'd grown used to the sound of boots clattering on the hardwood floor when the moon rose. The door opening and closing quietly from downstairs when Sabata left in the night to do his nightly rounds... It kept him focused... or distracted he imagined, but it made him worried all the same. He'd spent most all the day asleep with a pained expression, gripping his arm while tossing and turning, even occasionally screaming out. Violet was the first to notice, she stayed up and waited for him once she'd told him. He walked by her wordlessly, his eyes not even spending a moment to observe her. Creaking interrupted his thoughts, heralding the end to Sabata's nightly activities. Listening in his brother's footsteps were heavy, perhaps he'd been busy with something that left him tired? With not much else to do yet, rising from his bed casting aside the woolen cloth he made his way toward the hall, opening his door hoping to say hello to his still somber sibling. Sabata made his way to the top of the stairs and began down the hallway, stopping only when Django placed a hand on his passing brother's shoulder. He stilled, tensing up at first. His head turned to face Django, his red eyes glowing slightly in the dim of the hall. Unfazed Django stared back with a worried expression.

"I'm... fine Django. I was just doing my nightly rounds as always." He looked back to the hall, focusing on his door he tried to move only to realize Django still held on. "I'm serious... I'm fine. I'm tired and need to get to bed before the sun rises again. The Undead won't be milling about during the day if the sun's up. If it's not you're welcome to wake me, until then, good night." he jerked his brother's hand off his shoulder, making his way once more. His door opened and closed leaving Django in the hall staring concerned... He returned to his bed, sitting down until the sunlight finally peaked over the horizon sending beams of light into his room. A swirl of yellow and orange formed in front of the young man, congealing into a bright yellow shape. "The has risen once more Django! A new day greets us all!" Django stared down at Otenko in silence. "Sabata again hmm?... I wouldn't worry too much, he's strong, and this kind of thing isn't anything new. Give him some time to process things. He'll come around. Though he uses the power of Darkness the sun shines in his heart all the same!" Django's expression softened, Otenko was right. All things considered Sabata had done the right thing time and time again. Turning on Hel to save him, attempting to save him from becoming a vampire at the cost of his own wellbeing and even more recently while he was being controlled his will kept him from fully helping Ratatosk achieve his goals. His heart was kind even if he could never say as much for himself. Django nodded and began to get dressed and prepared for the day. Otenko hovered in place, watching him get ready. "You didn't get any sleep again, did you?..." his words were met with silence as per usual. Otenko didn't need words to know though, he understood well just as many who knew Django could. He kept getting dressed. Tunic, shorts, socks, boots. "You need your rest. I understand you're worried about him, but you can't help if he doesn't want it. And you know Sabata." Django put his goggles on, then his scarf. Gently he held it up, staring at it. "Yes... If Ringo were here he might've known what to do, a way to more directly help, but he's not here physically. His spirit lingers on in the both of you. You have his spirit, his drive to protect those you care for like he did. And your brother succeeds his will, his indomitable mentality. He's proud of you, just as Mani is I'm certain... perish the thought of doubt regarding that. You've both done all you could and you've nothing to be sorry for." Otenko moved to Django's side. His words didn't cause any reaction from Django at first though momentarily he nodded and grabbed the Gun Del Sol from his bedside table, affixing it to his side and grabbing his backpack before leaving to venture out into the new day that awaited.

Standing outside the sun had only briefly kissed the land. It's warmth was light but unmistakable even this early. He closed the door as quietly as possible, hoping his brother's rest would be more peaceful this day. He stood in silence for a moment, looking toward the horizon, the sun. Stretching to ward off stiffness he began his own march, the town needed supplies most couldn't gather with ease. Wood to start, as fuel and a building material. His legs felt weak for a moment when he thought back to Sabata's earlier comments. Seated at the inn Django was  at a table with Sabata, Solar nut juice in his glass, water in Sabata's. He smiled, remembering the face Sabata made when he gave the juice a try. It contorted with disgust for a moment before he noticed and calmly said he'd had enough. It was unfortunate he couldn't enjoy the sweet yet acidic texture to the drink, but he was glad Sabata was at least giving it a try. The Dark matter infused with his body would likely prevent him from ever enjoying anything the sun's power was present in but that was alright... Sabata now looked tired, he'd spent the better part of the day staring at Violet dance with Smith, then Lady and finally Nero along with Lita and Zazie. He'd stayed in place when Lita came over and asked him to join her for a dance while the coffin shop keeper played the piano. It was a celebration and all things considered Sabata was noticeably sad. Django returned to his seat, sipped his juice and smiled until his brother nudged his elbow and leaned in to whisper.
"I think I should live on my own... somewhere... not here... I'm alright staying at your place for a bit, but I'm not used this kind of thing... to having neighbors... company... Don't look at me like that, it's nothing against you or them. It's just... for the best..." Django did his best to be understanding, but he was disheartened all the same.

Django's footsteps on the stone walkway broke the silence of the morning making his way into the woods, Otenko in tow.